Happy New Year Wishes for Boyfriend and Ex-Boyfriend: Romantic Happy New Year 2023 Messages and Wishes

Happy New Year Wishes for Boyfriend and Ex-Boyfriend: Romantic Happy New Year 2023 Messages and Wishes

New year 2023 will soon be coming. It is not that far, though a bit far but not that much. In this post we have drafted for you happy new year 2023 wishes for boyfriend and ex-boyfriend. Yeah, you can wish both your boyfriend and ex-boyfriend this coming new year. Relationship is hard matter. And it is everywhere the same. Don’t think that it is as easy as wind flows. The main problem in love comes is of ego and most of the time, ‘who does first’. Yes, ‘who does first’ is the serious matter in relationships.

People wait who says first sorry, who says first I love you, who does first everything. And in that first-first case, people lose each other forever, which should not and must not be the condition in relationship where you love each other most. So whether you have moved from your previous relationship to a new one or still lingering there for it to rekindle, we have here for you happy new year wishes for boyfriend and ex-boyfriend. Wish him prosperous, enjoying and peaceful life, and celebrate him new year 2023.

Happy New Year 2023 Wishes for Boyfriend/ New Year Wishes for Him

In my heart only you beat. In my nerve only you bleed. I love you so much that in my eyes only you feel. Happy new year my love!

Without you, what this world for me, only a dearth. When you are not, what is the meaning of me? You’re all and everything for me. Happy new year to you!

My soul is in your heart and yours in mine. I believe we and you made for each other like a pristine nectar wine. Love you my man. Happy new year!

What other destiny I don’t know. Yours and mine together flow. You and me forever live in each other. You and me, and only God knows. Happy new year my love!

We written in destiny for each other for thousands of years and eons. Who would break our bond, when we ourselves have written. Happiest new year my angel!

The bliss was when, when I found you. With you, it feels like paradise in you. All life I want to spend with you. Not even a single moment without you. Wishing you a lovely happy new year!

The thing is that when you remember me I feel in heart. A sweet ache rises but never departs. With you, same happens. For years we’re in each other. Happy new year love!

Two roses like we, we blossom together and would die with. Who makes apart? We already one, and one soul was. Wishing you awesome Happy new year!

In sky, we are like two stars, glittering together and moving far. We are destined for true love. It’s bliss of God, we find one. Wishing you a rocking happy new year!

I rest my head on your shoulder, you on mine. We sleep in each other’s lap feeling loved. You stroke my hair and I yours. Happy new year oh my beloved!

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New Year Messages for Boyfriend/ New Year Messages for Him

We now perhaps not as we were before but I don’t think there are miles of distances between us. For those moments, I wish you a very good happy new year!

Love sometimes fades, however intense it was. But it doesn’t mean it is an end. Sometimes we just need our time and I think that is the case with us. Wishing you a lovely new year!

Those roses that you used to give me every day I would always have them. I respect our love that we happened between us. Wishing you from the bottom of my heart happy new year!

The nights and morning all would end one day and we too. I wish you find your path worth chasing rather than wasting your time. Wishing you marvelous days ahead. Happy new year!

Somewhere I know that we still love each other but could not come now together. I don’t know what it is. One day I think we would meet again. Wishing you best new year!

Years of love could end in seconds. And minutes of love could for forever. I wish you find someone new. Wishing you marvelous happy new year!

Perhaps sometimes love is not all important. It is better to chase goals and be someone what you want to be. I wish a best happy new year to you!

Love changes time to time. Feelings also change time to time. People also change time to time. And we have also changed with time. Happy new year my once love!

Sometimes changing path is easy and if one feels so one should change it. I wish you change yours too and get success and growth in your life. Loveliest happy new year 2023 to you!

It was best time that we crossed each other path. It was all best with you and forever reminiscing. I want and pray interesting life for you. Happy new year my love!

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2023 New Year Wishes for Ex-boyfriend

The breeze that used to flow between us and our hearts not flowing now. Yet we have some those flowers that grew in that breeze. Wishing a very happy lovely new year 2023!

We are not together today but it doesn’t mean we are not friends. We still have those good memories that we can still cherish. Wishing you a good happy new year!

Those time that we spent still a bit refresh in heart. Those memories were beautiful and forever would be. I wish you find a new one. Wishing all the luck and happy new year 2023!

Though gone days but we forever not mourn all the day. I wish you best day and prosperity for whole life. May you find love again. Wishing you happy 2023 new year!

May you feel the life again. May you feel the rhythm again and I wish you feel the love again. Happy new year 2023 my friend!

Sometimes life is like this. It has many turns as ours. Though it doesn’t mean we break the friendly relationship between us. Wishing you happy new year 2023!

Love has many and different definition. Perhaps our might have different. We are not together today but we were. Happy new year 2023 my once love!

Love is always there. Perhaps we are not written as lovers. Though friends could be. Wishing you luck, prosperity and happy new year 2023!

Sometimes roses are not written in destinies. It is only lilies. Our love could not last but who say friendship could not be. Wishing you best happy new year ahead 2023!

In everyone’s life love is. In yours and mine too, but not with we for each other. But we have love of generosity. Wishing you a miraculous 2023 happy new year!

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Happy New Year Quotes for Boyfriend/ New Year Quote 2023 for Him

He was like a fresh wind. Whenever he was near me, it felt like I was floating with him. There is no anxieties and worries with him. I miss you a lot. Wishing happy new year 2023!

Troubles and disputes are in every relationship. The condition is, if you want to take it long, be ready to compromise and let your ego off. New year 2023 wishes to you!

In love, you could not think of each other’s ruin. Love is, in true sense, is always about letting go, while we all try to possess each other. Happiest new year 2023!

He is like a rollercoaster ride. When you ride with him, it is going to be a lot of adventure. And that is the most phenomenal quality about him. Wishing so much adventurous new year 2023!

Love is always about courage. And he was the same. He never gets frightened of anyone. Such courage of him that I love in men. Happy new year 2023 my dear love!

Whatever you want to say, you must say straight forward in love. Don’t make the love wait. Otherwise love would make you wait. Wishing you rocking 2023 new year!

Love spurts in various ways and that is the real beauty of it. As it has happened with you. Lots of wishes to you on happy new year 2023!

In his arms I feel safe. He is the most precious person in my life whom I never want to lose on any condition. Happiest new year 2023 to you!

I love the way you love me. There is no meaning of love if you could not feel each other by your hearts. Wising you awesome life and happy new year 2023!

Nothing in this world matters as much as you matter. You are my whole world and universe. Lots of wishes, a rocking life ahead and happy new year 2023!

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Romantic New Year Wishes for Boyfriend

Though it is easy to fall in love but it is tough to maintain it. Full bucket of love and wishes on happy new year 2023 to you!

The bike rides with you are my most romantic moments with you that I never could forget. Wishing you happiest new year 2023!

I love your voice that is dense and heavy. When you speak, it feels like you are claiming everything. Your voice is like a king’s voice. And I’m in love with you. Lots of wishes on happy new year 2023!

I don’t know how long I would be with you. I just want to live all the moments with you sprucing them completely. I like the love pulp. Happy new year dear love 2023!

When real love comes to you, it makes you complete. You feel whole like you don’t need anything. And that feeling I feel with you. Loveliest wishes on new year 2023!

Love gives you courage. And in courage you can do everything. So much wishes and greetings on happy new year 2023!

When you in love, you feel butterflies, like they are flying here and there in your heart or whole body. Greetings and wishes on happy new year 2023!

Love is not just about love. love is about fighting, disputes, quarrels, ignorance, ego and all; these are all the ingredients of love, and perhaps more that it. Wishing you ravishing new year 2023!

Just all movements cease when I see you. How it happens I don’t know but it only happens when I see you. Wishing you all the love and happy new year 2023!

Life without love is nothing. Without love, life could not exist. Lots of wishes, greetings and love to you on happy new year 2023!

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May all the love you get to whomever you meet. May true moments you live with whomever you live. May your life go as you want it to go and as you want it to live. Above we have new year wishes for boyfriend and ex-boyfriend, that you can send them for new year celebration. Yeah, why don’t you try to celebrate this coming new year with your boyfriend and ex?! We know that it is a bad suggestion but worth trying! Some philosophers and writers have said that every kind of love after some time fade however intense or deep it is. We don’t know whether it is true or not until or unless you fall into. Though it is different matter. Here we have for you some of the best happy new year wishes for boyfriend and ex-boyfriend, that you love to wish them. From our side, we wish you happy new year 2023. May you celebrate it jublious.

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