Privacy Policy Statement for has generated the privacy statement in order to state that our company is committed to privacy. The following clauses further state the information accumulation and distribution practices for the Web site:

Third Party Cookies

Third Party Cookies while serving advertisements to the website, third-party advertisers may put or take notice of cookies on the browser. Third party ad companies display ads on the website with which we are associated. These ads may contain cookies. Cookies are used in other sections of the Website. cookies received with various ads placements are collected by ad companies, of which we do not have access to and about the information how they use it. Customers data as required by is shared with the advertising companies.

External Links have links of and linked to, other websites on the internet. Of those websites, we are not in any way responsible for the privacy practices they use or the content of web sites they link to. 

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

According to law in India and under the jurisdiction of state law as applicable, we reserve the right to change or replace the Privacy Policy at any time without giving prior notice to or the consent of any person. Any changes or replacements are posted on the website timely.

Disclaimer of 

1. We do not claim ownership or rights over images, graphics and or quotes/greetings of third parties hosted on the website unless specified. Those that are used, it is mentioned and given credit for. Although original images and originally created content on the website is subject to copyright law.

2. All graphics and images belong to their respective owners.

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