50 Memorable Heart Touching Love Messages with Images

50 Romantic Heart Touching Love Messages with Images

When you have love near you, it gives you happiness. And when it is away, it gives you poetry. And here we give you heart touching love messages. Don’t you want to send these to your beloved who is eagerly waiting for your messages checking phone again and again. 

The phenomenon of love is unexplained. The ecstasy of it only those could understand who are in it. And we tell you it is so supernova that you can do anything. There are so many benefits of love and with the double degree side effects of it, from which no one wants to go. Love gives you courage, immense courage that you can do anything.  

When you are in love, intensely feeling it, then you don’t talk by your mouths or eyes. You talk to each other by heart and it is so magical that you understand everything. It is so heart overwhelming. And here below, we have for you mesmerizing heart touching love messages that you would love to read and send to those whoever you want to, who near your heart. 

Heart Touching Love Messages 

Not even all the world has strength that could separate me from you. We don’t have two heart while one. We are just by one heart living. 

Heart Touching Love Messages

You could not understand how deep I love you. Even all the oceans would weep for me if you leave me. We are made for each other. You are my love and I’m yours. 

In your lips when I touch them I think I have found everything. It is so romantically sweet that it spiritually reverberates my whole soul. 

One sided love is actually painful until or unless you tell it. The nature of love is not to keep it in your heart while to express it. 

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Love not expressed for long time becomes an unhealed wound. There is no cure for it. To whom you love it must be expressed. 

You should not chase love if someone you love is not understanding. Just sit relax and wait for her to understand you. 

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Love first is indicated. But these indications could mostly betray you. So walk cautiously.

Mostly girls don’t understand love at first time. And men are deeply in it. Their not understanding makes men mad. 

You must never beg for love. Love that comes naturally is only the real love. Stressed and forced is not. 

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As you have courage to deeply love someone. As you must have courage to let go someone easily. Attachment can kill.

Distances in love though are painful and really intolerable. But in reality it grows your love much deep. 

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The two enemies of love are ego and pride. It can destroy every relationship. To seek love you have to a beggar of it. 

When in love you only can know how the pain feels and how it aches. It is the time when you only want to be with her and nothing else you want in the world. 

When you want a person, you love to dress up, comb up and do many things. It is a period most enjoyed and must be. Because it never comes back. 

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Rather than being in love, you must live it. It is more romantic than former.

You can forget everything. But you can forget your first love. 

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In love you forget who you are. You become the person whom you want wholly from the inside.  

Love is a living life and living death. It can both rise you and kill you. 

When you are in love, it feels that every song is written for you. 

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In every person you see the face of her whom you want deeply.

The wave of love comes in everyone’s life. It goes too. But the memory of it forever stays. 

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When you are in true and deep love, you always fear to express it to whom you want. You fear rejection. Most of the time you are happy to observe her. 

You only realize the value of that person who love you most when they leave you finally. 

There are many undelivered love letters and messages in everyone’s rack that they could not give to whom they love. 

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Love is a drug. The effect of it is both poisonous and ecstatic. In both ways you lose yourself. 

In true love you never want the harm of that person whom you love. Her happiness is everything for you. 

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In love everyone is a philosopher. It is the only period when greatest and purest philosophies come. 

You always imagine yourself with her in different romantic situations where you loving her or she loving you. You are just happy with the feel.

You always be who you are. Never lose yourself in love. Once you change you would be changed every time. 

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To keep your love alive, you must keep your mysteriousness. Once you fully reveal yourself, everything would vanish. 

In love you should not be manipulative. Once you fall off from eyes, you could never rise.

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Women just want to know everything about you. Keep their curiosity alive. Because love is a beautiful game. 

Seducing someone in love is natural. And you love to give a little pain in it by not giving attention to them. 

Women never want to fall in love again and again. While men look for always new adventure. 

Girls always want to know how much you love them. So they always ask. Never let them relax about it. Once they know, they relax you. 

You both know that you love each other but pretend you don’t. It is the best way to love. 

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If you have true love for her, you don’t care how much time she betrays you. You just wait for that big betrayal where you could leave her finally. It is often the story of one sided love. 

There are no steps and guide how to love. It happens as it wants to happen. And it leaves also as it wants to leave.  

Sometimes you just don’t want to get into love. You just want to get out from it. And that is the best dose of life.

Just calm your stormy mind and be at peace with yourself. Then your true love follows you. 

In love you always meet perfect people at imperfect time. 

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Sometimes she doesn’t understand him and sometimes he doesn’t understand her. It is often in love that you don’t understand each other.

You almost try to take care of each other more that it becomes a kind of sticky. But you love it. 

First time when you kiss someone in love, it feels like in whole universe only you are and everything is circling around you. 

There is an end comes when you stop convincing her of your love. When you stop all the way, then it happens.

Loyalty and fidelity are everything in love. 

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Who doesn’t want to love? Everyone wants to. The problem is, no one wants to stay in it. 

Imperfect love you always seek. Perfect you don’t. 

You are always a fool in love. 

Falling in someone’s love is easy but not coming out from it. 

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These are all the beautiful heart touching love messages that you would love to put on your social media status to show how you are feeling. Though no one wants to tell how someone is feeling in love because all hide their feelings. You must never hide it and say it after your all analysis whatever you want to do whether that particular girl is in love with you are or not.

It is most of the time in love that we become serious analyst to calculate her every move and what she says. It is in this period that our all senses are at high level active and even we could sense from thousands of miles what she saying about you. And it is in love that we mostly waste our time that is worth having memory for life time. 

The above written heart touching love messages are really heart touching, and when you read them closely you would find it that they relate to you and your life story that you often want to ponder on them. 

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