65+ Original Happy Birthday Quotes for Friends, Lovers and Everyone: Inspiring, Lovely and Best

best happy birthday quotes
best happy birthday quotes

First of all, Happy Birthday to you all! Whoever is reading this post, it is for them. We wish you a very Happy Birthday and every time. We all know that one day we will die. It is the ultimate truth. No one could change this. But on the day when we were born, it was special day for us, for our parents, and for everyone who saw us first time as a little baby. That day was our Happy Birthday. It was celebration time, and whenever that birthday date comes, it is celebration time. So it could be that your birthday celebration time is coming. Rather than just having a party, say these Happy birthday quotes. Whether it is your friend’s birthday, sister, parents or any other’s. Saying beautiful, mesmerizing, emotional and loving words can mean a lot. Words carry the emotions whatever you say and it can change someone’s life drastically. 

More than money and materialistic pleasures, expressing your emotions mean a lot, and you couldn’t express them without words. Hence if on coming dates, whether your friend’s, sister, brother, parents’ or whosever birthday is coming, say these expressive Happy birthday quotes to them provided they can know how much you love them and how much they mean to you! Enjoy and party hard! Besides all that, we also have happy birthday wishes for you.

Best Happy Birthday Quotes for Everyone

You win and you win. Whenever whatever good you do, you always win!

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Quotes

You and your life goes in right direction. You achieve what you desire and your every birth feels worth full to you!

You never shed a tear, always remains smile on your face and you never see the dark!

God always bless you with everything what you want. Your life’s every moment goes ecstatic!

You never see the face of sadness. You never get betrayed and your life gets all the love what you want! Happy Birthday!

On your this birthday, you get the world’s truest gift; a truest and loyal friend to your life! Happy Birthday!

Wherever you go, your surroundings remain as sweet as your birthday cake. Happy Birthday!

Whatever and whichever your heart desires, come true to you!

You get the love of your life, girl of your life and career of your life. You be what you want to be! Wishing you Happy Birthday!

Your life may not remain dull. And you sail to the voyage of your dream and always wave the flag of your success. Happy Birthday dear!

Entire universe you get on your birthday. Wishing you Happy Birthday dear!

You never get old, always remain healthy and wealthy. Happy birthday my friend!

quotes about happy birthday

You get going strong, you get going successful, you get going as sun going. Always rising!

These are all some of the best happy birthday quotes that you can say to your loved ones. Happy birthday images are also there that you can send to anyone to whomever you want to wish. Life is short. It is going and going., Sometimes going fast, sometimes going slow; happy and sad. But whenever your birthday comes, it seems new. It is a kind of new life, a new chance. So celebrate it and make something of your life. Happy Birthday to you!

Inspirational Happy Birthday Quotes

There are two words in life without which perhaps we couldn’t imagine living this life- those ones are Inspiration and Hope. If these are not there, there is no life exists. We all need inspirations and hope in life to go ahead and make something of it, make our mark in this world. So how it could be possible that there are no Inspirational Happy Birthday Quotes!?

Life is always about falling and rising up. I think you have understood this important message of life. Happy Birthday dear! 

Inspirational Happy Birthday Quotes

You have to go by one style whatever you choose. Just stick to one. If you go by many. You can’t reach anywhere! 

Everyone in this world whomever you meet could betray you. But your parents won’t. So give them respect always!

Be like fire that always rising. Be like water that is always flowing. Be like wind that is invisible but felt! Happy Birthday!

Experience in life is important. If you think too much, you couldn’t experience anything. So just dive carefully and float. This brings you all. Wishing you Happy Birthday!

Whatever star you want to be in your life, you will be. I wish abundance of everything in your life. Many-many happy returns of the day, Happy birthday dear!

Always believe in your intuition and what your heart says. But you shouldn’t never ignore the mind too! Wishing you Happy Birthday always!

True love only happens once. So choose it wisely. Don’t fall for everyone. But be like everyone falls for you! Great birthday to you!

Always you remain in the guidance of the higher light. Never shadow could touch you of dark. And all angels be with you! Happy birthday!

I wish you find all success you want in your life and everything you desire. Many hugs to you and happy birthday!

I wish you find the truest and loyal partner in your life and all the happiness, love and friendship. Happy birthday dear friend!

May God show you always the right path and guide you towards the right direction. You never lose. Happy birthday!

best birthday quotes for friends

Determination, faith, belief and hard work are the only ingredients that give you all what you desire. Wishing you happy birthday!

So these are all the inspirational happy birthday quotes that you can say to your dear and nearest ones on their birthday. As we have said above inspirations and hope are only two words that can reignite your life. If these were not there, all would have died perhaps and there would not have been great stories to inspire and aspire.  We have happy birthday images also on this blog that you can send to anyone through sms or email or through any other medium. Images are best of the best and good messages written on them. Hence in coming time or if today, if anyone of your birthday is, then wish them with beautiful inspiring birthday quotes. Make their birthday special and unforgettable. Happy birthday once again! 

Special Birthday Quotes for Friends

What is life? Just five minutes of everything in which we experience every emotion. And it comes and goes. We all know nothing is permanent. Apart from all the relations that we make in our life; friendship is one that we always want to make and cherish. Friend, a word, in itself so beautiful. If in this life you don’t have real and true friend, then your life is a waste, utter waste. A true friendship is treasure that you want to store in your heart’s locker and never want to lose it.  If you have a very dear and close friend that you love so heartily and whose birthday is just coming in a few days and you want to wish her and him, then these Birthday quotes for friends you confirmedly like it and want to say to wish him and her. 

If your friend is disappointed with you or a little bit angry with you then please talk to her and convince her that nothing bad or fight would happen between you and her. It is always the forgiving and communication that save the relationship. So communicate and forgive and leave all the disputes that is between you and her. If you lose a true friendship, then you lose everything. You lose this whole world. A little misunderstanding could ruin the whole world of yours. So save your friendship, don’t break up, forgive and communicate. And say these beautiful birthday quotes for friend on her birthday. 

Without you, how would I live in this world? You are my everyone and everything. You make my life special. I love you my dear friend. I love you. Wish you a very happy birthday!

Special Birthday Quotes for Friends 

Little fights, little delights; the every night that I spent with you talking on rooftop seeing the light of moon, is the treasure of my life; my love, my friend. Happy birthday. You live longer and I with you too. 

May you live longer! may you get everything what you desire. I wish a very happy special birthday to you my dear friend. 

I still remember the two pegs of wine that we took each other. Two cigarettes that we puffed together, and the deep conversation that we did together. It was life. Happy birthday my friend! Love you whole life!

I wish I always get your company in every walk of my life. No distance could come in our relationship. If they came, might strengthen our bond stronger. Love you my dear friend. Happy birthday day!

I’m lucky that I got you as a best friend. Wishing you best birthday of the world to you. Love you so much. 

Your every tear is mine. Your every failure would be divine. You shine like Sun and you get the love benign. Happy birthday my chubby friend. Love you always!

You remember that day when we got wet in rain! You remember that day when we both ate a burger together! You remember that time when we used to share our shirt and jeans! That was beautiful time. Many-many happy returns of the day, happy birthday my friend!

Faith, belief in yourself, confidence and determination – I pray to God that he fills you with all these virtues. With these you can get everything in your life! Happy Birthday my dearest friend!

You get every success in the game of life. Everything you get. Wishing you a rocking happy birthday!

happy birthday friend quotes

Between you and me was only love and still is. Then how could these little fights could destroy our relationship, our friendship. All stars of happiness may come in your life. And I wish you always remain happy. Best life and thank you for being my friend. Happy birthday!

So these are all the mesmerizing heartfelt happy birthday quotes for friends that you can say to them on their birthday whenever it is going to come. You can also send these to them by messages or writing them in a greeting card that you have made yourself for them. We are more updating for you beautiful and emotional content, quotes, wishes and messages for every occasion and celebration. Hence keep visiting QWM.com for best lines. Happy Birthday!

Crunchiest Birthday Quotes for Lovers

Love- could you imagine that anything without it exist in this world? Everyone wants to be in true love. I also want to be in true love. Experiencing true love of a lover is the most enigmatic and godly feeling, which means that your birth on this earth has become successful. Finding a partner for whom you want to and can do everything is like finding the real treasure.  So if her and his birthday is coming near and you are looking for best quotes for your love then you have come to the right place on the internet. And we guarantee that you would never regret. Here are heartiest birthday quotes for lovers that you can say for each other on your birthdays. 

With love you can do anything, can get anything, can reach anywhere wherever you want to, and even find the God if you believe in such kind of entity. Just remember, if you have found true love, never leave it in any condition. And on her and his birthday say and send our crunchy sweet rosious birthday quotes for lovers. 

The way you smile, kills me; that I want to spend more time with you, always seeing your this smile that is life for me. Happy Birthday my love! Always want to be yours!

Crunchiest Birthday Quotes for Lovers

Your eyes like lilies to me, your look fills me. I couldn’t imagine my life without you and couldn’t take even breathe. So precious you to me. I wish you happy birthday my dearest love!

You live thousands times and I live with you thousands times. We continuously love each other and always will be. Your every day be special as your birthday. Happy birthday my love!

I want to walk with you on every road of this magical journey; life. Wishing you a magnanimous happy birthday.

You are for me and always will be for me, in this birth and every birth. I love you and happy birthday my love.

Finding you like finding a miracle. Bestest magic that has happened with me is you. Only then I knew I really want to live this life with you. Happy birthday my life! Love you!

I wish that my end would be with your end! Happy birthday!

When I’m with you, it feels like I’m among the beautiful roses. Every moment is like beautiful slumber for me. When you breathe, it feels like breeze to me. Wishing you a great birthday my soul!

I just want to kiss you; on your lips, cheeks, ears and eyes. I want to be in your soul. So behold! You see in my eyes, you know our love is benign. Lots of life, love and a great birthday to you!

As days and nights, as fire and water, as death and birth, as sun and moon; as you and me. Never separated, single life and single soul in two bodies. Love you and love-you-birthday!

happy birthday love quotes

So as love happens, so as you have happened to me. My every heart beats say to me that you are for me, and I realize, yes you are for me. You are; that’s why I am. Happy birthday!

So when your lover’s birthday is coming? If it is tomorrow or in just a few days away, then we have soulful birthday quotes for lovers that you say or send to her or him wherever they are. Or you can say them personally. We think that saying personally if you say so would grow your love more. Birthdays, anniversaries, first kiss, first hug, first touch; these are all the celebrations that you can do for each other. And if you do so, your love would grow manifold tremendously. Getting into each other’s love more is like knowing yourselves more and much, and when you say our original wishes and birthday quotes, it would be continuously growing and growing. What you are waiting for then? Choose your favorite quote and say. And from our side also to lovers whoever they are and whosever birthday is; we want to say- Happy Birthday! Happy birthday images are also there if you want to send. Just reminding!

Pretty Happy Birthday Quotes for Sisters

Whether you fight with her or tease her, or even you don’t care about her, or nor think about her; but your sister always loves and thinks about you. She always loves and thinks about you, though perhaps it could be she doesn’t show. A sister is a best friend and like a mother. Her love for you would never fade whatever you become, whatever condition you go through.  So how much you love your sister? If you want to express and show, then her birthday will be the best day for it. And if it is coming in a few days, then we think God has heard you. We have heart-touchy birthday quotes for sister that you can say to her. In them your love is and they beautifully tell the emotional stories of your heart for your sisters. Whether you have younger, elder or cousin sister, these quotes are for everyone. A sister is like a best friend that you have. And remember always treat her better and get treated her better! Love you my sisters!

Not even a droplet of tear would come from your eyes, if it tries to come, I would burn the whole world for it! That much I love you my pretty sister. Happy birthday!

Pretty Happy Birthday Quotes for Sisters

May you get all what you want. No harm could touch you, and when grief tries to come, then I would be standing in its way stopping it. Wishing you happy birthday sister!

You are my reflection. You are my real love. I love you as a daughter and respect you as a mother. You will be always the first in my heart. Thank you for coming into my life. Happy birthday my sister!

No strongest relation in this world exists as the relation of a brother and a sister. Always loving you sister. Happy birthday!

Your sister is a benign friend. A selfless love for you always exists in her heart for you. Great happy birthday to you my lovely sister!

For a man; two selfless true loves exist for him. One of his mother and one of his sister. Other loves for him are selfish.

I wish that you get a best man in your life that always care and love you more than any other thing in this world. You always remain happy and cheerful. Happy birthday my lovelies and prettiest sister! You rock always!

I remember your all sacrifices that you have done for me. Everything you have given me double fold without caring whether you get it or not. I love you my sister, very much love you. Happy birthday!

I wish you always win in your life. Wherever you go, no rejection you get, and you get all the happiness of this universe. I always pray for you my sister. You are all for me like a mother and a best friend. Happy birthday!

happy birthday sister

My happiest moment of life is when, when you were born and I knew that I got a sister. Happy birthday sister!

So these are the best birthday quotes for sisters that you can say to her on her birthday or whenever you want to. Every emotion is there in these quotes and these are the original happy birthday quotes for sister, not copied or taken from somewhere else. 

On our website you always find the original and thoughtful quotes and wishes for every celebrations and occasions. Few the website on the internet that provides the original quotes, messages and wishes. A sister is a rare gift that God has bestowed upon us. So always respect her, treat her better and try that no harm, grief or sadness could touch her. 

Happy Birthday Quotes for Brothers

When you don’t have anyone, you have brother! Your bro that is with you in every hard and ease of life. What would be life if you hadn’t done any naughty malice with your brother! He is a part of every trick that you have played on anyone. He is your partner. He is your problem solver. He is everything for you. When you don’t have anyone, you have your brother. And these lovely happy birthday quotes for brothers are for him also. 

Very explicitly they emote the true feeling for your brother on his birthday, and you can write them in a card or send them any best one you like or say her before everyone when you will be making a toast for him. Relationship that we have whether with a brother or a sister or with anyone, is the only element of our life that we cherish and treasure. Life is just about expressing for true feelings for someone whom you love. If you haven’t done, then you are living with a burden in your life. 

Birthday quotes for brothers are those feelings that perhaps you wanted to say your brother but couldn’t somehow. Sometimes it is the case that whom we love the most, we couldn’t express our real feelings to them. So it is utmost important that you do, whether directly or indirectly. Besides all, we just want to say Happy Birthday to all brothers!

Macho Birthday Quotes for Brothers 

You always remain brave and determined in whatever severe conditions come in your life. You never ever fall down but if, rise up again. This I wish on your birthday. Love you my brother!

happy birthday bro

If ever in your life you don’t have anyone’s shoulder to rest on, then remember your brother. He is always there for you. Happy birthday my dear brother. 

A brother is like a shadow under whom you can sleep peacefully and calmly. Many-many happy returns of the day my brother!

If you have a big brother, you don’t have big problems in your life. Wishing you a very happy great birthday my big brother!

A brother is like a that strong branch of a tree from where you can swing any time and never fall. Happy birthday my dear brother!

When you don’t have anyone to walk with you then you have a brother who always walks with you on every road wherever you want to go. Rocking birthday my brother! You are my real hard rock!

If you have a brother, then you have the world’s greatest Kohinoor in your life. Never lose it. Happy birthday my brother!

When you have a real brother then you don’t need to worry about anything. He can bring everything for you. Happy birthday my dearest brother!

A girl always looks up to his brother. He is the only real man in her life! Always wishing you happy birthday my brother!

happy birthday quotes for brother

Having a brother is like having no worry in your life. I want to say a deep hearted happy birthday to you my brother. Always loving you!

All these are some of the best and original happy birthday quotes on the internet that you can only find here. This is the only place where you find thoughtful quotes, messages and wishes. Life is all about emotions and telling them is all about life. So we have all quotes and messages for you. 

Birthday quotes for brothers are really beautiful and mesmerizing, and really tell the true love for brothers. You say them whenever you want to your brother whether elder or younger. Life is short. So express your real feelings for your brothers. At the end love you brother! You are my life!