Romantic Happy Kiss Day 2021 Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images, and Status

Romantic Happy Kiss Day 2021 Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Kiss Day Images, and Shayari Status

In this post, we bring you romantic and luscious happy kiss day 2021 quotes, heart-melting kiss day messages, kiss day wishes, kiss day status, and cute kiss day images 2021 and wallpapers.

The penultimate day of the super-romantic valentine’s week 2021 is happy kiss day which falls on 13th February of every year. A kiss between a couple is quite an intimate affair that only happens when two individuals are deeply and madly in love with each other.


We all know that kiss is an integral part of any relationship, and it is needed to make the relationship more strong, loving, and long-lasting. On the occasion of kiss day, apart from gifts and greetings, lovers expect an endless number of hugs and kisses from their partners. Happy kiss day is an exemplary occasion to shower innumerable kisses on your boyfriend or girlfriend and tell him/her how much he/she means for you and how much you love him/her.

Those who will be away from their partner on the occasion of kiss day, for them, we have penned down utterly romantic kiss day quotes 2021, beautiful kiss day wishes for girlfriend, kiss day images, happy kiss day status for boyfriend, and awe-struck kiss day images 2021. All these kiss day quotes and images they can send to their lover and abridge the gap that distance has created between them. Let’s get started.

Happy Kiss Day Quotes 2021, 13th February

What’s the point of celebrating kiss day with your lover without sending utterly romantic kiss day quotes to him/her? No matter what day of the valentine’s week it is, no matter how exorbitant gifts you are giving to your crush or girlfriend, they will always be less than perfect without the right message. And, the kiss day is no exception. 

Happy Kiss Day Quotes 2021

Lip kissing your partner is quintessential on the occasion of kiss day. However, if you are far away from your better-half due to some or other reason, sending kiss day quotes 2021 is the best thing you can do to make him/her day. In this section, Quoteswishesmsg brings you a sumptuous selection of kiss day quotes and kiss me quotes that will ignite the spark of love in both of you and make your kiss day celebration a zingy and blingy affair. Let’s get started with Happy kiss day 2021 quotes. Also check (Rose Day Quotes With Images)

Hey girlfriend! Whenever I think about kissing you, the mere thought of it fills my whole existence with utter love. Happy kiss day sweetheart!

  • Hug me like there is no tomorrow and kiss me like we are going yo live forever. Sending your best kiss day wishes baby!

Being able to kiss you passionately on the occasion of upcoming kiss day is the best gift I can get from you. Happy kiss day girlfriend!

  • Hey baby, All I want to do on this kiss day is hug you, kiss you, hold you, touch you, and make love to you the whole night. Happy kiss day 2021!

Every time I kiss you, it feels like I am kissing you the very first time. You are so pristine, baby. Let’s make this kiss day kisses the best of all time!

  • Kiss, until two lovers dissolve into each other. Love, until two souls become one. Happy kiss day boyfriend!

It’s doesn’t matter since how long we are in a relationship, what matters is how many intimate and genuine loving moments we have during that period. Happy kiss day to my girlfriend!

  • Kiss is the only thing that is disgusting and so beautiful at the same time. You transfer germs and love in a kiss at the same time. Anyways, happy kiss day girlfriend!

The first kiss between a new couple is the most loving and worth cherishing for them in a relationship. Happy kiss day 2021!

  • A man who has learned the art of kissing perfectly can never make a woman unhappy. Happy kiss day!
Happy Kiss Day 2021 Quotes

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  • My heart beats when your eyes blinks…
    Your lips kisses me and it feels like heaven.
    The soul., the kiss.,the heart the first words of Love…..

I saw several galaxies
behind my closed eyelids,
As our lips collided softly,
Brushed swiftly, then loudly.
Ever heard of the Big Bang Theory?!

  • From hugging his soul
    To kissing her scars
    They proved to be
    Each other’s stars

First Kisses are often revealing of how love tastes like when you sip tender lips.

  • I love when you make an iniative
    When I’m down
    Pissed off
    Your lips encircling mine
    Enclosing my deepest pain
    Enrolling within you
    Though I’ll never want
    for you to feel my agony
    Still,I love when you care❤

All I imagine is To kiss on your hand & ask you To be with me for rest of my life.

  • You are my such a bliss,
    which I never want to miss.
    Love is in the air sweetie,
    swinging via your flying kiss.

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But before that I want to ask what does a kiss mean to you from your soul mate? It is not just physical stuff that you look for. From a soul mate whom you love dearly, when you both kiss, it is a sheer ecstasy that your body becomes warm and a kind of energy flows in the whole body reverberating completely. It feels like you are transcending. When you kiss it is like radiation. 

Happy Kiss Day 2021 Images

So the same way our originally written kiss day quotes are also a kind of radiation and when you send them to your girlfriend or boyfriend you feel the radiation. That much with love they are written. When two souls are in love, they kiss every day and each day making every minute memorable. Yeah, the other thing of love is that it makes you a bit unproductive workwise and people say, some, that don’t fall in love if you want to be someone, some kind of career status you want to achieve. And yes, it is true love makes your unproductive. I have experienced it myself. 

The kiss day is the second as well as one of the most coveted days of valentine’s week for couples. Hugs and kisses make the bond between a couple more loving, intimate, and stronger. When two individuals in love kiss each other, they transfer their essence, love, soul, and vibrations into each other. But love is love. You can’t stop it. It happens whether you want it or not. Hence it is happening with you, then send our happy kiss day quotes to boyfriend and girlfriend, and yeah just don’t send the messages only while kiss also each other! Love you guys!

Kiss Day Wishes for Girlfriend 2021 – Sweet Kiss Day Wishes for Boyfriend

The kiss day is the second as well as one of the most coveted days of valentine’s week for couples. Hugs and kisses make the bond between a couple more loving, intimate, and stronger. When two individuals in love kiss each other, they transfer their essence, love, soul, and vibrations into each other.

Kiss Day Wishes for Girlfriend

Kissing your girlfriend or boyfriend on the occasion of kiss day is the quintessential part of any relationship. Along with kissing, you should also send original happy kiss day wishes for girlfriend or boyfriend to your lover, written beautifully in a greeting card. Impress your lover to the core by sending her/him sweet kiss day wishes for girlfriend or romantic kiss day wishes for boyfriend consolidate your bond!

I get so many kisses from you on a daily basis. However, a good long lip kiss will do the real magic on the kiss day. Happy kiss day girlfriend!

  • Out of a myriad of sweets I have tasted in my life, your lips are the sweetest and most scrumptious one. Happy kiss day my love!

Hey baby, do you want to know how I would like to start every day of my life? A sweet kiss from you on my lips! Happy kiss day baby! 

  • Sometimes, when I have don’t have words to express my feelings, all I want to do is kissing you convey what’s going on inside me. Happy kiss day sweetheart!
Happy Kiss Day 2020 Wishes

Kissing is not just about two people touching each other lips. It’s about touching and moving hearts forever. Happy kiss day!

  • Don’t you think a kiss is a miraculous trick designed by some esoteric individuals to raise the significance of love in silence when words fall short? Happy kiss day!

Hey darling, do you know why two persons close their eyes when they kiss each other? Because there are some things in this world that can only be felt but not seen. Happy kiss day!

  • On the mesmerizing occasion of kiss day, I want to hug you and kiss you hard and say I love you so much to you. Happy kiss day baby!

In my opinion, a relationship is never considered complete if two lovers haven’t kissed each other and lost the sense of time during that. Happy kiss day!

  • When I kiss you, again and again, I fall deeply and madly in love with you again and again. Thank you for making my life special baby. Happy kiss day!

If God asks me what one wish you want from me then I would definitely say one kiss from my lover everyday even if she/she dies. A kiss from your boyfriend and girlfriend to you makes you day and life, and those wishes that make your life; them, you really want in your life. Hence we have for you kiss day wishes for girlfriend and boyfriend. 

So if you are a girlfriend and boyfriend of someone that you can send our originally and authentically written kiss day wishes and quotes to them on this coming kiss day, and never forget to kiss them also. Kiss day is not just about sending kiss day messages or something like this. Every day in valentine week is a way to express your love to your beloved. 

Happy Kiss Day Messages

Kissing someone genuinely with heart and soul feels like you are transcending in this universe or through it. The chemical proportion in your mind and body change so drastically that you don’t know what is happening with you. And to fall in love with one partner and ever remaining with him/her for whole life is perhaps the true love, that you feel the same vibe for your whole life that you felt when you saw them first day. 

Kissing just physically is different than kissing with truth, and that is the only element love requires between two partners. Although you know your love better. We have for you kiss day wishes for girlfriend and boyfriend for making your kiss day special. Love from QWM!

Lovely Kiss Day Messages for Girlfriend – Simple Kiss Day Messages for Boyfriend

Not all the lovers of this world have God’s grace to celebrate the ever beautiful kiss day together. Some lovers get the wonderful opportunity to savor the celebration of kiss days, for others, the distance and circumstances keep them away to kiss each other on the occasion of kiss day 2021.

Kiss Day Messages for Boyfriend

So what if you don’t get to kiss your girlfriend or boyfriend on the kiss day? You can still be the part of this wonderful occasion by sending lovely kiss day messages for girlfriend or kiss day messages for boyfriend to your girlfriend and boyfriend to give your not so perfect kiss day celebration a perfect touch. Here are some exclusively created kiss day messages for girlfriend and boyfriend for you.

I love the way you look at me. I love the way you hold my arms in pubic. And I love the way you lip kiss me spontaneously. Happy kiss day girlfriend!

  • Whenever I kiss baby, I can feel a wave of love and positive energy flowing inside me. You enthrall me, sweetheart! Happy kiss day!

My idea of kiss day celebration is kissing you under the sacred light of moon and stars and let them be the witness of our pure and unconditional love. Happy kiss day boyfriend!

  • If love is the sweetest language then kiss is the sweetest activity and you are the sweetest girlfriend ever. Happy kiss day!

One of the best things a boyfriend can do for his girlfriend is kissing her on the forehead whenever she feels low in life. Happy kiss day girlfriend!

  • Hey boyfriend! On the occasion of the kiss day, I am going to miss one thing very badly. Sexy and hot kisses from you. Happy kiss day baby!

No matter how far you are from me, my love and innumerable kisses will shower on you at Kiss day. Let yourself drenched in my love. Happy kiss day!

  • Hey girlfriend, can I borrow a million kisses from you? I promise I will return them on kiss day!

If you ever feel doubt on my love, remember all those kisses, hugs, cuddling, and loving moments I have spent with you. Happy kiss day!

  • Kissing is one of the few things that everyone loves giving more than taking. The more you give, the more you will get. Happy kiss day girlfriend!

Whether you send messages, quotes and wishes, it is all about expressing love, and whatever conversation we are doing with a suitable boy or girl about whom we think he/she can be ours, life partner; we are doing it mere for the purpose of expressing love. Love gradually grows. It takes time but there is not any definite process or stages of it. But many have told stages of it, and from it one stage is kiss. 

And we have for you kiss day messages for girlfriend and boyfriend that you can send them on the day. And we think that you should send it with a greeting card rather than sending them through any digital platform. Greeting cards are more classic and they remain forever with us reminding of a person who has given us. 

Till now I haven’t kissed anyone. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to or didn’t get a chance but for me, it is real kind of transcendental experience which I only want to experience with my soul mate in whom I see and feel my soul. I don’t think that without such feelings one could experience a real and true kiss. 

We wish that on this kiss day in valentine week you really may kiss and never forget to say each other our beautiful kiss day messages for girlfriend and boyfriend. It is needed boss. You love them all I know. 

Happy kiss Day Status 2021 – Kiss Day SMS for Girlfriend

Valentine’s week celebration is considered incomplete if you just celebrate one or two days of the entire beguiling week. Out of all the days in Valentine’s week, Kiss day is the most coveted one as well as the most intimating one among couples. It is the most awaited day that brings two souls together to share their love, energy, and vibrations in the form of a beautiful, luscious, and long kiss.

Happy kiss Day Status - Kiss Day SMS for Girlfriend

Want to show lover how deeply and madly you love her or him? Bring a huge smile on your love face by sharing sweet, cute, and funny kiss day status or kiss day SMS 2021 to him/her. Scroll down till the end to read our exclusive and zingy happy kiss day status, Kiss day SMS for girlfriend and boyfriend, and send the best ones to your lover.

Love is when soul meets soul, lips meet lips, and the sense of time fades away during those magical moments. Happy kiss day!

  • Sometimes, when you are in the arms of the lover, kisses seem way sweeter and sopoforic than wine and other substances. Happy kiss day!

The moment you start reading this kiss day SMS, I want you to feel all those intimate moments that we had when were together. Happy kiss day sweetheart!

  • The difference between a legal kiss and the stolen kiss: later one seems more spicy and thrilling. Happy kiss day!

It takes a lot of love and experience to deliver a perfect French kiss. Do you remember our first kiss gone terribly wrong? Happy kiss day baby!

  • Except you, I have never tried kiss girl and I wish I get to kiss you million times before I die. 

All the pages of my life were until a lover like you came in filled all pages with the color of love. Thank you for making my life so vibrant. Happy kiss day!

  • A sword can conquer the kingdom but only a deep lip kiss can conquer the heart. Happy kiss day!

The most beautiful and significant things of life can’t be touch or see but they can only be felt. Happy kiss day!

  • Never ever kiss near public places. Love is blind, not people around you. Jokes apart, happy kiss day boyfriend.

These days, people put status on their phone and digital app about themselves or others to whomever whatever they want to say. It is a good way to show and make others read what you think about them or something. It could be about love or anything or anyone. And sometimes it is an indirect to express your feelings. If somehow you are not able to express your love and feelings, you can express them through kiss day status for girlfriend. 

We have new and originally written 2021 kiss day status that you can put on your whatsapp, snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or wherever you want to put, whatever social media you use. We have best kiss day status for you. You don’t need to go anywhere to find new ones. 

Life is passing boss, and no one knows how long they would be going to live. So it is better to live and say to whomever you want to say whatever your love feelings that you like and love to say them. Spread love, remain in love, do love and wherever you go, just be a messenger of love and only of love. Love you girls and boys and happy kiss day. And be truthful to each other. 

Ultra Romantic Happy Kiss Day Shayaris 2021

Sending a kiss day Shayari to your lover is one of the ultimate ways to express your love before the coveted Valentine’s day. Nowadays, there are various mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels where you can showcase your love by putting romantic happy kiss day Shayari for girlfriend or boyfriend and publicly confess your love to the whole world.

Happy Kiss Day Shayari

If your lover will be far away from you this kiss day, don’t worry. Put heart-tugging happy kiss day Shayari for your boyfriend and girlfriend everywhere and let the magic of your love spill where. Don’t forget to save the best one for the big day!

Everyone is a shayar in love or a poet. Or in a parallel way you can say loves makes everyone a poet and when you become a poet, that’s mean you are really in love, and when love happens to you, words stream from your mouth. We don’t know whether you have become a poet or not in love but we have definitely for you kiss day shayaris that you can send to your lover expressing your heart beats on this kiss day. 

There are so many types of shayaris, some direct, some indirect and some are like just that you couldn’t understand while could sense their crux what they are about. Shayari is a beautiful form of expression and more than Hindi language, in Urdu, you can find more soulful shayaris, kiss day shayaris too. 

Whenever I miss you, I close my eyes and think about all those moments we spent together when we were close. Happy kiss day sweetheart!

  • My heart only long for you, my mind gets lost in your memories, I think I am madly in love with you and want to kiss your lips right now. Happy kiss day!

I want to drench myself in the rain with you. How sweet this dream seems. I want to drink all those raindrops that will fall on your lips. Happy kiss day!

  • If you ever get into a serious fight with your lover, stop for the moment and blow a goddamn long kiss to him/her to end the fight immediately. Happy kiss day!

If God gives me a chance to ask for a boon, I would choose to kiss your lips till eternity. I wish you a happy kiss day baby!

  • I love the way you care about your hairs, I love the way you walk gracefully, I love the way you apply lipstick on your lips, and I also love the way I kiss your cherry lips for hours. Happy kiss day!

I wish there should some kind of system that if your lover is far away and whenever you want to kiss him/her, you could blow a kiss in the air and it would directly land on his/her lips. Happy kiss day!

  • A person can be passionate about anything. Like you are passionate about your makeover, I am passionate about sucking your luscious lips all day long. Happy kiss day sweetheart!

There is no difference between happiness and a kiss. You need to give them to enjoy them more. Baby, happy kiss day!

  • Before my first kiss, I used to think that our noses would come in between during the kiss. However, you were a right sweetheart! Noses won’t be an obstacle during the kiss. Happy kiss day!

Perhaps these all poetic forms are here in this world because some people are not able to confess their love directly. That’s why there are so many indirect forms of expressing love, and when someone starts loving someone, these are the only poetic forms that kindle love between two people. 

What kind of your lover personality is, according that you should say shayari, and these are for every emotion. Whatever emotion shayaris go through, these always express love in various forms. Everything in this world is about love and love is the only element you ever want to live, and it is the only element that could transcend you to the God particle or God or higher form. Whatever name you take, it is the only element. 

We don’t know whether you can transcend this valentine week or not but we have for you lovely kiss day shayari that you can say, send, write to your love. And on this valentine day, you say her or him to everything whatever you want to and whatever you have in your heart for them. Just don’t hide your feelings. Say it boss, say it and say it loud. Happy valentine week and happy kiss day. And never forget to share our originally written 2021 kiss day shayaris. 

Sweet Kiss Day Images & Pics – Happy Kiss Day Wallpapers and Photos Free Download

Kiss day is the penultimate day before the much fabled Valentine’s day. Kiss day falls on 13th February, and this day is an epitome of love and intimacy between couples. Lovers do a lot of exciting things for each other during the entire Valentine’s week like giving gifts, writing love letters, planning a expedition at an exotic location, buying chocolates, and the list goes on.

Apart from expressing your love and enthusiasm to lover, you can also make him/her feel special by sending romantic and thumping kiss day images and wallpapers. Happy kiss day images and photos will surely make your lover feel on cloud nine and you can also get to express your feeling in a lucid day. To make sure you don’t have to hop on different to find happy kiss day wallpapers and pics, we bring you a stunning selection of lovely kiss day images that will help you to kick start the happy kiss day on a high note and make the entire day a fun-filled, loving, and unforgettable.

happy kiss day images

kiss day 2021 photos

kiss day wallpapers hd free download

kiss day images 2021

kiss day wishes

happy kiss day 2021

kiss day images with quotes

happy kiss day 2021 messages

kiss day love quotes

kiss day status 2021

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kiss day wallpaper

happy kiss day love wallpaper with quotes

kiss day quotes with images

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