111 Top Inspirational Graduation Quotes: Funny Graduation Sayings

111 Top Inspirational Graduation Quotes: Funny Graduation Sayings

When a sapling is planted, it takes time to become a tree. In the middle of that journey of becoming a strong tree, a sapling has to go through many phases. When all the phases are passed successfully, then it becomes a strong tree. In the same way, in human’s life, graduation is that phase that teaches us many things to survive in this world. It is our most glorious, fun loving and neve-forgettable period of life. To cherish this, we have brought for you sparkling graduation quotes and graduation Sayings.

Graduation quotes or college graduation quotes are the same. This college time is one of the so soulful time that perhaps no one could ever forget. In college we go through almost all kind of teachings, whether it is about study or life. College is our playground for life and the world we are going to face in future. So here are for you some of the nicest and ever reminiscing college graduation quotes or graduation quotes that you can say on the day of your convocation ceremony. Best of luck for your future! Hustle well!

Graduation Quotes | College Graduation Quotes

Graduation Quotes

When you graduate you feel a kind of fulfillment that you are ready for this world. It is a feeling that says to you that you can change this world. You are perfectly ready for this.

Now you are completely ready to fail and how to success. To fail and to rise again. To fail and shine again.

To go through every sorrow, to go through every pain, a man has to be built up to wade through them all. It is a teaching that never makes you fail.

I have experienced joy, love, friendship, pain, success and failure in my college. I have gone through all. They have made all stronger. Now I’m ready for more.

You have a degree in your hand that says of you that you are expert of some particular. You have knowledge. Now with this knowledge you can change your life and others’ too.

You may die of hunger once. But you die hundred times of not having a good and proper education.

A good degree may make your path easy. And a sound knowledge may make you rise above all. You need to have both.

There is no joy compared as of studying and reading.

The greatest life you live you live in your college. The greatest history you make; you make out there in this world.

It is only preliminary preparations in college. The real hustle starts outside there. And I’m ready because I have a degree.

When you invest in your study, you invest in your future. When you invest in your future, you invest for something bright.

To tap out every problem like a shuttlecock, is what you get in your graduation.

Graduation teaches you how to play tennis well of this surviving world.

To fall and to rise again. To fall and to rise again. How to win this ever falling and failing game, is what graduation teaches you.

In soccer, you win match not because how many goals you did, while how many you save. This is all about graduation.

You can use these graduation quotes as graduation sayings also. When you during the time of your convocation ceremony want to speak something in less few words that you want inspiring, you can speak these quotes cum sayings . We have written some of the best enriching lines for you, that enrich your life too with words as well as those you hear it. We also congratulate you on your graduation. And we definitely feel that you would enjoy our graduation quotes and graduation sayings.

High School Graduation Quotes

To tread the ladder step wise step is the sound path that you have taken for yourself. High school graduation is your step to college that prepare you for your college journey. The best part of high school or college is that you get to make many new friends. Meeting new people is always fun. So when you graduate high school, it is liberating because now you can go to your favorite college. For your high school graduation day, we have brought for you high school graduation quotes. Wittiest high school graduation quotes we have covered for you in our this section. Wit is what you become in your all student journey if you have paid attention to your study! Don’t mind. Just joking! Here are the quotes below.

High School Graduation Quotes

To sail through the storm, you must have a strong boat. That is what high school is about.

All the juices of life you experience a bit in your high school. And the best juice of education and knowledge that you always want to drink.

What I learn from here, I would never forget. This learning would be my earning for my future and life.

As hunger never ends in life. Learning must never too. Eating tasty food is life. Learning life is new taste of experience.

When a movie gets hit, it gets hit because of best performance. When you best perform in high school, you become hit everywhere.

What I learn in my school and from my teachers is how to remain patient and when you calm yourself you attract everything.

I had been in fights with other guys. I had been in love with many girls. I had bunked many classes. But what I learn is- have a fight worth changing the world. Have a girl that supports you for whole life. And never bunk your favorite subject and favorite teacher class.

I can never forget the joy of saying Good morning to my teachers. I can never forget the fragrance of new chalk box and clean shiny black board.

In high school, we all have written our destiny on black board. Many times we erase it and again write it. That is the greatest lesson we have learned.

My teachers have always asked me what you want to be in your life. And I always have best answered it. I will always reminisce this question. Good bye high school!

How you like these best high school graduation quotes, which are a kind of nostalgia, that you may remember when you leave your high school. Half of your most cherishing life you have spent there that perhaps no could ever forget. The next step is your college for which we want to congratulate you.

Inspirational Graduation Quotes

College time and high school time actually are all the little play grounds that prepare us for higher one that we would face when we graduate. Though it is not certain that we only face when we graduate. Education and knowledge are one of the great powerful weapons that seem soft but bang havoc. With a degree you have in your field, you can bring many changes for society and yourself. For you, here are some of the nice inspiration quotes that would inspire you for generations to come. Besides all that, a student life mostly teaches us about hope and inspiration, that is most needed in life. Some of the best lessons happen in college and school life, and we zestfully salute it too that make us a strong character to face any kind of adversities. Here are the heartfelt heart melting inspirational graduation quotes.

Inspirational Graduation Quotes

Every day you see the sun rising and setting. Life is everyday business of success and failure. Be adept at it.

You never get to pain so easily that it may drown you in its webs. You always get to search happiness in tinniest atom of pain. That is success. That is worth living.

Refuse and Rejected- these two words are associated with many great famous personalities. They might associate with you too.

The line of success is not linear. It is always a curve. So try better to drive well at curve.

Many times I have heard the words,” I can’t do it.” Many times many have said to me too,” You can’t do it.” What I do? I just don’t listen to them.

When breeze flows, it takes you with itself to the journey of the moon. When storm havocs, it splinters you with scratches. You go both through. They are teachers of your success.

Success is a journey of a diamond that becomes by what it is known in the depths of great holes of earth. The longer it takes, the costliest it becomes. You decide what success you want.

Failure is as vast as this sky. Success is as tiniest as a little glittering star. But when stars shines, everyone looks at it.

The strong character of someone is recognized by how many times one has failed and still going.

Everything that happens with you, it happens for a reason. Believe me. The reason of it and fruit of it you would get later. But when you get it, you don’t know why it has happened with you. That’s the most interesting part of success.

How do you like above written inspirational graduation quotes? We know that you like them. Because the best thing is that we always provide original new and fresh content that people would like to read. We don’t compromise on that.

Funny Graduation Quotes

This is the most special and essential part that we enjoy and everyone must enjoy during college and high school time. Just don’t get bulbed up in only study. You must have stories to tell of fun that you have done with your friends and teachers. If you haven’t done this, you haven’t lived your life. Whether you graduate from high school or from college, we have covered for you hilarious funny graduation quotes that might pour a havoc of laugher on you. If there is no fun, life shuns! So far I understand one must go through every emotion of life and every experience of life till they graduate. If you haven’t gone through, then it means you haven’t experienced life at all. So we don’t make you wait more, here are all the funnier funny graduation quotes.

Funny Graduation Quotes

So guys we have completed our graduation. We have a good degree and we are in some days going to be listed in unemployed list. Congrats on your graduation!

The fear of leaving college is that we never find one like that. And when you have a college degree in your hand, you have become one of the many sheep out there!

My parents said to me to become graduate. I have said to them all the greats don’t have a degree. But they didn’t listen to me!

The problem with a college degree is that there is no guarantee of job! Yet we believe in getting it!

When going for job interviews, everyone asks for experience. Few asks for college degree. They say it comes latter!

Your real graduation is when, when you become successful in life whether you have a college degree or not!

Girls don’t come near you seeing your degree. That’s why I didn’t apply for PhD!

When I meet people, they don’t ask me what degree you have. They ask me what you do and where you hang out!

You get all the knowledge of theories in your degree but to apply it and experiment it, you have this outside world. Only then you know your degree’s worth!

When I say to my girlfriend I want to marry her, she says your college degree can’t maintain me!

These are all the laugh-out funny graduation quotes that you can say giggly on the day of your graduation. Just don’t surprise your parents and teachers much making more fun! Though at the end, it is your choice.

Short Graduation Quotes

Around the world so far it is known graduation is three years’ period. Somewhere it could be of five years where integrated courses are involved. College time is study time but most of us all we never study except during exam time. During convocation ceremony some students are not good with words and speech. So to speak little of worth and wise we have brought for you short graduation quotes that you can say during the ceremony. Short graduation quotes are simple and sober and you can easily remember them and easily say them. And they are best for writing in greeting cards. Besides all that, these are full with meaning, impressive and impactive. Here are all the quotes below for you.

Short Graduation Quotes

Be wise and in immeasurable size!

To learn is to experience is to live life!

Wise guys are those who hustle in ever battling world!

Patience is the key to success. Idleness is the key to death! See the difference.

Adept at a skill that none could. And with that beat everyone.

When you going to jump, have a parachute with you.

To fear is good. To fear great is coward.

Don’t chase anyone and anything. Just chase success and everyone chases you.

Reading others’ book you can get insight. Experience yourself outside, you can write your own book.

Just follow your intuition. It takes you towards the right path.

Have a great shield of knowledge. It saves you from stones.

You just listen to your heart and write your story. But to follow heart is hard.

College degree is just a piece of paper. You don’t need any degree to get rich.

Don’t ever lie to yourself.

You only need faith, courage and belief in yourself. And you can move anything.

We do want to say that you are reading some of the amazing short graduation quotes that are some of the best here. What you say about this? Whatever you want to say, write in the comment section below. And never forget to say these on your graduation ceremony.

Graduation Quotes from Parents

It is our parents that become happiest when they see us getting graduate. For them, it is really like seeing your man version. They have the feelings that they can proudly say their son is graduate. So in this section we have original purest graduation quotes from parents. You parents out there can say these quotes on your son’s graduation ceremony or in a form of piece of advice you want to give him for his future. I can still remember what my father said to me when I became graduate. He said to me that your golden period has ended, now real hustle would start when you go for job. You would know your worth when you sail in this muddy sticky flatter world that promises opportunities. So be ready now. And you parents out there and anyone never forget to share our graduation quotes from parents.

Graduation Sayings from Parents

It is a long road before you and many paths lay. The one which you choose, decide your future. Go on always the right side.

You learn from other experience but you just don’t only learn but rather do also if you want to taste it yourself.

In starting you find the world charming and full of opportunities, in the middle you find it hardworking and rewarding, in the end you find it waste and retiring. The third stage tells you the real meaning of life. But you must come through all three.

Just don’t get distracted by illusions. They are shiny and shimmering that take you into their web. You listen to your heart which is always true with you.

You never believe in someone easily. Many would deceive you. Many would steal you. Many would love you. But they all teach you a lesson.

Don’t just always chase money and fame. Chase value and character, and the most important respect in everyone’s eyes.

Don’t try to depend on others whether in love or in any other way. You always should be in your own self.

Life is not hard and struggling. Emotions make it and negativity. May you see your path properly and know where you want to lead.

The best teacher is always your experience. The best magician is always your intuition. Believe them in both and you fly to success.

Don’t ever listen to others. Don’t ever affected by others’ success. Follow your heart. Follow you gut. And you will be where you always dream of.

Just keep dreaming both with open eyes and closed eyes.

We all know from our birth till we die, our parents never stop giving us advices. They try it as much as they want to, and so far they think that we should do all the things according to them, which is not possible at all where we also have our desires and aspirations. Just a talk. Above written graduation quotes from parents are the wittiest one. If you want to give last final piece of advice to your son, you can give it now. And please never forget to tell other parents and whoever needs, that we have best original written graduation quotes from parents.

Graduation Quotes for Daughter

Fathers like their daughters a lot. They are like angles to them to whom they want to give every happiness and everything whatever they say. Those daughters are really lucky who has father like this persona. We think soon your daughter is going to graduate from college and you are looking for some special words that you want to say her, then we have for you graduation quotes for daughter. Whether write in a greeting card or in whatever way you feel comfortable, you can use these graduation quotes for daughter, which are so meaningful that you would really like them all. Fathers caringly adore their daughters. They want everything perfect for them as we have perfect graduation quotes for daughters.

Graduation Quotes for Daughter

In your path many hurdles would come. Many chide you. But you don’t get down. Just aim like an arrow and hit your target.

You fly like a beautiful bird but have the heart of an eagle.

Your beauty is your charisma. Your education is your status. With that you build your character, which is your repute.

Be a woman like mountain strong. Be courageous like a wolf. Always be ready to move alone.

You should always have smile on your face. It can do wonders.

The real ornament of woman is education. Not gold and silvers.

Intelligence, beauty and hard-working is a rare combination in a woman.

You be expressible in you silence too. You be expressible in your voice too. You be expressible in your work too.

With pen and paper women can write their story and change history.

Education for women is a sword with which they can fight any battle.

How you like all these quotes tell us in the comment section below, we really want to know what your reactions are reading these graduation quotes for daughter. Graduation quotes for daughters are hundred percent authenticate. One of our quality is that we never copy or write others’ quotes. We create and write our original content. We really care about our readers and we want when they come to our website, they find what they looking for.

Graduation Sayings from Famous Personalities

In this section we have covered for you graduation sayings from famous personalities. After all you definitely want to know what they think about knowledge and education and today’s generation. So we have chosen for you a few best sayings from famous personalities of world that tell you their take on education, what real things and many more. Just read up!

Graduation Sayings from Famous Personalities

“All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” —Walt Disney

“I will encourage you not to just make a living, but to live to make something.” —Wesley Chan

“The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change.” —Maya Angelou

“Sometimes you find out what you are supposed to be doing by doing the things you are not supposed to do.” —Oprah Winfrey

“Don’t be trapped by dogma—which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” —Steve Jobs

“From my point of view, which is that of a storyteller, I see your life as already artful, waiting, just waiting and ready for you to make it art.” —Toni Morrison

“I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.” —Emma Stone

“A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.” —John C. Maxwell

“There is only one success: to be able to spend your life in your own way.” —Christopher Morley

“You get to consciously decide what has meaning and what doesn’t. You get to decide what to worship.” —David Foster Wallace

So did you enjoy reading these graduation sayings? We expect that you definitely have enjoyed them all and must have chosen some best for you that you want to say to your daughter or son or even friend. Words and best lines said by someone who already is successful and an idol type of really change our perspective and vison towards everything.

Congratulation Graduation Quotes

These congratulation graduation quotes are inspiring and advising to whomever you want to say congratulating them on their graduation. For some, it is feeling like now they have a weapon or a wand by which they would change the world brining new changes and advances. For some it is like a relief and a solution from all problems, that now they can do whatever they want to do. No one would be stopping them. Because parents often concern about us completing our graduation. They think that at least we should do this. So your son or daughter has competed graduation. Then please congratulate them by saying congratulation graduation sayings.

Congratulation Graduation Quotes

You have not completed your graduation. While you have completed beautiful phase of your life. Now get ready for real hustle.

Congrats on your graduation. We wish you get success and respect in your life and make your parent proud.

Without a great sacrifice, there is no great gain. Congratulation on becoming a graduate!

This whole sky is open for you to fly. But fly with strong wings. Great congratulations on becoming a graduate!

You just don’t earn but earn for others also. You don’t just live but live for others also. You don’t just lead but lead for others also. Congratulation on becoming a graduate!

Have not friendship with gold but have with ones who dig it. Congrats for graduation!

Take a note of your graduation date. It is the most important date in your life. May you be on right path. Congrats on getting your college degree!

The day you fail in the path of your success and then rise again. It is your real graduation. Congrats on becoming a graduate!

Have the courage to flow against the wind. Sometimes you have to. Many great congratulations for finally getting your degree!

Never forget your parents’ sacrifice that they have given for you to make you a man of virtues. Congrats for your graduation!

Graduation Quotes for Son

Daughters always complete their graduation and most of the time sons not. They leave in the middle in whirl of winds that flow around them.! Yet we have covered for you graduation quotes for son, that if your son has completed graduation you can wish him with that. And if you like these all, which we know you would, then please never forget to share these graduation quotes for son wherever you can. These are like what you want to say and sum up your whole college journey and study and everything included on the day when you receive your degree for which you have given your three dedicated years.

Graduation Quotes for Son

You could be fragile of body but never be of heart.

Learn to dance in every difficulty and problem. Rather they make you dance. You teach yours to them.

You never care judgements of others about you.

A man has to man. When you man, you make sure no one can man like you.

If being a graduate, you don’t know how to treat others respectfully. Then please again go to school.

You should accomplish your every task that you begin or you never start it.

You just not be a man of well-dressed suit while you wear it inside your heart too. Be a gentleman!

You just keep going. Never stop. Better be a tortoise than be a quick rabbit.

Not to be quick to judge someone unless they shake hand with you.

Don’t just always look towards the beauty of the moon. Some stars are more brighter than it.

We expect that you have enjoyed all the content including graduation quotes for son. Anything you want to suggest or want to say, you can write in the comment section below. QWM is one of the best sources on the internet providing all original and unique quotes, wishes and messages that you can share with others, write for them whether relatives, friends or family. Gradually we are covering everything on it and one day it will be one stop destination for best quotes and wishes.