Romantic Happy New Year Wishes for Wife/ New Year 2021 Quotes for Her

Romantic Happy New Year Wishes for Wife / New Year 2021 Quotes for Her

All the seven wonders of life if you want to see, then you can see in your wife! We hope that you love her and you must. Here are for you happy new year wishes for wife, which you can say to your wife on the eve of coming new year 2021.

Romantic Happy New Year 2021 Wishes for Wife

All these happy new year 2021 quotes for her are filled with love and they certainly express a husband’s love. So you all husband out there if looking for beautiful and mesmerizing lines, then you have these happy new year wishes for wife. 

Happy New Year Wishes for Wife 2021

I want you to live forever because I want you in my life forever. I don’t know how I would be able to live without you. Wishing you best happy new year!

Happy New Year Wishes for Wife 2021

Life has been so fair to me that it has given me you that has wholly transformed my life and I have become what I wanted. Thank for this wife. Wishing you happy new year!

Those days of our meeting I still remember. With time I more respect you and think that I am a part of you which is entirely blissful. Wishing you happy new year 2021!

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The best element about our relationship is our silence. We can understand each other without saying, and that is so sweetly sublime. Love you my darling wife. Happy new year 2021!

Since I have seen you, I haven’t slept from that day. I am still in awe of your beauty my beautiful wife. I love you so much. Wising lovely happy new year 2021!

This world doesn’t exist for me and nothing exists for me. Because you are my existence. And I exist because of you. Love you wife. Happy new year 2021!

I wish that you live the life you want to and I wish I can give you that. May your lap filled with everything what you desire. Wishing you my wife best happy new year!

The oceans have wept for you so long. That’s why they get filled up. May you please show mercy on them by putting your foot in them. Such a beauty you’re. Love you and happy new year!

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Your eyes are devouring me and I’m not able to resist them. You are so magnetic and hypnotized. I love you dearly my wife. Wishing you awesome happy new year 2021!

My love for you is beyond words and expressions and beyond anything. You are my nectar of immortality. Love you dear wife and happy new year 2021!

Your hairs are so evening, and when they come on me, I feel the soothe, such like they are chilling me but a sweet chill. I so much adore you. Wishing you rocking new year 2021!

May I find every time in my birth as you my wife. May I never lose you. May you be in my all dreams. I love with unfathomable depth. Best happy new year 2021 to you!

May on my lips your name forever live. May in your heart I reign. May our love never end. May we become eternal. Wishing you lovely new year 2021!

I don’t know what would happen in future. That’s why I want to spend best moments of my life with you, for I may never regret. Love you wife and wishing new year 2021!

It is so sweet of you that you always take care of me. I indebted to you for my life because you are a nice surprise that is always wonderful. So much love to you wife. Happy new year 2021!

Wherever I see, I see you only. Such a magic of your love is. May it never vanish but I may in you. Love to my gorgeous wife. Wishing loveliest happy new year 2021!

You are my best friend and my wife later. These both combinations in you are awesome that has made my life blissful. Happy new year 2021!

I want to comb your hairs and want to make beautiful plaits of them. I love to do. Kissing you on your forehead wish you happiest new year of your life.

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May you forever live happies person in my arms my wife. And we both smile. 

In love people die and rise. I have become both in you. Wishing you all the love of my life and happy new year 2021!

happy new year messages for wife

2021 Happy New Year Quotes for Wife

Not even the touch of other I could tolerate for you. It shatters my heart even when glance others. I deeply love you. Happy new year 2021!

2021 Happy New Year Quotes for Wife

May stars in the sky all obey you. May flowers on the earth all guard you. May you forever be filled with joy. Wishing my wife happiest new year of her life!

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What gift I give you? All are worthless. Nothing is comparable to you. All are valueless. You are elixir. Such beauty you are that has maddened me. Wishing my wife happy new year 2021!

Your loyalty and truthfulness are more to me than anything. You are only mine. How I praise you I don’t know. Wishing you happiest new year 2021. Have fun!

The union of you and me are like unbroken bond. We are joined by a phantom thread whose knot even God could not untie. Wising awesome happy new year 2021 to my wife!

May you have all the wealth of this world. May you have it infinite. Love you darling. I wish you happy new year 2021!

May you never get busy and always talk to me. May we get lost in praising each other. May we always walk by each other’s side. Loveliest happy new year 2021 to you!

Even if fights, quarrel or dispute; love may there be forever. As weather changes and everything of this nature, but you may not. Happy new year 2021!

Oh my beautiful wife, you are the glimmer of moon, shimmer of stars and shine of galaxies. Wishing you galaxiou happy new year 2021!

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What I wish more, what I message more? All words have vanished. You are simply awesomest my wife. Wishing happy new year 2021!

May you have the peace of mind and your heart with me only intertwined. Wishing you happiest new year my wife 2021!

Life with you is a miracle. A phenomenon that I joyously enjoy with you. Happy new year 2021 to my lovely wife!

When it rains, when your face gets wet, you look so crystal. Your all hairs look so thick black. And you like a statue of infinite beauty. All the very best happy new year to my wife!

Whenever I see you I get lost in your innocence. You have so perfectionist elegance that is beyond anything. Love you and happy new year 2021!

What is wonderful? It is you that is. Your face is like a silvery golden lotus. You’re God’s beautiful creation. Wishing loveliest new year 2021!

May you always remain healthy provided may I too. May you have all the blessings of God. Lots of love and happiest new year 2021 my wife!

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May your charm never fade. May you be for all decades. May you live all life with me, not only this but all. Wishing abundant happy new year my wife!

May this new year give you what you want. May it bestow all your thoughts and dreams into reality. Lots of love and happy new year 2021!

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Most Romantic Happy New Year Text Messages for Wife

I wish that you with me forever live in a happy family. May you never have less of anything, not even of love. Happy new year gorgeous wife!

Most Romantic Happy New Year Text Messages for Wife

May darkness never ever touch you. May you have the shield of loveness. May I be there for you always. Love you my life and wife. Happiest new year to you!

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May you never face doubt and confusion. May you forever have the clear path. May you win always. Wishing happy new year dearest wife!

May we never get betrayed by each other. Not even accidentally. May our love get famous and our union immortalized. Happy new year to my pretty wife!

Prettiest you, dutiest you are. You are all what I imagine. May I be all to you. Lots to love, hugs and kisses. Wishing happy new year wife!

May you shine by all virtues. May you be filled with them forever. Wishing you happy new year!

Simply I want to say happy new year my lovely wife. Without you this journey might be impossible. Thanks for coming into my life. Happy new year 2021!

I can do anything for you. Everything for you my wife. Wishing you my kisses and love and happy new year!

From the bottom of my heart I wish you my all love and abundance of wishes and blessings. Get ahead and successful in life my wife. Happy new year 2021!

May we be enough for each other. May God bless with this us. Happy new year and always be my wife!

happy new year 2021 wishes for her

True love between a husband and a wife can help transcend this materialistic world, where you leaving materialistic world feel the other hidden dimension of this universe. But the condition is your love must be true as our selected happy new 2021 wishes, quotes and messages for wife. 

Always say thanks to your wife that she does much for your family forgetting everything about her, taking care of everyone. With these 2021 happy new year wishes for wife and new year love quotes for her, you tell her that how much you love and respect her. You are grateful and proud that she is your wife. 

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