[250+] Heart Touching Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, & Greetings for Everyone

[250+] Heart Touching Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, & Greetings for Everyone

This all-inclusive post will satiate your need for simple and emotional and heart touching birthday wishes, inspirational happy birthday messages, and funny happy birthday greetings. Happy birthday, a day for which every individual waits quite eagerly for the whole year. It’s the day that a person comes into existence and become an integral part of the world full of complex labyrinths. A person feels super-special when his/her near and dear ones like friends, family, colleagues, send him lovely birthday greetings on his birthday. His whole existence starts to seem vivacious, meaningful, and full of hope.

Heart touching Birthday Wishes for friend

Hand-written and heart-touching happy birthday wishes or birthday messages have the sheer power to move people on their special day and make them feel like on cloud nine. However, sometimes, it’s quite daunting for a person to pull words straight from the heart and jot down an original happy birthday message. If you are struggling hard to compose a creative birthday wish which is as fresh as the first dewdrop of the morning, we’ve rounded up everything for you. In this comprehensive, we have jotted down more than 250+ completely original and heart-touching birthday wishes, messages, and greetings that are exemplary to wish a very happy birthday to your special ones. We request you to share the best heart touching birthday wishes in your social circle so that more and more people can do the same and make someone’s day.

250+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes and Messages

Simple Happy Birthday Wishes

In our opinion, a happy birthday wish has to be graceful, sentimental, and full of blessings. No matter to whom you will send happy birthday wishes, always ensure to use unique and generous words because simple birthday wishes are unquestionably the best birthday wishes. Our this section comprises a great selection of simple birthday wishes that you can utilize to wish your loved ones happy birthday on their special day and make them like the top of the world. Check out the hand-written best heart touching birthday wishes below.

Hey dear! through this short message, I am sending you tons of happy birthday wishes. Lots of love to you!

Simple Happy Birthday Wishes

Finally, you have stepped into adulthood. I hope you will fulfill all responsibilities quite maturely. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

I will not be able to attend your birthday party, however, I am sending you all my love, warmth, and tons of happy birthday wishes to you!

A very happy birthday to the person who stands by my side whenever I need someone in a tumultuous time.

I don’t have fancy gifts to give you dearly. But what I can give you are the gifts of unconditional love and friendship. Happy birthday and I love you!

Many many happy returns of the day to the person who oozes inspiration from every fiber of his body. Keep inspiring us, buddy!

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May your this birthday be full of utmost exuberance, loads of surprises, and the valuable gifts from loved ones. Best birthday wishes to you!

Buddha once said – be the light into yourself. On your birthday, I want you to a pledge of being the most positive and conscious you can be.

A very joyous birthday to the most wonderful, helpful, and cheerful human being I Know. You are a perpetual source of inspiration. Once again, happy birthday dear!

On the occasion of your birthday, take vows to become a better human being. Make the rest of your life the best of your life. Sending you the best birthday wishes through this message!

Hey dear, your very presence adds an immense amount of love and joy in your life. You got a magical personality. Be like this forever. Happy birthday!

Do you know what makes a person happy birthday super special? It’s the warm wishes of loved ones. Don’t worry, I will also bring chocolates along with wishes. Many happy returns of the day!

Every birthday is a priceless opportunity to do more, be more, and give more in life. Make the best use of every second of your life. Happy birthday dear!

With each passing birthday, you will become wiser, more mature, and more loving. Aging is a beautiful gift, my friend. Above all, lovely happy birthday wishes to you!

May your birthday opens the doors of opportunities, bountiful joy, and incomprehensible wealth for you. Sending you simple birthday wishes full of warmth and hope!

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Emotional Happy Birthday Messages

A mere text encompassing soulful happy birthday messages from your friends, family members, or colleagues, can turn your ordinary birthday into a regal affair. That’s the beautiful thing about languages. They help us to convey our deep intentions and desires to others. Sending a heartfelt happy birthday message is not about juggling with words, it’s about penning down whatever comes in your heart for the person.

Heart touching Birthday Wishes Messages

There is no dearth of happy birthday messages on the Internet. However, those birthday messages are quite a cliche and generic. This section encapsulates utterly original and heart-tugging happy birthday messages that you will rarely find anywhere on the entire web. Book the best heart touching birthday messages and share them as much as you can.

Happy birthday to a person who exemplifies cuteness, prettiness, and boundless charm. Enjoy your day to the fullest and always be mirthful.

Wishing you a gleeful happy birthday full of love, laughter, and sweet banters. Happy birthday to you!

I don’t know but I have a feeling that yours this birthday is going to be a magnificent one. Sending you a full of warmth happy birthday message on behalf of my entire family!

You better throw a fucking good party on your birthday, or else I will disappear from your party like a smoke. Jokes apart, happy birthday!

This entire world is a playground if you learn things in a playful manner. Congratulations on gaining one more year of experience, and happy birthday!

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Happy birthday is all about throwing your past worries behind and aiming for a gleeful future. You can be whatever you want to be!

Happy birthday to the coolest and the most intelligent person I know. I hope you achieve tremendous success and prosperity this year. This birthday message encompasses all my warmth and love for you!

You can’t bring positive changes in life by having a negative mindset. Release all your grudges, set yourself free from shackles, and conquer the world. Happy birthday dear!

On your 21st birthday, I wish you a year full of swash-buckling activities and rare opportunities. Throwing a rock birthday party!

Big thank you for all the vivaciousness, excitement, and love you have brought in your life. I wish all your dreams and aspirations come true soon on your happy birthday!

A very happy birthday to the person who loves to face challenges and conquer them, one at a time. You teach us how to live life with the utmost audacity. Happy birth champion!

There is nothing big enough in this world which can hold my love for you. Happy birthday to the loveliest person on this planet!

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On your 18th birthday, I am raising a toast for your stepping into adulthood. Welcome to the real world boy. Life begins now. Anyways, best birthday wishes to you!

Thank you so much for simplifying my turbulent life. You were there for me when nobody else was. Happy birthday to the most generous human being!

We’ve have celebrated a lot of your birthday together, however, this birthday party is going to be the most special of all. Happy birthday buddy!

Touching Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends

Life without good friends is a life that nobody would like to live in. The whole gist of life is to do meaningful work, spread compassion, and make long-lasting relationships with good people. Friends give meaning to our lives and make them more frolic. You should never miss an opportunity to send happy birthday wishes to friends. Birthday wishes for friends should have to be soulful, crispy, funny, and at the same time, bit cranky. Depending upon the nature of your friend, you should send happy birthday wishes for friends and make their special day extra special. As friends are quite special, therefore, your heart touching happy birthday wishes for a friend have to be out of the box and utterly extraordinary.

Emotional Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends

To save you from the Herculean task of creating unique happy birthday wishes for friends, we have jotted down happy birthday wishes for best friend male and female both that will take your friendship to the next level on your friends birthdays.

Who wouldn’t feel grateful when someone has an amazing and trusty-worthy friend like you. I wish you a very happy birthday my friend.

Not all friends are meant to be friends for a lifetime. Someone become family like you are my family. Happy birthday to my best friend, and I hope you have a rocking one!

Happiest birthday to the most parsimonious yet most caring friend I have ever known. I am somewhat lucky to have a friend like you. Sending best birthday wishes for a best friend!

I don’t think there is a more special day than your birthday to celebrate the age-old friendship between us. Through this message, I am sending best happy birthday wishes to my friend.

May your this birthday adds heaps of knowledge, wisdom, love, prosperity, and opulence in your life. Very happy birthday to my best friend!

Happy birthday to the friend who is crazy as hell, drink like a maniac, and the real-life daredevil. You are one heck of an enigmatic guy!

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Life is much happier and exuberant when we have good friends who can stand tall during good and bad times. You are one of the best friends I ever have. Happiest birthday, friend!

Hey friend, you taught me how to live life flippantly while fulfilling all responsibilities. On your happy birthday, I want to say thank you for everything you have done for me.

Tons of happy birthday wishes will not be sufficing enough to celebrate your birthday. So, along with the best birthday wishes for my best female friend, I am sending tons of love, hugs, and kisses!

As you already have all the luxuries one could ask for, I am sending you priceless happy birthday messages that will remind you of the significance of intangible things. Happy birthday to my best friend!

In today’s time, there are very few people who believe in kindness, mercy, and charity. You are one such person who supports and encourages everyone. Happy birthday dear friend!

Everything in life seems beautiful when you have meaningful work to do, good food to eat, and amazing friends to hang out with. Let’s make your happy birthday remarkable my friend!

I know we had some issues in the past year, however, let the bygone be bygone. On your happy birthday, let’s start our sweet relation of friendship on a fresh note.

A very happy birthday to my best friend who is the perfect blend of craziness, quirky habits, awesomeness, and humor. It’s quite rare to find a maniac but loyal friend like you these days.

Wishing a very happy birthday to my childhood friend. We have spent so many yours and my birthdays together. I wish we continue to celebrate our birthdays together forever!

Inspirational Happy Birthday Greetings

Every birthday of an individual becomes super special when he/she receives the heart touching birthday wishes of their near and dear ones. However, when you spend inspirational happy birthday greetings to someone, you should keep numerous things in mind like age factor, nature of the person, etc.

Inspirational Happy Birthday Greetings

Personalized happy bday greetings are all about expressing your innermost feelings or emotions for the person whom birthday you are going to celebrate. If you are looking for the cute, lovely, and funny happy birthday greetings, you have landed up at the right place. Below, we have jotted down best inspirational happy birthday greetings that are the perfect blend of numerous emotions.

Happy birthday to the man of his words, and a man with utterly extraordinary intellect. Make sure to save a slice of cake for me.

May your birthday be full of heaps of enticing moments, a bit of melodrama, and cake on your face. Happiest birthday dear, and have a cheerful day!

Every happy birthday is all about stopping dwelling into past deeds and be ready to open and explore the new chapter of life. Many many happy returns of the day.

May your this birthday opens the gates of love, happiness, opulence, and immeasurable prosperity in your life. Always be like this, and happiest birthday wishes to you!

The more you grow older with each passing birthday, the more you will realize that it’s the people that matter, not money or materialistic things. Sending best birthday wishes to you through this message!

Today, on your birthday, it will be all about celebrating every single moment with such attention and such vivaciousness that we can never forget this day for the rest of our life.

We have celebrated every birthday of yours with utmost zing and peppiness. However, on your this birthday, we will do charity to needy ones to pay back to society. Let’s celebrate your birthday by contributing to a better cause!

Let this special day of yours be full of unforgettable memories and boundless joy. This birthday wish message is all about love and the respect we have for you.

Happy birthday is not only about getting older, but its also about getting wiser and compassionate every passing year. Happy birthday to you!

A very happy birthday to the person who is my first friend, and also my first teacher. Time and time, you have helped me whenever I need someone’s guidance. Once again, happy birthday!

No matter where life takes us, I will always be there to celebrate your birthday. This is a pledge for the lifetime. Happy birthday to the best human being I know.

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Heart Touching Deep Birthday Wishes & Messages For Mom From Daughter/Son

It is literally and figuratively impossible to pen down the meaning and significance of the word mother in our life. From giving us birth to nurturing the little us, and making us a better human being, the contribution of a mother in our life is beyond any measure. We can also say that our whole world revolves around mother and vice versa.

Heartwarming Happy Birthday Messages for Mother

This section comprises a stunning and heart-touching selection of happy birthday wishes for mother from daughter and son which are perfect to wish your mother a very happy birthday in a unique way. These touching birthday message for mom are quite carefully crafted so they reflect the emotions which you want to show via birthday wishes.

Hey Mom, without you, I can’t think about living my life for a second. You are in my every breath and heartbeat. Happy birthday, mother!

Somebody said it well, Mothers are God in human form. My dearest mom, this happy birthday message for mother encompasses all my love, care, and respect for you. Happiest bday my lovely mom!

You are, and you will always be my first love, mother. You are the one who raised the man and dreams in me, and we are doing it. Happy birthday mama!

You are certainly one of the best mothers a kid could ask for. I hope you have an unforgettable and enchanting birthday. Happiest birthday wishes to the loveliest mother!

On your birthday, I would like to send you a precious gift and tons of happy birthday wishes my dear mother. You are the roots of our family. You are the one who keeps the entire family together.

I want to wish my beautiful mama a very happy and full of blessings birthday. You are aging gracefully mother!

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Happy birthday to the person who sacrificed all her dreams so that I can fulfill mine. You are the most awesome and caring mom in the world. Happy birthday mother!

No matter where life will take me to, I will always be there for you mother whenever you will need me. Best birthday wishes to mommy!

Whatever little I am today is because of you believing in me, and my abilities. Mother, you taught me the actual meaning of relationships and hard work. Happy birthday mummy!

Blessed are those children for whom their mother is the role model. I have learned a myriad of things from you, mother, and still, there are a lot of things which I want to learn from you. Lovely birthday wishes to my mother!

You are the one who always protected me and my younger siblings from all the external jeopardizes. I pray to God to give whatever you wish for in life. Happy birthday mother!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Father From Daughter and Son

Like mothers, fathers also play a quintessential role in the life of children. If the mother provides you the lover, care, and affection, father imparts you the knowledge, wisdom, and requisite skills to live a comfortable life.

So, the point here is, on your father’s birthday, you must send him lovely birthday wishes for father encompassing all your love and affection. When your father receives your birthday message, he will surely feel moved. Your happy birthday messages for father should be the perfect blend of emotions, love, and respect for the pillar of your family. Below, we have jotted down some heart-warming happy birthday wishes for father that you can send to him via text message, or share them on social media platforms.

Dear father, you are a perpetual source of motivation and inspiration for me. I would consider myself lucky If I could achieve 50% of what you have achieved. Happy birthday father!

Birthday Wishes for Father - Happy Birthday Messages for Father

A very happy birthday to the person who is responsible for the rock-solid foundation, and unwavering ethics our family has. Best birthday wishes to the best father in the world.

May this birthday, you receive immeasurable happiness and bountiful prosperity. Also, one day I will make you super proud father. Happy birthday dad!

Thank you, father, for being with me whenever I was stumbling in life. You are not only my dad, but you are also my superhero. Sending lovely birthday wishes to my father!

Hey Dad, on your 50th birthday, I wish you achieve greater milestones, set the benchmark for others, and be a living inspiration for the whole world. Happy birthday father!

I really feel blessed for having such a lovely, caring, and motivating father like you. You are the best father a child could ever ask for. Thank you so much for showing faith in me, and a very happy birthday daddy!

I know I have let you down multiple times in life, however, I promise father that one day I will make you super proud. I wish a very happy birthday to the best dad in the world.

I don’t need some magic lamp to fulfill all my wishes. I have my father who taught how to achieve everything in life. Happy birthday my dashing father!

Dear father, you taught me how to live, love, laugh and stand tall during the tough time. Thank you, Dad, for making me a strong and confident human being. Accept my happy birthday wishes to you.

You are the champion of life, father. Time and time again, you have overcome all the difficulties in life, and set a stunning example in front of us that anything is possible if you have unflinching will power. Happy birthday super dad!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend – Happy Birthday Messages for Lover

Do you want to make your boyfriend’s birthday celebration out of the world? If yes, you have come to the right platform. Often, you must have seen that boyfriends put a lot of efforts to make their girlfriends happy. However, vice versa is not so intense.

We believe girlfriends should also make efforts to bring a huge smile on their boyfriend’s face by doing things like sending heart-touching happy birthday messages to boyfriend on their special day. In our opinion, emotional birthday wishes for boyfriend should be full of utmost love, compassion, and a bundle of emotions.

Emotional Happy Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

Sometimes, finding the exact words to wish a person becomes daunting. Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up some peppy happy birthday wishes for friend.

Happiest birthday to the person who taught me the real meaning of love and compassion. Your contribution to making me a better person is beyond any comprehension. Happy birthday boyfriend!

There is no denying that you are the best boyfriend in the world. But more than that, you are an amazing human being. Happy birthday to the love of my life!

When life gives you a loyal and caring boyfriend, you should never let him go. I promise sweetheart, I will never leave you. Sending my love and happy birthday wishes on your 25th birthday.

Hey boyfriend, I know I will not be there to celebrate your 21st birthday, however, I am sending you lots of love, hugs, and kisses through this lovely birthday message.

My love for you is way bigger than ocean or any other star prevailing in this universe. You make my life complete, sweetheart. Happy birthday boyfriend!

The best birthday wishes to the most handsome and the most intelligent boyfriend in the world. Sweetheart, with you, my whole world seems gleeful!

Through this message, I am sending the most enticing and loving birthday wishes to the cutest boyfriend in the world. I will always be there for your darling. Happy birthday!

Do you know what I love about your friend? Your caring nature, kindness, cuteness, dashing personality, and millions of other things. I hope you receive my endless through this heartfelt happy birthday message.

The day I first saw you is the day I decided I am going to spend the rest of my life in your arms. Happy birthday my forever special one!

Baby, your image is so deeply imbibed in my heart and the mind that I can feel you in every fiber of my body. Happy birthday boyfriend, and let’s make your this birthday memorable!

More than mine, I eagerly wait for your birthday so that I can do something special and unforgettable for you. A very joyous birthday to the love of my life!

Best Impressive Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend – Romantic Happy Birthday Messages for GF

One of the most strenuous things for boyfriends is to find unique gifts and heart-moving birthday wishes for girlfriend on their special day. Whether you admit it or not, fancy gifts don’t move girls as much as birthday wishes which come straight from the heart.

If you have to find the perfect birthday gift for your girlfriend but still looking for the right emotional happy birthday messages for girlfriend, congratulations! You are at the right platform. Feel free to peek at our sentimental selection of best birthday wishes for girlfriend which put a huge smile on her face, and make her love you even more.

Hey girlfriend, you have made my topsy-turvy life quite seamless and stable. Your very presence adds glitter in my ordinary life. Happy birthday sweetheart and I love you!

Heart touching Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

There is no one in this world whom I love as much as I love you. Baby, you are the reason behind whatever I am today. Tons of love, and happy birthday girlfriend!

I can rope in the most lavish gift for you, but it would be lackluster compared to my love for you. Happy birthday my moon pie!

I can fight with the entire world just to protect our loving relationship. Baby, you are the most significant part of my life. You are in my every breath. Happy birthday to the loveliest girlfriend!

As long as you are in my life, I don’t want anything else from God. You have no idea how much crazy I am about you darling. Anyways, I wish a very happy birthday to the sweetest girlfriend in the world!

Hey girlfriend, you are as fresh as flowers, as soft as talc, as beautiful as the cinderella. You are my dream girl, and I cannot ask for anything more in life. Happy birthday girlfriend!

The very first moment I saw you, I fell in love with you and decided to make you my life partner. Looks like some dreams do turn into reality. Happy birthday sweetheart!

When we came into the relationship, I knew that we both are destined for each other and going to have a life-long relationship. You gave me everything I asked you for. Happy birthday baby!

If given the chance to wish something, I would choose you as my girlfriend for the next 100 lives. There is no one better than you for me. Happy birthday girlfriend!

Over the years, a lot of things have changed between us except one thing, and that is the fire in my heart to love you fiercely. I am so lucky to have a girlfriend like you. Happy birthday my buttercup!

When god blend the attributes of hotness, beauty, sexiness, and intelligence, the outcome turns out to be a mesmerizing girl like you. Happy birthday my princess!

Best Professional Birthday Wishes for Boss – Happy Birthday Messages for Boss

We spend a great portion of our adult and post-adult life working with co-workers and boss. Slowly and steadily, they become an integral part of our life, and they play a significant role in our little and towering decisions.

Your boss’s birthday is the only time when you can talk to him freely and wish him a very happy birthday. Sending motivational birthday wishes for the boss is a nice gesture from your end. Create Professional happy birthday messages for the boss and send him on his birthday to leave a lasting impression on his mind. Below, we have carved some highly professional and sentimental happy birthday wishes for the boss that are way too perfect to give your boss warm birthday wishes!

A very happy birthday to the biggest source of inspiration in my life. May you live for 1000 years. Happy birthday boss!

Birthday Wishes for Boss - Happy Birthday Messages for Boss

Many many happy returns of the day to a person who is the biggest reason behind your organization success and its massive growth. Best birthday wishes to you boss!

Your vision is stupefying, your work ethics are enticing, and you are simply outstanding. Happy birthday to the man with many visions!

I have never seen a person in life who do such hard work with the utmost dedication at this age. Happy birthday boss, and keep inspiring us!

Over the years, you have brought so many accolades to this organization for which we will always be thankful. A very happy birthday to you boss!

Thank you so much boss for guiding us whenever we needed you the most. Your presence is sufficient enough to motivate us. Happy birthday super boss.

We all know that you are the only one who has strength and determination to handle such a huge organization. A very happy birthday to the man with an iron will.

Boss, you have taught us the value of hard work, sacrifice, and relentless focus which are quintessential to be a successful person like you. May you never retire and continue to guide us. Happy birthday boss!

A very happy birthday to an individual who is full of wisdom and valuable insights. May your life be full of unending success and joy.

We are so honored to have a visionary, knowledgeable, and hard-working boss like you. Under your guidance, we all have grown in our careers by leaps and bounds. Happy birthday to the best boss ever!

Dear boss, though you have everything in life a person could ask for, still, God gives you vision and strength to achieve legendary status. Happy bday boss!

Birthday Wishes for Colleagues – Happy Birthday Messages for Colleagues

Admit it or not, more than one-third of our life we spend with colleagues or better say, co-workers. Initially, they seem strangers to us, but after spending some time together they become no less than a family. You eat with them, work with them, and you also celebrate a significant occasion like a birthday with them.

Birthday Wishes for Colleagues - Happy Birthday Messages for Colleagues

It’s considered as a subtle gesture when you create birthday wishes for colleagues and send them on their special day. Not only they feel overwhelmed but also you create a special place in their hearts. Are you looking for the perfect for happy birthday messages for colleagues? Look no further as we have compiled some of the most exhilarating heart touching happy birthday wishes for colleagues that will help you to wish your colleagues in a special way.

I can’t express in words how pleasant it feels to work with a wonderful co-worker like you. A very happy birthday to the most wonderful colleague ever!

Hey dear! I am sending you the sweetest happy birthday wishes. In return, I am expecting a garish birthday party after official hours. Jokes apart, happy birthday dear!

The best part about having a colleague like you is that I don’t have to worry about handling tough tasks as you are always by my side to land helping hands. Happy birthday dear colleague!

I know that more than good colleagues, we share a wonderful bond of friendship. I am so glad to have a friend like you. Happy birthday dear!

Today is the happy birthday of the most intelligent, hard-working, and humble colleague I have ever worked with. Happy birthday buddy!

It’s a matter of great pleasure to share the working space with such a dedicated and loyal person like you. Happy birthday dear! Enjoy your day to the fullest.

Co-workers like you make the workplace living heaven for the rest of the employees. You are an amazing friend and a more amazing colleague. Happy birthday!

Many Many happy returns of the day to a colleague who makes the boring Monday morning vivacious. May you have a dazzling happy birthday!

Hey colleague, your happy birthday is another opportunity for me to express my respect and gratitude for you. I have learned a lot of things from you. May God shower everything you deserve on your birthday!

Having a great career is indeed an astonishing feat. However, creating a great career along with creating unforgettable memories with your colleagues is simply an immeasurable experience. Happy birthday dear!

Thanks for saving me whenever I was on the verge of committing big blunders which could have cost me the job. Happy birthday to the most helpful and caring colleague!

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Son – Happy Birthday Messages for Son

Though parents do a lot of things for their kids, however, what kids crave for parents is unfathomable love and encouraging words to move forward in life. Like daughters are close to their fathers, sons are close to their mothers. Overall, the father and the mother both play a massive role in the right upbringing of their sons.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Son - Happy Birthday Messages for Son

If you are a parent looking for heartfelt happy birthday wishes for son to greet your little tot on his birthday, you have landed up at the right place. Check out originally created happy birthday messages for son that are so good that it will make your son feel super special. Here are some really astonishing and heartfelt birthday wishes for son from parents.

Hey, my lovely son, I am so glad to have an obedient and responsible son like you. I wish you achieve earth-shattering success in life. Happy birthday boy and have a glittering future!

I must say I am one heck of a lucky father as I have the brightest son in the entire world. I am literally and figuratively so proud of you. Happy birthday son!

May God bestow immeasurable success and unfathomable prosperity on your 21st birthday. Happy birthday my son!

No matter how old you will get, you will always be a little boy for me. My, and your mom good wishes will always be with you. Happy birthday son!

We have never thought that one day you will make us so proud. Let’s celebrate your birthday like there is no tomorrow. Happy birthday little son!

Dear son, on your 18th birthday, All I have to say is never ever break someone promise and your loved ones’ hearts. I wish you a very happy birthday my boy!

Over the years, we have given you endless love and caring. It’s high time to pass those things to your son. I am sure you will turn out to be a good father. Happy birthday son!

I still can’t believe that my little boy has grown up into a big and intelligent man. Through this happy birthday message, I am sending you lots of hugs and kisses. Happy birthday son!

The day you entered in our life, every day became so vibrant, blissful, along with boundless happiness. You are the ray of hope in our dormant life. Happy birthday my little boy!

Hey son, always remember one thing in life. When life gives you an opportunity, never waste it. Not everyone gets the second chance. I wish you a very happy birthday!

May your future like be filled with love, bountiful joy, wealth, and utmost prosperity. Be a source of inspiration that everyone looks up to. Happy birthday son!

Heat Touching Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom and Dad

Daughters, daddy’s little angels, mommy’s support system in every work, and brother’s caretaker and protectors in scolding from the father. If compared to sons, daughters are quite chirpy, frolic, and vivacious in nature. Having a daughter is indeed one of the greatest joys!

Best Birthday Wishes for Daughter - Happy Birthday Messages for Daughter

We believe birthday wishes for daughter should be special and as heart-tugging as possible. Are you looking for Heartwarming happy birthday messages for daughter? If yes, then you don’t have to look further. In this section, we have carved some of the most heart-touching happy birthday wishes for daughter from mom and dad that will surely make you daughter birthday celebration incredible.

Happiest birthday to my lovelies daughter! Your smile is quite contagious and your perspective towards life is commendable.

Somebody said it right, a daughter is equal to ten sons. I am so proud to be called your daddy. Happy birthday my sweetie pie! Always make us proud like that.

On your birthday, there are a lot of things I can wish for you. However, I choose to wish a joyous and meaningful life for you. Happy birthday daughter!

Whenever I feel super low in life, I see your smiling face and all my worries vanish in no time. Thank you for being my support system, my lovely daughter. Best birthday wishes to you!

Though you are married now, still I feel so charged up whenever it is your birthday. As I get the opportunity to shower all my love on you. A very happy birthday to my beautiful daughter!

Dear daughter, since your childhood, I have pampered you like a princess and fulfilled all your wishes. However, learn to adapt and adjust in life. Happy birthday!

The day you stepped into our hose after birth, God has been so kind to us. You are not only my little princess but you are also my lucky charm. Happy birthday daughter!

A very happy birthday to the world’s most obedient, hard-working, and serene daughter. You have our unfathomable love and affection always with you.

Hey daughter, whenever you feel like life is not going according to you, remember, you learn the best life lessons during the toughest time. I am very proud of you. Happy birthday!

Dear daughter, if you want to shine like a sun, you first have to burn like a sun. Only pressure creates diamonds. Happy birthday! May you live life to the fullest.

Hey daughter, you have achieved every possible thing you wanted to achieve in life. It’s time to settle down with a partner who respects your dreams and aspirations. Happy birthday and get married soon!

Funny Birthday Wishes – Funniest Happy Birthday Messages

An ordinary and lackluster happy birthday wish can be made super-special by inducing the pinch of humor in it. Happy birthday of individuals is really a special time for them. All they crave for is heaps of sentimental and funny birthday wishes from their loved ones which they can cherish for a long time.

Funny Birthday Wishes - Funniest Happy Birthday Messages

Some of us can easily create funny happy birthday messages, while others can’t. If you are struggling hard to find the right words for creating funny birthday wishes for your loved ones, you don’t have to struggle anymore. In this section, we have carved some of the hilarious birthday messages that you can post on the social media timeline of the birthday boy/girl.

Hey buddy, I have prepared a really special birthday cake for you, all I am waiting for midnight to splash that cake on your face. Here are my best birthday wishes to you!

Oh gosh! Now, we have to bear you for one more year. Anyways, a very happy birthday to the laziest person in the world!

What a charming face! What a dapper personality! What astonishing intellectuality! Oh, I was talking about men, not you. Happy birthday idiot!

They say a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. Looks like you are not wise at all as you are committing all those mistakes which I did. Happy birthday!

Another year has passed, but there is no sign of you getting wiser, smarter, an handsome. Jokes apart, many happy returns of the day to you!

Hey fatty, It’s because of your happy birthday I am allowing you to eat the cake and chocolates. You better don’t eat them as soon as your birthday is finished. Happy birthday!

In my meantime, I wonder, why on the earth mother nature has created a useless being like you? Then I got the answer, to maintain the equilibrium. Happy birthday stupid!

Happy birthday to the best friend ever! I wish you garner 50 more pounders and bad credit ratings this year.

For god sake, don’t forget to bath and put some scent on your birthday. I don’t want guests to choke their noses because of your bad smell. Jokes apart, happy birthday dear!

Somebody said, “Men ages like a damn fine wine.” However, it looks like you are turning into vinegar. Happy birthday! I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

I have been with you since our childhood but you still are so dependent on me. When will you grow up to be a gentleman? Well, it seems like hopes are quite low. Happy birthday!

Romantic Birthday Wishes – Lovely Happy Birthday Messages for Lover

When you are in a relationship, you are allowed to forget everything in the world except for one thing, your partner happy birthday. Forgetting to send romantic birthday wishes on his/her birthday is perhaps the biggest blunder you can commit while in the relationship.

birthday messages for my love

Moreover, you can’t send ordinary-looking happy birthday messages to your partner. You happy birthday wish should ooze romance and love in heaps. However, being romantic is one thing and putting that romance in words is a totally different thing. Are you looking for romantic birthday wishes to make your lover’s heart go pitter-patter? If yes, check out the selection of utterly romantic happy birthday messages for him or lovely happy birthday wishes for her which are created exclusively for you.

Hey, my love, it’s your birthday and I am glad we are celebrating your birthday together for the last 10 years. Happy birthday love!

Hey sweetheart, you are not only an outstanding man but also the man of words and the character. I am glad to have you in my life. Happy birthday handsome!

Hey baby, isn’t it’s amazing that your birthday and our anniversary falls on the same date? Let’s rock the celebration on both occasions. Happy birthday darling!

I am so blessed to have a gorgeous, utterly-beautiful, and kind-hearted partner like you. My life has turned to living heaven all because of you. Thanks, sweetie, and a very happy birthday!

A very happy birthday to the man who is the entire universe for me. Baby, your love runs in every fiber of my body. Happy birthday my Heman!

Your one single smile is sufficing enough for me to brighten my day and fill it with utter joy and happiness. Baby, never leave me alone. Happy birthday darling!

I wish, with this happy birthday wish I could attach all my feelings for you and tell how unfathomable my love is for you. Happy birthday baby! May you have the most sizzling cool birthday ever!

It doesn’t matter how far we live from each other, what matter is what we feel from each other and that bond of love is unbreakable. I wish you the best happy birthday ever!

It takes only a moment to break the relationship, however, it takes a ridiculous amount of efforts, unflinching trust, and indomitable love to keep up a relationship. Happy birthday to the sweetest girlfriend ever!

Whenever I feel low in life, I take my wallet out and see your picture tugged in it. Your smiling face amps up my spirit and propel me to do more in life. Thanks for everything darling and a very happy birthday!

Like a seed is needed to grow a humongous forest, Love between two individuals is quintessential to make the world a soothing place. Wishing you’re an unforgettable happy birthday!

Inspirational Birthday Wishes – Motivational Happy Birthday Messages

Not many people know that there is a very fine difference between motivation and inspiration. While motivation majorly comes from external sources, inspiration comes from within. There are numerous people in our life who are looking for just one source of inspirational to kickstart their life again on a fresh note.

Inspirational Birthday Wishes - Motivational Happy Birthday Messages

One of the best gifts you can give to your near and dear ones on their birthdays is giving them a source of inspiration. Even inspirational birthday wishes can act as fuel to supercharge the mind, body, and soul and achieve goals in life. If you don’t have inspirational happy birthday messages to share with the birthday boy or girl, no need to stress out. We have rounded up some of the most inspirational happy birthday wishes that can charge up any person in an instant.

You can make your each day meaningful if you are driven by true purpose. The most important thing in life is a purpose to live. Happy birthday dear!

Life is all about enjoying the process of the journey more than enjoying the joy of reaching the destination. My best birthday wishes to you!

Those who have learned to get back up after they fall down can never fail in their life. When life gives you rock-bottom, get back up with double intensity. Happy birthday champion!

Either you think you can or you think you can’t, in both the way you will be right. Your mind is the biggest commodity you could ever have in life. Be a legend! Happy birthday!

One of the biggest traits of successful people is they know how to turn stumbling blocks into the stepping stones. Happy birthday hustler, have a great life ahead!

In life, your destiny will ultimately be defined by how you respond to little windows of opportunities life throws at you. I hope your birthday turns out to be a life-changing day.

All the ships are safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are built for. A calm sea can never produce a skillful sailor. Happy birthday dear!

Sometimes, in life, not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck. There is nothing like a failure, there are only winning and learning. Happy birthday champ!

A very happy birthday to the person who knows how to defy odds and how to overcome every obstacle in life. You are a living legend man. Happy birthday!

The day you take full responsibility for your life is the day your life actually begins. All the happiness and sadness emergence from within. Happy birthday dear!

Many happy returns of the day to the person who have influenced millions of lives and made them better human beings. Take a bow, man!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Teacher – Happy Birthday Messages for Sir/Ma’am

In actuality, teachers are country makers or better say generation makers. More than parents, teachers play a quintessential role in carving the future of kids. And, without a shadow of a doubt, teaching is the noblest profession in the entire world. Teachers expect nothing from their student except one thing, respect. When they are taking your responsibilities to make you a well-educated human being, in return, you should also render them proper respect. One of the best ways to respect your teachers is by sending heart touching birthday wishes for teacher on their birthday. Your happy birthday messages for teacher should be full of respect and admiration towards the teacher.

Let’s check out some emotional happy birthday wishes or teacher which we have exclusively created for you.

Heart touching Birthday Wishes for Teacher

Dear Teacher, I am what I am today is because of your valuable teaching and commitment to making me a successful human being. Happy birthday to the most respectable teacher!

Honorable Mam, thank you so much for imparting the knowledge and wisdom which nobody can provide except you. I am so grateful to you. Best birthday wishes to the best teacher!

There is no denying that teachers are the country builders, the greatest guardians, and the noblest beings. You are the second parents to us. Happy birthday teacher!

Not only I have made amazing friends in college life, but I have also made some meaningful and deep relationships with my teachers. You are one of them, sir. A very happy birthday to you!

Thank you so much sir for lending me helping hands when I was seeking inspiration and motivation to get back up in life. My respect you have increased manifold times. Happy bday!

Dear sir, I hope that you continue to teach millions of students until the very last breathe of your life and make this country a coveted utopia. Happy birthday to the greatest teacher!

Dear teacher, my this birthday message comprises the blessings of your entire students. A very happy birthday to the teacher who knows how to turn a boring classroom into an exciting one!

Instead of imparting the bookish knowledge, you have taught us the real-life lessons which are quite essential to live respectfully in this world. A very happy birthday to the teacher who is an epitome of excellence.

A good teacher makes you an obedient student but a great teacher makes you a rebellious student. And, only rebellions can bring revolutions. A very wonderful birthday sir!

It’s been 10 years since I left college, you are the only teacher who I remember the most and who is in my touch. Thank you sir for making a lousy student, a wonderful human being. Happy birthday!

A very happy birthday to my first teacher, my mentor, my guardian, and my idol. I devote my entire professional and personal success to you. Have a wonderful birthday sir!

Best Birthday Wishes for Uncle – Happy Birthday Msg for Aunt

Like mother and the father, uncle and aunt are beings who always love you like you are their own child, give you advice on a timely basis, shower lot of hugs, kisses, and gifts on you, and pull you aside to share embarrassing stories of your parents with you.

Best Birthday Wishes for Uncle - Happy Birthday Msg for Aunt

In a nutshell, uncle and aunt are no less than your parents, and they are also one of the coolest persons to hang out with. Like they shower love on you, it’s your duty to reciprocate the love by sending birthday wishes for or birthday wishes for aunt on their birthdays. So, if you eagerly want to make your uncle and aunt birthdays super-special, send them heart touching birthday wishes for uncle and happy birthday messages for aunt which we have collated exclusively for you.

A very happy birthday to the coolest and most jovial uncle one could ever ask for. Not only you are my uncle, but also you are my best friend. Happy birthday uncle!

Hey aunt, whenever mom was busy in her work, you were the one who gave me motherly love I crave for. You truly are one of the biggest blessings of my life. Happy birthday to the sweetest aunt!

Many happy returns of the day to the person who is an outrageously successful businessman, a role model for millions, and an idol for me. Uncle, you taught me that no goal is big enough to achieve. Happy birthday!

Dear aunt, you are not only a wonderful human being but also the building block of your family. May your happy birthday be full of dazzling and worth cherishing memories!

Hey uncle, on your 50th birthday, we all want to raise a toast and celebrate your golden jubilee with utmost enthusiasm and friskiness. Happy 50th birthday uncle!

My lovely aunt, on your birthday, All I want to tell you is your presence mean a lot in my life. You have created a profound impact on everyone’s life which is the key reason everyone loves you. Happy birthday aunt!

Hey uncle, it’s time you should take a break, sit back and relax enjoy some damn fine beers with family members. Have a rocking birthday uncle!

Hey aunt, Through this sweet and emotional happy birthday wish, I want to tell you that age is just a number, you can still achieve whatever you want in life. Happy birthday to my loveliest aunt!

Whenever I look for some serious and effective advice in my life, you were always there to guide me up. I am so blessed to have you in my life. Happy birthday uncle!

May your birthday be filled with countless memories, meaningful gifts, and tons of happy birthday wishes, hugs, and kisses from your special ones. A very happy to you, my beautiful aunt!

Happiest birthday to the quirkiest, coolest, and most gorgeous aunt in the town. May you live for 100 more years.

Touching Birthday Wishes for Nephew – Inspirational Birthday Messages for Niece

Nephews and Nieces are the apple of eyes for their aunt and uncle. They expect a lot of things from their uncle and aunt as they expect it from their parents. If you want to be a beloved uncle or aunt for your Nephew and Niece, you should send them some really nice and full of love heart touching birthday wishes for nephew from aunt and inspirational birthday messages for niece to make him/her feel super special.

Birthday Wishes for Nephew - Birthday Messages for Niece

Moreover, little kids do understand the power of words. They will surely be moved by your happy birthday wishes and give a sugar-coated and long-lasting hugs. Below, we have chalked out some lovely happy birthday wishes for nephew and happy birthday wishes for niece that will turn your nephew/niece happy birthday wonderful.

Hey, you sweet little thing, Today is your 10th happy birthday and I want you to be super happy and successful in life. Happy birthday my moon pie! I will always be there for you.

Hey adorable niece, may God protect you from all the unwanted situations and bless you with all good things. Happy birthday my lovely niece!

A very happy birthday to the most adorable and most handsome nephew in the world. Young man, you will surely achieve big things in life. Have a great day ahead.

You make the whole world around us so happy and mesmerizing that we forget all our problem. A very happy birthday to the heartbeat of our family!

Dear Niece, you have one quality that barely people have these days. You know how to make people happy and smiling with your charm. Happy birthday niece!

The kind of education and extra learning you are getting, I know. one day the sky will be limit for you. Happy birthday nephew!

I feel so blessed and so full of gratitude for God for giving me a chirpy and sweeter than sugar niece like you. Wish you a wonderful happy birthday!

Hey nephew, I may not be able to hop on your birthday party, However, I am sending all my love, hugs and kisses through this happy birthday message. Happy birthday nephew!

My lovely niece, one day, you will grow up to be a beautiful and magnificent woman. Remember, you will always be my first and the last love. A very happy birthday niece!

I have a myriad of reasons to be happy in life, but the biggest reason is your smiling face, my niece. Sending you tons of birthday wishes and my love.

Hey nephew, a lot of ice creams, chocolates, and a big birthday cake is waiting for you. Come fast, and celebrate your birthday like a prince. Happy birthday nephew!

Birthday Wishes in Hindi – Happy Birthday Messages in Hindi

The Hindi language is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the oldest and most beautiful languages in the world. In India, people greet each other on their birthday by sending birthday wishes in Hindi.

Birthday Wishes in Hindi - Happy Birthday Messages in Hindi

However, jotting down happy birthday messages in Hindi is not as easy as it is in the English language. We bring you the towering selection of happy birthday wishes in Hindi for your mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, brother, teacher, and the list goes on.

Aapko janamdin ki dher saari badhaai. Hum dua karte hain ki ye janamdin aapke jeevan main dhero khushiyaan lekar aaye. Happy birthday!

Aapke 21st Janamdin par hum bhagwaan se yehi prarthan karte hain ki aap sada yuhi muskurate rahey and aapka jeewan khushiyon se bhar jaye. Janamdin mubarak ho!

Mujhey puri umeed hain ki ye janamdin aapke jeewan main nayi umeed, nayi khushiyaan, aur dher saari safalta lekar aayega. Janamdin ki badhiyaan!

Zindagi ki sab khushiyaan aapko is janamdin par mil jayegi bus humko birthday ki party dena mat bhulna aap. Happy birthday!

Jaise aap ek khaas insaan ho waise hi aapka janamdin bhi bhut khaas hoga. Ye janamdin aapke jeewan ki nayi uchaiyon par le kar jaayega. Happy birthday!

Jab jab tumhara janamdin aata hain, tab tab main bade pyaar se mere dost ke liye tofha leta hun. To btao, is janamdin par tumhare liye kya laaun?

Aapka ye janam diwas bhut hi shaandar ho aur aapko apne logo se har din dher saara pyaar aur aashirwaad miley. Happy birthday!

Aapke janamdin par bhagwaan se yehi dua karte hain ki aapki or humari dosti yuhi salamat rakhey, aur aapko duniyaa ki saari shaan-e-shaquat miley.

Mujhe puri umeed hain ki aapka ye janamdin din har saal ke janamdin iki tarah khushiyoon se bhara hua aur adbhut hoga. Janamdin ki dher saari shubhkaamnaye!

Bhagwaan se bus yehi dua karta hun ki mere umar bhi aapko lag jaye. Mere liye ye sabse behtreen tofha hain jo aapke main aapke janamdin par de sakta hun. Happy birthday!

Is baar bhi pichli baar ki tarah aapke janamdin ki mehefil hum hi sajyaaenge aur sabko bta denge ki aaj mere yaar ka janamdin hain. Happy birthday dost!