Happy Thanksgiving Messages, Thanksgiving Wishes & Greetings for 2020

150+ Happy Thanksgiving Messages, Thanksgiving Wishes & Greetings for 2020

This comprehensive post comprises a great selection of happy thanksgiving messages, thanksgiving wishes 2020, and thanksgiving greetings. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving day is around the corner and it’s the best occasion to showcase your gratitude towards life, God, existence, and all your near and dear ones. And what’s better than sending full of gratitude thanksgiving wishes or thanksgiving messages to your loved ones for showcasing your love and affection!

Thanksgiving day renders you a wonderful opportunity to bring all your special ones on boar and celebrate this enticing day by praying to God, drinking damn fine champagne, eating turkey, and expressing gratitude. However, no thanksgiving day is complete without sending thanksgiving greetings or thanksgiving notes to the people who matter in your life.

To save you from the strenuous task of creating meaningful happy thanksgiving messages, we have chalked out utterly unique and exclusive thanksgiving messages, thanksgiving greetings, and thanksgiving wishes for our users which they can utilize to show gratitude to their family members, friends, and acquaintances.

Happy Thanksgiving Messages 2020

Sending heart-tugging happy thanksgiving messages to your special ones on the eve of Thanksgiving day is one of the best ways to celebrate this high yearning occasion.

So, are you looking for emotional happy thanksgiving messages? If yes, you have landed at the right platform. In this section, we are going to cover sterling happy thanksgiving messages that will let your closed ones know how much they mean to you and they will be overwhelmed by your attitude of gratitude. Let’s get started!

Thanksgiving day is the high time to forget all your regretful past deeds and focus on the shining future. I wish all my loved ones a very happy thanksgiving day!

Happy Thanksgiving Messages

Wishing all my special ones a full of peace, hope, opulence, abundance, and vivacious happy thanksgiving day. Cheers wine, and let’s eat juicilicious turkey together!

May this thanksgiving day 2020 augment your happiness, health, and wealth manifold times. Happy thanksgiving day to everyone!

I thank Lord for rendering such a caring and loving family members and friends. I wish all of you a hopeful thanksgiving day!

Thanksgiving day gives everyone a fantastic opportunity to count their blessings and thank your loved ones with your heart. Happy thanksgiving day!

A peaceful and thankful heart is the long-lasting source of all coveted virtues. May this thanksgiving day God instills all the great virtues in your being!

From the core of my heart, I thank my every family member and friends for showering unconditional and unflinching love on me. Thank you for being you, and happy thanksgiving day!

My notion of a great thanksgiving day is damn fine champagne and turkey on the dinner table, and good friends around expressing gratitude towards life!

On this thanksgiving day 2020, I thank all my near and dear ones for being with me and standing tall during my thick and thin. Happy thanksgiving day!

May you celebrate the thanksgiving day with love in your heart, prosperous vision in your mind, and gratitude in your being. Thanksgiving wishes to everyone!

Thanksgiving is a fine day to ponder over and be thankful for all the things you have in life. Happiest thanksgiving day to friends and family members!

I am thankful to Lord for rendering me such an amazing family, friends, and neighbor. Let’s celebrate the thanksgiving day with high spirit!

happy thanksgiving day messages

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes 2020

Thanksgiving day is all about relishing the day with the people who matter the most in your life. However, every day of our life can become a thanksgiving day if we change our attitude towards life. It’s all about shifting your victim mentality to victor mentality.

Sending happy thanksgiving wishes to your kith and kin is one of the most meaningful parts of the thanksgiving day. All the heart-touching and emotional thanksgiving wishes you will send to them will augment the enjoyment of that day manifold times. Check out the loveliest happy thanksgiving wishes with images below!

This thanksgiving day, be thankful to the god for bestowing you such an opulent and happy life. Happiest thanksgiving wishes!

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes

Hey buddy, I am definitely going to come to your house this Thanksgiving day to enjoy turkey and countryside wine. But before that, tons of happy thanksgiving wishes to you!

This happy thanksgiving message is to invite you for the dinner on the auspicious occasion of thanksgiving day. Don’t you dare to be late?

May this thanksgiving day 2020 showers utmost bliss, prosperity, and good luck in your life. Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you and your family!

God has granted you everything you could have wished. However, the best thing he has granted to you is a loyal and trustworthy friend like me. Jokes apart, loveliest thanksgiving wishes buddy!

Blessed are those individuals who get to enjoy the Thanksgiving dinner with their friends and family members. May God let us enjoy the thanksgiving dinner like this for years!

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. This thanksgiving day, forget about all the obnoxious things you have done and focus on committing good things. Happy thanksgiving day partner!

Sorry, I may not be able to join you on the eve of Thanksgiving day. But, I am sending my love and warmth through this beautiful message encompassing Thanksgiving wishes!

Yes, Thanksgiving day is a damn fine holiday, however, it’s also a regaling opportunity to throw all grudges you hold and kickstart the life on a fresh note.

Though we have homes miles away, our hearts are closer than ever. Sending you my love through this heart-tugging thanksgiving message!

thanksgiving day wishes 2020

Thanksgiving Greetings Wishes

Thanksgiving day, a perfect day to be grateful to God for granting us the life we are living, and relishing the big day with kith and kin by having scrumptious dinner.

Sending thanksgiving greetings or thanksgiving notes in an indispensable part of the auspicious occasion of thanksgiving. Through sending thanksgiving greetings, you show loved ones how grateful and lucky you are by having them in your life.

So, are you looking for exclusive thanksgiving notes and happy thanksgiving greetings? Browse the stunning selection of thanksgiving greetings that you can send to your special ones and make them feel top of the world.

Do you know why I wait for November month so badly? Because it encapsulates thanksgiving day, and it gives me the chance to embrace those who amplify your life. Happy Thanksgiving greetings!

Thanksgiving Greetings Wishes

Not only the thanksgiving day, but I also showcase my gratitude to special ones every single day. Here is a happy thanksgiving note to all of my loved ones!

Thank you to my entire family, especially mom and dad for rendering me unconditional love and fulfilling my wishes. Loveliest thanksgiving greetings to the best family in the world!

Thanks a ton to all my loved ones for making time from their busy schedule and agreeing to celebrate the thanksgiving day with me. Happiest thanksgiving greetings to everyone!

Don’t wish for anything which you can’t hold perfectly. Instead, wish for love, peace, and happiness for the entire world which everyone would be lucky enough to receive. An inspiration thanksgiving note to everyone associated with me!

Nobody becomes poor by sharing. This thanksgiving day, I recommend you take a pledge to share your thick and thin with loved ones. Life will become easier this way!

What’s the essence of thanksgiving day? It’s being thankful for what you have in life and what you can achieve. Thanksgiving greetings to my loved ones!

Thanksgiving celebration is all about feeling thankful to the lord and all loved ones in your life. I am sending you a beautiful thanksgiving note!

To express the gratitude towards existence and God, silence would be sufficing enough. However, to express the gratitude towards loved ones, you need to speak your heart out. Happiest thanksgiving wishes!

Feeling thankful on the occasion of thanksgiving day without expressing your feelings with the loved ones is a very poor kind of sharing. Be generous, and happy thanksgiving day!

Happy Thanksgiving 2020 Wishes

Happy Thanksgiving 2020 Wishes – Thanksgiving Blessings

The best of thanksgiving sayings are those which come straight from the heart and make a permanent place in the soul of your loved ones. Are you looking for the wise, funny, humorous, and lovely thanksgiving sayings or happy thanksgiving blessings?

Below, we have compiled exclusive thanksgiving sayings and thanksgiving blessings that will help you to thank perfectly all of your loved ones.

I am so thankful to everyone for spreading joy and happiness in my life. Through this message, I am sending you lovely Thanksgiving blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving 2020 Wishes - Thanksgiving Blessings

With peace in mind, thankfulness in my heart, and gratitude in my soul, I wish everyone happy thanksgiving day!

From the core of my heart, I request all my family members, friends, and close acquaintances to mark their gracious presence at thanksgiving day. Let’s gobble thanksgiving turkey together!

Though I will not be able to celebrate thanksgiving day with you, I am sending my love and warmth through this adorable thanksgiving message!

May your Thanksgiving day be filled with wine, dine, and meaningful chatter with the dearest ones. All my Thanksgiving blessings are with you!

I pray God that you enjoy an abundant harvest this thanksgiving day and throw us a grand gala-night. Happiest thanksgiving day!

Throw this thanksgiving blessing message, I am sending you heaps of wishes, love, and bountiful harvest. I wish you have a gobsmacking thanksgiving day!

Thanksgiving day is a special day to remember all the good things and great people you have in life. Also, it is an ideal day to take a pledge of giving back to society. Happy thanksgiving day!

When you will sit down with family members to relish the thanksgiving day, remember, not everyone is as lucky as you are. Be thankful for every moment, everything in your life and happy thanksgiving day!

This thanksgiving day, be grateful, eat and drink to your heart’s content, and thank everyone for being with you in your thick and thin. Loads of thanksgiving blessings to your family!

Thanksgiving Blessings Wishes

Thanksgiving Messages for Businesses

Thanksgiving day is a perfect day for business owners to express gratitude towards their loyal customers and employees, fellow team members, business partners, or any other person who has helped in growing business.

To show them how happy you are to have them in your life, you must send thanksgiving messages for businesses to the people who have impacted your business in some or other way. Feel free to read out exclusively created thanksgiving messages for businesses and share them with your valued customers, loyal colleagues, and business partners!

Dear valued customers, thank you so much for making this company an industry juggernaut. Your contribution and loyalty are priceless. Happy thanksgiving day!

Thanksgiving Day Messages for Businesses

Dear valued employees, without your relentless hard work and dedication, it would be impossible for me to build up a multi-million dollar company where we all are working together. Happy thanksgiving day!

Respectable business partners, your deep insights, gargantuan knowledge, and dedication are major causes behind this company earth-shattering success. I wish every one of you happy thanksgiving day. Cheers!

To all my employees, I enjoy a lot working with you and our team is unquestionably best in the world. Sincere appreciation for you and happiest Thanksgiving wishes!

This thanksgiving message is a reminder to all my customers, employees, and business partners that thanks for making this company an ideal workplace and most sought-after market brand. We had an amazing year. Happy thanksgiving day in advance!

Thanksgiving day is that time of the year when we all should be thankful for whatever we have in life. Our company wouldn’t be where it is, without your valuable contribution. Best Thanksgiving wishes to everyone!

This thanksgiving day, I am sending my sincere wishes and thanks to my customers and employees for doing an astonishing business this fiscal year. I am proud to say that I have the best team and the best customers in the world!

Dear employees and business partners, your ridiculous amount of hard work and unflinching vision are key reasons our company managed to smash all goals till yet. Have a wonderful thanksgiving day!

I wish all of my customers, employees, and business partners a very joyous and enthralling thanksgiving day!

Here’s to another year of sending thanksgiving wishes to the best team of the best organization. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes for Businesses

Thanksgiving Messages on Birthday – Thanksgiving Birthday Wishes

Someone’s birthday on the holy occasion of thanksgiving day is nothing less than a cheery on the cake. If your friends or family members have their birthday on thanksgiving day, then you need to send them thanksgiving birthday wishes or better say thanksgiving messages on birthday which would be the perfect combination of thanksgiving day and a birthday wish.

If you are crazily searching for the riveting thanksgiving birthday wishes, your search ends right here. We’ve rounded up some amazing thanksgiving wishes on the birthday that are quite handy when it comes to wishing someone happy birthday on thanksgiving day.

I wish you a very happy birthday and a fascinating thanksgiving day! You are so lucky that your birthday is falling on the auspicious occasion of thanksgiving day!

Thanksgiving Messages on Birthday - Thanksgiving Birthday Wishes

I am so grateful to have a camaraderie with a pure-heart person life. Best birthday wishes along with wonderful happy thanksgiving wishes!

You are a kind of person that deserves utmost love, caring, and respect from everyone. Special thanksgiving birthday wishes for you!

Sending you a chocolaty and full of affection thanksgiving birthday wishes. Gobble up the birthday cake like maniacs and cheers for happy thanksgiving day!

Your birthday and thanksgiving day together! What a damn fine day to have a double celebration. Gobble till you wobble!

Here, I am wishing you a very joyous and astonishing birthday! Oh, wait? I forget to send you thanksgiving wishes. A big thanksgiving birthday hugs to you, my friend!

I know it would be difficult for you to celebrate your birthday this time. But, I can surely send thanksgiving birthday wishes to you with loads of hugs!

May God give you ample strength to overcome critical situations in life and wisdom to achieve colossal success. Happiest thanksgiving birthday wishes to you!

I am extra thankful to God for giving the beautiful chance to celebrate the thanksgiving day and your birthday together. All my regards to you along with lovely thanksgiving birthday wishes!

I won’t be able to share the thanksgiving turkey with you and celebrate your birthday because of the business tour, therefore, I am sending entire world blessings to you through this thanksgiving birthday message!

Thanksgiving Day Birthday Wishes

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes for Everyone

In this section, you will find an all-inclusive selection of happy thanksgiving wishes for everyone. Whether you want to send wishes to your parents, brother, sister, neighbor, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, or colleagues, these thanksgiving wishes for everyone remind your loved ones how blissful the life is, and the importance of love in life.

May your apple and Pumpkin pie be scrumptious, and your thanksgiving turkey tongue-tickling. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes for Everyone

May this thanksgiving fill your life with never-ending hopes and uncountable blessings. Happy thanksgiving day!

I pray to god every thanksgiving that our families continue to share the thanksgiving dinner every year. May god consolidate the relationship and give us the strength to spread prosperity in society!

May this November, the month of thanksgiving day, you and your family enjoy the harvest of this great occasion. Happy Thanksgiving season!

Another thanksgiving year, another year to be grateful towards existence and God. Let’s celebrate this thanksgiving season by hosting a huge feisty night!

By merely listening to the name of thanksgiving festival, I reminisce about home-cooked lip-smacking turkey, thanksgiving prayers with the family, and long-lasting warm conversation. 

Thank you, friend, for inviting me to be the part of thanksgiving celebration with your family. Though I am away from home, because of you I am not feeling homesick.

May your house remains filled with good food, inspiring vibes, and wealth for need ones. Happiest thanksgiving wishes! 

I am so happy that you, my beloved is going to be with me this thanksgiving day. I am feeling blessed!

Thanksgiving day is around the corner. So, I am wishing peace, wealth, and perfectly cooked the turkey for you and your family on the occasion of thanksgiving day!

Thanksgiving Day Wishes for Love

Thanksgiving Messages for Friends – Thanksgiving Wishes to Friends

No thanksgiving day is complete without sending full of warmth and affection thanksgiving messages to friends. Having thanksgiving turkey at the dinner table with friends and family members is a big part of that.

When it comes to celebrating thanksgiving day, don’t forget to include your friends in celebration. Send utterly unique and heart-tugging happy thanksgiving messages for friends from the messages listed below.

Dear friends, you are no less than a family for me. I can’t imagine celebrating the thanksgiving day without your gracious presence. On this special day, I thank god for sending you guys in my life!

Thanksgiving Messages for Friends

Thank you besties for standing by my side even when I was wrong. I wish you an unforgettable happy thanksgiving day. Cheers!

Let’s wish that this thanksgiving day all of our wishes and dreams come true. Let’s celebrate thanksgiving day while keeping the hopes for a better future alive. Happy thanksgiving day friends!

I wish you a happy thanksgiving day filled with uncountable memories, warm blessings, and a bountiful harvest. Happy Thanksgiving!

May your life be stuffed with joy and happiness like your stomach is going to be with the turkey and wine on thanksgiving day. Have a blissful thanksgiving!

Sending thanksgiving wishes to friends with oodles of love and gargantuan blessings. Wishing lifetime of happiness for all of you!

My lovely friends, you were the reason behind my transformation from a pessimistic person to an optimistic one. You guys told to be the importance of being grateful towards everyone in life. Happiest thanksgiving messages to my friends!

I am already feeling sad as I will miss the presence of my lovely friends on thanksgiving day. I wish we could be together on thanksgiving day occasion.

Words will fall short to narrate how much I love and care for my friends. You guys are my entire world. Let’s make our not so perfect life perfect by celebrating thanksgiving day together. Before that, happiest Thanksgiving wishes!

May your heart be healthy and your home protected from negative vibes. Have an amazing thanksgiving day! Don’t forget to share the turkey with me!

Best Thanksgiving 2020 Wishes for Family Members | Happy Thanksgiving Messages for Family Far Away

On the beautiful and auspicious occasion of thanksgiving, I wish all my near and dear one’s great thanksgiving dinner, love, serenity, and fortune. Happy Thanksgiving to all my lovely family members!

Best Thanksgiving 2020 Wishes for Family Members

The real joy of thanksgiving celebration lies in sharing the scrumptious dinner with all the family members on the same table and laugh endlessly. Happy Thanksgiving to all family members!

I wish the harvest season of thanksgiving brings a lot of opulence and a good time in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

May your life be filled with an abundance of everything and make you competent enough to help all the needy ones. I wish a happy thanksgiving to all my family members!

Thanksgiving festival is all about sharing bountiful joy, eating dinner till the stomach burst, and creating joyous memories worth cherishing for a lifetime. May we continue to celebrate Thanksgiving every year together. Happy thanksgiving my lovely family members!

Yes, turkey, squash, juices, mashed potatoes, all seem quite delicious on thanksgiving. However, nothing can be compared to the togetherness of all family members celebrating thanksgiving. I wish a happy thanksgiving to everyone!

Thanksgiving is less about saying thanks verbally and more about feeling it from within. I am super lucky to have such a wonderful and caring family. May your Thanksgiving celebration turns out to be as good as your lives!

May the sweet and blissful occasion of thanksgiving fill your life with the juicy thanksgiving turkeys and immense blessings. Happy Thanksgiving to all the lovely members of my family!

May the good food, the support of family members, the sense of certitude of the harvest festival never leave your side. Happy Thanksgiving!

Big thanks and cheers to all my lovey-dovey family members for making to my thanksgiving celebration party and sprucing up festive vibes. I love you all and wish happy thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes for Boss | Inspirational Thanksgiving 2020 Messages for Boss

Dear boss, I wish you and your family have a really great time and unimaginable on the beautiful occasion of thanksgiving. Happy thanksgiving to the best boss in the world!

thanksgiving wishes for friends

May you never run out of turkey, money, and fun. I wish a joyous thanksgiving one of the most wonderful bosses!

I know it’s too early to send thanksgiving wishes. However, I couldn’t hold my excitement and stop myself from sending warm wishes to you and your family. Have an awesome Thanksgiving celebration boss!

I am more than excited to invite my source of inspiration for thanksgiving dinner at my house. Let’s make the thanksgiving celebration unforgettable boss!

May the things that don’t deserve your attention get out of your life and may the very best of stuff aggrandize the quality of your life. Happy thanksgiving, boss!

Thanksgiving is perhaps the only time of the year when my boss outclasses all his employees in drinking and eating turkey. For us, it’s fun to no limit. Happy Thanksgiving dear boss!

I wish a very mirthful and zingy thanksgiving to one of the most inspirational bosses in the world. Your enthusiasm and vision are second to none. Happy Thanksgiving!

On the lovely occasion of thanksgiving, I genuinely wish success follows you like a dog follows his master. Have a splendid thanksgiving celebration boss!

Boss, you turn the dead stressful environment of the workplace into a jovial and happening one. Thank you so much for your guidance and unconditional support. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

I hope the flavorsome thanksgiving dinner at my home doesn’t make you lethargic like all of your employees. Happy thanksgiving to the most active boss in the world!

Funny Thanksgiving Wishes 2020 | Best Funny Thanksgiving Messages

My family is so poor that we can afford to eat half a turkey only on thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to all near and dear ones!

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes for Friends

May all the great things happening in your life hop on to my terrible life. Happy Thanksgiving!

The best part of celebrating the thanksgiving festival is when you don’t have to clean the mess after eating a juicy turkey to the fullest. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

For my family members, the name of the thanksgiving festival actually thanks taking because they just love to take and take.

On Thanksgiving, there is no joy greater than the joy of eating free food to your heart’s content at someone’s house. May you have a joyous Thanksgiving celebration!

When someone doesn’t bring gifts for me on Thanksgiving, I ruin their day by serving everything but not the turkey. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thank god that thanksgiving arrives only once in a year otherwise I would have died paying for the food items. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

You can experience the Black Friday on the thanksgiving itself by stuffing your stomach with turkey to the fullest.

I belong to a family where drinking wine on thanksgiving and eating a full turkey is considered as the biggest luxury in the world. Happy Thanksgiving!

For some people, Thanksgiving is nothing more than an ordinary day but with extra and mouth-watering food. 

Religious Thanksgiving Wishes and Messages

Thanksgiving is the day of sharing and caring. May this forever be. May the great Father shower mercy on us and forever be. Wishing everyone happy Thanksgiving!

May Lord make none sleep hungry on the day of Thanksgiving. May everyone have food on the day. Wishing everyone happy Thanksgiving!

May all have grand feast decorated with lovely food. Poor and rich all together eat. May you distribute and share, it is what Holy Father lord says in all his preachs. Wishing happy Thanksgiving!

May faith and belief never leave us. May courage and hard work never deceive. You God show the path of light giving everyone Thanksgiving delight!

May shadow of you God forever walk with us. May forever we play in your shelter. On Thanksgiving we never halter to share. May it be the joy of religion. Wishing everyone Thanksgiving!

Nor your crop dies, not your water. May you harvest forever along for abundance. May you always be farther. Wishing you happy Thanksgiving!

May everyone eat what they want. May all wishes and desires come alive. I with you sitting seeing garden where birds fly. Happy Thanksgiving!

May faith and belief never betray you. May you never die of them. May God always protect you always in His care. Happy Thanksgiving!

May you have a grand feast on the Thanksgiving treat. May all friend and family come to eat, and dance, sing and greet. Wishing Thanksgiving to everyone!

May you live, love and laugh. May you forever have this past and present. May Lord always see on you. May you forever have great last. Wishing everyone happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Love Wishes

It is unconditional love of mine I wish may you understand. May we spend life together and forever understand. Wishing you a lovely happy Thanksgiving!

I wish you soon understand me and soon you know how much depth of love I have for you. I wish you and me become of each other for never separating. Happy Thanksgiving!

I would create a paradise for you and never let a drop of tear flow from your eyes. We are soulmates, not just ordinary love birds. Happy Thanksgiving love!

You and me on the day of Thanksgiving will eat turkey. And I would love to eat pumpkin pie that you cook. May our love never die. I wish you happy Thanksgiving my love!

The distances between you and me are only for love. The fights between you and me are only for increasing love. The negativity between you and me for only bring us close. Understand my love, we are made for each other. Wishing you happy Thanksgiving!

May our love never die. May we become immortal. Wishing you happy Thanksgiving my dear love!

We are written for each other. That’s why after again and again leaving each other, we again come near. We are for each other. Wishing you happy Thanksgiving my love!

May we never cry for each other. May we never give pain to each other. May we forever be for each other. Wishing you happy Thanksgiving my love!

Our love is of some different kind. Not confessed yet always there in our hearts. It will flow when the right time will come. Wishing you my love happy Thanksgiving!

I wish the distances between you and me because of misunderstanding may come to forever end. I’ve been missing my love since we stopped talking. Love you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Wishes for Clients and Colleagues

May we share and care for each other. May we support in our work. May we both grow together. Wishing happy Thanksgiving!

May on the day of Thanksgiving, we all get together and eat on the grand feast. May our love more increase. May we further in life. Wishing happy Thanksgiving!

I wish may my all colleagues grow forth. They have abundance of everything and emptiness of nothing. Wishing my colleagues happy Thanksgiving!

I wish your family so much happiness and joy. May in your family always flow the breeze of love and togetherness. Wishing happy Thanksgiving to my dear colleague and clients!

May our relationship of business forever flourish. On the day of Thanksgiving, it may double up. Wishing close colleagues and clients happy Thanksgiving!

The relationship of our business may never get bad-eyed. Wishing you my best colleagues and clients a feasty happy Thanksgiving!

May we never see dry. May in our banks accounts money forever flow. May we help needy too so they may never cry. May the God us mercy on us too. Happy Thanksgiving clients and colleagues!

Wishing all the clients and colleagues lovely Thanksgiving. May you party hard. May you eat all the turkey and pumpkin pies.

May strength and wisdom Lord the Christ may shower on us. May we never hate, and all love. May smile carry everyone. Grand happy Thanksgiving to all clients and colleagues!

We wish for our clients and colleagues success and wealth. May they always have it. Wishing them happy Thanksgiving!

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