Wittingly Wisest Decision Quotes: Take Right Decision in Your Life & Make it Prosperous

42 Wittingly Wisest Decision Quotes: Take Right Decision in Your Life & Make it Prosperous

Decision Making Quotes: What define us? It is our choices and decisions that we take for our life, make and define us for whole life. Saying Yes and No to something and someone makes a huge difference in our life and to whom and to what we are saying. Our decisions not only us but to others also affect. So take them wisely. Here we have some of the wittiest decision quotes that make you think before taking decision What define us? It is our choices and decisions that we take for our life, make and define us for whole life. Saying Yes and No to something and someone makes a huge difference in our life and to whom and to what we are saying. Our decisions not only us but to others also affect. So take them wisely. Here we have some of the wittiest decision quotes that make you think before taking decision.

Because in life not taking every decision is easy. Sometimes it is not eating like snacks. Sometimes it is more like standing under a huge big mountain. One step wrong could kill you. Hence when you take decision, take it wisely. And think, that it is affecting your life and of those ones too who are involved with you. Here are all of the wittiest decision quotes, decision making quotes down below.

Inspirational Decision Quotes

A decision is like an arrow. It must get straight from bow to the goal.

Decision Quotes

A good decision affects whole masses. A bad decision only you.

The more experienced you get, the more wise you get.

Per seconds you mind processes millions of thoughts. From them you take one decision which completely changes your life.

Taking decision is always hard. It is not of roses while of spikes.

Some decisions are like viruses that show their symptoms later in life.

difficult decision quotes

Every thoughts affects you. Same with decisions.

All the books in the world teach you how to take decision.

There are only two types of decisions- Bad and Good. There is no middle one.

Sometimes you don’t take decisions. While decisions take you.

Courageous decisions always taken in highest boiling pressure.

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Even mere like walking on a road is your decision whether you want to or not. Whatever you do in your life is your decision. It is not of others. Not in any condition it is of others. It is always your choice. The above decision quotes are some of the experiences through which we have gone and perhaps you too. If you are feeling indecisive in your life, read these quotes that might help you take your decision wisely.

Decision Making Quotes

What you making is making you. So what decision you taking is taking you. Our whole bringing up is about taking decision. Everyone is teaching us about how to take decisions and so we too. We have written quotes on decision making or taking. The one thing you must remember is that you should never take any decision when you are angry. Whatever you take and do in anger, it would always cause you. Any decision you take must take in controlled emotions.

A conflicted mind could not take wise decisions.

Decision Making Quotes

When you take decision you only listen to yourself.

Decision taken intuitively is the wisest decision of all.

A foolish decision could kill.

When you are feeling bored, never take any decision.

The decision you take whether good or bad, whatever the result is, you must admit to it.

The greatest lethal weapon in this entire universe are your words. So you always speak carefully.

Your decision is more sharp than thousands of swords.

To love someone could be your decision. To hate can’t be.

A truthful decision always angers and saddens.

After taking several wrong decisions you only can make a right decision. But to make this one right decision you have to go through hundred wrongs, for which you never hesitate and fear. Always be ready to face the results of your decision. If you still have fear, here we have for you some quotes on decision making that would help you how to take them.

Wrong Decision Quotes

No one takes wrong decisions, they just become. When you take any decision, the consequences of it you almost know and aware of, that’s why you take them whether for your own benefit and others or to harm someone. It is always this intention behind. The thing is good decisions forever bring smile and wrong ones always devastation. It always depends on you what you want. Here are all the right wrong decision quotes.

Though untrue decisions could bring smile but they tear you apart inside.

Wrong Decision Quotes

Decision taken unconsciously is always a wrong decision.

You can erase decisions on papers but not from life. They are forever there.

It is so easy to build someone’s life and ruin it, just with a single decision.

Philosophical decisions are always wine. Mathematical decisions are always boring.

Sometimes a single decision can be fruit of several wise minds.

Intellect with empathy are the attributes of soulful decision.

Your heart wisely tells about the mindful decision. The conflict is sometimes it sacrifices you.

Decisions taken without greed, malice, harm are decisions taken by God.

Wrong decisions taken for bringing someone’s happiness are always right ones.

How do you like our wrong decision quotes? Do tell us in the comment section below. And you should never take wrong decision. Because mere a wrong decision could hugely affect your life so massively that perhaps you would never be able to change it. The quotes that we have written for you are completely original. Share and post wherever you want to and spread the message of never taking wrong decision. Sometimes your decisions should be selfless.

Life Decision Quotes

Everything related to this human life from our birth to death is related to decisions and choices that we take or taken by others for us. Our life is a reflection of tiniest decisions. So you never coming in the influence of others take decision for yourself. We have some of the nicest life decision quotes for you. Share them on social media and send them to your friends and family. And you also enjoy reading them.

Every decision you take shows the degree of confidence you have.

Life Decision Quotes

Rare are the decisions which make others’ life. They must.

There are always two results of every decision you take – Regret and Rejoice.

Only courageous ones take decisions. Weak ones forever follow.

People could only take selfish decisions.

Emotional decisions can be the extreme joy or utter sadness.

You can’t decide whom to love and whom to not. Your heart is beyond decision. It only loves. When it loves, it loves without any decision.

Your whole body is involved in making a decision. Whatever and whoever you are surrounded by affects your life decision.

Company of wise guys is the guarantee of wise decisions.

Good habits are good decisions.

With every decision something you lose and something you gain.

Happiness is a Choice Quotes

If you are searching for happiness here and there, you are either preposterous or insane. Being happy is a complete choice. It is the selected state of mind.

The only person who can make you happy is you and only you. You have to decide whether to remain happy or in agony.

One of the best ways to achieve happiness is by deciding not to take the unwanted burden of others. Be it their words or actions.

Choosing misery over happiness when you are free to choose is like moving your body through a wheelchair when you have a perfectly fine pair of legs to walk.

In order to achieve your happiness, make sure you are not making others’ lives despondent. Happiness when achieved crumbling others’ happiness is of no use.

Happiness is not like some fruits that you can pluck from a tree. Your current state of happiness is the result of decisions you made in the past.’

Some of the most happy people on this planet are those who decided to stay happy regardless of the circumstances and what people say.

It is quite easy to decide to stay in the happiness zone. It is outrageous stringent to make continual efforts to stay happy.

The absolute happiness cannot be achieved if you are even one percent dubious in your decision. Be firm in your decision and happiness will follow for sure.

Never ever give someone power to regulate your happiness. It is completely your property and it should be your decision to protect your happiness at all cost.

Like in the process of achieving success, in happiness also, the fun lies in journey and decision making not in the destination.

No matter how hard you stick to your decisions, if your mind is dangling between the past and the future, you cannot experience absolute bliss.

Most people are unhappy because no one has taught them the art of making decisions at the right time.

In my opinion, the only key to real happiness is making the firm decision to let go of toxic thoughts and people from your life.

Even though you are the most beautiful person in the world, if your beauty doesn’t have the touch of happiness, it is not attractive at all. Take the decision to make happiness your number one priority and makeup accessory.

Don’t spend too much time in taking a decision. Make the decision right away and divert all your energy in proving it right.

Nothing like wrong time exists to make the right decision. When your intention and actions are pure, the decision you make will eventually turn out to be right.

Don’t let the opinions of others make a home in your mind when your decision is right. Stay firm in your decision.

You can escalate the level of your life whenever you want if you know the art of making the right decision at the right time.

Sometimes, it’s not about making the right decisions. It’s about choosing between the right and the better one.

Don’t focus much on thinking about whether the decision taken is right or not. Let your gut feelings decide that and channelize your energy in that direction.

It is as important to make wrong decisions as it is to make the right ones. Because the wrong decisions will impart you valuable experience and the right decisions can take you to the places you haven’t imagined.

One of the quintessential things in life is to make sure that the decisions you take empower you not emancipate you in any way.

A true leader cares less about making the correct decision and more about making decisions that can amplify the quality of life of others by leaps and bounds.

In life, all you need is one right decision to change the course of your journey and sail towards the direction where you always want to be. Be a decision-maker and your decisions will turn out to be right eventually.

It takes nothing but a moment brimming with excitement to make a decision in a jiffy and regret about it for the rest of your life. Sometimes, making the right decisions take years.

You are human and you are hard-wired to make mistakes. You just have to do everything in your power to make the right decision.

Initially, every decision you take to make a task successful is full of dubiousness and unpredictability. It’s your sweat, efforts, and determination that make your decision right.

Before making decisions always remember, you are free to make choices but you can’t outrun from consequences.

Taking the right decisions is not a godly task. Only critical thinking and consequences analysis are needed to turn a majority of your decisions into the right ones.

Tough Decision Quotes | Quotes About Making Hard Decision in Life

If taking the tough decisions fills someone with sorrow but is actually for their own good, take them anyway. Don’t think even for a single second.

Sometimes, you have to take hard decisions for your loved ones today so they can savor the glittering future tomorrow.

The toughest decisions in life are those choosing between your beloved work and the family.

What we call a tough decision is nothing but the fear of losing something significant because of our attachment.

When you have nothing to do and nowhere to go, the best thing you can do is make a stringent decision and challenge your limits and beliefs.

Sometimes, the tough decisions are taken not to prove something to someone but to jolt yourself from within to start seeing the things around again in a different way.

You cannot level up in life if you don’t have the guts to make the tough decisions at the right time.

Not everyone you love will agree with the tough and life-changing decisions you take in life. However, in the end, people will understand your call for sure.

If you are selected by someone for making the tough decisions on his behalf, either you will face utter outrage or you will be showered with heaps of praises.

Being at the highest position means the degree of toughness of your decisions also increases. The more exalted you are, the tougher the decisions you have to make.

Best Indecision Quotes

It’s better to take wrong decisions numerous times than to be indecisive about your decisions all the time.

Indecision leads to inaction. And, inaction for a prolonged period of time breeds fear and insecurity.

One of the foremost reasons for massive failures in life is the indecisive attitude at the key moments.

The best way to sway away indecisive attitude is to make up your mind and heart as quickly as possible.

For a fickle-minded person, indecision is the biggest plague. It should better be figured out asap.

Nothing is as preposterous as thinking all day long about something and not taking any decision regarding it.

The risk of making the wrong decisions is not as harmful as the risk of making no decisions at the key moments.

One of the most successful individuals in the world builds the habit of making decisions. They know that the key to gargantuan growth and success likes in decision making not in being indecisive.

The decision of being in the form of indecision is nothing more than giving oneself absolute torture and non-healing wounds.

One of the most painful or regretful things in life is knowing that your decision is right and still not doing anything to put your plan into action. The best way to escape from this kind of situation is to be actionable all the time.

Hence guys, it is life, and your life, not of others’. So the involvement of you in making your life should be ninety-nine percent yours and one percent could be of others. No one could teach you how to take right decisions except only your own experience. You make thousands of wrongs before making one right. That’s why you never hesitate and don’t feel courageless when you take decision. Fear is always there, and it must excite you rather than crippling. At the end of the day, it all depends on you as your life. Above we have provided life decision quotes, which are wittingly wisest. We wish you that you always make right, prosperous and beneficial decision for yourself and society. Keep visiting QWM for original and new quotes, wishes and messages.