Top 30 Vanessa Bell Quotes & Sayings

Top 30 Vanessa Bell Quotes & Sayings

Vanessa Bell Quotes: This post revolves around Vanessa Bell quotes who is a famous author of the book named ‘De Rivieres’.

Inspirational Vanessa Bell Quotes

Even when something does not go my way, I get up and fight, that is what keeps me going. » Vanessa Bell Calloway

I do not think it matters whether one agrees or not as long as ons is forced to think. » Vanessa Bell

Virginia sent the possibly rather unusual message ‘She is an angel’ and signed it by the nickname we always gave her – ‘Goat’. This arrived ‘She is an aged Goat’ and soon after George returned crestfallen and miserable and retired to bed, suffering it was said from shock. » Vanessa Bell

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If something scares you, you run toward it, not away from it. » Vanessa Bell Calloway

I get hired to be a certain character, but I cannot change my look especially since I have been in the business this long. I can’t gain 20 pounds and wonder why I am not working anymore or I’d have to transition into other types of roles. You have to take care of yourself and be vigilant. » Vanessa Bell Calloway

Shameless is a show I would watch even if I wasn’t on it, it’s my kind of show. » Vanessa Bell Calloway

I don’t think I avoided being type cast, because I do sometimes get similar roles. It is not a bad thing because we are strong at what we are strong at, not meaning that we cannot do other things, but sometimes somebody else might bring a little more realism than you, because that is more of who they are than who you are. I do get a chance to play other people and other types of roles. » Vanessa Bell Calloway

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The grey hair, which has spoken of old age at once to writers and doctors, means to a painter not just grey hair, but a certain grey – perhaps a grey with silver lights and warm shadows, perhaps an opaque cold grey, but a grey as different from other greys as one chord in music is different from others. » Vanessa Bell

Whitney won’t ever even know what it’s like to be 50. Whitney will never know what it’s like to be 50. She died before she was 50. So there’s nothing to be ashamed of. You should be proud of your age. » Vanessa Bell Calloway

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I like Twitter, actually and I like Instagram and I like talking to people. Most weeks, I’ll take a day, a morning or two out of my day and I’ll sit and I’ll just answer my tweets. You have to get back quickly. And I think that’s important to let people know that you see them because they took the time to acknowledge me. And they took the time to if you want to be my fan and to follow me and appreciate what I do. » Vanessa Bell Calloway

Actors have to stay ready and be ready. They need to adjust things in their life, whether it be hair, teeth, take the time to do that. » Vanessa Bell Calloway

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You have to control things, especially with the social media, because once it’s out there, it’s out there. And that becomes the fact. » Vanessa Bell Calloway

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One thing I’ve learned in my career is that you don’t have to answer people right away. I’ve learned how to say, Can I get back to you about that? Now I’ve given myself time to really assess what you asked me to do or what the situation is, think about it, then come up with a plan. Then by doing that, when I come back to you, it’s not what I say it’s how I say it. » Vanessa Bell

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Don’t be ashamed of your age. You’ve lived a long time. You’ve learned a lot. Tout you knowledge. Be proud of your experience. Be proud of who you’ve become. Don’t hide, and don’t be ashamed like, Oh my God. I’m nearly turning 50, or, I’m turning 60. Shhh, don’t tell nobody. » Vanessa Bell