40+ Pregnancy Wishes for Sister | Congratulations Sister!

40+ Pregnancy Wishes for Sister | Congratulations Sister!

Pregnancy Wishes for Sister: There are numerous magical things prevailing on this planet but the most magical feeling is giving birth to a new life. Becoming a mother is quite a blissful but stringent journey. On one side, there is the joy of giving birth to a new member who will bring outrageous joy long. On the other side, there are jitters, extra precautions, diet, medicines, and a lot of things that need to be taken care of. A woman has to go through a lot during 9 months of pregnancy. Wishing a pregnant woman like your sister is quite subtle. You can keep pregnancy wishes for sister funny, emotional, and grave. Below is the compilation of the best pregnancy wishes for sister that you would love to send to your big or little sister and celebrate the newfound happiness.

Pregnancy Wishes for Sister from Brother

I am bubbling with utter happiness and excitement after hearing the news of your pregnancy. Can’t wait to play with my little nephew or niece. Please take good care of your sister and god bless you!

In a few months, I will not be the youngest member of this family as my future nephew or niece will hop on to that place. Your pregnancy is the best news I have heard in recent times. Eat well, sleep well, be cheerful, and happy pregnancy sister!

Pregnancy Wishes for Sister from Brother

Dear sister, you have no idea how amazing you have given to all of us. After a long time, a new member will arrive in this family and will surely bring umpteen happiness and good luck together. Congratulations on your pregnancy sister!

May your upcoming little runt beautify every aspect of your life and fill it with the best form of happiness, motherhood, and new responsibility. I want you to take profound care of yourself, sister. Happy pregnancy!

Hey sister, for any woman, giving birth to a new life is a matter of immense pride. You should be proud of yourself as you will get to taste the pinnacle of motherhood. I wish you good luck with the new beginning of your life and a happy pregnancy sister!

I want to thank you god for dropping one more reason of happiness in the lap of my sister. My heartiest congratulations to my big sister on being pregnant. May your life always be filled with love and cheerful moments. God bless you, sister!

As a brother, this is perhaps the biggest news you have given to me. I am dying to hug and cuddle with my little nephew or a niece. Congratulations on your pregnancy sister and have a beautiful baby later!

From the bottom of my heart, wishing happy pregnancy to my one and only pretty sister. God has given you this wonderful blessing, it’s your duty to take care of it and cherish it as well. Congratulations sister and love you!

My excitement has shattered all boundaries after hearing the alluring news of your pregnancy. We have geared to welcome the newest and cutest member of the family. Congratulations on pregnancy sister!

Sister, you are going to experience the most wonderful phenomenon a woman can experience. May you enjoy your pregnancy period and have a healthy baby later. Happy pregnancy sister!

Pregnancy Wishes for Sister from Sister

Oh my goodness! I am going to be an aunt pretty soon and the credit goes to my little sister for this achievement. You better take care of everything so well, be it eating, sleeping, exercising, or taking medicines. Happy pregnancy little sis!

My big sister is finally pregnant and she deserves a grand and fabulous celebration for giving such a piece of great news. Enjoy this new phase of your life and be ready to taste the real motherhood. Congratulations on pregnancy sister!

Pregnancy Wishes for Sister from Sister

Hey sister, I know the pregnancy phase is not all sunshine. But with the support and guidance of everyone in the family, you will savor the beauty of the pregnancy phase and rejoice in it completely. Take good care of your health and happy pregnancy!

Welcome wholeheartedly to the league of motherhood sister! Be ready for the late-night food cravings, mood swings, and different kinds of joy and pain. Congratulations on your pregnancy and God bless both of you!

Hey sis, you barely have any idea how frisky you are going to be after having a cute little life in your hands. Surely, God is quite happy with you at the moment. Happy pregnancy and be careful from now on.

My beautiful big sister, for the first time in my life, you have given me the best ever news. I just can’t wait to hold my mushy nephew or niece. I pray for the well-being and good health of the mother and baby. Happy pregnancy sister!

Dear sister, you were free from responsibilities and quite reckless till yet. From now on, you have to be extra careful about everything. I wish you deliver a chirpy, healthy, and notorious baby. I am dying to hear aunt from your little one.

Being a mother is one of the blissful feelings in the world that you will experience pretty soon. Now get ready for weird baby noises and crying at night and heaps of responsibilities at well. Happy pregnancy sister and take the best care of life inside you.

My dear sister, a big and jaw-dropping gift is waiting for you for giving me such exhilarating news of your pregnancy. I and your baby will make an awesome and hysterical team. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

It’s because of your pregnancy news I got to experience immense happiness after a long time. May Lord always be gracious towards you and your baby. Happy pregnancy sister and take great care of yourself!

Congratulation Messages on Pregnancy of Sister

Mighty congratulations to my sweet sister for delivering such incredible news of pregnancy. It’s just not about you anymore, it’s also about my little nephew or niece so eat well, do what you love to do, always be in a happy mood, and be positive. Happy pregnancy!

Big congratulations to my lovely sister for finally planning to have a baby. My best wishes and full support are always with you during this alluring journey. God bless both of you!

Congratulation Messages on Pregnancy of Sister

Thank you so much sister for giving me the news of your pregnancy on my birthday. I owe you a lot for such a piece of wonderful news. Congratulations on getting pregnant and be a lot more careful!

Giving birth to a new life is such a miraculous experience that you will be transformed completely and become more compassionate, affectionate, and loving. Take excellent care of the little life inside you and congratulations on getting pregnant!

I am desperately waiting for the day when a little one pops out from you and call me aunty. I promise you to take flawless care of your baby. God bless both of you and congratulations!

Funny Pregnancy Wishes for Sister

Hey sis, the news of your pregnancy is delightful but do you know it also brings sleepless nights, mood swings, and anxiety? Enjoy your pregnancy now!

Mighty congratulations to my sister for fettering her freedom on her own. You will have no time for yourself and you have to clean the potty of the little ones all the time. Happy pregnancy!

Funny Pregnancy Wishes for Sister

Pregnancy is a lot like winning a lottery. The excitement of winning it is at its peak initially. But all the excitement goes away when you have to pay taxes. Congratulations on your pregnancy sister!

Being pregnant means you will get all the love, pamper, and food of the world but you are not allowed to step outside this house. Big congratulations on locking up yourself for 9 months!

Back pain, bloating in the stomach, constant headache, nausea, pain in feet, constant feeling of vomit, yes, all these come with pregnancy. Are you still happy about being pregnant? Enjoy pregnancy and take excellent care of you and the little life inside you!