50+ Inspirational King Von Quotes About Life, Music, & Friends

King Von Quotes

King Von Quotes: Originally named Dayvon Daquan Benett, King Von was the supremely talented and one of the most controversial rappers from Chicago, Illinois, who was born on 1994. His father was shot when he was 11 to whom he paid tribute in many of his raps and songs. He got his first big breakthrough when his solo ‘Crazy Story’ was released on December 6, 2018. He also released Crazy story 2.0 with Lil Durk which immediately became a hot thing and shot to the top 5 ranking on the Bubbling under hot 100 chart. He was deeply entangled in legal troubles which begin when he went to prison for the first time at the age of 16. He was pressed with the charges of shooting a person and injuring two others from which he was acquitted. He was shot dead on November 6, 2020, outside of a hookah lounge in Georgia. To know more about the troublesome yet inspiring life of King Von, we have collated the most inspirational King Von quotes about life, music, and friends that take us deep into his enigmatic personality.

King Von Quotes

I love cars and I love clothes, but I don’t really be going too crazy. » King Von

King Von Quotes

We’re the leaders. Look around. Everything we do, we’re gonna see everyone else try to do it. » King Von

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I used to play baseball. I was playing even in high school. » King Von

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Ain’t no point in stopping or slowing down. Ain’t like no ‘A’ight, I’m done with this, now take a break,’ you just keep going. » King Von

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‘Crazy Story,’ biggest song for sure. Everybody love ‘Crazy Story.’ » King Von

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I don’t go in and just get to rapping off the dome. I think about it. I really think about it, especially when I make the story. » King Von

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In jail, you just zone out, so that’s the thing. That’s like a cheat code. » King Von

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If you’re doing something and keep doing it, you’re gonna get better results. » King Von

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I got a lot of names for my next project, ‘Vonald Trump.’ Nah, I ain’t gonna do that, but that sounds good. » King Von

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The first time I do something, I’ll probably be good at it. » King Von

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Rolling Loud, I wanna do that. I went to Rolling Loud one time with Durk, I couldn’t even get in. We ain’t have enough passes. I wasn’t even rappin’. » King Von

With ‘Crazy Story,’ I thought it from the back to the front. I thought about the ending first, then what’s going to happen. » King Von

Naw, I ain’t never been out the country. I been a felon for a minute, so there’s all types of restrictions on my movement, where I can go. » King Von

I’m not doing sh*t for anything; I don’t give a fc*k about any of that sh*t. I don’t care about people; I care about my people. » King Von

You have to go harder so everybody can talk about you. The more people know you, the more money you get. » King Von

I thought I would have a real relationship, but I guess not. » King Von

Give positive vibes out even though what we rappin’ about is really just entertainment right now. It’s just music. » King Von

Do you ever get that sad feeling out of nowhere? » King Von

You either gonna wait on it, or you gonna go and get it? The choice is yours. » King Von

You gotta look out for your people, man. » King Von

I’m from the streets so I like rap music; that’s what makes up the streets everywhere. » King Von

I am what I am. What I’m not, see I’ll never be. » King Von

I’m good at sh*t though. The first time I do something, I’ll probably be good at it. » King Von

I’m heartless, b*tch. You can call me the ‘Tin Man.’ » King Von

You a real n*gga and you doing this s*ht the right way. Don’t let no n*gga tell you different and don’t let none of these weak *ss hoes throw you off. » King Von

A person that stands for nothing will fall for anything. » King Von

Everybody that f*cks with me, they f*ck with me, but I have to get busy because it’s all about building and going up. » King Von

We are strong, but we are stronger together. » King Von