50 Best Covid Friendly Holiday Greetings || Happy New Year 2021 Wishes, Messages & Quotes Covid -19

Covid Friendly Holiday Greetings for 2020

It’s been almost a year we all have been dealing with one of the most diabolical and catastrophic pandemics of all time and there is no sign of stopping it anytime soon. We all have lost the pleasure of celebrating numerous festivals with the loved ones this year and Christmas and happy new year are on the list as well. However, instead of getting disheartened, you can do something to make the last month of outrageously horrendous 2021 year zingy. You can create hand-written covid friendly holiday greetings for 2021 and write them down in holiday cards to send your loved ones and cheer them up in no time in such a distressing time. To save you from the bothersome task of creating original holiday greetings, we have created utterly happy new year 2021 wishes covid-19, unique covid friendly holiday greetings that you would love to jot down in the holiday cards and inject the ray of hope in the lives of your near and dear ones in the cranky times.

Happy New Year 2021 Wishes Covid – 19 || Covid Friendly Holiday Greetings for 2021 

We pray from the bottom of our heart May you and your family remain safe during the time of pandemic! May you pass holiday happily and joyously!

Holidays are the best thing in the world. May you not just play; while you explore yourself in the time of holidays!

Covid Friendly Holiday Greetings for 2020

Books, coffee and bonfire are the traditions of holidays one must always do it.

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May you never get bored in your holidays! May you be a changed and improved man!

Holidays are a kind of rest from the hectic schedule to enjoy art, music and all the stuff that you love to do. Happy holidays to you!

Explore unexplored roads, have deep conversation about philosophy and what you think. Greatest answers have come when you sit alone and explore- the purpose of holidays. Happy holidays to you. Enjoy it!

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May you visit the other land and city! May you see Mother Nature’s beauty! May you celebrate your holidays!

May you no do the unnecessary things! May your holidays be blessings! Happy holidays to you and your family!

Holidays are the days one can never forget. They are for making unforgettable memories. May you make it! Happy holidays to you!

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May you see the early rising sun! May you see the beautiful transition of the moon! May you see all the magical green Mother Nature on your holidays!

Quarantine Happy New Year Wishes 2021

Hold on to yourself, hold on this time, hold on to each other; this is merry Christmas. Hold on together, and you pass through everything. Happy Christmas!

May you never see adversities in your life! May you never go through any difficult time! Happy Christmas!

Covid Friendly Holiday Greetings for 2020

Life is never returning again. So live full and enjoy each moment. Christmas is here. Party all day all night, and pray- May Jesus take us to salvation! Merry Christmas!

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Everything passes. This difficult time too but you celebrate each moment as you get the chance to. Happy Christmas!

Thank God that you are still alive and have got the chance to celebrate Christmas. You are breathing. Thanks to Him for everything! Happy Christmas!

As you love others; may you have love for yourself too! Don’t ruin yourself in the want of others. Just love yourself and celebrate your journey till you have gone through, Happiest Christmas!

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Time could be of any type- bad or good. But you must keep faith in yourself and belief that everything gonna be all right. May it be! Happiest Christmas to you!

Rather than searching for light outside; search light within. You always find it within in your heart. Sometimes time is always difficult like this covid-19 situation. But you must be tough and rise. Happy Christmas!

May God give you strength to you and your family and May you win through; even from this covid-19 situation. Happy Christmas and all the jubilation to you!

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May you pay to your health which is the greatest wealth! May you keep same for your family! May no disease touch you! Happy Christmas dear!

Happy New Year 2021 Messages Covid-19

Tough times make people tougher. This pandemic has taught me when things very well that you can survive without wants but you cannot survive without the support and love of loved ones. Merry Christmas and be safe!

I am not sure whether the Christmas celebration is going to be stellar or not, but I am pretty sure that we will emerge as victors by beating this tough period. Merry Christmas to all the loved ones!

Covid Friendly Holiday Greetings for 2020

It was seeming daunting but we all did well. We survived the heart-wrenching pandemic! I don’t think we need another reason to party like maniacs on Christmas. However, we will not be reckless about our safety. May you all have a blissful and safe Christmas celebration!

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This Christmas celebration is going to be the comfiest of all time because I ain’t leaving my house and catch that goddamn virus. I just want to tell all my loved ones that everything is going to be fine in the end. You all did a great job by showing endurance. Merry Christmas!

Hey parents, I am extremely sorry to inform you that I won’t be able to hop on to your Christmas party because of the catastrophic pandemic prevailing right now. I am pretty sure you will keep the whole family safe and celebrate Christmas with full zing without compromising a bit in safety. Merry Christmas!

Hey buddy, I think you deserve to know that I have been traveling a lot and I don’t want to take the risk of infecting you guys. I am putting myself into the self-quarantine of 14 days, so I won’t be able to attend your Christmas party. I hope you understand the gravitas of the situation. Cheers and have a safe Christmas!

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This year has been so sickening like no other. Millions of lives are affected and almost a million died. I eagerly wish you celebrate Christmas by considering all precautions and in the safest possible way. Have a blissful Christmas celebration!

May the almighty grant potency and unshakable will power to survive this crisis and come out of it undeterred. Merry Christmas and keep your entire family safe!

I am badly going to miss the magnificent Christmas celebration of this year but that’s the need of the hour. I wish Santa Claus distributes some magical antibodies to end this pandemic for once and all, and allows us to celebrate like the good old times again!

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It’s been the toughest year for all of us, but as long as we are helping each other and following what we have been told to do, we’ll be fine. I love you all and Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year Quarantine Quotes 2021

This year has been like nerve-shacking roller coaster rides. I pray to God that we don’t get to face such an outrageously terrible pandemic again. I am gonna miss you guys badly on the eve of the happy new year but safety is also of paramount importance. Have a blissful and safe new year celebration!

I have never seen a year as hard as 2021. But I am pretty glad that all my near and dears ones have made it safe and alive. I wish our happy new year celebration not get ruined by COVID completely!

Covid Friendly Holiday Greetings for 2020

I desperately wish we could be together on happy new year 2021 to chill out like good old times and welcome the new year with the utmost friskiness. No worries, we will enjoy the new year with our family and send love to each other for sure. Happy new year!

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I am utterly and thoroughly sorry to all my relatives in advance as I won’t be able to grace the new year family get-together because of on-going crises. I am sending new year wishes to all the loved ones along with heaps of love and blessings!

The sheer irony of this year’s Christmas and new year celebrations is even Santa Claus won’t be able to distribute gifts. Seems like it is going to be a pretty fucked up new year celebration. Happy holidays greetings!

As most of us won’t be able to hit the bars, restaurants, and pubs this new year, I recommend you all to stay at home and celebrate the new year in your own way with the loved ones. I love you guys and happy holidays!

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By leaps and bounds, it is the craziest year of my life. I have seen great things, I have seen great losses as well. I sincerely appreciate all the things you guys have done for me. Let’s endure this crazy time more. Love you all and happy new year all!

Hey guys, I am eagerly looking forward to celebrating the beautiful occasion of the new year with you guys after a long and unbearable period of quarantine. First, three cheers for all of us, and happy new year to all of you!

The finest way to spread the frisky new year vibes in such a distressing time is being in touch with everyone and giving hope to each other. Let’s sing together the song of hope, love, and happiness. Happy new year fellas

Thanks everyone for standing by my side through the toughest year of my life. If it weren’t for you guys, I would still be suffering from depression and hopelessness. We will get over from this together. Happy new year!