275 Happy Thanksgiving Quotes 2023 to Express Your Gratitude Towards God & Life

275 Happy Thanksgiving Quotes 2023 to Express Your Gratitude Towards God & Life

Happy Thanksgiving Quotes on God

Thank you so much God for giving me a wonderful family, tasty food on my table, and so many blessings on the occasion of thanksgiving. May your divine light keep falling on us.

happy thanksgiving quotes 2023

Not a single thanksgiving festival has passed when I have not remembered and thanked God for giving me one more year to celebrate thanksgiving!

I am and I will be eternally thankful to God for giving me a graceful life, good wealth to celebrate the harvest of thanksgiving and serve the needy ones. Happy Thanksgiving!

Good or bad, I accept everything that God sends in my life. Everything seems blissful, be it thanksgiving dinner or wishes when you don’t expect anything and God lets it happen.

Instead of asking for trivial things in your thanksgiving prayers, thank lord multitude of times for giving you life to experience the wonderful festival of thanksgiving numerous times.

You haven’t earned the scrumptious thanksgiving dinner and a wonderful family. It’s God that takes care of your dreams and wants and fulfill the right ones. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you so much my dear almighty for giving me an enchanting opportunity to celebrate the blissful occasion of thanksgiving one more time. Happy Thanksgiving!

Saying thank to Lord for everything is indeed not the right way to express gratitude. My spirit and my breath should chant almighty name every single second to thank him. Happy Thanksgiving!

When I wake up on thanksgiving day morning, I express gratitude a million times for a novice day. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Unflinching faith in God develops contentment. And, contentment develops gratitude for God. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Funny Thanksgiving Quotes 2023

If stuffing the stomach is your only goal on thanksgiving 2023, you better go for the duck instead of turkey. Have a glorious Thanksgiving celebration!

happy thanksgiving quotes for friends

The only way to celebrate the thanksgiving festival seamlessly with a psycho family is to add sleeping peels in their thanksgiving dinner.

It’s not the right thing to crack a joke on thanksgiving when your mouth is stuffed with mash potatoes and turkey. Happy Thanksgiving to all my lovely near and dear ones.

Those who are fitness freaks must eat the thanksgiving feast with a weighing scale besides. You will have a fair reason to blame something for gaining weight. Happy Thanksgiving!

So what if thanksgiving is tomorrow? You should be ready to eat turkey all the time. Have a great thanksgiving celebration!

People who are big-time foodies should be ready to resize the old clothes after thanksgiving dinner. There is no shame in being called fat for eating a scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner.

The real optimism is eating the thanksgiving dinner till you are going to burst stomach and hoping to not get fat. Happy thanksgiving fellas!

Don’t give a shocking look to your weighing scale if you haven’t left any stone unturned in eating the thanksgiving turkey. Sometimes, you only get what you eat. Happy Thanksgiving!

The concept of calories should be abolished completely at thanksgiving because no one loves to count them while eating numbly. Happy Thanksgiving!

The only thing you should refrain yourself from saying on thanksgiving is “it’s enough, I don’t want to eat anymore”. Happy Thanksgiving!

The only thing I am most grateful and thankful for on thanksgiving is the absence of my vulture-like relatives. May lord bless them with good food and fine clothes. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

No matter how terrible your thanksgiving celebration goes. It cannot be as terrible as a turkey getting roasted for the dinner. Happy thanksgiving fellas!

For me, the actual meaning of the thanksgiving festival is taking good gifts from my parsimonious relatives and switch off my cell phone. Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s not about how long you spend time at the thanksgiving dinner table. It’s how much you can gobble with each passing second. Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family members!

If you can’t gobble thanksgiving turkey till you wobble, you should be ashamed of yourself till the next thanksgiving arrives. Have a splendid thanksgiving celebration fellas!

You shouldn’t blame thanksgiving turkey and other delectable food items if you gain weight after great thanksgiving dinner. After all, it’s all about stuffing free food.

The best moment of thanksgiving celebration for me is closing my eyes after having a great juicy thanksgiving dinner and not giving a damn about what others are saying.

I love to celebrate thanksgiving in my own style. I invite all the loved ones at a great festival, order awesome food items, and make them pay for it by showing an empty wallet.

The one and the only reason why I love to watch sports on thanksgiving day is to avoid any awkward conversation with my relatives. Happy thanksgiving fellas!

Thanksgiving is not always about having a big feast and expressing gratitude. It’s also about kicking out those guests from the house who never bring gifts and eat for free. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving Quotes on Gratitude

Thankyou is the biggest reward you give to someone. Even saying it without a reason feels so nice.

thanksgiving day quotes inspirational

You don’t know how much you would live this life. So thanks everyone who has helped you and shown gratitude towards you when you need it.

Biggest thanks and gratitude to your parents you must say first. They are the only one who won’t ever ask for it. Yet you must.

If you are not finding a reason to say someone thanks, then do it on Thanksgiving. And say as much as you can. The more thanks you say, the more gratitude would grow. Sweetness pours and gentleness flows in.

Invite everyone on the day of Thanksgiving. Your far and near family and friends who haven’t meet in a year due to business of life. Do a grand feast and remember how grateful you are that you have them. To thank you need someone to. To whom you say thanks when no one you have.

Thanksgiving is really a good day, best day we could also say. Even on that day wish you enemy too. Don’t have animosity on the day. It is the day of blessings, sharing and caring. Make the day memorable for years to come.

Showing gratitude doesn’t cost a price. While it costs a billion dollars’ heart who can forgive and merciful.

Say thanks foremost to your God for the life you are living, not for how you living, while that you are living. You are breathing it. Say prayers and ask for what you want. Do work to get it. And have a habit to say, ‘thank you’ first to yourself for improving your life, and then give a chance to others.

The moments you have spent with someone whom you don’t have now for a reason; say thanks for those happy moments you have spent with them. Don’t worry about how things have come out. Just remember the happy time you both had. Who knows in future you again meet and love gets rekindled. Say Thanks and Prayers!

Who is right and who is wrong; never judge it. Say thank you for changing your life in whatever way it has changed because of someone. And do remember it is always for your progress even if it doesn’t feel so. It is all synchronicity. You will meet them again when it is right. Happy Thanksgiving!

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