Godly Quotes on Love, God Quotes about Life, & Godly Bible Quotes about Faith

Godly Quotes on Love, God Quotes About Life, & Godly Bible Quotes About Faith

To pay due homage to all almighty and his breathtaking existence, we bring you a soul-stirring selection of godly quotes on love, godly quotes on life, inspirational god bible quotes, and godly blessing quotes for woman and god quotes trust for man. Let’s rollout. What is God? Who is God? From where God came? All these questions are haunting humanity and propelling it to go any length and breadth to find the answers to these questions for ages. God cannot be described in mere words. God cannot be encompassed in a human body. According to the greatest philosophers, God exists in every atom of this universe. He exists in things you can touch and see. He also exits in things that you can’t’ see, feel, and think about.

There is no single definition of God. The definition alters with person and person and their level of experience of godliness. Rather than God, people have experienced godliness in varied things. Some have experienced godliness in love, some in life, some in man and woman, and some in deep relationships. Instead of going deep into the discussion of God and Godliness, we bring you a concise-stirring selection of godly quotes about love, life, man, and woman that will amplify your perception of God and godliness and help you to under the God in a better way.

Best Godly Quotes | Powerful God Quotes About Life

God is not something wonderful, esoteric, elusive being. It exists in all of us and is the very basis of life.

It doesn’t matter whether God bestowed you life or not. What matters is what you make out of your life.

Life and God are synonyms to each other. God is life and living a good life is godliness.

Best Godly Quotes

God never plans anything nasty for his child. All his plannings have intentions that we human beings can’t decipher.

If the day Jesus died was eventually called good, then maybe one day, our worst days might be called good too.

Protect me, O God, for I Have put my life in your hands.

The closer you are to God, the more loving and caring you will be. Life gets simpler, as you become full of peace.

God wants you to change in the best way possible. He wants your life to go from GOOD TO GREAT!

One’s pride will vanish if one knows The Greatness of God and his Saints.

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When your plans don’t work, it means God has way better plans ready for your life.

You cannot connect the life events by looking forward. When you look backward and connect the dots then only you understand God’s purpose.

When God renders you multiple opportunities, don’t commit the same mistakes again and again.

God wants your heart more than He wants your stuff.

Every problem we face is an opportunity to face god better and in new ways.

When he does not observe proper decorum and respect in the presence of God knowing well that God is omnipresent, It is certain that he has no Faith in God.

God is a spring of living water who flows unceasingly into the hearts of those who pray.

GOD is the best listener, you don’t need to shout, nor cry out loud. Because He hears even the most silent prayer of a sincere heart.

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Rather than seeking God, seek inner peace and you will find God automatically.

God’s love is so colossal that it will take a million lives to enclose it in your being.

When nothing goes according to your way, have unshakable faith in God’s way and walk on it without any doubt.

Your personal pain might’ve delayed you, but it won’t stop God’s plan for your life.

God never calls you to the things you can do. He calls you to the things you won’t do, refuse to do and can’t do. Remember, he is the God of “nothing is impossible“.

You are loved, wonderfully made, beautiful. You have purpose. You are a masterpiece. God has a great plan for you!

May the peace of the Lord God with you, wherever he may send you. May he guide you through the wilderness and protect you.

It is with the brilliance of life experienced, that beautifies the significance of our time and by the tremendous guide of #God’s eyes, that I continue to see life in the fulfillment of his #Faith, Amen

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Giving your day a kick start by expressing the Gratitude whenever you wake up in the morning is the best thing you can do to commence the day with positive vibes. God is the ultimate truth. We are mere trivial entities of God. By chanting only the name of God can give us enormous strength, hope, and love. No matter through what situation you are going, you should always thank god for giving you a priceless life full of opportunities. To express gratitude to God with the utmost purity in your hear, we bring you the holiest selection of powerful godly blessing quotes that will eradicate all your sins and help your realize your truest self. These godly quotes are utterly original and fit well in all situations.