Best Heart Touching Love Quotes 2021 | Romantic Love Quotes For Her & Him

Best Heart Touching Love Quotes 2021 | Romantic Love Quotes For Her & Him

There are no rules, conditions, and implications in true. Infinite consciousness and true love are basically the same things.

You can travel the whole world. You can go to the abyss and the zenith of this planet. You can meet millions of people. However, you won’t be at peace and in love unless you settle down the inner storm.

The beginning of a great story always starts with a charming smile.

Love is like a phoenix bird with wings of fire. Nothing can cage it, no iron chain can bind it, and no one can hold it for long. The only way to save yourself from this fire is to jump in it.

Being loved by someone gives your enormous comfort, confidence, and strength. But loving someone deeply, madly, and totally from your heart makes you godly.

Love is perhaps the only known force in the universe that has the power to transform the most diabolical being into an angel in an instant.

If you haven’t loved yourself or someone else at least once in life, you haven’t and you may not experience the true essence of life.

Though the weight of a human heart is less than 1 pound, it can easily carry the immeasurable weight of love for a lifetime.

Love and infatuation cannot exist with each other. Where there is true and unconditional love, infatuation ceases to exist automatically.

The first and foremost condition to love people is to accept their flaws or stop judging them with your moral compass.

What makes love so unique from the rest of the feelings is; in true love, a person rises and get free from all kind of attachments. In other feelings, people fall down.

It takes immense bravery and courage to let all your guards down and love someone unconditionally.

You are not just my priority. You are in my breath, in my heartbeat, in the blood flowing in my veins, and in my thoughts all the time.

You cannot bind true love. The very notion of true love revolves around freedom. Because love functions momentarily.

To become great in loving someone, you don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be you.

If your notion of love is limited to human beings only and not for the tiniest of things on this planet, your love is incomplete or hollow.

In a world full of narcissistic lovers, I love you for who you are not how I want you to be.

Never promise your partner to live with him/her till the last breath. Promise him/her to live every moment to the fullest till you are together.

Love is beyond understanding. Love is madness. Love is inexplicable in words. Love can only be felt and shared when you are brimming with it.

It’s not what you say in love that matters. It’s what you do in the love that moves the lover.

We are a generation of full of love deprived people. All we need is immense love, not materialistic possessions to make the world a stunning place to live.

Love is perhaps the only emotion that makes you lost the sense of time. When you are in deeply, madly, and totally in love with someone, spending the entire year with love seems like a second.

When you are in true love, you understand silence better than words.

Love people not for how you want them to be. Love people for as they are.

If your love is fettered to only human beings and not all the existing things on this planet, you haven’t experienced true love.

A person who is in the utter and constant state of love can see the glimpses of divine in everything.

Love cannot be described in words; it can only be felt completely if you are in deep love with your partner.

Love is unquestionably the most dominant intangible force in the world. Moreover, it is also the loveliest force in the world that everyone loves to get hit by. Best love quote ever!

You cannot measure the amount of love a person can give to you. You can only feel and express gratitude for the love you have received.

Like the water gives the truest reflection of everything, true love also gives the flawless reflection of your personality.

No matter how dark the dusk is, real love has the power to bring absolute sunshine in your life.

One of the best things in life is to lift each other whenever life gives you rock bottom. In true love, a person always rises, never falls.

I love you is all about beginning of things from I and ends with you.

You will find a lot of people who are ready to hold your hands. However, there will be only one person who will hold your heart forever.

To feel and understand the very fiber of love, you must learn to dance without reason, learn to give without expectation, and learn to be happy without tying to objects.

Only the false love makes you feel insecure and impatient. True love liberates you like nothing else.

My man, you are the perennial source of my joy and the center of my little universe. I love you to the moon and back!

Such is the impact of your love on me that wherever I look, I see only your face in every living and non-living thing.

In my heart, your loves flutters like dandelions sway in sunshine in a windy day.

You are my He-man, Superman, Flash, Batman, and every other Superhero that I adore. You are the one that stole my heart and move me like nothing else.

Darkness cannot cut down darkness. It is the light of love that can exterminate darkness from your life and lighten up the lamp of love.

The amount of love you get in life is directly proportional to the amount of love you give to others.

Somebody said it well “It is better to receive hate than to receive love for what you are not.”

Indeed, I am not the first girl you have kissed or dated. However, I want to be your last of everything.

Hey boyfriend, each day I love you more than yesterday but always less than tomorrow.

A person life is not more than a sheer waste if he hasn’t tasted the fruit of love atleast once in life.

May be all the lovers of the world have fallen in love. However, I have risen in your love baby. I love you the moon and back.

It’s easy to keep changing hands but it’s difficult to hold a single hand for lifetime. My love is only for you sweetheart!

Your love for me is like a garden. Every time I enter in your aura of love, I blossom like flowers. I love you baby!

The word ‘love’ was nothing more than a word to me until you made me live the word. I am so grateful to your darling and I love you forever!

The real love makes you happy for no reason. When you are in love with a charming girl like you, happiness just occurs. You don’t have to try.

You are the sole reason behind my successful life and the smile on my face. I love you literally, basically, figuratively, and actually.

Even if you lost between millions of people, I can easily find you instantly merely by your enchanting fragrance. I am in love with every bit of your being.

If cuteness was a person, it would definitely be you. My love for you is infinite!

If it were in my hands, I would have turned the clock back and once again relive all those swoon-worthy moments I have spent with you. I love you to the core!

You were like a distant dream for me that somehow got fulfilled. I also made sure that I will never let this dream go. Love you sweetie pie!

A relationship is more like a house of glass. Everything seems lucid and beautiful unless there comes a crack.

The biggest tragedy a person can have in his life is becoming love deprived utterly and thoroughly. I loved you, baby!

People will come and people will go. A breakup is not the end of a fantastic love story. It’s the beginning of a new chapter.

The immense pain of losing love can either make you more enlightened or break you completely.

You can choose to avoid the things which you don’t want to see. However, you can’t avoid or hide your feelings.

Falling in love is easiest, maintaining the spark in a relationship is difficult, and losing the person you have loved utmost is unbearable.

It is better to love and get betrayed in love than never to have loved at all.

Everything in your life has predefined time to depart, be it things, dreams, or love.

Never make a promise when you are in deep love and never make a decision when your heart is broken or you are upset.

Getting love and losing love are the part and parcel of life. We don’t have to live in the state of grief forever.

In order to love others unconditionally, we must learn to love ourself first and understand that it’s quintessential. Love yourself always!

Even someone loves you to the fullest, however, you can’t love them back fully unless you love yourself first.

If someone has the first right to get your love, it’s always you and you. Spend your precious love and energy on yourself to emanate pure love on others later.

The most beautiful thing in the universe in a person being himself. The moment you accept yourself is the most the whole universe accepts you.

No external love in the world can satiate your cravings for true love except unconditional self-love.

You must learn to be crazy about yourself. There is no other way to experience the true and purest form of love.

He, who looks outside for the love exasperates. Who looks inside gets abundant love.

There is nothing profound about showering love on another person in heaps. It takes gargantuan courage and mindfulness to realize your individuality and being superior to your past self.

The foremost trait of a dull and love-deprived person is his inability to love himself even a bit.

The most formidable and free from prejudices relationship you can have is with yourself.

When a person is in utter love, the reality always seems hazy than dreams. That’s the sign of true love.

Love people as the way they are not the way you want them to be. There is something beautiful about accepting people with their flaws.

Love is that state in which you care about others’ happiness more than yours.

I feel closest to God when I am with you. It always feels enchanting when I am with you.

I love you for all that you are, all that you can, and all that you will be.

When the souls are entangled, love transcends every earthly dimension.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how much money you made. What matters is how many smiles you put on the faces of people and how much you loved.

True love is when you sit beside a person and feel utterly and thoroughly happy without doing anything.

To make your life worth living and happening, give love like you need oxygen to live.

Only love gives the real meaning to your life. However, the irony is, its quite rare to find.