200+ Heart Touching Valentines Day 2022 Wishes | Happy Valentine’s Day Messages For Her, Him

200+ Heart Touching Valentines Day 2022 Wishes | Happy Valentine’s Day Messages For Girlfriend, Boyfriend

As love is in the air, we are dedicating this post to romantic valentines day wishes, Heart Touching Happy valentines day 2022 messages, valentine’s day gift ideas for her, and valentine’s day gift ideas for him. The last and perhaps the most coveted and fabled day of valentine’s week is Valentine’s day which falls on 14th February of every year. This occasion comes up with the end of utterly romantic valentine’s week but also embarks the new phase of relationship in every couple’s life.

happy valentines day wishes

On Valentine’s day, we can find boyfriend or girlfriend doing special and romantic things for their crush or lover like roping in special gifts, red roses, chocolates, expensive dinner date, and the foremost of all, valentines wishes and happy valentines day messages written on the greeting card. As valentine’s day is only a couple of days away from now, you must be looking for adorable, ingenious, and out-of-the-box valentines day wishes, happy valentines day 2022 messages, and valentine’s day gift ideas for girlfriend or boyfriend. In this comprehensive valentine’s day blog post, we have rounded up everything for you.

History of Valentine’s Day

Most of the couples across the world celebrate valentine’s day with utmost peppiness and love in their hearts. However, only a handful of individuals know that what is the origin of valentine’s day or why valentine’s day is celebrated.

The origin of valentine’s day lies in the famous Roman festival of Lupercalia that is conducted in mid-February of every year. This festival celebration is all about welcoming the spring and paring of women with men through a lottery system. However, during the late 5th century, Pope Gelasius 1 replaced the name with St. Valentine’s day.

History of Valentine’s Day Wishes

Another myth is that St. Valentine’s blatantly defied the orders of the emperor and secretly tied the knot of lovers to save them from barbaric wars. These two myths or maybe real stories are attached to the origin of valentine’s day. Now, before we hop on to valentines day wishes 2022, it should be better to review all the days and dates of the valentine’s week for once and all.

Heart Touching Happy Valentines Day Wishes 2022

Out of a few little things in this world, love is the purest feeling that cannot be defined by natural and man-made laws. Happy valentine’s day!

When two hearts are bound to be together, there is no force in this world that can stop them to be together. Happy valentine’s day!

Love, the sweetest force that every individual feels once in a life but very few make it an integral part of life. This valentine’s day, spread love and be loved by others!

Heart Touching Happy Valentines Day Wishes 2022

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Love doesn’t happen whenever you want it to happen. It happens in the least expected moments and with the most unexpected person. Happy valentine’s day!

Blessed are those who get immeasurable love at every stage of life. In childhood from parents, in adulthood from lovers, and in old-age from their kids. Happy valentine’s day!

If knowledge is the fuel of mind, food is the fuel of the body, then love is the fuel of heart. Keep giving and getting love to keep the engine of heart functioning properly. Happy valentine’s day everyone!

The very idea that love should happen between only two individuals is quite a narrow notion. Your being should emanate love for everyone. Happy valentine’s day!

Love is quite a strange phenomenon. At one time, it makes us feel inspired, other times, it makes us feeling bizarre, perplexed, and overwhelmed. Happy valentine’s day.

On the auspicious occasion of valentine’s day, I want to hold you in my arms and kiss all over your face and wish you a happy valentine’s day.

Hey girl, the day you came into my life, it has become so vibrant, blissful, and full of fun that I can’t express in words. Happy valentine’s day baby!

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Baby, if there is any girl who could be the queen of my life, it would definitely be you. I wish you a happy valentine’s day!

We met as strangers, we developed a sweet bond of friendship, and now we are weaving the lovely bond of the relationship on this happy valentines day 2022!

Without a shadow of a doubt, valentine’s day is the most pristine and sacred day to celebrate the beautiful and intangible feeling of love. It is an exemplary day to express your genuine feelings to your lover or crush and make them realize that nobody can love them better than you. Right words or better say heart-moving valentines day wishes can make your job of proposing the lover a lot easier. So, use the below-mentioned happy valentines day 2022 messages and valentine wishes to convey your feelings and make a special place in your lover’s heart.

Happy Valentines Day 2022 Messages

Surely, love is like a fairytale dream but you are the angel who made my fairytale dream came true. Sweetheart, sending you the most loveliest valentine’s day message ever!

On this valentine’s day, My first and the last wish will only be to give you conditional love till I die. Happy valentine’s day baby!

Happy Valentines Day 2022 Messages

In the theory of rebirth is right, then in my next 100 lives, I would love to have only you as my girlfriend. Love you!

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A very happy Valentine’s day to the person who taught me the meaning and value of unconditional love. Happy valentine’s day boyfriend!

My heart beats 100 times faster, and my being becomes 100 time more beautiful whenever you are around me. Thank you for being the best girlfriend ever!

Hey girlfriend, whenever the clouds of doubt hover over my love, just remember those promises I made to you when we came in relationship. I wish you the most happening valentine’s day ever!

It’s quite easy to read or listen to love stories and adore them. However, it takes trust, loyalty, and unconditional love to live that love story in realty. Love is beyond any story!

The mere thought of celebrating Valentine’s day 2022 is making butterflies fly in my stomach. Hey baby, let’s make this valentine’s day the best one ever!

Yes, life is incomplete without friends and family. However, life is a sheer waste if you don’t get to taste love at least once in the lifetime. Happy Valentine’s day girlfriend!

More than lover, you are an amazing friend and a watchful and protective guardian. I am so blessed to have you in my life. Happy valentine’s day boyfriend!

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Hey baby, if you are going to live 100 years, I wish I live 1 day less than you so that I don’t have to live without you. Happy Valentines day girlfriend!

In the most chaotic phase of my life I met you and everything become so so soothing and perfect with your presence. You are my lucky charm. Sending you best valentine’s day wishes and messages.

We don’t need to depict the significance of sending sweet and full of love valentines day messages to your girlfriend or boyfriend on the occasion of valentine’s day. This section comprises heart-felt and sweeter than sugar happy valentines day 2022 messages for your girlfriend or valentines day wishes for boyfriend to make the valentine’s celebration more romantic and awe-inspiring affair.

Valentines Day Wishes for Girlfriend – Lovely Happy Valentines Day Messages for Girlfriend

Searching for exclusive and sumptuous valentine’s day wishes for girlfriend? If yes, this platform has chalked out everything for you. Swim through our heart-sweeping selection of valentine’s day messages for girlfriend and send the best one to your BAE.

Hey girlfriend, our love story started on a very bad note, however, we are considered as the best couple in our circle now. Thank you for showing faith and loyalty!

Valentines Day Wishes for Girlfriend - Lovely Happy Valentines Day Messages for Girlfriend

Hey baby, my aim is not to pass life with you. My goal is to live every moment to the fullest with you and die without having regrets and holding grudges.

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Hey girl, whenever you smile, I feel like a certain rise of energy in my body and soul. You really are a magical and lovely personality. Happy valentine’s day.

Happiest Valentine’s wishes to the girl who is classiest, sassiest, and stand apart from all when it comes to being graceful and moralistic.

On the lovely occasion of Valentine’s day, I am putting my heart in front of you. Now it’s up to you whether to embrace it or crush it.

Everyone knows, when I was going through the most terrible phase of my life, it was you, baby, who hold my hands at that time and helped me go through the turbulent times. I love you, and happy valentine’s day!

Hey darling, my love for you is as vast as the sky, as deep as the ocean, and as pure as the Holy water. I wish you a happy valentine’s day!

You are bubbly, you are pretty, you are beautiful, you are sexy but most significant of all, you are absolutely mine!

Unquestionably, I am the luckiest boyfriend in the world who landed up with a snow-white girl like you. Baby, will you be valentine forever?

To give love is indeed a noble act. To be loved by someone you care about is above everything else. Happy valentine’s day, girlfriend!

May this Valentine’s day, God bless you with unconditional love, immeasurable wealth, and an unbreakable bond till eternity with me. Happy valentine’s day baby!

I love you as who you are, not for what you own and what you want to be. My love for you is free from all shackles and expectations!

Valentine’s is the festival of giving and taking the love to and from those people what matters most in your life. And, when we talk about love, it doesn’t mean physical love only. Love is of different types and could be platonic and non-platonic. Though valentine is the festival for everyone, it’s girls who get maximum love, the shower of affection, and pampering from their boyfriends.

Mesmerizing Happy Valentines Day 2022 Wishes for Boyfriend – Valentines Day Messages for Boyfriend

Hey, my man, you have done a lot of special things for me till yet. Now, it’s high time to return all the love and affection you have showered on me. Happy valentine’s day boyfriend!

Happy valentine’s day to the most hard-working, loving, caring, and loyal boyfriend ever!

Mesmerizing Happy Valentines Day 2022 Wishes for Boyfriend - Valentines Day Messages for Boyfriend

On the auspicious occasion of valentine’s day, I am allowing you to move my body, heart, and soul like never before. I wish you a cray valentine’s day baby!

Our love is like a Tom and Jerry Relationship. We fight with each other all day long but at the end of the day, we can’t live without each other. Happy valentine’s day boyfriend!

Sometimes, I find myself unable to express my feelings. But deep down all I have for you is unconditional and immeasurable love. Happy valentine’s day boyfriend!

I don’t believe in setting goals. I believe in making people happy and make the world a little better place than before. Happy valentine’s day darling!

You are my teddy bear, you are my support system, you are my watchful protector, and I am more than happy to be your sidekick. I wish you a happy valentine’s day boyfriend!

For me, pure and unscathed love is giving unconditionally without expecting anything in return. You have given me that kind of love baby. I love you so much, and happy valentine’s day!

Before I met you, my notion of love was, first give, then take. You taught me the value of giving and giving without expecting anything in return.My life would be so empty without you. Happy valentine’s day sweetheart!

A sweet, cute, and loyal boyfriend is a jackpot for any girlfriend. We are finders and keepers for a lifetime!

I don’t know how poles apart personalities like you and I came into the relationship. However, with all authority, I can say that you are the nicest guy I have ever met. I love you, my man!

Maybe, I Have done a lot of good deeds in my life that’s why I got an ever dashing and charming boyfriend like you. Will you be valentine for lifetime sweetheart?

Unlike girlfriend, boyfriends are creatures survive on minimal love and affection. Girls get pampering and undivided attention from their boyfriends, friends, father, mother, and strangers as well. However, that’s not the case with boys. On valentine’s day, even a sweet and frolic message from the girlfriend can make a boyfriend valentine’s celebration unforgettable. To make your BAE feel super special, we have penned down sentimental happy valentines day 2022 wishes for boyfriend that you can bookmark from here and send it to boyfriend whenever you want. These valentines day messages for boyfriend are utterly original and written with utmost love.

Ever- Romantic Valentines Day Wishes for Wife 2022

A wife is like a raging ball. If it’s pointing away from you, she seems good. However, if it’s pointing towards you, dude, you better run! Jokes apart, happy valentine’s day wife!

I don’t know how a jerk like ended up marrying an outrageously beautiful and graceful woman like you. I must have done something good at some point of time in life. Happy valentine’s day wife!

Ever- Romantic Valentines Day Wishes for Wife 2022

Time and time again, you have proved that you deserved to be my wife and the queen of my empire. I wish you a happy valentine’s day my sweety-pie wife!

Hey wife, thank you a million times for making my house a serene and vibrant home. You are the best wife a husband could ever ask for. Happy valentine’s day, my queen!

I may not be the perfect husband a woman wishes for. But, you are the best wife a husband can wish for. Happy valentine’s day my sweet wife!

When I was busy building the business empire, you were building our home and protecting it from bad vibes. Thank you, wife, for being so understandable and caring. Happy valentine’s day sweetheart!

Initially, our relationship was quite delicate. It was your maturity and patience that saved our sweet relationship from drowning. You are and will always be the queen of my heart. Let’s celebrate Valentine’s day like never before!

I can feel your love, I can feel your genuine concern, but this valentine’s day, I want to feel your soul and unify it with mine. Happy valentine’s day to the sweetest wife ever!

You are the epitome of beauty, intelligence, love, and sensibility. I still wonder, why did you marry a guy like me at all? Anyways, happy valentine’s day princess!

Hey wife, you make the boring seems interesting, flavorless seems flavorsome, and the fight seems sweet banters. You are a true magician darling. Happy valentine’s day honey!

It’s been 5 years of our wedding but still, it seems like a thing of yesterday. Your love and devotion have kept our relationship alive. I wish you a happy valentine’s day wife!

We started our journey as strangers, then became friends, fell in love, now we are two bodies but one soul. On this valentine’s day, my one and only wish to swim this ocean of love only with you till the end.

Romance knows no age, and it’s free from all boundations. Valentine’s day celebration is for all, whether you are a boyfriend-girlfriend or husband-wife. You may have passed numerous seasons with your wife. But that doesn’t mean you should take her for granted and stop being romantic. To keep the spark of romance alive in your married life, you should do a lot of ingenious things for your wife to prevail her sunshine smile. Feel free to peek at the stunning selection of super romantic valentines day wishes for wife 2022 that we have jotted down with a lot of hard work. Don’t forget to send these lovely happy valentines day 2022 messages to your wife along with red roses, chocolates, and a dinner date.

Happy Valentines Day 2022 Wishes for Husband – Sweet Valentines Day Messages for Husband

Hey husband, I can feel your presence even if you are far away from home working for our future. However, this valentine’s day, I wanna feel your touch and seize the day. Happy valentine’s day hubby!

Your voice is so manly, your body is no less than steel, your mind is so balanced and stored, and your heart is as beautiful and soft as a red rose. Happy valentine’s day husband!

Happy Valentines Day 2022 Wishes for Husband - Sweet Valentines Day Messages for Husband

I am so thankful to my parents for finding a husband like you for me. You take care of me more than my parents used to do. Happy valentine’s day baby!

You are the first and the last man I ever love or will ever love. Happy valentine’s day hubby!

Hey husband, thanks for having my back all the time during my turbulent phase. You took me out of the abyss. I wish you a valentine’s day.

It doesn’t matter how many years we have lived together, what matters is the total number of moments we lived totally and consciously. Happy valentine’s day husband!

Before you, I used to thought that life is all about struggles, and I will never be happy again. You made me believe that everyone can be happy even in tough times. I love you, and happy valentine’s day!

You made an ordinary girl extraordinary by making her feel special all the time. Thank you so much for being the best husband. Happy valentine’s day sweetheart!

Saying ‘I love you’ is one of the easiest things to do for your partner. But, living those words every second is quite daunting. You are a man of words, husband. Happy valentine’s day!

I am glad that I married a man like you for whom nothing is bigger than his relationships and his words. Happy valentine’s day my Superman.

Awe-Inspiring Valentines Day Wishes for Friends 2022

Who says, you should always have someone special beside you to live a lovely life. I have my childhood friends with me all the time and I feel more than blessed to have you guys. Happy valentine’s day friends!

Life is indeed not worth living without friends. You guys are my support system and perpetual source of happiness. Happy valentine’s day friends!

Awe-Inspiring Valentines Day Wishes for Friends 2022

Hey buddies, more than 20 years have been passed and our friendship is still standing tall. I would love to live the rest of my life with you guys and die with you guys. Happy valentine’s day buddies!

We all met in school time, chose different ways in college, but we are back together after 20 years. We all are destined to be together. Wish all my friends a happy valentine’s day.

Whenever I was angry, you guys made me calm. Whenever I was distressed, you guys rendered me solace. I love you, my friends! Wish you all lovely valentine’s day.

Friendship is always more than a blood relationship. The bond of friendship is divine and purest of all relationships. Sending best valentine’s day wishes to my lovely friends!

On the occasion of Valentine’s day, before my crush, I am going to send Valentine’s wishes to my friends as they are the ones who stood me in my highs and lows. Happy valentine’s day!

Without my friends, I don’t wish to even a single day of my life. They are my lifeline. Happy valentine’s day buddies!

Friendship is not a commitment that you have to fulfill anyhow. It is an untold relation with people who matter equally and more than family. I wish my dearest friends a happy valentine’s day!

My aim of life is not to garner as much money and fame as I can, my aim to make as many ever-lasting bonds as I can before I die. Happy valentine’s day friends!

Emotional Valentines Day Wishes for Family 2022

All the treasures and lavishness of the world are quite poky if compared to the comfort and love of a family. Sending sweet Valentine’s day wishes to my lovely family members.

Wishing a very happy valentine’s day to the world’s most amazing, loving, and caring family. You guys are the epitome of love and relationship.

Emotional Valentines Day Wishes for Family 2022

Most of the difficulties in life can be exterminated in no time if you have a caring and supporting family. Through this valentine’s message, sending immeasurable love to my family members!

The main signs of the richest person are – a loving family, good friends, a loyal partner. Happy valentine’s day to the loveliest family of this world!

Dear family members, I can’t thank in words that the kind of support, comfort, and appreciation you have given to me till yet. Love you from the bottom of my heart and happy valentine’s day!

A perfect family is the amalgamation of some love, sweet banters, baby cries, fun-filled picnics, dad’s scolding, mother’s love, and siblings’ quarrels. I am blessed to have all these elements in my family. Happy valentine’s day to all.

On this special day, I want to confess my endless love, compassion, and dedication I have for my family. I will make sure that my family always remain happy. Happy valentine’s day to mom and dad.

May the auspicious occasion of Valentine’s day shower endless love, wealth, and benevolence on my family!

Dear family members, I wish we all live together forever with the unbreakable bond of love and respect between us. Best valentine’s day wishes to my family!

This Valentine, Let’s take a pledge to make the bond between us more loving, powerful and keep it unscathed from external elements. This valentine’s day, let the love prosper!

Adorable Happy Valentines Day 2022 Wishes for Crush – Romantic Valentines Day Messages for Would Be

After 3 years, I have gathered the courage to express my pure and unflinching feelings of love for you. Hey crush, will you be my Valentine’s for a lifetime?

The more I think about you, the more I fall in love with you. Your essence is etched in every fiber of my body. Hey crush, happy valentine’s day!

Adorable Happy Valentines Day 2022 Wishes for Crush

Hey crush, do you know what made me fall in love with you totally and madly? It’s not your beauty, charm, or grace. It’s your benevolent nature towards need ones. I love you and wish you an awesome valentine’s day!

The day I saw you, I decided if this heart is going to beat for anyone, it would only be you. Wishing happy valentine’s day to the most pretty girl in the world!

There are millions of reasons to fall in love with you, but there is not a single to hate you or repel you. How you are so perfect? Anyways, my best valentine’s day wishes are with you!

Forget valentine’s day, I can propose to you every day of the year. I don’t need a particular occasion to tell you that I am in love with you. Happy valentine’s day crush!

Somebody said it right, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” Even though I look utterly ordinary, you accepted me as who I am. You are a pure soul with an angel’s heart. Happy valentine’s day my crush!

On valentine’s day, My only wish is to see you happy all the time and pray to God to give you a prosperous life. I wish you a joyous valentine’s day my crush!

May you receive innumerable gifts this valentine’s day. But I will make sure all those gifts would be from me only. Happy valentine’s day!

I can’t force you to accept my proposal. But I can ensure you are and will always be my first and the last love. I can live for 100 years without you by loving you every moment. Happy valentine’s day my love!

Cute Valentines Day Wishes and Love Messages for Fiance

Though our wedding is a couple of months away, I am already getting wedding vibes because of the upcoming Valentine’s day. I am so lucky to be your fiance. Happy Valentine’s day my wife-to-be!

The way you have treated me after our engagement, I can firmly say you are the best fiance in this world. Hey my husband-to-be, let’s make this Valentine’s day celebration unforgettable before our wedding!

Cute Valentines Day Wishes and Love Messages for Fiance

You are a fine example of how a man should treat her woman or girlfriend. You are indeed a classy gentleman and of course, the many of my dreams. Happy valentine’s day finance!

You may not be the wealthiest man, you may not have the looks of David Beckham, but you are a man of golden heart, and that’s more than enough for me to spend life with you.

The one and the only reason I decided to marry you is because of your enticing temperament and ability to deal with any situation so serenely. Happy valentine’s day fiance!

I’ve seen all your hustle to make our relationship way better before the marriage. Happy valentine’s day to the world’s best fiance!

Can you believe fiance that our wedding and Valentine’s day are falling on the same date? Let’s etch valentine’s day and our wedding celebration memories for a lifetime!

Maybe I don’t show much love and affection to you from outside, but deep down I love you like a mad man, and you rule my heart. Happy valentine’s day fiance!

We have done a lot of crazy things together before our marriage. The only thing remaining is a grand valentine’s day celebration. Let’s make it bigger, better, and unforgettable!

From the moment I saw in a function, I knew you are going to be my life partner. See, dreams do turn into reality. Thank you fiance for being so supportive to me. Happy Valentine’s day baby!

Funny Happy Valentines Day Messages – Hilarious Valentines Day 2022 Wishes

Everyone says on the occasion of Valentine, love is in the air. All I can smell is cheese and chicken. Happy valentine’s day!

For most couples, Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion to say those 3 magical words: Let’s have sex!

Funny Happy Valentines Day Messages - Hilarious Valentines Day 2022 Wishes

Hey baby, I wish you a cheerful and lovely Valentine’s day with my heart, head, pubic hairs, penis, butts, and the list goes on.

To my beloved girlfriend, you are the rainbow of my rainy life. The only problem is the rainbow disappears, but you don’t. Happy Valentine’s Day darling!

Hey baby, I know you always wanted to tell me something. And that is, you are so lucky to have me ;). Happy Valentine’s day.

Hey crush, if you choose me to be your Valentine, I will give you a tight hug and crush your bones because of all those years you made me wait.

Roses are red, the sky is blue, give me expensive gifts on Valentine’s day or I will screw you!

I am perpetually in love with you except for those moments you fart hard and yell on me unnecessarily. Happy valentine’s day baby!

Baby, do you know why we haven’t fought at all even after so many years of relationship? Because we both are lazy asses. Happy valentine’s day my partner in crime!

I love you the same way a fat kid loves his/her double cheeseburger with a diet coke. My love for you is that strong. Happy Valentine’s Day babes!

Heart Touching Valentines Day Messages for Friends

Without a shadow of a doubt, my friendship with you is way dearer and valuable than any love relationship in my life. Happy valentine to my dearest buddy of all time!

You have supported me incessantly and unconditionally. A friend like you comes once in a generation. Thanks for being a friend I need the most. Happy valentine’s day, dear buddy!

Thanks a lot my lovely friend for never letting the dearth of love take a toll on my life. As long as you are with me, life will continue to be frisky and stunning. Happy valentine’s day, friend!

Who needs a relationship when the unbreakable bond of friendship is always present in my life. We have created a lot of enchanting memories together, and I wish we continue to do so till the end. Wishing happy valentine’s day to the best friend ever!

Hey buddy, I want to say heartfelt thanks to you for all the support, love, and good things you have brought into my life. I wish you find the true love of your life this valentine. Happy valentine, my dear friend!

You are the first person I am wishing happy valentine’s day because no one deserves to get my first wishes more than you, my dear friend!

The fun of going out and do insane stuff with a friend is way greater than doing the same thing with the love of your life. You are the finest friend a person could ask for. Happy valentine’s day, buddy!

If you have at least one good friend who is with you to celebrate the beautiful occasion of valentine’s, you have more than you think you have. I am utterly blessed to have you in my life. Happy valentine’s day, my lovely friend!

When someone has a friend with a wonderful heart like you, every day of the year seems like valentine’s day. I am outrageously lucky to have you in my life. Happy valentine’s day to the best friend ever!

Love has many forms, however, the best form of love is a beautiful and selfless bond of friendship between two individuals. No matter what happens, I will always be your friend in need. Have a glittering valentine’s day my friend.

Having such a trustworthy, supportive, and caring friend like you makes every day of my life more special than a valentine. Thank you for being my partner in crime all the time. Happy valentine, my lovely friend!

Your loyalty and unconditional support towards me make me feel so special and entitled, sometimes. Thank you for being my unshakable pillar. Happy valentine’s day, my awesome friend!

From the core of my heart, I want to say thank you for being such a crazy and lovely friend for such a long time. May the auspicious and loving occasion of valentine consolidate our bond of friendship to no limits. Happy valentine’s day, my only buddy!

I have never felt loneliness in my life till yet because of your heartwarming presence. You are the best damn valentine and an adorable friend. Happy valentine!

Valentine’s day is more than a celebration of love. It’s about embracing the love and warmth of every single person with whom you share the bond of friendship. Happy valentine’s day to the loveliest friend ever!

I never felt the need or absence of a lover because my friends are always with me to explore new things and experience the new highs of like. Thanks to all my lovely friends and happy valentine’s day!

Love arrives at the right time in your life. Friends come into your life way before you understand the value of friendship and stays with you till the end. Happy valentine’s day, friends!

Whoever thinks that valentine’s day is created only for lovers is absolutely preposterous. I spend valentine’s day with all my dearest friends and it titillates me like nothing. Happy valentine’s to all my nearest and dearest friends!

Blessed are those who spend valentine’s day with their best friends. You guys complete my life like nothing else and make it worth living every single moment. Happy valentine’s day to all my crazy friends!

Maybe I don’t have a lover to get heaps of hugs and kisses on valentine’s day. But I do have the companionship of swashbuckling friends who never let me feel the absence of a lover. Happy valentine’s day!

Valentine Day Greetings for Friends

That is only one thing which is beyond everything. It is my love for you my loveliest friend. You have immensely important place in my heart. Wishing you happy valentine day!

The love is not only great of two lovers. Our love for each other my friend is also great. Trust and faithfulness we have for each other is awesomely remarkable. Happy valentine day my friend!

When you are near me, I feel always relaxed like nothing I need in this world. When you are away, it feels like I am incomplete. I love you my friend. Happy valentine day!

You are my perfect valentine date. I always would love to hang out with you. You are the only one with whom I want to share everything. Happy valentine day my friend!

You are my heart my dear friend. You are my heart’s beatings. I really want to tell you I love you from the every corner of my heart. You mean everything to me. Happy valentine day dearest friend!

I don’t know how my life without you would be. I lucky I have you in my life. Happy valentine day my awesome friend!

As day and night are. As you are and me; we are eternal and forever for each other. Happy valentine day my fabulous friend!

Life with you is wonderful. I can’t think of more. Whatever it is, it is beautiful with you. Happy valentine day my only true friend!

I always wanted a truest friend in my life and I got you. You are my piece of heart I never want to lose and if I lost somehow, I would die. Happy valentine day my heartiest friend!

I don’t know what is sweet in this world my dear friend. I just know you are sweetest to me. Happy valentine day my starriest friend!

My life’s spelling meaning is derived through you my friend. You are the only wealth I have got. I want to have you forever. Happy valentine day my amazing friend!

The truth and belief you have given to me is the debt I can’t ever pay my beautiful friend. I really love on this eve of valentine and all the time.

I pray nothing and no one would snatch you away from me. Without you I don’t feel life. My heart doesn’t beat. Just never leave me. I love you. Happy valentine day my only love!

No any teddy bear, no card or nothing else would matter to you as gift as I know you have my heart. Thank for being in my life forever. I admire and adore you. I love you. Happiest valentine day my true friend!

You are the happiness of my life. My every moment is from you. Happy valentine day my life partner my friend!

I wish and I pray May you rise and rise and never fall in your life. If you somehow, you may rise quickest. May all the happiness come to you! Happy Valentine day my pure heart friend!

I don’t know what perfect date is. On this valentine day you are perfect for me. But I wish I don’t spend every Valentine day with you! Happy valentine day my lovely friend!

Valentine day is not just only girlfriends and boyfriends. It is about friends also. Happiest valentine day my friend my soul mate!

All I wish is your friendship my friend forever for my life rather than loveship. Happy valentine day my crazy mad friend!

Happy valentine day my dearest chubbiest friend! You mean a lot to me. I really appreciate the way you are. I wish you go millions of miles ahead in your life.

Funny Valentine Day Wishes for Friends

What is valentine day? Nothing else. Don’t call and expect from me anything special on this day. I only want to celebrate it like a normal day! Happy valentine day my lovely friend!

Valentine day is the most costly day for boys. It is another name of this day. I only love this day a little! Happy valentine day my dear friend!

I take a vow that you will be only my girlfriend forever in my life except on the day of valentine where I only consider a normal friend. What you say! Happy valentine day my love!

The only advantage of you having as a friend is that you don’t demand anything on Valentine’s Day. That’s why I like you. Happy Valentine dearest friend!

You mean whole universe to me except only on the day of Valentine. Consider nothing yourself on this day! Happy valentine day my mad friend!

I always like you except on the days when you say to spend on you. Only those days I don’t like you. Otherwise you are my favorite! Happy valentine day dear!

I wish no such day should exist in this world where we need to spend money on our girlfriends. And May girlfriends behave like a friend whenever they look money from their boyfriends! May this come true! Happy Valentine day my rose! I am always there for you.

I give you my heart but I don’t give any gift on Valentine day to you! Do you mind if I don’t. Happy valentine day my friend girlfriend!

Life is all settled when girls and friends don’t ask for anything and especially on the day of Valentine! Happy Valentine day my close friend!

Happy valentine day dear of my heart and soul! I will do everything for you as I promise to you! You will be the center of my life. Just consider preceding text in lines only not real! These words don’t belong to me! Yet happy valentine day to you!

I was thinking to spend my valentine’s day with you guys but then I thought, I won’t get hugs and kisses despite spending money on you turds. Jokes apart, happy valentine’s day!

The most sensible way to spend valentine’s day is to spend it with your better half, not with stupid and nerdy friends. Happy valentine’s day, my friends!

Talking about celebrating valentine’s day with friends seems enchanting. However, in real life, it is the most horrible and pocket denting idea. I wish you all a happy valentine’s day!

Hey guys, I just love to hang out with you on any day of the year except valentine. You guys are jobless, bring your girlfriend to the party, and I have to pay the bills. This year, you guys manage to spend valentine’s day without me.

A long time ago my father said “spend every penny wisely or you will end up broke.” This valentine’s day I am going to stay home and save my money. Happy valentine’s day, all my lovely fellas!

As I broke up with my girlfriend and don’t have anyone to take on a date, why don’t you guys make my valentine’s day special by planning something extraordinary? You guys can do at least that much for me.

On this valentine’s day, there is one thing that I want to get off from my chest. Would you guys please stop showing your ugly faces on valentine’s day? Fun apart, happy valentine’s day to all of you!

Love is blind but the party bill on valentine’s day makes me completely numb. You guys please do the favor of staying away from one valentine’s day. Wish you all a jovial valentine’s celebration.

You guys live in every corner of my heart. On valentine’s day, I want you to stay 100 meters away from me because I can’t afford to take you all on dinner at a time. Happy valentine’s day, my parsimonious friends.

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2022 for Her

As we are done with Valentines day wishes 2022 and love messages, it’s time to get conversant with the most significant aspect of Valentine’s day, gifts. Here are top and trendy Valentine’s day gift idea for her in 2022.

  1. Zodiac Sign Necklace
  2. Love Journal
  3. Satin Silk Dresses
  4. Runaway Gift Card
  5. Plush Rob
  6. Bracelet with Name imbibed
  7. Lace Bra
  8. Branded Makeup Kit
  9. Hair Dryer
  10. Personalized Folded Book Art
  11. Customized T-shirt with Awe-inspiring Valentin’s day message
  12. Netflix and Amazon prime access for binge-watching
  13. Binge-eating date
  14. Sterling Silver Earrings
  15. Wooden Postcard with Travel Goals
  16. Custom coordinates necklace.
  17. Classic Wine
  18. Wool Runners
  19. Smart Watch
  20. Backpacking Kit.

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him 2022

  1. Alexa home assistant by Amazon
  2. Beer Growler
  3. Apple airpods
  4. Combo of funky T-shirts
  5. Sun glasses
  6. A trip to his favorite destination
  7. Complete shaving kit
  8. Sports shoes
  9. Luxurious watch
  10. Customized Coffee Mug
  11. Beer mugs for house party
  12. Swiss army colonge
  13. Photo collage of your relation sweetest memories!
  14. Champagne
  15. Missing piece puzzle necklace
  16. Cufflinks
  17. Tickets of his favorite sports
  18. Tommy Hilfiger Wallet
  19. Business Magazine subscription
  20. Dart Game for killing meantime