50 Best All Time Favorite Dignity Quotes: Make Your Life Worth Living

50 Best All Time Favorite Dignity Quotes: Make Your Life Worth Living

If you are mere living a life, you are just mere living it, which is a kind of futile. If you really want to live your life of worth, then live your life with values. Values that make you strong and give you dignity and self-respect. In this post, we are gonna tell you about dignity quotes that you can share with your friends and family.

We don’t think that anyone could live without dignity, and those who are living it, they are dead inside and don’t know and understand what all the life values mean. They can’t stand for themselves. The first thing first is, if you want respect from others, if you have to respect yourself first. We also have for you in this post self-respect dignity quotes that give you head-up to walk proudly. Here are some of the best dignity quotes below. Walk you head held high!

Best Dignity Quotes/ Self-Respect Quotes

Never walk seeing below your nose.

Dignity Quotes

Head straight, walk calm, shoulder up and strong and have confidence. These are the characteristics of dignity.

You sacrifice everything but you never sacrifice your dignity and courage.

Dignity could not be bought or taken from someone. It comes from within. It is self-respect.

When you talk to a woman being a gentleman, you belong to a class of dignified men.

You always take care of your girl’s dignity and she will be never out of your life.

Those who follow their heart, they would always be above than those who follow their mind. Simply they belong to the clan of dignity.

In any relationship you must respect each other. It is the most basic and utmost quality that one wants from you.

Best Dignity Quotes

Truth is the beacon of dignity.

Building yourself with your own hand and mind is the quality all dignifieds have.

To walk with courage and dignity is more than having billions of pound in your pocket.

Women don’t fall in love with anybody. They fall with those who self-respect themselves.

You never stare down fearing anyone. It is the quality of those who have heart of a lion. A lion always walks with dignity.

Those all famous personalities have gone through all the hurdles of life and made their mark. You know why? Because they want to live with dignity.

Dignity Quotes

An angry man could never possess dignity. While a calm one has all the virtues of it.

Without sacrifice, no dignity comes.

One who values one’s family, they always receive self-respect and dignity.

A father must instill the value of dignity in his sons.

If you respect women and value them, then your mother has raised you dignified.

Fighting for your mother-land is the virtue of dignity.

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Only those can earn dignity who have strength in their hand.

Without dignity, a man is living dead.

Respecting your mother and wife is the indication of dignity.

Those who always compromise in their life and are happy with minimum could not understand and know what living with dignity is.

You admit to truth if you have mistaken somewhere before everyone. Then you are the man of courage and have the ability to shine like sun.

If you pardon those ones who have done a lot of harm to you without taking revenge, then you are a kindest man and follow the path of dignity.

Dignity Quotes

Dignity is an aura that God only gift to those who have followed their heart and done harm to no one.

When you support your friend’s back when he or she has fallen from throne and help them to rise again. Then you are an angel of heaven from those dignified ones.

You lose every inch of wealth; it does not matter. But you must never lose respect in your woman’s eyes.

Dignity is the loudest voice always heard in noises.

Love teaches us all the prime virtues of human life. The most is sacrifice, kindness, selfishlessness and equality. Love is also the source of dignity.

Imprisoning your hearth with filthy pleasure is a comfort drug that is ruining your life like injecting yourself with mucus. Dignity is the that nectar which could free you of everything.

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Reshaping your life is not difficult hard work. You only need to do good deeds and follow the path of truth. Everything follows you.

A kite flies best when wind flows calm. In storm, it could lose its thread and direction. Calm wind is dignity and storm is over-confidence.

A shark is the beast of sea. A lion is the king of jungle. A falcon dominates the sky high. You know why? They all have no fear in their eyes.

Have kindness like elephant. Have cunningness like fox. Have speed like tiger. And have dignity like lion.

A bit selfishness for yourself is good. Having not an inch of dignity is like living in mud with insects that crawl in gutters.

Establish your life such that when you die, all bow down to you with dignity.

Dignity Quotes

If you are rich but have no dignity, you are still poor. If you have self-respect but not wealth, you are still like a rich.

Maintaining respect is like taking out all the weeds from your garden.

Dignity is that shield that saves you from all the abuses of disrespectful people.

There is no definition of dignity. It is how you define it in your life.

Honesty is the backbone of dignity.

You should be as beautiful like a peacock but you must not be fragile like it. Because it can’t fly high and longer. Dignity never stays with fragility.

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Humiliation is the lowest form of life. Dignity is the highest form of it.

You have all the charms of winning a woman’s heart. But they are all futile if you lack dignity.

It is okay if you are weak. But you follow the path of truth, then you have made your place in eyes of God.

Be like always rising fire. It symbolizes dignity.

Water flows as it wants to flow in the direction it desires. Honor spreads like same effortlessly.

Weeping is not the sign of weakness. While it is the sign of strong and dignified people.

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So how do you like all these self-worth and self-respecting dignity quotes? Any comment that you want to tell us, you can tell us in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you. All the self-respect quotes that we have written for you are hundred percent original and authentic.

Living life and having no values and establishing nothing for yourself is the utter waste of your human birth and waste of time that you have done to yourself. We all are here to make our mark and leaving our imprint for others to see and respect us. Just focus on this aim and you would have all what you want and desire. Above written dignity quotes and self-respect quotes you share as much as possible. You can send to your friends and relatives and share on social media. The quotes we have written for you are hundred percent original. Some of the best quotes.