80+ Funny Thanksgiving Quotes, Wishes, Sayings To Celebrate Thanksgiving 2023 Amusingly

80+ Funny Thanksgiving Quotes, Wishes, Sayings To Celebrate Thanksgiving Amusingly

Funny Thanksgiving Quotes: If you ever wonder what would you talk about with family members, acquaintances, or friends after having Thanksgiving dinner, there is nothing better than funny thanksgiving quotes and wishes to keep the thanksgiving festive vibes keep going on along with having some good laughs. Yes, thanksgiving is all about paying homage to the sacrifices of the farmers and be thankful for the preceding harvest. However, there is nothing wrong with cracking up some humorous lines and put a big smile on everyone’s face. Here are some utterly hilarious funny thanksgiving quotes 2021 and funny thanksgiving wishes and sayings that will keep the laughter sessions going on at your thanksgiving party.

Funny Thanksgiving Quotes 2021

Modern-day beings have no sense of celebrating thanksgiving. I like the old-fashioned way. Invite everyone, cook some damn fine turkey, and insult the hell out of everyone. Happy thanksgiving day fellas!

I find farmers the most cruel begins. They pretend to co-exist with turkeys for so many months just to gobble all of them on thanksgiving day!

On thanksgiving, if your calories intake is less than your blessings, you have insulted the sacrifice of so many valorous turkeys. Enjoy Thanksgiving!

I wish I could be surrounded by the things I love the most on thanksgiving: turkeys, football games, wine, pumpkin pie, and no relatives.

Maybe we all celebrate thanksgiving day just to make sure our planet doesn’t get overpopulated by turkeys and extra food materials?

This thanksgiving, let go of all the past grudges and invite all your loved ones to thanksgiving dinner. Chances are that after thanksgiving, you may not want to invite them at all forever. 

If you want to play the perfect role of Santa Claus on Christmas, thanksgiving dinner time is the best time to kickstart your missions. May you have an amusing thanksgiving celebration!

As long as I have turkey leg in one hand and in another wine, my thanksgiving celebration will be totally fine.

Your aim on thanksgiving day should be to get as stuffed as a cooked turkey so that no one doubts whether you celebrated the festival or not.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to find out if someone has eaten turkey till they wobble. Just check out the lower buttons of their shirt. Happy Thanksgiving!

Love the way how a turkey is cooked; slow and how it is eaten; slow. Whole Thanksgiving spent eating turkey; slow!

It feels good when on the day of Thanksgiving; we drink wine instead of water, even when water is needed. It is a wine day too!

All the delicacies you eat on the Thanksgiving day; just put all the jealousy out then it would be more delicious. Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish my life be pumpkin pie or apple pie; sweet and soft. Happy Thanksgiving!

This life is like gravy, not staying and always flowing. Happy Thanksgiving!

I just love to eat on Thanksgiving; even of others’. Happy Thanksgiving!

You don’t need to feel love from others while love yourself. Cook your own food! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank God! It is Thanksgiving, not Halloween; otherwise turkeys eaten might come as ghosts. Happy Thanksgiving!

Before saying it is not tasty; you should know your own hands’ taste. Happy Thanksgiving!

Every day is Thanksgiving. Just assume and it would be all funny. This is great funny. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Funny Thanksgiving Sayings

Thanksgiving is about expressing gratitude and serving the needy ones. But what if you are the needy one? Jokes apart, happy thanksgiving!

People travel to different corners of the world to celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones and to realize if it was worth visiting the relatives? May you have a joyous Thanksgiving celebration!

Funny Thanksgiving Sayings

No matter how juicy thanksgiving turkey you make, there is always one person in the family who will find the fault in cooking but eat all of it. Happy Thanksgiving!

There is nothing special about thanksgiving. You eat with family like you eat every day. The only difference is you annoy the hell out of each other a little less. 

On Thanksgiving, don’t fight about whether your glass of wine is half-full or half-empty. Be thankful that at least you have wine in it.

You cooked the dead turkey hot and after eating it, in my stomach it is running and become alive! Let the harvest begin! Happy Thanksgiving!

After eating fresh cooked steamed turkey it is really hot inside. It is taking revenge making me run for miles! Happy Thanksgiving!

Share, care and spread love on the day of Thanksgiving. Before that just clean your armpits! Happy Thanksgiving!

Don’t know who blow the fire; just instantly everything has got cooked, even me. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is the only day where we all are giving for one day; otherwise we all are taking of something of someone! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Funny Thanksgiving Quotes For A Smile

The only thing my family members agree about on thanksgiving is the size of the turkey. The bigger the turkey, the more we eat and sleep like a beer. Happy Thanksgiving to all my family members and friends!

People are so thankful and grateful on thanksgiving day because it only comes once a year. Happy Thanksgiving!

My family and friends follow only three traditions on thanksgiving: eat like horses, drink like a drunkard, and shut the door when someone asks for help. 

In my opinion, the most thankful and the happiest people on thanksgiving are the ones who don’t have to lift even a finger in thanksgiving celebration preparation and get to eat the biggest piece of turkey.

The fewer relatives you have at the dinner table on thanksgiving, the more blessings you can count easily. Have a memorable Thanksgiving celebration!

Put a smile on your face. It is not funny, it is serious then you can see everyone is getting funny seeing your smile! Let the turkey burn! Wishing happy Thanksgiving!

Just drink a peg of classic red wine and it melts you with smile warming from inside. Happy Thanksgiving!

Share the food with needy, share the love with lost, care for the abandoned; but don’t ask for donation! Happy Thanksgiving!

You don’t need to cut a turkey on the day of Thanksgiving. Seeing it running, it makes you smile! Happy Thanksgiving!

My wife says I look like turkey to her on every day! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Funny Happy Thanksgiving Wishes for Friends

Thanksgiving is perhaps one of the reasons why most of my friends and family members are suffering from obesity. They eat one month of food in one day alone. Happy Thanksgiving!

I think baseball or football are two of the best games to watch on thanksgiving. I mean they stop you from having stupid conversations with unsolicited relatives.

Funny Happy Thanksgiving Wishes for Friends

The biggest irony about the thanksgiving festival; you express gratitude by killing and eating an innocent bird.

Thanksgiving festival gives us one fine opportunity every year to sit back and contemplate why we don’t meet people for the rest of the year. Happy Thanksgiving!

I belong to a family where sweet mashed potato is considered as the most delectable sweet.

May on this Thanksgiving you share your wealth with me and forever be! Happy Thanksgiving! May you pay my bills also!

May you have a belly, that how much you eat on the day of Thanksgiving you can’t tally! And on every day you throw us a party! Wishing happy Thanksgiving!

May the turkey you cook, I eat! May the party you throw I feast! Wishing Happy Thanksgiving!

Life is a celebration, Only on Thanksgiving it is free. May the celebration always be! Happy Thanksgiving!

May what you eat today on the day of Thanksgiving, what you be in your next birth! May whatever you have done today, May it be done to you in your next birth! Eat turkey wisely! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Funny Thanksgiving Messages for Family

If you have a grave fight with your loved ones, just offer them all the turkey and mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving and everything will be fine. Wish you all a frisky thanksgiving!

You know you have your life sorted when you wait for the thanksgiving turkey to arrive more than your friends and family members visit. 

Funny Thanksgiving Messages for Family

The saddest part of the thanksgiving celebration; when the lady you love doesn’t cook the thanksgiving turkey and order it from outside.

Always trust a person who goes to the gym the next day after eating thanksgiving dinner like there will not be another thanksgiving.

Most of my family members never get to know about other dishes on thanksgiving like Pumpkin, yam, cranberry pie, as they cannot go past over turkeys. 

You don’t need to be in full pants to do party on Thanksgiving. You can be in half also! Happy Thanksgiving!

Life is meaningless until Thanksgiving comes. May every day be Thanksgiving! Wishing you happy Thanksgiving!

On the day of Thanksgiving, eat wisely and invite wisely. Enjoy with best friends! Happy Thanksgiving!

Just don’t celebrate Thanksgiving as a house party! It is Thanksgiving; share on the day; for one day! Happy Thanksgiving!

People always take serious message; funny. That’s what they do on Thanksgiving! Wishing everyone Thanksgiving!

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Funny Turkey Sayings & Quotes

In my family, those are considered as the most blessed who get to eat the entire turkey’s leg on thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the juicy turkey!

Like you can’t celebrate Christmas without a Christmas tree, you can’t celebrate Thanksgiving without gobbling thanksgiving turkey to your limits.

Funny Turkey Sayings & Quotes

The biggest turn-off on thanksgiving day is badly cooked turkey and not-so-old wine.

Who said Thanksgiving is not a damn fine paid holiday? I have the biggest turkey leg piece on my plate and a damn fine football game going on.

You can always find something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving day. Well, you can make a fresh start by counting the dinner turkey first.

Let the turkey burn, let be in the party and fun. Happy Thanksgiving!

When you eat turkey, you run as faster as it! Happy Thanksgiving!

You love the turkey; it loves you back eating you next when you become turkey! Happy Thanksgiving!

Be vegan on the day of Thanksgiving! Let the turkey live! Happy Thanksgiving!

As it takes time to cook turkey, it takes time to digest it! Happy Thanksgiving!

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