70 Romantic and Caring Love Messages for Wife & Heart Touching Love Quotes With Images

70 Romantic and Caring Love Messages for Wife & Love Quotes With Images

Wife is your love and wife is your responsibility to whom you have to take care of her utmost. If it is measured how much contribution a wife does in a family, then it comes out totally uncountable. Here in this post, we have drafted nice feeling romantic love messages for wife, heart touching love quotes for wife, that you husbands love to send them. Because they deserve them.

And they deserve more than that. Perhaps more than anything they deserve. They every time ready to sacrifice everything for their husband and family without caring for themselves. How many multiple roles a woman plays, and the weight of it, we men could not lift up or not able to carry, and even unimaginable for us. So that’s why to dedicate your wife and all wives of their husbands, we have written soothing love messages for wife. Tag your wife, share for her, text her or in whatever you want to do it, do for her. Express your love and gratitude towards her. She is the force of your family and everyone must respect her. As to respect her, we have done our part by writing for her some of the best love messages for wife and heart touching love quotes for wife.

Best Heart Touching Love Messages for Wife

You don’t know how much I love you and even you could not measure it. The depth of love for you is far more greater than an ocean. I love you. You are not just my wife while life companion.

Best Love Messages for Wife

What I say you in love? I have said you everything. The intensity of it you must have felt when I come near you. My love is like volcano for you. Love you wife. Never be apart.

I never want to unhold you hand, for I have promised to hold it forever. You are my eternal love and I love you for infinity. So much love to you my wife!

The most loved thing about you for which I have fallen in love with you is your smile and your hairs. I like them. And I just want to be in them. Love you my wife. You are my charm.

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You still feel like a fresh rose plucked out from an orchid whose fragrance is so damn fresh that it could kill anybody as it is killing me now every day. I love you my miss lovely my wife!

I like your eyes. They are so deep that thousands of oceans are swimming into them. I want to too. I just couldn’t resist you when you come before me. And I can’t tolerate you with any other man. Much love to you my wife!

Coming near you I feel so relaxed that I forget everything all the worries and anxieties. When with you I feel peace of mind that I have never felt anywhere else but with you. I care for you. Adoringly love you my life companion!

You are my force. You are my creativity. You are my imagination. You are my most colorful painting that I never want to lose. When you are not, I am not. I love so deep my wife!

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It is not to say that you are not beautiful. More than that you are magical, so vibrant and amazingly magnetic that every day I am loving you more.

The union of you and me is not by a chance but it is a universal planning, that we are bound to meet. I complete you and you fulfill me. We are destined my lovely wife. Love you!

I promise that every day I sing songs for you, write poetry for me and paint drawings for you. I am so enchanted by your beauty I even could die for you. Love you wife!

In green sari, when I first saw you, you looked so sublime and breezy beauty that I wanted to flow with. And today I am making you my wife. So much love and care to you!

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I never leave you broken or into despair. If it happens, it is death for me. A tear in your eyes is a strangulation for me. I always keep you happy my lovely wife.

The dew drops that look so gorgeous in a rainy season when sun rays come, look like pearls they are that everyone wants to take. You look so fascinating much than those. Love you wife!

Sweet Heart touching Love Quotes for Wife

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Romantic & Deep Love Messages for Wife

Once in a dream billions pound worth of diamond put forth before me and you were there too. But I only chose you because you are my diamond not any other. Love you darling!

Romantic & Deep Love Messages for Wife

I want to give you the love of all the world. I want to fill your heart with so much love like bees filling their nest with honey. All love to you my life my wife!

When in morning you come afresh after bath, you look so beautiful in open hairs when water drops from your hairs in little droplets. I just want to embrace you that time and every time. Love you my queen my wife!

I am so smitten by your red lips that they are feeling me so beautiful than roses, and I want to touch them not for now but forever. Love you wife and be forever happy!

When I listen your heart’s beats, I only listen my name there. And when I see in it, I only see my picture there. I love you so heartiestly my wife. I never ever want to leave you!

The chemistry between you and me is so strong than any chemical. And that love chemical, I forever want to produce with you my love!

Your touch is needed to me to make me feel alive every day. It is the warmth of your love that want to immerse forever for not coming out even for sec. Love you wife!

I don’t know sanity and insanity of love because I just want to love you. No one could define it but only you can understand. Love you wife for thousand times!

When you say nothing and silent for hours and for many days, even I am saying nothing just seeing your face and the movements you are making going through so many moments. Then you suddenly talk to me. That is our love.

I kiss your hand, I kissy your lips, then I kiss your hairs, then I kiss you on your forehead. Me and you both silent. That’s my love and romance to you my loveliest wife!

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The dimension of my love you still could not figure out. Because more you do it, more wrapped you become in my love, and that is your blessing and my love.

You are so innocent and unawarely naughty and quirky that feel to me so crunchy. I adore you but you never change. That is only your beauty. Love you my love my wife!

I would never leave you and would never stop loving you, perhaps never in any condition. I never be disloyal to you my amazingly gorgeous wife!

You are my breath, and what I say more to bestow words in your beauty. All seem to me less. I simply want to put my heart in your feet, and that is enough my love!

Romantic Love Quotes for Wife

Love Missing Messages for Wife

All the flowers in our orchid so faded. When I ask them why they so sad? They say they miss you so bad. Come for me and come for them. Love you!

Love Missing Messages for Wife

I fear of missing you because I don’t want to miss you. I hate missing you because I don’t want you to go away from me. I miss you darling. Come back soon!

When you are not here, I used to go to our meeting place where we first met. All the daffodils there are talking about you. You have never visited them. They miss you as me.

On the banks of the river where we used to see the stream flowing, it also has dried up. And all the atmosphere there so mundane. Come back soon my love. I’m waiting for you!

I miss your hairs clips. I miss your bangles tinkling. I miss your bindi, and every design of it. I miss you so much. Love you darling!

Life with you so wonderful and I know always will be. But I only hate the missing part. Why you go leaving me alone. So much love and hugs to you wife!

It is so mesmeric and so over-pouring feeling of missing you, that I falling in love with you more every day. you come like spring and then go. Come to forever. I don’t want to miss you more!

I am seeing through window the gate and assuming that you would just come and say me hi. It is so intolerable that you are not here. Miss you lovely wife!

I every day go and sit under the tree where we used to sit and converse. I feel your presence there like soul of you there. Miss you so deeply. Come soon my love!

I am so possessive of you, that I miss you so desperately, that even for a second I could bear your distance. Come to me. I miss you my moon!

Under the stars, under the night on the terrace I walking alone, and then suddenly wind comes. It feels you have come and touched me. So much miss you love my so dearest wife!

I just want to embrace you in my arms and want to recite all the poems I have written for you when you are not here. Please come my loveliest wife. I miss you every day!

In so many thousand ways I miss you, and I could not stop this. I see you in everything and in everyone. Come real soon. I couldn’t tolerate much!

Come, and when you come. You never go leaving me alone. With what vocabulary I express my pain, that I miss you so much like in hot weather rain.

Cute Love Missing Quotes or Wife

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Love Messages for Wife Far Away

I have all the food cooked and dishes served but only you miss. So far you are from me in a different country. When I would see you? Love you my rose!

Love Messages for Wife Far Away

So many messages I have written to you and not a single answer you have given. I am still waiting. So far you are but so near my heart. Missing you dearly!

Take care of yourself and whenever you go outside just scarf yourself. You catch the cold easily. So much worry I have for you and care I do. Come soon!

These distances are sweet pain that day by day increasing and I don’t know how to lessen it. I am in awe of you. Finish your work and come soon.

I don’t to finish my love only writing letters and emails to you and talking to you through video app. I want to feel you near. Please come soon and come quick!

Days and nights all are same for me. It doesn’t matter to me all how this world is going. I just miss your presence.

The way you touch my cheek is so adorable and sweet, that I think why you are not here. I miss our long conversation and fights. Miss you my sweet coolest wife!

I pray for you every day, every hours and every second. I want you to be successful and achieve what you want. But also remember me babe!

It is absolute pleasure that I have married you. My life is happy with you extremely and in every manner. I am glad that you are my wife. Miss you!

Being your husband means so special to me. You are so dynamic lady that I always want to be with you. I am so pleased with you. Miss you dearest!

Though so many things are beautiful in you and amazing. But the quality I like is, that you never lie to me. In love, honesty is everything and I have got it from you. Love you wife!

I never betray you and you know that. I am sending this daisy flower wreath for putting on your head. You would feel my love blossoming in them.

I have set for you every star in the sky to look after you. Wherever you go, they would go with you loving and taking care of you. Love you oh marvelous star my wife.

I feel oneness with you and that feeling is so flabbergasted that it is so impossible to say it in words. I love you my charm.

Love Quotes for Wife Far Away

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Caring Love Messages for My Wife

So soft and fragile you are. So take care of yourself when out you are. I take for mine at least.

Caring Love Messages for My Wife

Just take care of your hairs. It is where I use to sleep and dream about us all day long.

The touch of you reverberate me whole and it is so feels like radiation that I wholly feel engross in it and wrapped by it. Take care of you!

You never listen to me and do what you want to do. Just listen to me this time. Please take care of yourself.

The little surprises of you I always like and it makes me so warm. You are not here and I miss them all. Take care.

That wind chime which you bought from market. It chimes whenever wind flows and remind me of you. Take care of yourself my lovely wife. I every day miss you!

What I say and what I not. This thing often confuses me in my thoughts. In the meantime, you just take care of yourself because I love you my most adorable wife!

I want to dance with you. I remember that one that we did on our first anniversary and it was weird but lovely. Take care my girl!

It is in my veins that I feel your pain when something hurts you. So that’s why I want to say, take care my gorgeous soulmate!

You remember that guy who wrote a poem for us when we were walking on the beach side. And he wrote so soulful like have written our story. Take care and come soon my love!

Not the part of you I miss. Not the moment of you I miss. Not an iota of you I miss. I miss you even in the thinnest thread of my life that I couldn’t see. Take care wife!

Between you and me there is a phantom thread, that nor you could see and neither me. I love you millions times and forever love you billions times. Take care and love!

Not eyes I need to see your beauty. To see you my heart is enough, and, to feel you, your words are enough. You are my soul. Take care and miss you desperately. Lovely wife!

So dearly, sweetly, adoringly, lovingly I love you. You are my universe. In you I find everything. You are my power and strength. Take care. Love you wife!

Caring Love Quotes for Wife

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So how much love you do to your wife? Don’t lie to us. We know that you do it immensely. In the above post, we have written love you love messages for wife, that you can send to her anytime and anywhere to express your love. Expressing love is always difficult and initially it is troublesome that you don’t know how to express it and just doing it indirectly when she is not understanding. Wife is for life and it is rightful truth undenied. All admit to it and you too. When you marry, you feel it too. When a woman loves, she just loves and loves continuously and to protect you she can do anything. Even could cross seven borders and seven oceans. Such love is woman’s love. At QWM, we have drafted for you such love messages for wife, heart touching love quotes for wife that you would adoringly love, and tag your wife on social media. Whatever you do it, you just tell her that you love her. It is woman’s habit that they always want you to again and again say to her how much you love her. Hence say it with our lovely messages for your wife. Never forget to share them!