50+ Latin Quotes About Love, Pain, Life & Strength

50+ Latin Quotes About Love, Pain, Life & Strength

Latin Quotes About Love:  Latin is one of the classiest and most ancient languages in the world with its roots belonging to the Italian Peninsula. Earlier, the Latin language was spoken only in the lower tribal area of Rome but soon gain dominance in the whole of Europe due to the rise of the Roman empire. Not many people know that Latin is one of the most romantic languages in the world as well. In the modern world, very few people speak Latin because of the drastic rise of other languages like Korean, English, Mandarin, Japanese, etc. A lot has been said about love in a beautiful manner in the Latin language. There are umpteen Latin phrases and Latin quotes about love that depict love like nothing else. Your notion about love will surely change by leaps and bounds if you go through the below stated Latin quotes about love that are brimming with romance and affection. Hail one of the most ancient languages which is on the verge of extinction and celebration love the Latin way.

Latin Quotes About Love

Even a god finds it hard to love and be wise at the same time. -Amare et sapere vix deo conceditur » Publilius Syrus

The quarrels of lovers are the renewal of love. » Jean Racine

Mulier cupido quod dicit amanti, in vento et rapida scribere oportet aqua ((What woman says to fond lover should be written on air or the swift water) » Catullus

I hate and I love. Why I do this, perhaps you ask. I know not, but I feel it happening and I am tortured. » Catullus

Feminae semper viros malos amant nam probi viri sunt stulti. (Women always love bad men because honest men are stupids. » V

If you wish to be loved, love. » Seneca the Younger

You command my desire for the queen of cities to be mitigated: you alone are a Rome to me. » Marcus Valerius Martialis

Amor Vincit Omnia (Love conquers all). » Caravaggio

…I threw out all those Latin words – the ones that end in ‘ion’ – the ones that never quite describe you… » John Geddes

Love, and a cough, are not concealed. » Ovid

The word comfort is from two Latin words meaning “with” and “strong” – He is with us to make us strong. Comfort is not soft, weakening commiseration; it is true, strengthening love. » Amy Carmichael

Love not the flower they pluck and know it not, And all their botany is Latin names. » Ralph Waldo Emerson

Did you know that the word person comes from the Latin word persona, which means mask? So maybe being human means we invite spectators to ponder what lies behind. Each of us will be composed of a variety of masks, and if we can see behind the mask, we would get a burst of clarity. And if that flame was bright enough, that’s when we fall in love. » John Cusack

We Latins make splendid lovers and splendid older men. » Cesar Romero

Love is the essence of life. » Robert B. Mackay

Love does not know how to keep within bounds. » Propertius

True love will hold on to those whom it has held. » Seneca

He that’s in love, for sure, even if he is hungry, isn’t hungry at all » Plautus

Seize the day, put very little trust in tomorrow. » Horace

Love is the most fruitful both in honey and in gall. » Plautus

Much of goodness consists in wanting to be good. » Seneca

I require myself not to be equal to the best, but to be better than the bad. » Seneca

An angry lover tells himself many lies. » Publilius Syrus

It is best to endure what you cannot change. » Seneca

Those gifts are always the most acceptable which our love for the donor makes precious. » Unknown

A man without love cannot live. » Unknown

Love as though you might hate. Hate as though you might love. » Unknown

Fire provides proof of gold; misery, proof of strong men. » Ovid

No one is born without faults. » Horace

While we live, let us really live. » Unknown