50+ Best Pasta Puns That are Way too Pasta-licious

50+ Best Pasta Puns That are Way too Pasta-licious

If there is one thing you should be thankful to Italians, it is definitely pasta. Unquestionably, pasta is one of the most sought-after food items in the world available in different varieties like ravioli, tortellini, macaroni, linguine, gnocchi, lasagna, and the list go on. Below is the freshest compilation of the best pasta puns, spaghetti puns, that are way too saucy and pasta-licious to send anyone.

Best Pasta Puns

Who could be the saddest person when there is every dish except pasta in the dinner hall? An Italian!

People who ask the difference between pasta and spaghetti are way too pre-pasta-rous.

Best Pasta Puns

The ultimate goal of every human being should be exploring pasta-bilities to make the life yummilicious.

My idea of the entire day meal is quite simple: pasta-fast, pasta-unch, and past-inner. As simple as that.

Life is all about eating delectable pasta, one meal at a time. Rest is either passing or wasting the time.

I don’t have guilty pleasures, I have pasta-pleasures. 

You can hide from me but you cannot get pasta away from me.

The world is full of pasta-bilties. You just need the right set of eyes to eat them.

Good friends are like spaghetti; their friendship last long and they always stick together.

The best reward you can give to someone is a bowl full of piping hot and spicy pasta!

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What do you call someone who does a good job and also loves pasta? Pasta-stic.

I really need to pasta-pone our get together as I have some significant work to wrap up urgently.

When it comes to moving on bed, my sexy girl is pasta than anything else.

This burger is so yuck without sauce. Can you pasta green sauce please?

I know you have gone through a turbulent phase. Don’t worry, this too will pasta!

Yesterday, he drank so much that he pasta right away.

Do you know how to say bid adieu to an Italian person? Bella Pasta.

You are pastably the most im-pasta person I have ever seen!

How can you scare an Italian person in no time? Serve pasta without the meat sauce.

I am so fast that you cannot get pasta away from me.

Eating too much of pasta can cause pasta-rrhea.

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What a person says who eat nothing but pasta during the whole day. It’s my pasta today.

Everything is pastable in this world. 

Hey girl, are you a lingerie model? Because you are looking so ravioling in this dress.’

The new guy in my college is so tortellini awesome and linguine.

I was so mesmerized when the most beautiful girl in my street get pasta away from me.

People like you who spend unnecessarily end up without a penne one day.

What differentiates male spaghetti and female spaghetti? Juicy Meatballs.

You can never unlock a door in where their is no gnocchi hole in the door.

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The relationship between pasta and the water is boiling all the time.

What do you call a person who loves pasta genuinely? Linguine.

If Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory likes to eat pasta, what would it be? – Penne.

My boyfriend dumped me because my dress for the party was not much ravioling.

My wife told me numerous times that I drive too slow. Today, I drove quote pasta and made her scream hard. 

What do you call a person who has a strong fetish for pasta? Fettuccini.

What do pasta and the inventor of the radio has common in between? Macaroni, because Marconi can also be encapsulated in Macaroni.

Which type of pasta had the potency to endow wishes? Fettugenie.

If you eat pasta from the dark side of the town, it should be called spaghetto.

What do you call the science of pasta analysis? Gnocchilogy.

If a party with indiscriminate sexual activity called orgy, shouldn’t a party with different type of pastas called orzo?