40+ Condolence Messages for Grandfather | Rest in Peace Grandpa!

40+ Condolence Messages for Grandfather | Rest in Peace Grandpa!

Condolence Messages for Grandfather: Admit it or not, some of the most beautiful memories of our childhood are with our grandparents. A grandfather plays a monumental role in making a kid’s childhood swoon-worthy, hopeful, and magical. By sharing stories, showering love, and pouring wisdom on his grandkids a grandfather ensures the complete development of the grand kids and makes them fantastic human beings. The sudden loss of a grandfather can ramshackle anyone from within. Losing a grandfather means losing a person who used to give sagacious advice all time, chocolates, and money as well. To pay due reverence to your grandfather, here are some of the most emotional condolence messages for grandfather that will surely render some comfort. 

Condolence Messages on Loss of Grandfather

I am deeply shattered and aghast to learn about the sudden demise of your lovely grandfather. What a brilliant and outstanding man your grandfather was! I genuinely wish his soul to savor all the pleasures of heaven and rest well there. I am sorry for the loss of your grandfather!

The loss of your grandfather will going to pinch a lot of hearts including mine. I know you are going through such a hard phase and all you need is outrageous love to get back on your feet. This phase too will pass and your sweet grandpa will be alive till eternity in our memories. My deepest condolences are with you on your grandpa loss!

Condolence Messages on Loss of Grandfather

Hey friend, I know quite well that you shared a very special and intimate bond with your grandfather. However, no one can stop the might of death. One thing I am happy about is your grandpa lived his life the way he always wanted to and to the fullest as well. My heartiest sympathies are with you in this tumultuous time.

Lucky are those grandkids who get to listen to fairy tale stories from their grandfather, get conversant with his unrivaled wisdom, and marinate completely in his selfless love. You are one of them. It’s hard to not shed tears but you have a family to take care of. I hope my words of condolences offer you some solace and comfort.

I can’t measure the extent of pain you are experiencing right now. Your grandfather was such a humble and gracious man that everybody loved to be around him all the time. If there is anything I can do to reduce your grief and pain, I would be happy to do that. I am terribly sorry for the loss of your grandfather!

I have yet to find a person who was as visionary, soft-hearted, and generous as your grandfather was. I have always considered him as my foremost idol and it’s heart-shattering to see him passing away like that. If you need shoulders to cry, I am always here for you. My deepest condolences are with you on your grandpa loss.

In this gloomy and sorrowful time, I am sending my warmest condolences and heart consoling words to my dearest friend who just lost his adorable grandfather. Your grandfather has become the most glittering star in the sky who will sprinkle his blessings on humanity till the end. Please accept my deepest condolences on your loss!

The sudden demise of your grandpa must be a monumental breakdown moment for your whole family. His passing has created such a huge void that no amount of kind words and sympathy can fill it. The tragic loss of a great man is indigestible. May his soul find the needed solace in heaven!

Your grandfather has left this place with so many profound and ever-lasting memories that I don’t think any family member would be able to forget him even for a moment. But don’t worry, his holy spirit will always be lingering around you all the time. Please accept my heartiest sympathies and deepest condolences!

My whole family has so many entrancing and subtle memories with your grandfather that It will be more than painful to digest the fact that he is not with us anymore. I don’t think I am going to forget his face ever. My heart and prayers goes out to you and your family during this sorrowful time. I am so sorry for the loss of your amazing grandfather!

The demise of your grandpa is the biggest loss I have ever witnessed in my life. He was the only man known for cheering even the most depressed person in no time. His sudden death is stabbing my heart into a million pieces. May his soul get immersed in the ultimate. Sending my prayers and condolences to you and your family!

You may have lost your grandfather but you will never lose all the sweet and unforgettable memories you have created and lived with him. I can be with you all the time if you need someone to share your feelings. My heartiest condolences are with you during this time of agony. 

Hey dear, your grandfather was the most unique and benevolent man I have ever seen. Not only he will be remembered for a long time because of his good deeds but also for his absolutely charming nature. I am shattered by the loss of a great and sagacious man. I am sorry for the massive loss of your grandpa!

A man likes your grandfather is born once in a generation. If there is anything I have learned from him, it’s giving to needy ones selflessly. His legacy and contribution will never be matched for forgotten. Please don’t hesitate a bit in asking for support and sympathies. He will be immortal in our memories.

Yes, I do believe in superhumans or superheroes. I have seen one in your grandfather. If it was possible, I would have sacrificed everything to bring him back into this world. I will always keep him alive in my memories. In a time of agony, my full support and condolences are with you and your family.

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Deepest Condolence Messages for Grandpa

Accept my condolences on the demise of your grandfather. Your grandfather was same to me as he was to you. His sweet way of talking always attracted me to him and the knowledge and experience he shared of his life is valuable. I always miss him too and I know how much you will. 

It is shocking and devastating to see how suddenly he has left us. I am so sad too. You know that we spent our childhood with him. He was so close to me too. I am still not able to grasp the news of departure. Accept my condolences on demise of your grandfather. I love him too and will always.

Deepest Condolence Messages for Grandpa

A grandfather is like that friend to whom you can reveal your all secrets, the one who is always there for you and the one who always protect you. So saddened I am feeling hearing the news of your grandfather’s death. My heart is weeping I can’t tell you how much. Accept my condolences on the departure of your grandfather.

Earth has slipped from my feet when I knew that your grandfather has gone for heaven forever. I don’t know what to say to console your sadness and grief but I do want to say I have never seen a man like your grandfather who was selfless man and not even iota of ill he had. He was the nicest man I have ever met in my life. Sympathies and condolences.

You and your grandfather were so near and I can see that in your eyes. Those were the days when we all together used to play with your grandfather and he used to tell us interesting meaningful stories. I will miss him dearly. You have lost a good friend and I can understand that. My truest condolences on the heavenly departure of your grandfather!

Accept my heartfelt condolences on the heavenly departure of your grandfather. So broken I am feeling now. I wish he could live 100 years of age. He was a great military man and taught me the value of discipline in life. I can never forget him and I can understand how you are going through all this.

Sympathies and condolences on the death of your grandfather. A lovely man of values and characters he was. Take care of my friend. I wish we could bring him back. Sometimes we love a person so much that we forget we are mortal. May his soul rest in peace!

It is devastating loss of not only of you but mine too. After my parents departed your grandfather was the one who supported me and gave me strength to live and face everything. He was the man of great personality of which we could only dream of. My deepest condolences on the demise of your grandfather.

Nothing is certain in life and not sure. Anything could happen anytime. But the loss of your grandfather is totally unfortunate event. I can’t withstand it. He was my guru of life. I love and miss him forever. You take care of yourself and I am always there for you. Never forget this. May he find best place in heaven! Accept my condolences.

He was divine soul, a man of immense caliber in such old age too. He was even the physically so strong. The man who understood everyone’s pain and always ready to help. He loved children as he used to love us. May angels guide him in the divine realms! Accept my condolences on the death of your grandfather.

Accept my truest condolences on the demise of your grandfather. He was a cute old man with whom we loved to talk about his time. He taught us that one should accept oneself as one is rather than being other what he not. May he always watch over us and May he finally go in slumber in the heaven! 

Your support was only your grandfather and even in your family too. After his departure you are alone. How lonely you are feeling I can understand. Don’t worry my friend. I am there for you with all I can do. It is good that with happy face he departed. Accept my truest condolences on the demise of your grandfather.

Sympathies and condolences on the death of your grandfather. It is truly unthoughtful. He was a humble man, full of love and emotions for everyone. He loved puppies a lot and always there for helping injured animal. He couldn’t see anyone in pain but has left us all in pain forever grieving for him. Accept my condolences on the demise of your grandfather. Saying prayers for him.

I can’t digest the news that he has gone leaving us in tears. Accept my condolences on the departure of your grandfather. May he rest in heavenly abode! Take care my friend of yourself. I know you are missing him. Some truths are in life universal and we have to accept them rather than grieving them for life. 

May his soul not wander here and there and find solace in heaven! Your grandfather was a good and humble man. As we get old we understand life while in young we live it. Your grandfather was a book of philosophy. So many life lessons he gave us. He will always be in my prayers. Accept my condolences on his demise.

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