Meaningful Sympathy Messages for Mother, Father, Pet and More

Meaningful Sympathy Messages for Mother, Father, Pet and More

It is not sometimes easy to express emotions, whether of love and whether of sadness. And especially during when someone loses someone. At that time, you are completely out of your mind what to say and what not, even normal people like us too. That’s why we have brought for you some inspirational and meaningful sympathy messages that you can say and write in a sympathy card.

This world is strange and ever would be. So you don’t wait for a right moment to express your emotions whether it is related to love and sorrow. Say it once, release it once and you would be at peace. Here are below sympathy messages or sympathy card messages examples that you can use if someone your dear, near or far ones have left this world. What we have written for you are all inspirational and meaningful sympathy messages samples. You customize according to yourself.

Meaningful Sympathy Messages

meaningful Sympathy Card Wordings

You have gone too early. You said that we would live and end this world together. You have left us too early. Sorry for your loss!

I’m totally out of my mind. I could not think that such thing could happen. I just met you yesterday and here you’re, gone. Sorry for your loss and for me too!

She was life. Whenever I see her, always, a kind of energy floats in me through. Such a beauty and goddess she was. Sorry for your loss. Unbearable for me too!

What I say? I don’t have any words to describe my grief. She was such a wonderful lady, always inspiring and caring for everyone. My sympathies with you!

Oh! I still could not hold myself that he has gone. He will always be in my memory. My sympathies with you and your family!

Your father is like a father figure to me also. Always advising me and telling what is right and wrong. I’ll always miss him. With you I always standing. My sympathies!

Whenever I came to your home, she always asked me how well I am like a mother. Sorry for your loss and for me too. Standing with you in your grief!

We are deeply sorry for your loss. We don’t know how to describe it. We love you and we are with you whenever you need us. Our sympathies with you!

Such a strange world it is! He gone too early. I could not believe. I’m with you my friend in your loss. Hold yourself strong!

Whatever happens, any problems come, she never complained. Such her determination and grit was. Never wanted to lose her. Our sympathies and sincere condolences with you!

I’m always with you whenever you need me. So saddened to hear that aunty has left us all. My deepest sympathies with you!

Can’t stand my ground for your loss. So much happiness she was. A joy to watch her always smiling. Sorry for your sister loss. My sympathies!

I respect her and forever will be. She was my boss but always guiding me like a son. Such a great loss, unbearable. I’m with you. Sympathies!

I could not understand such could happen also. Sorry for your brother loss. He was everyone’s buddy. Deepest sympathies with you!

Today my heart has broken and shattered. I’m not able to speak. Saddened to hear your father’s loss. I’m in grief with you my friend. Deepest sympathies!

Couldn’t express how much pain I’m feeling. My heart is aching with wounds. Saddened to hear your grandfather’s loss. Such a lovely and generous man. My sympathies with you!

Stay strong my friend and stay at peace. I am sorry to hear mother’s demise. Couldn’t express how lost I’m feeling. Do take care. Condolence and sympathies with you!

We can’t imagine that such tragedy could happen. Utmost respect and love for your grandmother. Left us too early. So saddened. Condolences and sympathies with you!

The very best thing about her that she only knew how to love. Hate wasn’t her in life. Such rare and lovely person was your wife. Such a great loss. My sympathies with you and your family!

I can’t forget him how wonderful he was. Your brother was one of the finest men. Intelligent and generous being. I’m with you. Sorry for your loss!

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These are some of the soulful, appropriate and right sympathies messages and sympathy cards messages that you can use if someone your dear ones have departed this land. When we lose someone, then we are not emotionally stable and our related ones too. At that time, you can use these condolences wordings that are simple and originally written. These sorry for your loss messages you can also use in flower sympathy bouquets that you send on someone’s demise. Take care of yourself and take care of your dear ones, and resolve all the differences you have. Because you don’t know when someone could leave you forever.

Inspirational Sympathy Messages on Loss of Mother

Perhaps none could exist in this world who could imagine their world without mother. Mother is everything. Everything is from mother, everything is in mother, and everything of mother. When someone loses mother, they lose world and it is always saddening, the grave grief that could never be lessened. We have written right sympathy messages on loss of mother that you can write in sympathy cards or sympathy flower bouquets.

Sympathy Messages on Loss of Mother

We hope that you would find sympathy messages on loss of mother rightly appropriate. You can use these messages if someone has lost his/her mother. Our sympathies with them too.

Sorry to hear this about your mother. She was so generous and kind. Call me her son too. I always with you. Never understand yourself alone. My sympathies with you!

I remember how one day when I was sad, she hugged me and relived my all tension advising me for not worrying. Your mom was superb. Sorry your loss brother. It is mine too. Sympathies with you!

She was such a brave heart what I can say. Always fighting for poor and helpless. She was of a great charisma. My truest condolences and sympathies with you and your family!

She was so of positive vibes and wherever she went, always spreading positive vibes. She was the source of positivity. Unbearable pain. Sorry for your loss friend. sympathies with you!

When I hear this she has left us. I always questioning myself why, why so early? She was a great strength to me also. My truest condolences and sympathies!

A lovely woman, a charismatic lady, a wonderful and caring mom she was. And to me, I can’t describe in words. My condolences and truest sympathies!

She was a force to reckon with. Not afraid of anyone, always helping and caring. So magnetic your mother was. Sorry to hear that she has gone. I’m with you. Sympathies!

Everything has become so barren. Today weather is so dull too. No breeze and no nature sings. All mourning for your mother. My condolences and sympathies!

Be strong. I’m standing beside you and never leaving you. Just a phone call away whenever you need me. Shocked to hear your mother’s loss. Sympathies and condolences!

Deeply hurt, saddened and pained inside. She was a good lady, strong and childish at the same time. Words are less to describe her. Sorry for your loss!

These are the some of the fitting meaningful sympathy messages on loss of mother that you can write in sympathy cards or in a sympathy flower bouquet. You no need to wander here and there on the internet for every kind of messages because we have covered for you all almost. Inspirational Sympathy messages on the death of mother and other sorry for your loss messages, all you can find on our website. One of the best sources on the internet for every kind of message, quote and wish. All our content original and written carefully. Care for your mother and do be with her when she gets old rather than leaving her alone.

Sympathy Messages on Loss of Father

Fathers are often taken with disciplined and that man in the house who demand strictness from his children. Though he is soft at heart but never shows it. This old definition has changed, and those reserved fathers have become their children’s friend sharing things and chit chats. We have written sympathy messages on loss of father if someone in your friend or relatives have lost their father. May this not happen we pray! These meaningful sympathy messages are proper and most fitting. We pray that nothing like this ever happens with anybody. But some certainties are definite in this world whether one admits or not. Sympathy card messages on the death of father below.

Inspirational Sympathy Messages on Loss of Father

He is the backbone of your family. A positive and moral support that never could ever be like him. Above all, he was good man. Sorry to hear about demise of your father! Sympathies!

He was like a friend to me, friend to all of us, your father. A good human being and always inspiring with his deep knowledge talks. I miss him. Sympathies on the loss of your father!

I remember how he caught us smoking and never beat us while explained us with sincere care and responsibility like a father. Your father was so generous man. Sorry to hear about his demise!

I know you are going through pain and I could never lessen it. But remember what your father always used to say- smile always. Condolences and sympathies on loss of your father!

Your father was a best party man, always taking us to restaurants and throwing good friendly parties. I can never forget him. In memories always. Sympathies on your father’s loss!

Never could imagine such time would come when we won’t see your father’s ever smiling face. He was always helpful to everyone. Sorry to hear your father’s death. Truest sympathies!

I remember his hand-made coffee. I remember his delicious food and what not. Tears are not ceasing in my eyes. Sympathies and condolences on your father’s demise!

We are forever with you. Don’t you ever feel alone. When you need us, call us. Sad news to know that your father has left us all. Sympathies on your father’s loss!

A brave man, has never accepted defeat in his life. Courageous and genuinely out-spoken and truthful and fatherly too. Sympathies on your father’s loss friend!

May he find peace and heaven’s abode. God be with him. RIP your father. In our memories forever. We holding your hand in this grief. Condolences on your father’s loss!

Right fitting meaningful sympathy messages on the loss of father that you can say personally, write in a sympathy greeting card or text it as you want and as you find comfortable. These inspirational sympathy messages truly express the emotion of loss that you need to rewrite except just changing the names to whom you are saying and for whom you are saying. We think that you would find all these father loss sympathies messages rightly soulful and would use it when you need. QWM always believes in providing original content. Wishes and messages as you require.

Meaningful Sympathy Messages for Friend Who’ve Lost Someone

In this section we are going to cover meaningful sympathy messages for friends who have lost someone dear or far and near ones. When we lose someone in the family, it feels like emptiness. Though we know what to say and what not to say at that time to solace someone yet we look for it on the internet. That’s why we have covered for you these inspirational sympathy messages for friend. When someone dies, whether of friend or anyone else’s, showing respect and meeting him/her is a good sign of your demeanor, and it shows that you care for them.

Sympathy Messages for Friend Who’ve Lost Someone

May peace come to you and you find love again. May you get the strength to bear this loss. Sorry to hear about your wife. She was a beautiful soul.

May you hold up to yourself strongly. May your pain and ache lessen and you find again your way. Saddened to hear you lose your father. Love you. If you need me, call me!

I don’t know how to say this. I’m really devastated to hear about your mother’s loss. You have my shoulder whenever you need me. My sympathies with you!

I know what kind of pain you’re going through. We are with you. Shattered to hear you’ve lost your brother in an enemy battle for country. Proud of your brother and your family. Have strength!

Deeply heartbroken to hear about your mother’s loss my friend. Can’t imagine that still. I’m always with you. She was a perfect lady, an epitome of kindness and generosity.

If anything I could do to lessen your pain I want to do it. Deeply heartbroken to hear about your sister’s loss. Holding you my brother. Prayers for your sisters and my sympathies with you.

I still remember how your grandmother used to cook for us when we returned from school. We were her joy. Unbearable loss, not to you only but for me too. She was an angle.

May your pain get lessened. May you be at peace. May you find the happiness again. May you be all well. Sorry to hear about your uncle loss. He was a good man.

Sorry to hear about sudden demise of your aunty. Couldn’t think such could happen. Our prayers with you and your family.

May he rest in paradise. He was an honest, determined and courageous, and man of his words. Sorry to hear about your cousin brother’s loss.

These are all the meaningful sympathy messages for friend which you can write in sympathy cards or bouquet. You change name according to who has departed. We have just written randomly. Change departed one’s name. Customize message according to. These above written are some of the appropriate sympathy card messages. We expect that you find them all proper fitting.

Inspirational Sympathy Messages on Loss of Husband

For a wife, her husband is her everything, with whom she swears to death. When a wife’s husband goes off, she loses, though, everything but immensely the warmth and love that she gets from her husband. In this section, we have written for sympathy messages on loss of husband. These inspirational sympathy messages are proper and good enough to express your grief. Heartfelt and soulful that truly express your emotions.

Sympathy Messages on Loss of Husband

We don’t say he was a good man but we say he was a wonderful man. The bond between you and him are unbrokenable. We are with you in your grief.

Perhaps you are rare that got such truest mate and husband. It is so sudden and unexpected. We never thought of that. Mourning with you for your loss.

He still loves you and doesn’t want to see tears in your eyes. Honor him. For him, you’re everything. So death I’m feeling for your husband’s loss.

Your husband was like an angel. Perhaps any chance could exist that he ever said to anyone not to help. Sorry to hear about your loss.

Can’t forget his jokes that made us all laugh. He always thought about others’ welfare. God soul. Extremely sad for your loss. May you have strength!

Your husband was a rare kind of human being. So hopeful and positive. Always supporting us. I’m with you. Love and respect for him. May you be at peace!

May this painful time soon pass for you. May soon spring come in your life. Your husband was genuine and truest man. Sorry for your loss.

Everyone wants to be around him. He was a magnetic personality and smiling man. Brave and confidant. Everyone likes him. Saddened to hear your husband’s demise.

Full of happiness and love for you, your husband was. The best thing about him was his trueness and love for you. Great loss. May you’ve strength.

May happiness come in your life again. May you smile again. Extremely painful for your husband’s loss. None could be like him.

So if anyone’s husband who have departed and you know her, then these sympathy messages on loss of a husband would be right. We have tried to express in every way possible pouring sentiments in these sympathy messages and we think these are right and feel like directly from heart. Whose husbands have departed, may peace with those wives. And we pray that soon happiness comes in their life and they find themselves good again. May you again find a good loving life partner.

Sympathy Messages on Loss of Wife

When you have a wife in your life, your life is surprise and an unexpressed joy that you ever want to be in, in which you just want to swing with your wife on a cradle holding hands in hands. May you always have this bond for eternity. We have covered meaningful sympathy messages on loss of a wife if someone has. Sometimes untimely events happen in life, for which you can’t do anything. Here below sorry for your loss messages.

Sympathy Messages on Loss of Wife

She was like a sweet bird who dreamed about only flying. Genuine, so reverberant and a lady to walk with. Your wife was a nymph. Sorry for your loss.

She was a gem and so grounded about her cultural values. Always respectable and a strong woman. She went too early. We’re with you. Sympathies.

She was not with you now but her memories will always be with you. Don’t know and can’t understand how this could happen. Mourning for your wife’s loss.

Why good people go early leaving us all behind like in movies. You’ve lost your wife and me my sister. Standing with you brother. Sorry for loss.

I know that her place could none take in your life. She wanted you to be happy and move forward. An amazing woman your wife was. With you always!

We will forever miss her. Her manners, generosity, helping nature, her lovely smile, caringness. She was best. Devastated when we heard about your wife’s loss.

We wish that if she could return again we will do anything for it. Your wife was the magical woman I ever met. With you and my sympathies for you and family.

When we think about any ideal couple, it was you and your wife. Sorry to hear that she has gone too early. We miss her. Mourning with you!

When I first met her, she surprised me the way she spoke, so eloquently like devouring everyone through her sweet voice. Feeling teary for your wife’s loss.

Could never forget her. So elegant lady your wife was. Always respecting others and spreading joy and happiness wherever she went. My condolences and sympathies!

It is a tragedy or we don’t know that it exists in nature that whom we love most and too dearly and heartily they leave us so earliest that we could not feel that they would ever with us. Meaningful Sympathy messages on loss of a wife. You can change these messages as you want, changing names of departed souls. It is a sign of generosity for whom who has departed, one takes one’s time and goes to visit, saying prayers and all. We expect you find these above written sympathy messages proper.

Sympathy Messages on Loss of a Co-worker

Losing a co-worker is like losing a family member too. And yes, it is really hurts. We have drafted meaningful sympathy messages on loss of a co-worker. Sometimes writing these kinds of messages don’t seem good but we have to do because it is our work. These inspirational sympathy card messages you can write and express as you want to, whether in sympathy cards or bouquets. May all your family members live longer and you enjoy all the best time with them.

meaningful Sympathy Messages on Loss of a Co-worker

Losing him is like losing a brother or a well-wisher. Heartily sorry for your loss. May you find peace and strength.

He was best at his work always caring for his family. He was one of the best men whom I have worked. Sympathy and condolences for your family.

She was the back bone of the company and a jovial girl. Always singing and dancing and living happily. Filled with tears for your daughter’s loss.

Though your mother was a tough boss but she never behaved like this. She was like a co-worker and nurturing soul. Sympathies for unbearable loss.

She was reserved though but friend of friend for everyone who knew her. A true and god soul. I’m filling her emptiness in my life. May you find comfort and peace.

We are mourning with you and forever with you. Stand by your side. When you need us, just call. Your husband was good man. In grief with you for your husband loss.

Deeply moved and unfathomable loss that could not be filled. He was an excellent man whose replacement wasn’t possible. With you. Sorry for your loss.

She used to sit beside me. That empty chair always would remind me of her. I still can’t fathom. With you for your loss. Sympathy and prayers.

He will always be in memories and happiness. May his soul find rest. Strength for your family and you.

I always remember that she used to take me to new restaurants for tasting new dishes. My best companion has gone. Prayers for your sister’s loss.

Meaningful Sympathy messages for co-worker these are, well drafted and easy. You only have to change deceased name. It is not easy to understand life’s mystery, rather it is better to flow in its vogue as it takes you. Who is with you and who would be for how long time. No one could say. These meaningful sympathy messages are befitting and understandable. Just enjoy your life, fight no one. Just spread love, kindness and joy. Who knows whom you meeting today could not meet tomorrow.

Religious Sympathy Messages

In this section we have brought religious sympathy messages that heal you from inside and tell you the real meaning of life. Religious messages often give guidance and bring us towards right path. In this section, sympathy messages are from the Bhagwat Geeta and from various other religious and non-religious good books.

Religious Sympathy Messages from Bhagwat Geeta

Religious Sympathy Messages from Bhagwat Geeta

The Spirit is said to be unexplainable, incomprehensible, and immutable. Knowing the Spirit as such, you should not grieve for the physical body. (2.25)

The Spirit is neither born nor does it die at any time. It does not come into being or cease to exist. It is unborn, eternal, permanent, and primeval. The Spirit is not destroyed when the body is destroyed. (2.20)

O Arjuna, how can a person who knows that the Spirit is indestructible, eternal, unborn, and immutable, kill anyone or cause anyone to be killed? (2.21)

Just as a person puts on new garments after discarding the old ones, similarly, the living entity or the individual soul acquires new bodies after casting away the old bodies. (2.22)

All beings are unmanifest, or invisible to our physical eyes, before birth and af­ter death. They manifest between the birth and the death only. What is there to grieve about? (2.28)

Weapons do not cut this Spirit, fire does not burn it, water does not make it wet, and the wind does not make it dry. The Spirit cannot be cut, burned, wet, or dried. It is eternal, all-pervading, changeless, immovable, and primeval. Atma is beyond space and time. (2.23-24)

Religious Sympathy Messages from Various Sources

“Listen to the wind, it talks. Listen to the silence, it speaks. Listen to your heart, it knows.” — Unknown, (Native American)

“Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live.’” — John 11:25, (Christian)

“We cannot see her, but she is with us. A mother like ours is more than a memory. She is a living presence.” — A Mother’s Parable by Temple Baily, (Judaism)

“God takes nothing from the world until He puts something else in its place.” — Midrash HaGadol by Rabbi David Adani, (Judaism)

“God takes nothing from the world until He puts something else in its place.” — Midrash HaGadol by Rabbi David Adani, (Judaism)

“It may be hard today to see past your sorrows, but the goddess is always there to comfort you through all your tomorrows.” — (Wiccan)

“Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.” — Mahatma Gandhi, (Hindu)

“For though I am absent in body, yet I am with you in spirit, rejoicing to see your good order and the firmness of your faith in Christ” ⁠— Colossians 2:5, (Christian)

“We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love…and then we return home.” — (Australian Aboriginal)

“Grief never ends… But it changes. It’s a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, not a lack of faith… It is the price of love.” — Vicki Harrison, (Spiritual)

“For they cannot die anymore, because they are equal to angels and are sons of God, being sons of the resurrection.” — Luke 20:36, (Christian)

We hope that you find these religious sympathy messages good enough to lessen the grief of deceased’s family. These sympathy messages are really strong and can give strength to everyone who are immensely in pain of their loving departed one. May you find your peace again soon!

Inspirational Sympathy Card Wording/ Short Sympathy Messages

These are short sympathy card messages that you can quickly write in cards if you are in hurry. Sometimes it happens that you are so much in hurry that you could not attend someone’s prayer meeting. That’s why we have drafted these short sympathy card messages which you find good enough to write.

Sympathy Card Messages

Miss you. May God with you and your family. Wonderful soul you were.

Lucky enough to spend my life’s some best moments with you. Can never forget you.

If I have any power, would bring you back. With tears in my eyes miss you.

Sympathy and condolences to your family and friends. May you all find comfort and peace again.

You always be alive in our memories and forever will be. Miss you.

Prayers and warm hugs for your family. May you live in paradise and see us from above.!

Missing you always. You’re a best friend and adviser to me. Love you. May your family’s pain lessen!

Heart melting condolences and prayers. Always will be in our thoughts and life. Missing him.

None could be like him. Forgive me if mistakenly hurt you. Wishing strength, comfort and peace for family.

May find you in next birth again. Missing you so much. May God lessen your family and friends.

These are all the appropriate and proper short sympathy card messages and short sympathy messages that will be very useful for you. I don’t know what should I say more? Writing these types of messages, me also has become a bit kind of sad. May your loved ones who’ve departed find solace in God’s lap.

Sympathy Messages On Loss of a Pet

Pets are like a family member too. When we lose them, it leaves a same empty spot in our life when any family member goes off. We have written sympathy messages on loss of pet that you find really heartfelt and good to write in a sympathy card if someone has lost a pet. These are the meaningful sympathy messages samples. You can customize as you want.

So adorable your dog was and well-disciplined too. So early you’ve lost it. It is saddening.

Your cat was cute and chubby. Whenever I see her, she just stares at me like she wants to hug me. I miss her.

Your dog was like your family member too. I can understand how much you miss it. Me too. In grief with you.

Your dog was not just a dog, while a care taker of the family and like a guardian. Always protecting you.

Whenever your cat walked, her bell in her neck ringed, and I knew it was she. I love her and miss her smile.

Saddened to hear about your pet loss. Always miss him. I forever remember him that he played with us. Love for him.

I remember his sweet barking and annoying habits. I dearly love him. Sorry for your loss.

You were close to him and he was too. Tears in my eyes are not ceasing. Love and peace for him. Prayers for your loss.

I know that you brought her up when she was a little child-like. Now she has gone forever. Can’t bear this. Miss her and peace for her. Sympathies for your sorrow.

Love and so warm hugs for your loving and beautiful cat. She was cute, intelligent and wonderful cat. I really miss her. Sorry for your loss.

These above are some of the accepted and genuine meaningful sympathy messages on loss of a pet. These are just sympathy messages samples. Do changes as according to your requirement. Never forget to visit QWM for original and authentic quotes, wishes and messages. Keep visiting. And we are with you in your grief. May you find peace and your family too, and the departed soul who has gone.