51 Best Awesome Social Distancing Instagram Captions: 2020 Social Distancing Quotes With Images

Awesome Social Distancing Quotes With Images & Instagram Captions

How the world is going in 2020, you are all aware of and it has taught us many things directly and indirectly, which I don’t need to spill out. 2020 is the time that has taught us the new definition of love and care for yourselves and others, and it is social distancing. Whenever you remember 2020, you remember it for one reason. You know what I want to say, the Pandemic. Here we have covered for you some of the best social distancing captions and Social Distancing Quotes that you would love. 

And these day guys and gals are putting everything on Instagram. Whatever they announce, they just announce on Instagram whether love, new boyfriend, new relationship, food, vacays or what not. So in this regard we also have announced social distancing Instagram captions for you that you would definitely love to flaunt on your various social media accounts. Just don’t miss. They are original. 

Social Distancing Quotes With Images

Doing “Namaste” is the new craze of 2020. It is how we say “Hi” these days.

inspirational social distancing quotes

Babe if you love me, just maintain some meter of distance. I don’t want to die in your love!

latest social distancing quotes

In 2020 I haven’t take bath as much as I have washed my hands. My skin is coming out!

social distancing quotes 2020

Mother Nature has showed us in an indirect way that we don’t deserve this earth and her privileges to us!

social distancing quotes with images

How could I distance myself from me? My Shadow following me everywhere. 

social distancing quotes for mself

It has been so many quarantined days that I haven’t kissed my girlfriend. She is so frightened. I must have gifted her something previous valentine. 

social distancing quotes for girlfriend

We all are really living “Thug Life”, quarantined and social distancing!

social distancing images quotes - thug life

The benefit of social distancing- banks are not asking for EMIs and money lenders not coming! 

social distancing quotes images

Yeah, it is truth. Mother earth really has social-distanced herself from us! We are ruiners!

social-distancing quotes  with pictures

Our homes are our zoo now. And we are really feeling like animals been feelings. That’s real feeling!

social distancing quotes for family members

2020 has taught us really living alone. And it really sucks!

social distancing quotes for him

Being close in heart all my friends have become far and farther. These days we say hi only on phones!

awesome social distancing quotes with images

We are all doing party and fun on cameras alone not being together. Social Distancing fun!

social distancing quotes for her

2020 would be remembered for two things- High sales of sanitizers and Social distancing!

social distancing quotes for family

We are certainly sane now! How? Not meeting people and Sanitized every day!

social distancing quotes for love

Balconies are new place of meeting these days in 2020! Singing, eating and seeing, spending whole time there!

social distancing images with quotes

Dogs saying about us, “now none could cage us.” All people prisoners now and they are not meeting!

best social distancing quotes with photos

I’m counting bed sheets, watched all movies, read some of the best books, cooked some best dishes for me. I like social distancing!

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Away from negative people and thoughts. Away from boss and company dead-lines. Brooded a lot about myself. Other side of quarantined and social distancing!

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I have called my all friends in these some days. School friends, college friends, street friends, and everyone. Oh social distancing I love it!

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I have spent good quality time with my parents. No buses, no office. No crush, no crashes. No friends, no foes. I love my parents all I know.

social distancing quotes with images

Now I have known how many stars shine over my home’s terrace!

social distancing quotes 2020

My motto is and resolution is, it is fixed and I won’t break it. Never. I never hand-shake anyone from now on! Not even my girlfriend!

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I have saved my lots of money not spending on petrol and buying car! Quarantined and social distance cool!

social distancing quotes for friends

Cooking and house cleaning are my new skills. I include them in my resume!

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I would write a book how to not meet people and how to social distance in coming years!

best 2020 social distancing Instagram captions

We have the best 2020 social distancing Instagram captions for you, and we know that you would like them all. Spread the word that you here have best social distancing captions. QWM provides the original and best content. One of the authenticate source of quotes, wishes and messages. 

Social Distancing Instagram Captions | Social Distancing Quotes

Social distancing is a new trend of 2020. People are finding new ways of doing it, making images of it, putting on social media, making videos and what not. They are all being quarantined viraling it. You might also want to put but you are not finding original best. And other best all been used. Don’t worry. We have made for you awesome hilarious 2020 social distancing quotes images that you would like. Put them wherever you want to put it. Here the fun begins!

Now I have understood why ancient sages have stressed for “always going inside.” Inside is really fun!

2020 is introverts’ reign. Extroverts vomiting. Introverts dancing!

Government has ordered to even quarantine our thoughts! But which thoughts to quarantine and which to social distance!

Being quarantined and social distanced, I have counted how many hairs I have over my whole body!

I have come to know that my parents live next door to me. I haven’t met time all these years. Hi papa and Mumma!

I have remembered all my wife’s relatives’ names. When next time they come, I would greet them properly. Benefit of social distancing for wives!

I have tried all forms of saying I love you to my wife and she is really not impressed! Living in home really sucks!

Oh! Life. I have to watch all my wife’s tele-sitcoms. Social distancing really not beneficial, it makes you so nearer to your wife!

Social distancing has synonym and it is – Family-nearing!

For whole quarantined period, I have put up my wedding dress and my wife too. And we are again feeling like bride and groom. Don’t want to marry again!

Netflix and Amazon Prime earning a lot in 2020. Binge watching and eating are on soar!

I have come to know that we really can spend whole life in 2BHK and singing in balconies!

These days my wife can’t say to me “get out”. Enjoying social distance and quarantine!

2020 mantra is – Wash your hands, Wash your hands and Wash your hands!

In whole these years, my 90 years old grandmother has really seen my face, and she recognize me! For some time social distancing is good!

You don’t need a gym to remain healthy. I can do at home. Now I can save a lot of money. Thank you Quarantine and social distancing!

There is no dialogue in Tom & Jerry. I watched it whole and enjoyed it a lot!

Now I know the exact timing of when moon comes and when sun exactly rises. I can bet on this and win 1000 dollars!

I have seen my wedding album and I have noticed my wife is looking hugely different from wedding album’s photo!

I have noticed the growth of my nose’s hairs! And they are growing slowly! I have to do something for it! Social distancing gives you pleasure of seeing minor details!

We don’t need to buy so many clothes. We can spend our whole life wearing pajamas. Great realization! Social distancing I love you!

Being quarantined and social distant, we can really save lots of water. Don’t need to take bathe every day! I love it!

I have transcended, not whole but a bit. I like quarantined and I like and love social distancing!

I have understood the real value of freedom. How animals feel I have known! Release all!

Everything sucks. Mother Nature is love. Mother Nature is supreme. You disloyal to it and it revenges!

These all are the original and awesome best 2020 social distancing quotes images that you would love to put on social media and want to make them your cover photos. We all know social distancing and being quarantined has taught us a lot of lessons because of the 2020 pandemic. We are becoming really materialistic oriented and ruining the mother nature. In 2020, one thing for sure will be remembered, and it is, mother nature breathes finally! Enjoy social distancing images quotes and spread them everywhere! And never forget QWM!

Social Distancing Images

You don’t need to go here and there looking for meaningful social distancing images. Though on the other website you find the best, but we have for you some of the best of the best that really in very fine manner convey the message of social distancing. We have for you, designed ourselves 2020 trendy social distancing images. 

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To various individuals, interpretation can be in many. You #stay safe stay home. Help others and help yourselves too. Respect the mother Nature too. And enjoy the good and fine social distancing images we have created for you. Whatever the situation, never lose the fun and smile!