Romantic Propose Messages to Woo Your Crush

Romantic Propose Messages to Woo Your Crush

Proposing your crush or the love of your life is one of the most bothersome yet intriguing tasks. Proposing someone not only requires a lot of guts but also the right set of heart-touching words that fills the entire being of a person you are proposing with utmost romance. Moreover, romantic propose messages have the magic to woo your girlfriend or boyfriend when sent at the right time with a frisky and lovely mood.

Below, we have written completely original and utterly romantic propose messages that can make your crush your girlfriend or boyfriend in no time. Pick the best romantic propose message and be ready to experience the new love in life.

Propose Messages for Love | Romantic Proposal Messages for Wife & Husband

As long as there is life in my body and beats in my heart, I will continue to love you with the utmost zeal. You are the basis of my life and I would love to spend my life only with you till eternity. Will you be my forever love?

You don’t have to do anything special to make your partner special as long as there is a strong string of love that is binding you. Love in itself is the most special thing. Will be yo be the one and only love of my life?

You are the only being in this gargantuan world who understand my love to its very core. Years will come and go, seasons will pass, my love for you will always remain true, unconditional, and unflinching. Would you like to spend the rest of your life with me?

I love you my life partner. I am saying it now and I can say it till my last breath to let you know how madly and passionately I love you. You also know that my feelings for you are genuine and pure. Would you like to sleep in my arms forever?

Propose Messages for Love | Romantic Proposal Messages for Wife & Husband

For a long time, I wanted to tell you that my heart, its beats, and my life only belong to you and dedicated to you. I get to experience true love all because of you. I don’t think I can live even a split of a second with you. Will you like to be mine till the end of the journey?

I want to give you all the happiness of the world, I want to suck all your sadness, I want to make you feel like the queen of the world, and I am asking you to be mine forever. I would like to spend the next 100 lives with you. Would you like to? 

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I don’t care what people say and how they react to our relationship. The truth is, your love and care have made me a better person. I want to savor and cherish your enchanting love till my last breath. No one can fit in my life except you.

Hey sweetheart, would you like to give me the pleasure of becoming the loving and responsible father of our future kids? I just can’t think about living a single second without your mesmerizing presence.

When I gave you the wedding ring, I also devoted my mind, body, and soul with that to you. I promise, I will never you face troubles alone and I will be your unbreakable shield. Let’s take our relationship one step forward.

I know you are mine completely, however, I want to tell you that if I get numerous chances to choose my life partner, I will choose you every single time. Growing old with you is my only goal. You are mine forever.

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Propose Messages for Girlfriend

Spending my life with you forever seems quite a small time. I want to live with you while loving you as long as the last sign of life exists in this universe. I always want to keep you in my arms and your love in my heart. Will you be my lovely angel for a lifetime?

All the beautiful gifts like flowers, chocolates, and exorbitant jewelries pale in front of your magnanimous and bountiful love. I have fallen so madly in love with you that there is no returning back for me. Will you be the queen for my heart forever?

You are perhaps the sole reason of my survival. If I have to choose between you and me to exist, I will choose your life every single time. Like a fish needs water to survive, I need you to live my life happily. Just stay with me till the end.

I don’t need thousands of promises to believe in you. The moment you look in my eyes with pure love, my heart beats touch the speed of light and I feel so complete. I wish you stay in my life till the end.

Propose Messages for Girlfriend

My heart, my life, and all my earnings belong to you. You are the most beautiful and spellbinding girl I have ever seen on god’s green earth. If I didn’t become one with you, I don’t know how will I survive. I will love you like a maniac till the end.

The moment in wake up in the morning, you are my first thought in the mind. When I sleep, only you fly like an angel in my dreams. I just want you to enter my life, hold my hands, and walk till the end. Will you be the princess of my life?

All my eyes want to see is your mesmerizing and awe-inspiring face. My heart knows no joy when it feels your presence. And my life will become a gleaming constellation when you will be my life partner. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Meeting with you was certainly a wonderful stroke of luck. However, falling in love with you is something that is totally out of my hands. I just want to give you a tight hug and ask you to stay forever with me who crazily loves you.

If you ever feel difficulty in finding me, just relax and look into your heart. You will always find me there because that’s the only place I would like to live the rest of my life. Please give me a goddamn great kiss and live with me till the end.

Before you stepped into my life, the feeling of love was quite queer to me. The moment you hold my hands, I got a strong feeling that only you can be the queen of my heart. I can never find a beautiful and loyal girlfriend like you.

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Propose Messages for Boyfriend

You are the kind of man whom I have always imagined in my dreams. You are a man of charm, wit, and trustworthiness. You have become everything for me and every fiber of my body only thinks about you. I love you, boyfriend. Be with me till the last breath.

Whenever you touch me gently, I can feel love running through my whole body. The moment you kissed me, I knew only you are the right person to become my soulmate. So, will you bear my tantrums for the whole life?

I am one heck of a lucky girl who has fallen in love with the most handsome and loyal guy in this world. In my feelings, only you reside. Will you also like to rule in my heart forever?

Propose Messages for Boyfriend

You made me realize that love is the most magical and significant feeling in the world. I don’t have any shame in saying that I madly love you. I just can’t resist your touch which makes me go gaga for you. I just to lie in your arms till the end.

There is not a single person in this world except you who understands my unconditional and unearthly love for you. I love to lay my head on your strong shoulders and embrace your manly aroma. I love to the moon and back my boyfriend!

When I look deeply into your eyes, I can clearly see immeasurable love for me. You are the nicest and the loveliest guy I have ever seen. I can confess my feeling to you even in front of a million people. Thanks a ton boyfriend for giving me outrageous love. Would you like to take this relation a notch higher?

We share a formidable bond that even surpasses love. When you are with me holding my hands and kissing on my forehead, all the challenges of the world seems quite puny. You are all that I ever want in life. Keep loving me passionately till the end.

I have devoted every moment of my life to you. In my every breath, I have written your name. I want you to be my life partner as long as there is life in this universe. Life seems so intriguing and interesting when you are with me. I love you my dashing boyfriend!

You may get a better girl than me but I cannot find a perfect boyfriend like you again. You evoke joy and raunchiness in my life. Would you like to take the position of being my husband?

I have read a hell lot of love stories in my life but our story seems to be the most entrancing one. We share, we care, we love, we hate, we fight, but we are always together at the end of the day. And that is all matters to me. Always be the loving boyfriend!

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Best Propose Messages for Crush

With the entire moon;
with all the sun;
I propose you with my all heart in and out;
I love you;
would you marry me oh love?

Be in you, be in me;
we are two souls and in one me;
what if we sail together;
crossing all the oceans and boundaries together;
will you marry oh my love?
I want to be your sailor forever.

Without you, I can’t think;
what I see, always blink;
you are my all;
my heart and soul;
would you marry me and be mine forever?
We rule all the land together.

Nothing matters to me;
when you are with me;
I just need your hand forever;
to travel the long road;
would like to walk with me forever?
I promise I never leave you.

Best Propose Messages for crush

Just don’t say me No;
my life has become woven with you;
it is the red thread with which we are for forever;
I love you desperately;
would you be please be my life forever?

I haven’t loved many;
you are a single girl in many;
I really tell without you I can’t live;
would you believe in me;
hold my hand and relieve in me;
oh dear please marry me.

You are my friend;
but now perhaps more than this;
I want you permanent in my life;
if with all my flaws;
you accept me;
I accept you too for eternal life;
would you be mine?

Life; long and short; who knows;
this life I want to spend with you only;
I want to marry you;
I promise I give you all what you want;
I do everything for your smile;
oh my love; just be mine.

I like you;
I like me;
we both like each other;
it is our destiny;
when we are in destiny;
who would stop;
God written our love;
just be my all.

Holding my heart in my hand;
I with little bending myself before you;
I propose my life for you;
would you walk with me the aisle?
where love is defined.

These stars and birds all know and say;
our love is sacred and pious;
that is what people also say;
what you think we make this union forever?
I be my lover and I lover forever?

It not matters where you come from;
what heart knows;
you are for me and for forever;
in all my births;
I be of you;
why don’t we try know?
being of each other?

As an ocean is so deep;
as deep I love you;
you can’t fathom the depth of it that much I love you;
just be my queen;
I am king of you;
marry me my lady bird;
I forever be of you.

propose wishes for love

Nothing much I want to mumble;
I want to marry you and never fumble;
would you like to marry me?

Not large mansions I could give you;
not much luxuries I have;
I have my this little heart;
that just believe in you;
it wants to believe in you forever;
would you be my secret keeper forever?

I cook for you;
I paint for you;
nothing you have to do much;
you are princess;
would you like to be forever?

Even when we old become;
my love be young for you;
at that time also I still give you cherries;
we might not have much wealth;
but I promise so much love in abundance;
would you be my life’s heiress?
Your nights won’t be dark;

when you are in my arms;
you won’t fear;
I walk with you all the paves;
would you walk with me oh dear?

You are my rose;
all the flowers not supreme but you my rose;
I promise you will be always red; never will fade;
just take me as your forever gardener;
you keep you watering forever.

Between you and me; it is just love;
much we fight, much we love;
I want to continue this fight with you always;
for this you want to marry me;
just don’t be clever!

We all know each other’s like and dislikes;
it not matters what lie ahead would be of price;
I see my present in you;
I want to see my future with you also;
would you too?

Not big promises I make to marry you;
this little thing that I keep smile forever on your lips;
make you happy as you want to be rich;
please be with me; not this time but forever;
be my heart’s reigner.

After we die, yet we live;
our love is like this;
I like everything in you;
would you like everything in me?
if yes; the be mingle with me.

Best propose messages

Time is now;
I can’t wait more;
I am dying to be of you;
don’t make it too long;
marry me; and make me strong.

Life with you beautiful;
I know;
I for you; dutiful; please you know;
you don’t have to worry about anything;
all your dreams I fulfill;
be with me with my first kiss!

Simplicity is virtue and elegance is gift;
you have all these;
I am a man of high dreams;
my ambitions beams;
be my moon forever;
I like a star; will twinkle with you forever.

I make a good home for you;
I bring all the gifts for you;
no emptiness you feel;
just fill my this empty heart with you;
that I could last forever with you;
marry me.

I have the values and virtues;
I have nothing but I want to have everything;
I want to make you my dream partner;
would you want to be?

I want a simple and romantic life with you;
I am not that much handsome;
but I have a pretty heart for you, that thinks always about you;
I love you;
do you love me too?

Marry me;
I am your charioteer;
marry me;
I make you wander the entire world;
I make you wander all the wonders;
just marry me.