150 Robin Sharma Quotes on Leadership, Success, Change

150 Robin Sharma Quotes on Leadership, Success, Change

Robin Sharma Quotes: Massively popular for his international best-seller book ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’, Robin Sharma is perhaps the biggest name in the self-help industry. His roots belong of Indian origin and he acquired his law degree but later chose to make a career in writing. After giving back-to-back mega-successful books to the world, he also started public speaking, leadership coaching, and self-development programs. Robin Sharma’s clientele base is not only towering but also jaw-dropping. He is consulted by some of the biggest blue-chip companies on the planet to keep their employees motivated and productive. Some of his clients are Nike, Microsoft, and FedEx, IBM, etc. Many prominent universities like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford also invite him on a frequent basis for public speeches. We have compiled the most comprehensive collection of motivational Robin Sharma Quotes on leadership, courage, success, change, and fear that will help you to conquer your shortcomings and ace everything in life.

Robin Sharma Quotes

Your “I CAN” is more important than your IQ. » Robin Sharma

Be a warrior when it comes to delivering on your ambitions. And a saint when it comes to treating people with respect, modeling generosity, and showing up with outright love. » Robin S. Sharma

Robin Sharma Quotes

We are all here for some special reason. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future. » Robin S. Sharma

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Leave your ego at the door every morning, and just do some truly great work. Few things will make you feel better than a job brilliantly done. » Robin S. Sharma

Robin Sharma Quotes

Give out what you most want to come back. » Robin S. Sharma

The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connection. » Robin S. Sharma

Robin Sharma Quotes

Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality. » Robin Sharma

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Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers. » Robin S. Sharma

Robin Sharma Quotes

I’ve learned that everything happens for a reason,” the yogi Krishnan told him. “Every event has a why and all adversity teaches us a lesson… Never regret your past. Accept it as the teacher that it is. » Robin Sharma

Talk is cheap. Actions speak. » Robin S. Sharma

Robin Sharma Quotes

Basically, to lead without a title is to derive your power within the organisation not from your position but from your competence, effectiveness, relationships, excellence, innovation and ethics. » Robin S. Sharma

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Go for great. Own your game. Be kind. Get big things done. » Robin S. Sharma

You can’t make someone feel good about themselves until you feel good about yourself. » Robin S. Sharma

The smallest of actions is always better than the noblest of intentions. » Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma Quotes

Greatness comes by doing a few small and smart things each and every day. Comes from taking little steps, consistently. Comes from a making a few small chips against everything in your professional and personal life that is ordinary, so that a day eventually arrives when all that’s left is The Extraordinary. » Robin S. Sharma

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Dreamers are mocked as impractical. The truth is they are the most practical, as their innovations lead to progress and a better way of life for all of us. » Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma Quotes

Success is not a function of the size of your title but the richness of your contribution. » Robin S. Sharma

Change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle and best at the end. » Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma Quotes

Forgiveness isn’t just a blessing you deliver to another human being. Forgiveness is also a gift you give yourself. » Robin S. Sharma

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As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal. » Robin S. Sharma

Robin Sharma Quotes

What the society thinks is of no interest to me. All that’s important is how I see myself. I know who who I am. I know the value of my work. » Robin Sharma

The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master. » Robin Sharma

If you’ve tried everything possible to get an outcome, and it just hasn’t worked out as planned, stop trying so hard. Relax. Maybe the timing’s not right. Maybe it wasn’t in your best interests. Maybe while one door seems to be closing, another is opening. » Robin S. Sharma

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Leadership is not a popularity contest; it’s about leaving your ego at the door. The name of the game is to lead without a title. » Robin S. Sharma

My encouragement: delete the energy vampires from your life, clean out all complexity, build a team around you that frees you to fly, remove anything toxic, and cherish simplicity. Because that’s where genius lives. » Robin S. Sharma

never overlook the power of simplicity » Robin S. Sharma

Cell phones, mobile e-mail, and all the other cool and slick gadgets can cause massive losses in our creative output and overall productivity. » Robin S. Sharma

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I once read that people who study others are wise but those who study themselves are enlightened. » Robin S. Sharma

The starting point of discovering who you are, your gifts, your talents, your dreams, is being comfortable with yourself. Spend time alone. Write in a journal. Take long walks in the woods. » Robin S. Sharma

Writing in a journal reminds you of your goals and of your learning in life. It offers a place where you can hold a deliberate, thoughtful conversation with yourself. » Robin S. Sharma

If your life is worth thinking about,it is worth writing about. » Robin Sharma

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Stay true to your values. » Robin S. Sharma

Sometimes success isn’t about making the right decision, it’s more about making some decision. » Robin S. Sharma

Never regret your past. Rather, embrace it as the teacher that it is. » Robin S. Sharma

We have a normal. As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal. » Robin S. Sharma

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If we are paying attention to our lives, we’ll recognise those defining moments. The challenge for so many of us is that we are so deep into daily distractions and ‘being busy, busy’ that we miss out on those moments and opportunities that – if jumped on – would get our careers and personal lives to a whole new level of wow. » Robin S. Sharma

Worry drains the mind of its power and, sooner or later, it injures the soul » Robin S. Sharma

You cannot lead others until you have first learned to lead yourself. » Robin S. Sharma

No matter how busy I get or how much pressure is on my shoulders, a good workout makes me feel at ease. I come off the treadmill feeling relaxed, full of joy and with a sense of perspective over the issues on my plate. » Robin S. Sharma

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The moment I stopped spending so much time chasing the big pleasure of life. I began to enjoy the little ones, like watching the stars dancing in moonlit sky or soaking in the sunbeams of a glorious summer morning. » Robin Sharma

I used to be incredibly afraid of public speaking. I started with five people, then I’d speak to 10 people. I made it up to 75 people, up to 100, and now I can speak to a very large group, and it feels similar to speaking to you one-on-one. » Robin S. Sharma

Within you lies the sun, the moon, the sky and all the wonders of this universe. The intelligence that created these wonders is the same force that created you. All things around you come from the same source. We are all one. » Robin Sharma

A leadership culture is one where everyone thinks like an owner, a CEO or a managing director. It’s one where everyone is entrepreneurial and proactive. » Robin S. Sharma

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We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but are spiritual beings having a human experience. » Robin Sharma

I’m not one of those New Age types that believe ‘it’s all meant to be’ and that our lives have been scripted by an invisible hand. » Robin S. Sharma

Laughter opens your heart and soothes your soul. No one should ever take life so seriously that they forget to laugh at themselves. » Robin S. Sharma

The best in business have boundless curiosity and open minds. » Robin S. Sharma

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Big people don’t make people feel small. » Robin Sharma

I wish for a world where people understand that life is short. So today’s the time to do big things. » Robin S. Sharma

I’ve had some wins. And been knocked down with defeats. Glimpsed views from the top of the mountain. And walked through the darkest of valleys. But through this entire ride called ‘a life’ – I’ve refused to give up. » Robin S. Sharma

Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life. » Robin S. Sharma

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One of the fastest ways to find the solution to an issue or challenge you are facing is to ask the right questions. » Robin S. Sharma

You can stay angry at someone who hurt you. Or you can get busy doing your visions and changing our world. But you don’t get to do both. » Robin S. Sharma

All great thinkers are initially ridiculed – and eventually revered. » Robin Sharma

What gets measured gets improved. » Robin S. Sharma

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The world needs many more dreamers. Unreasonable souls who fight the urge to be ordinary. » Robin S. Sharma

As for whether I am a ‘new age guru’, I am not at all. I help companies build employees who lead without a title and become high performers. » Robin S. Sharma

Hard work opens doors and shows the world that you are serious about being one of those rare – and special – human beings who use the fullness of their talents to do their very best. » Robin S. Sharma

Would you rather live your life according to the approval of others or aligned with your truth and your dreams? » Robin Sharma

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Life’s had to break you down so you could be rebuilt » Robin Sharma

I’m a simple man. Grew up in a small town. Came from humble beginnings. No silver spoon. » Robin S. Sharma

Most of us are cut from the same cloth. We all can be a hero if we choose. And it just isn’t that hard. » Robin S. Sharma

Exercising will make you look better, feel stronger, and fill you with boundless energy. Staying fit will even make you happier. » Robin S. Sharma

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I write in a journal daily. This extraordinary ritual has revolutionised my mindset, transformed my heartset, and generally influenced my life exponentially. » Robin S. Sharma

Victims recite problems. Leaders develop solutions. That might seem like common sense, but common sense is rarely common practice. » Robin S. Sharma

It’s not what you will get out of the books that is so enriching – it is what the books will get out of you that will ultimately change your life » Robin Sharma

Success on the outside means nothing unless you also have success within. » Robin S. Sharma

Failure is not having the courage to try, nothing more an nothing less. » Robin Sharma

I try to work out daily in the morning hours. This drives up energy levels dramatically. You’ll feel more inspired. And you’ll need less sleep. » Robin S. Sharma

Leadership and greatness comes to those who follow-through. Who stand for near-flawless execution. » Robin S. Sharma

Life tests the big dreamers the Passionate revolutionaries. » Robin S Sharma

Let planning be the springboard, so that spirituality can be our splash. » Robin S. Sharma

I have spent years as a leadership coach to the very wealthy and have been able to get behind the eyes of some of the world’s best, studying the minute details of what makes a person great. » Robin S. Sharma

Getting lost along your path is a part of finding the path you are meant to be on. » Robin Sharma

Knowing what to say, in the right way – at the perfect moment – can mean the difference between a world-class life and an average one. » Robin S. Sharma

Here’s the thing: When you become brilliant at listening, people feel that you care about them. When they feel you care about them, they begin to care about you. And when people care about you, your success becomes a part of how they define their success. » Robin Sharma

It’s so easy to get caught up in the thick of thin things. So seductive to spend your finest hours climbing mountains that, at the end, turn out to be the wrong ones. » Robin S. Sharma

one must not allow the clock and the calender to blind him to the fact that each moment of life is a miracle –and mystery » Robin S. Sharma

There are no mistakes in life, only lessons. There is no such thing as a negative experience, only

opportunities to grow, learn and advance along the road of selfmastery. From struggle comes strength. Even pain can be a wonderful teacher. » Robin Sharma

Leadership is a mindset that shifts from being a victim to creating results. Any one of us can demonstrate leadership in our work and within our lives. » Robin S. Sharma

For your life to be great,your faith must be bigger than your fear. » Robin S. Sharma

There is a cure for anti-aging that actually works – it’s called lifelong learning. » Robin S. Sharma

I bought my own home in 2004. It’s a sanctuary for my family and a place of peace and calm. It’s key for anyone committed to leadership and success to avoid the noise and focus on their best opportunities. » Robin S. Sharma

Showing leadership doesn’t mean every employee will run the organization; that would lead to chaos. Businesses do need someone to set the vision and then lead the team to it. » Robin S. Sharma

The best businesspeople have a hunger to make their todays better than their yesterdays. They have a staggeringly large appetite for pushing the envelope. » Robin S. Sharma

Ancient Rule of Twenty-one: if you do anything for twenty-one days in a row, it will be installed as a habit. » Robin S. Sharma

Want more credit for all you do and who you are? Be the one who gives credit to others. » Robin S Sharma

If you really want to be world class – to be the best you can be – it comes down to preparation and practice. » Robin S. Sharma

Art feeds my soul. Great books battleproof my hope. Rich conversations magnify my creativity. Wonderful music uplifts my heart. Beautiful sights fortify my spirit. » Robin Sharma

The more people you help and the more value you create, the more your business will fly – and the quicker you’ll win. » Robin S. Sharma

There is a new model of leadership in the world that rides on the premise that every single person in the organisation can be a leader. Titles are important for structure and order, but real power does not come from titles. » Robin S. Sharma

The farmer has patience and trusts the process. He just has the faith and deep understanding that through his daily efforts, the harvest will come.And then one day, almost out of nowhere, it does. » Robin Sharma

Awareness precedes choice and choice precedes change. » Robin S. Sharma

Victim fall in love with excuses » Robin Sharma

Most of the things we are afraid will happen never do. Something to think about. » Robin S. Sharma

Delegate to others who have strengths where you don’t. But sometimes, you just need to be the one to drive the change when everyone else is waiting for someone else to take the first step. To me, that’s courage in action. » Robin S. Sharma

Perhaps the things that break our hearts are the very things that serve to open them. » Robin Sharma

The mind is like any other muscle in your body. Use it or lose it. » Robin Sharma

I was a litigation lawyer. That’s all very logical. Become a litigation lawyer. Become successful. Have a nice office. But there was some pull inside of me saying, self-publish this book. I followed that intuition and it’s been a great choice for me in my life. » Robin S. Sharma

People fear leaving their safe harbor of the known and venturing off into the unknown. Human beings crave certainty – even when it limits them. » Robin S. Sharma

Your billion-dollar ideas don’t show up in the middle of dramatic distraction. They show up when you have the business and personal discipline to make space for your creative mind to flourish. » Robin S. Sharma

Life has bigger plans for you than you can possibly know. » Robin S. Sharma

The doorway to success swings outward not inward. » Robin S. Sharma

Getting up early is one of the gifts I give myself. » Robin S. Sharma

We live in a world where many of us have a lot of friends on Facebook but yet we have lost human connection. » Robin S. Sharma

Because the moment you stop doing the very things that got you to the top of the mountain is the very moment you begin the slid down to the valley. » Robin S Sharma

Measure the success of your days by the lives touched vs the hours passed. » Robin Sharma

Leaders understand that the real fight is the fight against time. There’s so much to achieve in such less time. » Robin S. Sharma

Once every seven days, do something that frightens you. Every time we do something that we resist and is frightening, we actually grow in our power. » Robin S. Sharma

Remember, every professional was once an amateur, and every master started as a beginner. Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary feats, once they’ve routinized the right habits. » Robin Sharma

How high you will rise in your life will be determined not by how hard you work but by how well you think. » Robin S. Sharma

The richest person in the world, I’ve since discovered, isn’t the person who has the most but the one who needs the least. » Robin S. Sharma

The fears you do not face become your walls. Most people in business, and in their personal lives, design everything so they can avoid doing what makes them feel uncomfortable. Yet any good business person knows we are not only paid to work, but also we are paid to be scared. » Robin S. Sharma

Everyone is influencing the people around them one way or another. » Robin S. Sharma

I buy a lot of books I never read. But that’s not really a waste, since all it takes is one idea from even one book to radically reshape the way a person leads, thinks and lives. » Robin S. Sharma

Books simply help you to see what is already within your self. That’s what enlightenment is all about. » Robin S. Sharma

Give a prayer of thanks for all you have. Work on your gratitude list. Listen to some great music. Watch the sun come up, or perhaps go for a quick walk in natural surroundings if you feel up to it. » Robin S. Sharma

Be spectacularly great at what you do. Wear your passion on your sleeve and hold your heart in the palm of your hand. And work hard. Really hard. » Robin S. Sharma

Unsuccessful people are the ones who are impressed by celebrity, by people’s names and titles. » Robin S. Sharma

The fears you run away from run toward you. The fears you don’t own will own you. But behind every fear wall lives a precious treasure. » Robin S. Sharma

Cynicism stems from disappointment. Cynical and faithless people were not always like that. They were filled with possibilities and hope as kids. But they tried and perhaps failed. » Robin S. Sharma

The most important things in life have nothing to do with things. » Robin S. Sharma

The best of the best understand that people do business with people they like. People do business with people they trust, and people do business with those who make them feel special. » Robin S. Sharma

The difference between a remarkable life and a mediocre one is not nearly as large as you might imagine. Nope, we all pretty much start out with the same raw stuff. » Robin S. Sharma

We are built to love. Have the bravery to open the heart you have contracted from life’s disappointments. This is how the heroes roll. » Robin S. Sharma

Small, daily elevations compound into massive results over time. » Robin S. Sharma

If you’re the smartest person you know, it’s time to know some new people. » Robin S. Sharma

Stay true to your vision/dream. There’s something to be said for just staying at what you are trying to achieve well past the point everyone else gives up. » Robin S. Sharma

Questions matter. In business, remarkable performers are brilliant at getting to the right question: the one that speeds them to the place they need to get to and offers them the missing piece they need to find. » Robin S. Sharma

You can inspire the world. Or you can be liked by all. You don’t get to do both. » Robin S. Sharma