80+ Happy Honeymoon Wishes for Newlywed Couple

80 Happy Honeymoon Wishes for Couple: Funny Honeymoon Quotes, Messages, Images and More

Honeymoon Wishes: There is difference between honeymoon of an arrange marriage couple and loved one, and the real difference they can only tell!. Honeymoon is not just that one pointed think for which you go after your marriage while it is about spending quality time, knowing each other deeply and yes about romance. We have here covered honeymoon wishes for couple and funny honeymoon quotes, Messages With Images. Though many stuff we are going to cover for you in latter sections where you find other wishes too. We have covered honeymoon wishes for husband and honeymoon wishes for wife in this section only.

On honeymoon where you want to go is your choice bur we suggest you that you should go to a foreign country, but it also depends on budget too. At the end it is a budget thing. In our India, there are many good and exotic honeymoon destinations exist. But wherever you go, you take our honeymoon wishes with you. You say them and make your honeymoon more romantic. Here are all the wishes below.

Honeymoon Wishes for Couple

Honeymoon Wishes

May you always find solace in in each other arms and the journey you have begun of your life be always feel like honeymoon. Wishing you a good honeymoon and married life!

The moment I see you I just always lose myself in you. It is like all become blur around me and you only I can see. May this vision be yours always! And happiest honeymoon!

Don’t one ever think this life for eternity while just of moments provided when you find someone on whom you can pour your love, eternity be with you. As you’re with each other. Happiest honeymoon!

May you have the purest and faithful love for each other. May you have yourselves for each other forever. And may you have the elixir of married life. Wishing you a good honeymoon!

I don’t want you written in my destiny or fate. I want you written in every drop of blood in me and every breath of mine. We are each other. May moon night shower its magic on us!

There are not many conditions in love except one, and that is being for forever. May you always be in love. May you spend whole life as honeymoon!

How strange it is that you come in this world to become of someone for forever whom you find at uncertain times in your life beautifully. Wishing you awesome honeymoon moments!

Trust and faithfulness are the pillars of unforgettable love. Without these, love is just a sweet smoke for moments. May in your love you have these pillars always. Happies honeymoon to both!

It is not hard to spend your life with one person when you are connected with her by your heart. May romance for you each other keep going. Wishing best moments of honeymoon!

May your love like roses and lilies. May your love like stars in skies. May your love like pearls in water. Wishing you best honeymoon moments!

The sound of flute is so beautiful. May the flute of love always be singing in your life and you both attuned to it. Wishing you best honeymoon to you both!

May your love for each other always come won through all hurdles. May you find again and again when lost. May you spend the happiest honeymoon!

May I wish paradise for both of you. I wish all the moments of joy in your life. I wish everything for both of you and this romantic honeymoon and married life!

When you are in love with someone, you are constantly thinking about them while doing anything. May this blessing forever be with you and your nice honeymoon.

May you be both infinite for each other. May you be a protecting shield for each other. Wishing you loveliest honeymoon to both of you!

When you speak, you speak truest to yourselves. May everything between you truest and your every honeymoon. Wishing you a luxurious honeymoon!

Honeymoon Wishes for Couple

These are all the romantic honeymoon wishes and honeymoon wishes for couple. Between a husband and a wife quality time means a lot, whether you spend it as honeymoon or in some other way you need it, and romance too. And besides all, we have brought for you from all the corners of loveliest hearts these above written honeymoon wishes for husband and honeymoon wishes for wife that you can send and say to each other not just on honeymoon when you are going, while the moment whenever you feel it is honeymoon between you and her both. We expect you like all these. Happiest honeymoon to all couple!

Loveliest Honeymoon Messages

Loveliest Honeymoon Messages

What I say more about us. It is just love, love and love and love only between you and me. Never leave me alone not in this night, not in every night.

I want to sail with you on waters for never coming back, while kissing you where mermaids sing for us and all the stars. Happy to be with you. Happy to be partner of you.

Our relationship is concrete strong and forever be. What I like about you is not how handsome you are, while how gentleman you are. Love you my life!

A woman not only needs to beautiful. Though it is not the requirement. While she must be more elegant and must carry her own style, which is in you.

May this bliss be on us that wherever we go, we make those surroundings beautiful for us. And we may never be bored of each other!

I don’t want to take a vow of eternity with you while a vow of certainty with you. A vow that you would never break our all promises.

I want our life rocking and sometimes a bit fighting too where we console each other. I want our life fire-cracking.

It is said love is life. I want our life is love, that whenever someone talks about us, they only talk about love. This is how I want my life with you.

May this blessing be over us that whenever our eyes see, our eyes see only each other’s. May they not wander other side but only to our side.

May I wish that we flow as a calm and serene breeze flows, that when it flows it calms all storms.

I just want that you accept me with all my flaws. I am not perfect but I want to be everything for you whatever you wish.

May we never sadden each other. Nor you have relation with it nor me. May it never come on our faces except only joy of togetherness.

May it ever be that on our each other’s lips only come your name and mine. May you remember me today and every day.

Whatever phase of life we go through, we should make memories such as that if by chance we go into utter sadness, we can just come out reminiscing our memories. It’ll be our best investment.

I wish I want to go through all the emotions with you which increase our love and togetherness between us.

I want to go beyond with you in love. I want to know what is limitless with you in love. I want to know what is transcendence with you in love.

Romantic Honeymoon Messages

Top Honeymoon Quotes

Top Honeymoon Quotes

Doing marriage to someone is not about settling in life while making it together.

When you marry each other, don’t take each other for granted.

Being husband and wife to each other is being best friend to each other.

When you on honeymoon, take your wife to your arms and make her see the world through your eyes.

A wife or a girl does not want anything as much as she wants a warm embrace of her husband. In your arms her word exists.

Life happens in just some moments, not in years. And with that some moments you make your whole life.

When you say seeing in her eyes that you love her, at the same moments she starts weaving her life with you.

A woman’s love is like river. It is eve flowing river that continuously flows when in love. When you love a woman, love her truly.

When you are on honeymoon, you don’t just see the rivers, ponds, zoos or caves. You must see in the world inside of you each other.

Never wish for perfect life. Perfect life is always boring. Just wish for rocking life. More rocking when you are in marriage.

Honeymoon is your escape to your dream world and that imaginative world where only your decided characters exist.

Husband and wife don’t need all time. They just need some moments of time.

If you can smell her fragrance from far, listen her from thousands of miles, feel her always in your heart, then you are really in love with her.

Your wife cooks for you. She washes your clothes. She waits for you for hours. She only wants to talk to you. Then, being her husband you must make her every dream fulfilled.

On honeymoon, husband and wife must visit inner lands of each other’s hearts and touching the strings there sing the song of love.

A honeymoon is a long hang out with your wife after marriage. And you must have it as many as you can.

Honeymoon Quotes

Honeymoon Wishes for Best Friend

You are going on honeymoon my friend, I want to wish you and your wife a best time ahead. I hope you would love to invite me!

Wishing you a happy married life and happiest honeymoon. May you enjoy it and forever remember it and remember me too that I wish you.

May your married life not get boring. May you and her see all the happiness of this world and never forget to invite me!

May you spend the quality time with each other. May you never feel absence of each other. May you have each other when you want to.

May not time could separate you. May not any evil force could. May you find the warmth of each other’s arms. May your life get filled with happiness.

I think you are the couple made in heaven. May you get all the blessings of life and try to give me a little bit.

Life sometimes gets tough and sometimes tougher. I wish you find all the ease in your tough time never losing anything.

May not any distance come between you and her. If it somehow could, then they only increase the love and togetherness between you and her.

Married life could easily be summed up in a single word “understanding”. It is all and every essence. May you have it forever between you and her.

May not any doubt come in your married life. Whenever you see each other, you see it with trust and belief. Wishing you an awesome honeymoon!

May you always have respect for each other. May you have for each other for all time. Wishing you a happy honeymoon!

May you always be groom and bride for each other and forever. As first time you saw yourselves. Happy married life and honeymoon!

May you have little kids in your life that flower your life. You have all the happiness and blessings. Wishing you best honeymoon!

May your life be a beautiful novel. No storm could come and always flows the serenity around you. Happiest honeymoon for you both!

The strength of love is such that it can do anything. May you feel it and your love’s tale becomes famous as you. Loveliest honeymoon friend!

Simple, sober, romantic, loveliest your life goes and as you want it. Wishing you a good married life and happy honeymoon!

Honeymoon Wishes for Friend

You here have all the best honeymoon wishes for best friend that you can greet them wishing a happy honeymoon and married life. Yeah, all you can do is to wish them and only they can tell you how their married life is going after six months! Joking pals! We also wish a happy married life for your friend. And you never forget to share and send all the best honeymoon wishes for best friend, because after marriage, your friend is not yours. They have become of their partner now. So you see how beautiful married life is!

Funny Honeymoon Wishes

Funny Honeymoon Wishes

You know my friend the greatest fun that has happened with you is your marriage. Best of luck and enjoy it!

I hope that I could also come with you on your honeymoon!

Life is tragic. After marriage it is more and after honeymoon it is more tragic! You can ask any married man!

The best decision you have made to marry someone. But it is going to be one of the wrong decisions of your life you realize later! Just joking! Happy honeymoon!

Marriage is a sweet web that you get into it intently but can’t come out intently. Wishing you a best honeymoon!

Before marriage life is fun. After marriage, for two and three months life is funnier. On honeymoon it is funniest. The whole married life is fun after all!

Believe me, after marriage life gets disciplined. It naturally gets to. That’s why people marry to get disciplined!

Your wife is your school principal and you are her student. This is all the sum of a married life! Wishing you a good honeymoon!

One forgets counting after marriage. It is a fact. Wife’s shoutings seem chanting and you only have to chant that. Wishing you a happiest honeymoon!

Although marriage is not a contract but after marriage it feels like a contract! Wishing you loveliest honeymoon!

The real meaning of wife you only understand after marriage and that is the truth! Wishing you unforgettable honeymoon!

Marriage is like cake. Honeymoon is like pastry. Whole married life is like breads getting heated up in an oven! Happy honeymoon my friend!

Honeymoon is a rare dessert that you get to eat not always! Wishing you good honeymoon moments!

I wish that on your honeymoon you just not only see moon! Loveliest honeymoon to you friend!

Marriage is bliss. Honeymoon is a bliss too. After it, it is all curse! Rosiest honeymoon wishing to you!

May your honeymoon as you wish as you want to. But these types of wishes don’t happen! Wishing you a memorable honeymoon!

Funny Honeymoon Messages

Some of the funniest honeymoon wishes we have written for you that we think you would never find on the internet except our place at QWM. Here you find all the best wishes, quotes and messages which you love to send to your beloved ones. Look no other and no further when you want original content, and we provide it all. Noting is copied. Of whom we taken we have given name. So send funny honeymoon wishes and make someone’s much funnier but don’t disturb them!

Honeymoon Quotes With Images

We have designed for you some of the emotive expressive honeymoon images that you love to share with your partner. And one thing we guarantee you that you would love them all with the quotes. An image says thousand words. So let an image express your emotions thousand times nicely and gorgeously. All the fragrant honeymoon images for you couples and those who are going to marry. Love you all and share as much as you can.

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