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151+ Happy Fathers Day Quotes 2021 | Fathers Day Status for Whatsapp Download

To celebrate the fatherhood and the awe-inspiring bonds we share with our superhero dad, this post will pay due homage to all the fathers of the world through happy fathers day quotes, funny fathers day 2021 quotes, fathers day status, fathers day greetings, and father’s day sayings.

Throughout the centuries men have achieved jaw-dropping feats like building colossal structures, conquering monumental mountains, carving state-of-the-technologies, stepping on the moon, and the list goes on. Indeed all these feats are worth-lauding, however, there is one thing that is the simplest of all these stuff yet the most profound one for a man. Yes, we are talking about fatherhood.

Fathers are the most selfless, caring, protecting, and providing beings in this world. The moment a man becomes a father is the moment heaps of responsibilities and worries start collating on his shoulders which he happily fulfills throughout his lifetime. A father expects nothing from his wife, kids, and relatives except love, care, attention, and earned respect. Though 365 days of will fall short to pay reverence to a kid’s first superhero and a wife first love, still, we have dedicated a particular day named fathers day occurring on 20th June 2021 to show our father we love him as much as mother and can’t imagine the life without him.

This post revolves around happy fathers day quotes 2021, fathers day sayings, slogans, and greetings that you can download from here and use to wish your fathers a very happy fathers day 2021 and express gratitude towards him for giving you a luxurious life. Let’s get started!

Happy Fathers Day Quotes 2021

We all have a very terrible habit of doing everything lately because of our increasing dependencies on digital devices. From feeding phone numbers to chatting with loved ones, creating schedules, booking rides, ordering foods, we are doing almost all essential activities of life with the help of our addictive devices.

Happy Fathers Day Quotes 2021

As you may have forgotten that happy father’s day 2021 is on the verge of arrival, we are here to remind you and also help you in providing ingenious and exemplary happy fathers day quotes that you can use on the key occasion to wish your father a very happy fathers day and make his day enthralling. To save you from the daunting task of creating original and hand-written father’s day quotes on your own, we bring you a pristine selection of happy fathers day that is full of respect, love, and zing. Download the best fathers day quotes and share them as much as you can.

One strict yet caring father is way greater than 100 intellectual teachers. Happy fathers day!

A father is an individual who crushes his dreams to make sure his children’s dreams blossom well. Happy fathers day!

You deserve your mother’s love but you deserve your father’s teachings in order to survive well in this world. Happy fathers day!

If your father believes in you, it is more than sufficient to conquer the world or make a shining name.

You are your father’s creation. Better prove him right that he is a goddamn great artist!

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For all the fathers growing old, nothing is more emotional than watching their children becoming independent and successful. Happy fathers day 2021!

If there is something in this world that can soften a father’s heart, it is his little angle daughter!

The older you get, the more you will get to realize most of the time that your father was right!

More than mothers, a father is an exemplary role model for his kids. He nurtures them in such a way that they can withstand all the tribulations of life effortlessly. Happy fathers day!

Becoming a father means you have to be a hero for your son, a daughter’s first best friend, a wife’s passionate lover, and above all, a great caretaker of the entire family. Happy fathers day!

Happy Fathers Day 2021 Quotes

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Happy Fathers Day Quotes from Daughter

A father is the daughter’s first superhero and also a daughter’s first love. Since her birth, a father does whatever it takes to protect her baby girl, give her the best education and luxuries and nurture her like an angel. For years, a father takes care of her baby girl and one day a man comes and takes his daughter away with the promise of loving her unconditionally.

Happy Fathers Day Quotes from Daughter

Nobody knows how long you are going to live with your father. However, as long as you live with him, don’t forget to make his every day special, especially father’s day to pay a small fraction of what he has done for you. Here are some of the most heart-tugging selection of happy fathers day quotes from daughter that will perfectly express your gratitude and emotions to your father and make him utterly emotional on fathers day 2021 occasion.

It is the father who teaches her daughter that all men are not cruel and bad. Some are gentlemen too; like himself and her going to be husband!

When I was young, I thought you are a superhero. When I grew up, I realized that you are ordinary man who put extraordinary efforts to keep his family happy and safe. Happy fathers day!

May be another man will hold my hands forever, you will hold my heart forever daddy. Happy fathers day!

For daughters, their fathers are no less than a God as they happily lift the weight of her expectations and demands. Happy fathers day!

If you want to learn how to love others unconditionally, go to your mother. If you want to rest all the things, go to your father.

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From the very beginning, my father didn’t differentiate between me and my brother. The result is I can do whatever a man and can’t do. Happy fathers day!

A father rarely expresses his love and shed tears. When he does that for you, it means you are the luckiest child of this world. Happy fathers day!

Do you know why every father considers her daughter as a princess? Because she perceives him as a king. Happy father’s day!

A man can love only 3 women unconditionally in his life; his mother, wife, and his daughter.

If all the men should start treating women like a father treats her daughter, this world will become a heaven for women.

Happy Fathers Day 2021 Quotes from Daughter

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Happy Fathers Day 2021 Quotes from Son

Indeed, for a daughter, her daddy is a superhero. However, for a son, his father is the first role model and perhaps the first best friend. It is a truth that fathers are more strict and rigid with their sons compared to daughters, but they also have more expectations from sons than daughters as they are the ones who will carry forward their legacy and name.

Happy Fathers Day 2020 Quotes from Son

A father makes endless sacrifices to make his the most successful and renowned version, and in return he expects nothing. As a son, it is your responsibility to make your father remind that you are you will always be grateful towards him. To pay veneration to your father on the occasion of happy fathers day, we bring you a sentimental selection of fathers day quotes from son that are created only for sons so that they can send these quotes to their fathers and receive endless blessings.

I always used to think about why my father fetters me for everything I do. I get it when I became a father. Thank you, father, for everything and happy fathers day!

A father’s utmost desire is to be surpassed by his one day so that he could rejoice double. Happy fathers day!

Have you ever wondered why fathers speak few words and talk less? Because they teach their kids by doing things. Fathers are men of actions.

Who says superheroes don’t exist in real life? Just look at your father and his smiling face even after heaps of responsibilities. Happy fathers day!

A profound father always makes sure his children grow up with the best education, moral and ethical values, and lucid vision for their life. Happy fathers day!

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The older I am becoming, the smarter my father seems to be. 

I cannot think of any external support for a child at any level as long as his/her father standing beside him//her. Happy fathers day!

When life will hit you with the rock bottom, your dad or his teachings will help you to get back with the greater power. Happy fathers day!

When you need love, go to mother. When you need sheer wisdom or want to aggrandize your conscience, go to your father.

There are very few people in this world who walk their talk. One of them is my father. Happy fathers day! I am proud to be your son.

Happy Fathers Day Quotes from Son

Happy Fathers Day Quotes from Wife | Fathers Day Quotes for Husband

Don’t you think a wife should wish her husband a happy father’s day as he is also the one who plays a paramount role in the fine upbringing and success of your kids? Yes, he does contribute equally to make the family function seamlessly. From emotional to financial level, a father pours down everything for the well-being of his family and expects nothing in return.

Happy Fathers Day Quotes from Wife

Make your husband feels like on cloud nine on fathers’ day by sending fathers day quotes from wife or fathers day quotes for husband to him and let him realize that you will always stand beside him in every topsy-turvy situation and encourage him to do right things till the end. You can also download fathers day quotes from wife or share these quotes on social media channels straight from here.

For a wife, life is not always easy. It is the husband helping hands that makes a home living heaven for a wife. Happy fathers day to my wonderful husband!

The next best thing after you as my husband is you as the father of my mushy kids. Happy fathers day!

Fathers deserve as much love as mothers but the plight situation is they don’t. They are always expected to be tough and strong.

Meeting you was a chance, falling in love with you was a choice, getting married to you I had no control over. Happy fathers day to the best husband.

Thank for you being such a loving, caring, and wonderful dad to my notorious children. Without you, I couldn’t pull it off their great upbringing!

The reason why my kids are so well behaved and sensible is because you have implanted great values in them. Thank you and happy fathers day!

You will not find a father’s love in his words. You will find a father’s love in his eyes and actions. Happy fathers day!

The way you interact with kids and prepare them for the life challenges, I swear no father can do it like you. Happy fathers day!

Like you make us feel super-special every day, we will also strive hard to make you feel top of the line every single day including fathers day!

If a mother is the heart of a family, a father is the layer of protection that protects hearts from everything unwanted. Happy fathers day!

Fathers Day Quotes for Husband

Funny Fathers Day Quotes 2021

Funny Fathers Day Quotes 2021

One cannot understand the anxiousness of being a father unless one becomes a father of annoying kids. Happy fathers day!

The older you become, the less advice your father will give to you.

A kid’s life can be a lot easier if he starts pursuing things that his father wanted to but couldn’t. Happy fathers day!

To become an outrageously successful father, don’t look at your kid for the first 3 years. Let the mother take charge.

In my childhood, my father used to confuse me a lot with my name. More than my name he used to yell Jesus Christ!

May be fathers don’t like to take care of children, but they surely love producing children a lot.

If you truly want your father to be happy on fathers day, give him a caret of beer and ticket for the next baseball game.

My father has a deep influence on me since childhood. He is a freak, and so am I.

I asked my father what he wants on fathers day, he immediately cut my phone call.

I was such a notorious kid that my father would have traded me for anything. Unfortunately, nobody was interested in his offer. Happy fathers day!

Funny Fathers Day Quotes

Short Fathers Day Quotes | Best Father’s Day Quotes

Short Fathers Day Quotes

Heroes do exist in real life. I have seen one in my father!

Thank you for giving me the life that most of the kids only dream about. Happy fathers day!

The greatest gift I have ever received from my father is his undivided attention.

The older you get, the more you will need your father’s knowledge and wisdom.

Most of my friends are worried about they are becoming like their fathers. I am so happy to be like him.

I pity most of the kids as they don’t have a cool andthe best dad like mine.

I wish this father’s day turns out to be as chilled and awesome as my dad’s barrier!

You can never ever repay for the things your dad did for you. However, you can make him laugh and that’s more than enough.

Life doesn’t come with instructions but a father does.

The simplest definition of a cool dad – allowing his kids to do whatever the hell they want to do in life.

Best Father’s Day Quotes 2021

Famous Fathers Day Quotes by Famous People | Special Fathers Day Quotes

Famous Fathers Day Quotes by Famous People

“The man who never stopped working to make sure we had the best life possible.” – Chrissy Teigen

“He and I have very similar senses of humor. Like me, he is down to be the butt of any joke as long as it’s making people smile and laugh.” – Nicole Richie

“He shaped me into who I am. Dads can be so powerful and generous that way. – Connie Britton

“You taught me to be strong and loving, kind and generous. I love your heart, I love that God blessed me to be your child, and I love that you are my best friend.” – Gina Rodriguez

“I know that I will never find my father in any other man who comes into my life, because it is a void in my life that can only be filled by him.” – Halle Berry

“I love continuing to get to know my father. I love working through hard things to get to the good things.” – Justin Bieber

“I’m so lucky to have such an amazing man as my dad. Thanks for teaching me to work hard and laugh harder.” – Kate Upton

“I told you I would raise my kids with everything I learned from you, whenever that time would come. Well I kept my promise, dad!” – Kim Kardarshian

“I love my daddy. My daddy’s everything. I hope I can find a man that will treat me as good as my dad.” – Lady Gaga

“My father used to say that it’s never too late to do anything you wanted to do. And he said, ‘You never know what you can accomplish until you try.” – Michael Jordan

Special Fathers Day Quotes

Inspirational Fathers Day Quotes | Best Fatherhood Quotes

Inspirational Fathers Day Quotes

We don’t wait for a single day to celebrate our father’s achievements, sacrifices, and contributions. Every day is a fathers day for us.

Being a father is one of the most challenging and mentally exhausting jobs. You got out, work for the entire day, and came home to listen to endless talks of wife and kids.

Heartiest congratulations to all the fathers of the world for working sincerely to become the best fathers, stepfathers, or spiritual fathers for their kids.

To a father juggling constantly between personal and professional life, his heartiest desire is to be a successful father more than a successful professional.

The reward of being a diligent father is many: heaps of tears, tons of laughable moments, endless gibber gabber of toddlers, and immeasurable love of a wife.

A mother teaches how to be motivated all the time. A father teaches how to dream and build things.

My father taught me that there is nothing extraordinary in being a great man. However, there is always something special about being a beloved father.

God himself cannot down on earth to protect its child. That’s he created fathers.

One father is equal to 100 soldiers and 1000 teachers. Happy fathers day!

There is a fine line between being a father and a dad. Anyone can become a father, but It takes a ridiculous amount of transformation to become a loving and caring dad.

Best Fatherhood Quotes on fathers day 2021

Happy Fathers Day Status for Whatsapp | Fathers Day 2021 Status for Facebook

Happy Fathers Day Status for Whatsapp

Hey dad, there cannot be anyone like you. You are the best dad in the world. Happy fathers day!

Dad, you are someone who I have always look up to as a role model. Happy father day!

This emasculated generation desperately needs a manly and fatherly figure like my dad to sort out things like a man. Happy fathers day!

My father taught me that to achieve something profound in life, first, you have to give blood and sweat then you get success and respect.

A truly rich man is the one whose children stick to the values and ethics ingrained by him. Happy fathers day!

Hey daddy cool, I am so proud to be your obedient son. Happy fathers day to the coolest dad ever!

You are not a hero, you are the God to me. At every stage of my life, you were there to guide me. Happy fathers day!

Whenever I am around you, I feel so safe and comfortable. You are the real man of steel dad.

Though I never asked for gifts in my childhood, you sensed my wants and fulfill them in no time. Happy fathers day to the best dad!

I may surpass you in terms of success but I can never be as great as you daddy. I wish you a happy father’s day!

Fathers Day 2021 Status for Facebook

Happy Fathers Day Quotes in Hindi | Happy Fathers Day Quotes in English

Agar main zindagi main kabhi raasta bhatak bhi jaaun to mere har kadam par app mere saath rahoge sambhalne ke liye.

Meri pechchan bhi aapse hain, mera aasman aur zameen bhi aap se hain, bta nahi sakta aap mere liye kya ho, mere abhimaan bhi aapse hain. Happy fathers day!

Kaise bhool sakta hun main wo din jab aapne mujhe ungli pakad ke chalna sikhaya tha, sapne dekhna sikhaya tha, aur ek zimmedar insaan banna sikhaya tha.

Ek din to bhut kum hain mere papa, main to puri zindagi appke naam kar dun. Main jo bhi hun sirf aapse hun papa. Happy fathers day!

Happy Fathers Day Quotes in Hindi | Happy Fathers Day Quotes in English

Koi bhi tofa itna bada nahi ki main apne papa ko de sakun. Sabse bada tofha agar main aapko kuch de sakta hun to wo hain mera waqt.

Mera aur aapka rishta to kuch aisa hain ki agar app udaas ho jaye to main bhi kabhi muskuraa na paaun. Happy fathers day!

Ek baat humesha yaad rakha life main ki pita bhagwaan se kum nahi aur pita se jyada niswaarth aur koi dusra nahi.

Manzil kaafi dur hain aur safar kaafi lamba, magar jab tak papa ka aashirwaad hain tab tak kuch bhi naamumkin nahi.

Jo aapke mann ki baat bina boley padh ley, jo aapke dard ko mehsoos karke pehechaan le, jo aapke beintehaan aur bepanaah pyar kare wo hain papa.

Happy Fathers Day Greetings | Fathers Day Slogans | Fathers Day Sayings

A man’s work ends after the sunset. A father’s work continues throughout the lifetime.

There are only 3 people in the world for whom a father bends down: his mother, wife, and kids.

Becoming a dad means you have to be a mentor, role model, protector, provider, and the list goes on.

A father is an innocent being who replaces money from his wallet with wife and kids’ pictures.

Happy Fathers Day Greetings | Fathers Day Slogans | Fathers Day Sayings

Some dads are so great that they will damage themselves to teach kids a valuable life lesson.

The reason why fatherhood is so great because you nurture everything from scratch.

My father didn’t tell me how to live a life, he showed me how to live a life. Happy fathers day!

One of the best things about being a father is you get to random crazy shits with your notorious kids.

My life’s greatest achievement is being a daddy to 3 wonderful mushy and feral kids.

The one and only man whom you can entirely rely on is your father!

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