101+ Dog Puns to Make You Go Woof Woof with Furry Friend

101+ Dog Puns to Make You Go Woof Woof with Furry Friend

We don’t know who said but said well, “ happiness is four legs and a wagging tail.” There is a rock-solid reason why dogs are considered as a man’s best friend. Unlike humans, dog shower unconditional love on us, they protect us till the last breath, and they fill our vapid life with exuberance and happiness.

If you have a dog who is always wagging, running, and cuddling with you, then you would love to read everything about your furry friend. And dog puns are no exception. For all the pooch lovers and dog enthusiasts, we have compiled a paw-tastic collection of dog puns and dog puns names that you would pugging love them. Enjoy reading them and don’t forget to do woof woof!

Dog Puns

If the world was ruled by dogs, the act of charity would be called dog-nation not donation.

What do you call a pup with abilities to set the stage on fire? Dogstar

There is no day more paw-some than today. Live it fully!

Dog Puns

I don’t think it is paw-sible for your dog to jump that long distance!

She is at higher paw-sition than you that’s why she humiliates you whenever she gets a chance.

It’s because of preposterous dawg-mas, our country is still under developed and lagging.

The reason I love dogs more than humans is because a dog wags but humans only nag.

Have you ever thought howl I am gonna live without you?

My dog and WWE wrestler have one thing common; they both love pedigree.

She is one of the most furr-ocious bitch I have ever seen.

Your day will be fine as long as you have a canine and wine.

His paw-litness is something I adore the most out of all the attributes.

I don’t believe in fairy tales, I believe in furry-tales.

I like my girl’s mutts like I want my bear glass – Big.

My one and only dream is to become a business tyke-oon and rope in everything I want.

Being a dog-tor is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to forget about everything and focus only on your duty.

In my Utopian world, there are no people, only puppers.

Nothing is furr-manent in this world. Keep changing and evolving!

Avengers is definitely the most pupp-ular film on the planet.

If we eat popcorn, dogs must eat pupp-corns.

What kind of dog a film star would love to have? Pupper-razzi!

I am quite furr-ious over your stupidity done in the classroom.

Howl about going to fishing this Sunday?

The dream I had one month ago is still hounding me.

My little runt loves to listen fairy-tail stories every night after hopping on the bed.

The moment my doggo entered the home, my computer stopped retrieving data.

Dogs can never be fat. They can be husky but never fat.

What’s the favorite pizza of a dog? Pupper=runi pizza.

I think there is some pug in my system that’s why it is not functioning smoothly.

Nature wise, I ma quite a furr-al being. I like to explore random places.

The dream I saw last night seemed quite paw-lpale to me.

What would be the vehicle be called if it was used by dogs for make over? Vanity Fur.

What kind of dog a vampire loves to have? Blood Mutt.

How little pups call their father? Paw-Paw.

Which is one US province where dogs don’t like to visit? Collar-fornia.

What do you call a place where dog can sit comfortably without any interruption? Barking spot.

What would be the favorite movies of all the puppers? Dalmation 101.

I swear sweetheart, I cannot and I will never fur-get our sweet memories!

Howl about I collie-ng you tonight and talk about some kinky stuff?

Dogs don’t live thug life, they live pug life!

best dog puns

Instead of whelping me out, you are blaming me for the whole ruckus.

What I like most about you are your ultra paw-sitive attitude and humble nature.

If Jesus preferred to have a dog, what would be his name? Saint Bernard.

I think your dog can also rap because it’s a pit bull after all.

If a dog became the president of America, what would be his name? Bark Obama.

My dog loves bodybuilding. That’s I put his name Lou Furr-igno.

Her thighs are so fluffy and mastiff (massive), I wish I could lick them.

I don’t give a pug about your problems anymore.

This is most pugging delicious dish I have ever eaten.

Your cooking and hospitality skills are ulti-mutt.

Feeding your dog in your absence is the leashed I can do for you.

You should visit the nearest labrador-y to submit blood samples and get the report asap.

If you want to eat the best bark-b-Q in the town, you must come to my home.

Did you call the paw-lice? Are you crazy?

The security guard at the airport was interrogating me like I am a terrier-ist.

What a beagle-ing piece of jewellery you are wearing!

You are and you will always be my loveliest fur-iend.

I am one of those fur-tunate individuals who have everything in life.

Never underestimate the paw-er of a small creature.

She is such a paw-lite girl!

If people living in China called Chinese, do people living in Malta should be called Maltese?

She has sexiest mutt in the whole town!

I badly want to poodle with you on bed.

I don’t want to go to your cottage. It’s so bark there.

Damn! Your woofers are quite loud. They are rocking our party!

I obstacles make you strong, pup-sticles make your heart melt.

As soon as the principal start speaking, the tyke malfunctioned.

If humans have superman, pups have doberman.

Always keep your trust on 3 people: mother, teacher, and dog-tor.

I think you have taken the rover-dose of medicines that’s you are feeling bloated.

I find him re-pug-nant because he hates animals.