50+ Best Taco Puns and Burrito Puns That Will Spice up Your Humor

50+ Best Taco Puns and Burrito Puns That Will Spice up Your Humor

If Italians are proud about Pizza and Pasta, Mexicans don’t hesitate a bit in boasting about being the creator of tacos and burritos. Tacos are nothing but tortillas packed with spicy fillings. Tacos are not only a real treat to eat but could also be used to create awesome taco puns to amp up your humor and the laughter game.

Are your searching for the whacky tacky taco puns and burrito puns? If yes, you won’t regret bumping onto this page. Here are some way too delicious and flavorsome taco puns that will make you eat them in heaps right away and develop gastronomical problems.

Best Taco Puns and Burrito Puns

You are the most spec-taco-ular woman I have ever seen. 

 He is not competent enough to handle the task. I want you to taco over everything and accomplish it.

Don’t you dare taco to me in this manner again!

 Hey baby, it’s been a long time you have taco raunchy and dirty to me!

If you want to win this game, you have to taco chance on me.

 Taco it or leave it, you got no other choice.

You are the most taco-tive girl in the entire classroom.

You have been running away from discussing your problems. Let’s taco about it today!

 It’s taco time to achieve great things in life.

If you are not comfortable in meeting, we can taco over phone and discuss everything needed!

 What did a Mexican chef says to a person who didn’t like his taco? Burrito away!

The new restaurant in the next street is the taco-f the town.

Never ever hesitate if you want to taco about something to me.

I will burrito you taco, said no Mexican chef ever.

He doesn’t like taco. He is so taco-uliar!

If humans love to eat burritos, cats surely love to ear furr-itos.

Hey sweetheart, I will taco you on a swash-buckling ride one day.

It’s about how much you can taco the pain and still keep moving.

The old saying is right, “taco big or go home.”

 I will buy restaurant one day and I will taco-rate it my way.

It’s nacho of my problem if you love taco more than Pizza.

There is no way you can taco to principal sir about my class bunk.

Your love for Mexican food is ex-taco-dinary!

If you get to know there is a planet made up only of taco, what would you say? Burrito me in that planet!

I want someone with whom I can taco about taco at 2 AM.

If the taco is good, say Mexcellent as a compliment.

I firmly believe in love at first sight. I will taco you about it when I experience.

The only game I love to play is tic-taco-toe.

Eating taco is such a painful task like maintaining a long distance relationship. It can fall apart easily.

A girl should be like a yummy taco. Easy to open and taste.

You have guac to be kidding me. You are eating a taco without any dip?

A week without tacos can really make you weak.

Like a taco, I have fillings too. Don’t mock me!

Just taco a bite and you will experience the real bliss right here.

Now I know why we don’t have species like tacosaurus. We humans would have eaten them too.

This taco-nology is freaking awesome!

Be like taco. Be ready to fall apart when needed.

What can you find inside a taco? My fillings!

It is such a mind-boggling taco-nical question. I cannot solve it.

You can trust tacos like girls. It can spill the beans anytime.

Best Burrito Puns

You are so coward that you should burrito your face in the sand.

 I will wrap you in my arms like wrappers wrap burritos.

I could have become a rapper but my love for burritos made me wrapper.

 What would you call a burrito made for cats? Purritos!

If I don’t pass examination this time, I will burrito myself in some cemetery.

What is the last thing a film direction can say after eating burritos? It’s a wrap!

Be a burrito-rier, not a worrier. 

 Would you like to be my BAE-rito for life?

 You can master the art of wrapping things by eating burritos.

The Jazz song I tried to write turns out to be a wrap because I was eating burrito while writing it.

If a boy loves you more than he loves burritos, marry him without asking a single question.