50+ Funny Engagement Wishes & Quotes for Everyone

50+ Funny Engagement Wishes & Quotes for Everyone

Funny Engagement Wishes: Weddings, engagements, birthdays, these are some of the most pivotal events in the life of every person. When a person is engaged, the new phase of his/her life begins that will bring umpteen sweet-bitter moments in his/her life. If your friend, brother, or sister are getting engaged, don’t forget to congratulate them but in a hilarious manner. Adding some humor to your plain engagement wishes can surely make the newly engaged couple giggle a lot. Below is the most amusing and the freshest compilation of funny engagement wishes and quotes that will kick start a couple’s journey on a hilarious note.

Funny Engagement Wishes

The engagement of a man is the first warning to him about the danger which is going to enter his life sneakily. The wise ones get it the first time and the frivolous one bears it till the end. Congratulations on the engagement!

I think both of you are a heavenly match for each other. Out of 7 billion people on this planet, only you and your partner can tolerate each other. Hearty congratulations on your engagement and may god’s most blissful light always shine on you.

Funny Engagement Wishes

When I saw both of you dating each other casually, I wasn’t sure about the future of your relationship. But you guys surprised me by announcing your engagement and made me proud but not disrespecting your relationship. Congratulations on choosing each other and happy engagement!

Heartiest congratulations to my cousin brother on crushing the last dream of his life by getting engaged. May lord induce some liveliness and zestfulness to your life once you tie the wedding knot.

Only a person who has been in a prison for years can understand what It feels like to get engaged that seems so alluring initially. My job is to give a final warning to you and saving your life is totally your matter. Congratulations on getting engaged!

You are engaged to your love. Oh! That’s good. Now even God thinks before showing mercy on you. Welcome to sweet hell where you are always a pig reined by your love. Congratulations on your engagement friend!

Congratulations on your engagement! You are now your fiancée’s Spotify. Whenever she wants to play you, she plays with you, and you have to sing the song she likes. A man, now a puppet ruled by a girl. Happy engagement dear!

You are in an illusion that you will be served while after marriage you would know that you have become a servant of her forever. Congratulations on your engagement! May you have wise in your next birth and think before getting married!

Your life is now like Squid game. If you won’t win, you will be killed. Welcome to the hell. Yet congratulations on your engagement dear!

In Money Heist they find treasure by stealing and yet got free. This is life. But you have got engaged from being free, and this is jail. This is not life. Yet I say you congratulations on the engagement! Enjoy your rest of life in your wife’s lap!

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Funny Engagement Quotes

Hey buddy, be ready to say goodbye to late-night hangouts, office parties, and Netflix and chill. Make yourself accustomed to drinking milk instead of beer at night, sleep early, and stop checking your phone. Congratulations on your engagement!

With your engagement also begins the end of sheer fun in your life slowly and steadily. Be prepared for heart-crushing boredom and endless tantrums. Happy engagement to both of you!

Funny Engagement Quotes

The most successful way to have an utterly blissful married life is to keep your ego aside and do what your wife asks you to do. When the demon is satisfied, she never fumes anger or harms anyone. Happy engagement!

The most cumbersome thing about marriage is finding a life partner who can be happy and become a partner in your stupidities. I guess you have found the right one. Good luck and congratulations on your engagement!

I have understood why people celebrate the engagement and wedding ceremonies when they know they are jumping into an unfathomable pit of hell? I guess, to get answers one has to jump. Congratulations on the engagement. 

Social media engagement is really satisfying than this engagement for marriage. You just get ruined and ruined saying you are happy. That is how this engagement experience. Congratulations on your engagement!

Your life is like an orange now which would be ground in juicer always and whose juice your going to be wife will drink always. Enjoy this caged life. Many congratulations on your engagement!

Everything that is less burden before your engagement now would become more burden. And you would know the weight of it. Your fiancée would dance on your stomach. Happy engagement dear! Love you!

Before death an accused is given some free time to do what he likes whether he wants to eat something favorite or something else. This is how engagement is before marriage. Congratulations on your engagement!

She must have said you, ‘I love you’; during the engagement ceremony. After marriage, she must say I have lied to you. And this is the truth you would know. Congratulations on your engagement! 

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Funny Engagement Wishes for Best Friend

Mighty congratulations to my best buddy for exchanging the engagement rings that too with a girl! I lost all hopes of your wedding but God listened to your plea endowed you with a beautiful life partner. God bless you with a happy life ahead and congratulations on the engagement!

Dear friend, you better imbibe the words ‘thank you and ‘Sorry’ in your mind because you will have to utter them more than often after your wedding. Please don’t ignore my great advice. Happy engagement, buddy!

Funny Engagement Wishes for Best Friend

Hey buddy, by exchanging the engagement rings you have automatically invited the most severe sufferings. I will pray to almighty to keep you away from sufferings and you get to enjoy the nectar-like pleasures of the wedding. Happy engagement to my best friend!

The term ‘engagement’ is synonymous with the word ‘caged’. The only difference is the degree of the softness of your controller. Don’t worry, she won’t be mean to you. Hearty congratulations on your engagement!

On your engagement, I am probably the happiest person in the world because slowly and steadily, you will get to understand and experience the pain and torture I am going through. God bless your holy bond and happy engagement!

You are my best friend. But now you have become a great example for all of us that how one should not ruin his life. Congratulations on your engagement brother!

You are my best friend. After engagement you would become a best husband. This best husband tag is like a death sentence that you would serve while living. Happy engagement my friend!

Your cool winter time is over. After your engagement it is all about heat life. You would get heat and heat when she would hit you. Congratulations on the engagement my dear best friend!

You would definitely need to buy an ATM machine and a bank because you have got engaged and you would need these two in life after the engagement. Congratulation on your engagement friend!

Making you get engaged to someone; that is how parents end the happy phase of their children. Welcome to the engagement club where you feel suffocated. Happy engagement friend!

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Funny Engagement Wishes for Brother 

Your engagement ceremony is surely the 8th wonder of the world because we all have lost the hope of your marriage. I mean you are jobless, classless, and clumsy. Who would have agreed to marry you? Jokes apart, happy engagement ceremony to my lovely brother!

Hey brother, you never gave us swanky gifts even after asking you so many times. Now, you are engaged and our sister-in-law will ask you for gifts on all occasions. I will see how you gonna deny to her. Happy engagement, brother!

Funny Engagement Wishes for Brother 

Thank you so much lord for sending a life partner in my brother’s life and saving us from his sheer annoying attitude. May your wife annoys you more than you annoy us. Happy Engagement brother and have a great life ahead!

Dear brother, mighty congratulations on your engagement and I am desperately waiting for you waiting to happen quickly. I will drink so much champagne that the cost of drinks will surpass the overall cost of the wedding. Happy engagement!

Things would be different if you were engaged out of love, you are engaged out of our choice so you have to take extra care of our lovely sister-in-law, or else you will be an outcast. Just kidding! Happy engagement, brother!

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Funny Engagement Wishes for Sister 

You waste so much time in makeup. After marriage your whole life time goes in kitchen washing utensils. Congratulations on your engagement sister! Your fiancé looks like a kind of dog breed!

I thought you would go to the moon but you have got engaged. Perhaps I misunderstood the meaning of your moon. Congratulations on your moony engagement sister!

Funny Engagement Wishes for Sister 

You have really made a wise decision and got engaged to a bank. Girls always get engaged to money banks. So many congratulations on your engagement sister!

Girls really like to dance. And when they need a partner, they get engaged and married. And then they dance like a couple. And you are really a snake dear sister. Congratulations on the engagement!

As you have got your all dresses on discounts, I think you have got your fiancé also on discount. Congratulations on the discounted engagement sister! Girls are always mean and it is proven. 

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