100+ Original Happy New Year Poems 2023 | New Year Prayers

100+ Original Happy New Year Poems 2023 | New Year Prayers

Some say life is short, and some say life is long. Though whatever it is whether long and short, poetry and its philosophy has always impacted our life. When any time we feel low in our life due to any reason, it is poetry that has given us courage, enthusiasm, happiness, love and soul to again live this life with zest. So this year when Happy New Year 2023 is coming, then what will be the best wishes saying to your loved ones Happy New Year poems that would touch their heart and make them feel about your emotions that you have for them in your life.

Happy New Year Poems 2023

The rhyme words that we are going to write for you are best 2023 New Year Poems that you can say, write, text to anyone whomever you want to wish. This New Year 2023 is coming near too, just some months left. We think you should just prepare for it. Book hotels, room and party place where you want to enjoy and say to your close friends too that they in advance take leaves from their offices for new year party. We are not going to take you a long road, here are soulful short new year poems. These are so crispy like sweet cookies, like chips, crunchy, and like candies and chocolates that you always want to eat and want to give others.

Heart Touching Happy New Year Poems 2021

Gone the stormy winds, flower amidst, it is a new breeze;
Adopt it, start a new wave of your life. It is happy new friend,
enjoy it and let your life enjoy it.

Be the king, be the knight;
wade through dark undefeated;
you never get surprised;
prize of courage you get;
respect and likes;
happy new year 2023 with aspirations high.

It is a new road ahead,
why you are so bored so dead,
tread it with courage,
and you would see your all problems resolved,
may this Happy New Year bring you all this that you wish.

Heart Touching Happy New Year Poems 2023

You are my love. I say you this.
You are my life, I wish this.
This New Year bring us all happiness together
that we remain together forever for life.
It would be a bliss.
This Happy New Year, for us, will be like this.

We are a family, like a dense green tree,
which is laden with flowers and fruits,
that never grow rotten and die.
On this new year and every new year,
we always remain like this family,
like this dense tree, always smiling and growing.

Happy New Year, this year and every year,
and all coming new years, that you going to see.
What you want you get; love, life, experience, zest and best.
It is life that’s best, and rest doesn’t matter.

It could be weak you all remain,
could not hold up to what you promised to yourself.
But why you worry, it is not the end.
A new day is approaching,
when everything gets replenished, and you too.
So stand up, buckle up, and
get ready for another ride that must come for you fulfilled.

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Hey! My love, why you so above,
why you don’t talk to me? It is killing.
I keep all our disputes aside,
and we preside on a new ride that is
coming on this New Year. Be mine, I be yours.

You keep, I keep,
a promise to be alive,
live for each other.
When you need, I be there,
not for this life but for every.

My happiness is your smile.
My sadness is your tears.
My heart is you.
Let’s be together on this new year.

I wait for that day, when everything becomes new.
I wait for that day, when everything gets a new hue.
It is the day we all wait for. It’s coming,
Happy New Year day, when we all become new.

This coming new year you again rise;
may your become new again shedding the past lights;
may you delight with all new joy and shine;
we wish you happy new year 2023 with all our hearts and shine.

Be in the new light;
in new shadow and under sun light;
may you fly with new wings feathering with swings;
and reach where you want to;
we wish you happy new year 2023 with all glorious fights.

No heat, no bad greet, no untreat you take;
this new year; you only bake new emotions with new cake;
with your friends and close ones; you cheer;
this new year, you all get awesome sweets;
wishing you happy new year 2023 with all good deeds.

Be nice, be kind, be compassionate, be sublime;
this coming new year, you all have a new sight;
never get drawn down, never get drown;
we wish you happy new year 2023 with colors and happy shouts.

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Happy New Year 2023 Poems

So these are the original Happy New Year poems 2023 that you can read here, send wherever you want to send, to whomever you want to. They are soulful, and one of the best things is original they are that you won’t find anywhere. Whichever you like touching, send and say to them and express your inner utmost feelings to them that somehow you could not say. Happy New Year my friends!

Inspirational New Year Poems for You

What we need in life? We don’t need a car, a bungalow, luxury clothes to live this life. We are not alive because of all this. We are alive because of inspirations that we see in our life happening everyday directly and indirectly. Inspirations and aspiration to get what we want to get, to accomplish our goals; it is what that is keeping us alive and poetry also as we have said above. For you, some splendid Inspirational New Year Poems we are going to say for you that give you more vigor and aspire you to be what you want to be.

Motivating New Year 2023 Poems

The sun has risen, you should rise too.
It is the new day coming, that surprise you.
It will be the new beginning so Happy New year to you.

Motivational New Year 2023 Poems

Storms and tides would always come in life.
You should not be afraid of them.
The hard they hit you, strong you become.
So wade through them and win the world.

Everyone gets rejected whether in love, whether in career.
Die only those who don’t have courage to stand up.
Be like a fire and always keep rising.
Make this your nature, and you keep surprising.

Walk ahead, never back down, and never retreat.
Live a life like a soldier.
Don’t be a stupid fragile.
Keep smiling, be happy, then whatever hits you, back down.

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Be like a bamboo as Bruce Lee says.
Be like a water as this legend says.
If you be like what he says.
You will always win.
Happy New Year my friend!

You are deep and strong,
don’t be a shallow ground.
Problems come but you be profound.
Nature of water is always flowing, so keep flowing too.
If you be like this, you keep winning too.

Soulful and soothing sounds every bird says.
So when you say, you say like them.
Make others happy and rejoice.
This life is not for fight, so why you get so tight.
Light be at heart and breeze be you become.

Mother Nature is always so inspiring.
Explore it, and find the treasure of it.
When you feel dying, it is
your retreat where you always feel greet.

Never say negative so dire the situations come.
Be positive, still when you see no result.
It is growing and reaping there.
You would see it when the right time comes.

A weak thread always breaks and breaks others too.
A strong one keeps others strong too and together.
So be like a strong thread whose knot only a few could open.

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new year poems 2023

So these are all the short inspirational Happy New Year poems that you can live up to. We tell you these are awesome. The use of words is proper and appropriate, not like garbage. And you feel them, and those also to whom you send them or say. Whenever you feeling low and depress in your life, read these inspiring short poems that would keep alive and going, and give you a new hope.

Happy New Year 2023 Poem for Friends

Everyone has a family but rare are those whose friends are like a family. You are really blessed if you have a best friend in your life or some bunch of friends with whom you want to spend your life. A best friend is like a bridge in supports you every time. In this busy world, it could be that you and him/her couldn’t talk because of your busy life, and it could be that you are not meeting for a long time but when you are really low in your life and feeling any kind of danger or help, your best friend will be there. You just think and he/she will be there. That is friendship. New year is coming. So on this new year, say for her/him some Happy New Year poems for friend. It is like expressing your feelings. Not everyone is a good poet and can’t frame lines. We have for you friendship Happy New Year poem for your friends. If you don’t have a best friend in your life, then it is waste that you are living this life. On the whole, it is like that you must have someone in your life with whom you can share everything, any kind of talk or anything. It is not a requirement. It is a need. So make some good friends in this life provided we can live merrily.

Friendliest Happy New Year Poems for Friends

Friendliest Happy New Year Poems for Friends

When you have a best friend,
life doesn’t ever friend,
wherever you go,
they will be there for you.
Whether in heat or cold,
a best friend plays your girlfriend’s role.

You don’t need a boat to sail
through the ocean of this life,
With a good friend,
you would float. Happy New Year.

Two glasses, filled with your favorite wine;
you two best friends talking, this is life!
Wish You a Happy New Year!

In a garden we used to play,
we went to a same school,
we went to a same college,
we used to eat together from each other’s mouth,
she is my best friend and now my wife.
What a life! Happy New Year my Friend.

Two people you never forget in life;
your parents and your friend,
life could be lived without diamonds and food
but it can’t be lived without these two people.
Happy New Year Buddy!

In rain I with you, in storms I with you;
in water I with you, in sky I with you;
I with you everywhere wherever you go;
Never leave you.

You walk, I walk; you weep,
I weep; you smile, I smile;
you die, I die; you live,
I live; without you nothing exists;
without you, even not me exists.

When you search this whole world,
you would find everything;
but you wouldn’t find a good friend.
If you somehow find, keep them near your heart.
It is a rare diamond.

You are like poetry, you are my story;
you are my secret diary in which I can write everything,
you’re my dearest friend.

Without you, everything seems unfulfilled.
Not even this breath I want to take,
you are my soul, you are my love.
You are my life friend.

Improve, not regret;
live, not despair;
not complain, while pave with pace;
happy new year 2023 my dear friends;
it is all that is fav.

Not a destination you set; you go beyond;
be limitless and untaunt;
undwindled and undivided; you be;
wherever you go, you never forget you be;
wish you happy new year 2023 dear friend;
we always will be.

Believe in yourself, have faith;
and with all that you bait your destiny;
not you get afraid, not you get frightened;
with your close ones, you brightened;
titan you be, mighten you be;
we wish you happy new year 2023.

Friends not break;
while they make; through any hurdles; forward or backward;
live this life in the joy of strangeness yet friendliness, a relation not born with but worth dying for;
we wish you happy new year 2023 my dear friends;
it is all that we want.

Illumination, light; dark side;
may you in your all path with determination fight for success,
day and night;
for journey long and turbulent, we salute you;
may you win and happy new year to you.

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happy new year poems 2023

2023 Happy New Year Poems for Kids

Be the way, the way you want to be;
never shy from what you want to be;
do what you want to with all your heart;
you will win with all glory not getting apart;
wishing beautiful kids happy new year 2023.

2023 Happy New Year Poems for Kids

On little birds, fly high and don’t bust;
just trust, you must;
play more, be more; what your dreams are, may soar;
wishing you happy new year 2023 so more.

Get your sky vast, be the courage and fly in windless cast;
be in the fragrance of mother nature;
be its part; never leave it but live it;
wishing you happy new year 2023 to all my kids;
you are smart and my part.

None the wrong path you take;
none be in pleasure and leisure you seek and sake;
have the wealth of friends and knowledge;
it is all that is privilege;
wishing you happy new year my kid with all my heart.

Kid you are, always be kid you are;
when you young, when you grow;
never lose kid in you as you are;
being kid keeps you alive;
may your innocence never die;
wishing all kids happy new year 2023.

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2023 Happy New Year Pomes for Boyfriend/Girlfriend

My love for you forever there;
my heart for you forever there;
me for you forever there;
our love for us is forever there;
wishing you my love happy new year 2023 forever there.

2023 Happy New Year Pomes for Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Be mine, forever mine, don’t go far;
talk and walk with me like never apart;
being in you is my wish;
and being with you is my dream;
may this dream come true;
wishing you happy new year 2023 my love.

You are my girl, I’m your boy;
don’t consider each other’s heart a toy;
don’t play with it; if broken, it is not easy to make it;
be with me. I promise I never break with you;
forever this life with you;
wishing you happy new year 2023 my girl.

Oh my man, be my man;
you chest up, you race up;
I believe you and will live with you;
just be my soul;
I’m for you there forever;
you rise, rise and rise;
wishing you happiest new year 2023 from my heart;
oh my man, you are forever my part.

Our love may never die;
we in each other’s eyes may never lie;
we live true and fly high;
pouring love and blessings;
may our love spread by abundance high
wish you happy new year my love all my life.

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2023 New Year Poems for Family Members

To my mum, to my papa;
to my uncles, to my aunts;
to my brothers and sisters;
to everyone in my family;
wishing you happy new year 2023 so warmly.

2023 New Year Poems for Family Members

Without family, living is not worth;
without it, everything is devoid and void;
for family I die, for family I live;
wishing all my family members happy new year 2023.

A good family is life;
you laugh, you joy, you weep and cry;
in difficult times, family support;
all members live by you and become your port;
having a good family is a real wealth;
wishing all my family members happy new year 2023 and all the best.

With family, it is all enjoy;
no pain, just only joy;
love is only there;
in all times, family is always there;
for you every time they pray;
a good family is all I wish and say;
wishing you each and everyone happy new year 2023.

In each and every moment of your time; difficult and ease;
your family may try to please;
they may shout, they may angry;
but they never leave you, always get you firmly;
pouring from every inch of my heart love;
wishing happy new year 2023 to all my family.

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So these are all the sweet, friendliest, magnetic Happy New Year poems for friends that you can express to them. These are not like shattered mirrors while golden words. If your best friend is disappointed with you or you both have fought with each other, then say one of them poems from above, and you would see they very much like it. Honey words can solve every dispute, even between two best friends. Your friend can be your wife, your girlfriend, or anyone can be, even your puppy pupper. Hence to whomever you feel for, say above written friendly poems to them and on this coming 2023 New Year, bring smile to their faces. On the other hand, you never forget to share and repost as much as you can these well drafted written happy new year 2023 poems. On our new year website, you find all the quotes, wishes and messages for everyone. Never forget to visit us. Happy new year 2023!

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