250 Romantic Heart Touching Love Messages for Her/Him From The Heart

50 Memorable Heart Touching Love Messages with Images

When you have love near you, it gives you happiness. And when it is away, it gives you poetry. And here we give you heart touching love messages. Don’t you want to send these to your beloved who is eagerly waiting for your messages checking phone again and again. The phenomenon of love is unexplained. The ecstasy of it only those could understand who are in it. And we tell you it is so supernova that you can do anything. There are so many benefits of love and with the double degree side effects of it, from which no one wants to go. Love gives you courage, immense courage that you can do anything.

When you are in love, intensely feeling it, then you don’t talk by your mouths or eyes. You talk to each other by heart and it is so magical that you understand everything. It is so heart overwhelming. And here below, we have for you mesmerizing heart touching love messages that you would love to read and send to those whoever you want to, who near your heart.

Heart Touching Love Messages

Not even all the world has strength that could separate me from you. We don’t have two heart while one. We are just by one heart living.

Heart Touching Love Messages

You could not understand how deep I love you. Even all the oceans would weep for me if you leave me. We are made for each other. You are my love and I’m yours.

In your lips when I touch them I think I have found everything. It is so romantically sweet that it spiritually reverberates my whole soul.

One sided love is actually painful until or unless you tell it. The nature of love is not to keep it in your heart while to express it.

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Love not expressed for long time becomes an unhealed wound. There is no cure for it. To whom you love it must be expressed.

You should not chase love if someone you love is not understanding. Just sit relax and wait for her to understand you.

Love first is indicated. But these indications could mostly betray you. So walk cautiously.

Mostly girls don’t understand love at first time. And men are deeply in it. Their not understanding makes men mad.

You must never beg for love. Love that comes naturally is only the real love. Stressed and forced is not.

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As you have courage to deeply love someone. As you must have courage to let go someone easily. Attachment can kill.

Distances in love though are painful and really intolerable. But in reality it grows your love much deep.

The two enemies of love are ego and pride. It can destroy every relationship. To seek love you have to a beggar of it.

When in love you only can know how the pain feels and how it aches. It is the time when you only want to be with her and nothing else you want in the world.

When you want a person, you love to dress up, comb up and do many things. It is a period most enjoyed and must be. Because it never comes back.

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Rather than being in love, you must live it. It is more romantic than former.

You can forget everything. But you can forget your first love.

best heart touching love messages

In love you forget who you are. You become the person whom you want wholly from the inside.

Love is a living life and living death. It can both rise you and kill you.

When you are in love, it feels that every song is written for you.

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In every person you see the face of her whom you want deeply.

The wave of love comes in everyone’s life. It goes too. But the memory of it forever stays.

When you are in true and deep love, you always fear to express it to whom you want. You fear rejection. Most of the time you are happy to observe her.

You only realize the value of that person who love you most when they leave you finally.

There are many undelivered love letters and messages in everyone’s rack that they could not give to whom they love.

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Love is a drug. The effect of it is both poisonous and ecstatic. In both ways you lose yourself.

In true love you never want the harm of that person whom you love. Her happiness is everything for you.

In love everyone is a philosopher. It is the only period when greatest and purest philosophies come.

You always imagine yourself with her in different romantic situations where you loving her or she loving you. You are just happy with the feel.

You always be who you are. Never lose yourself in love. Once you change you would be changed every time.

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To keep your love alive, you must keep your mysteriousness. Once you fully reveal yourself, everything would vanish.

In love you should not be manipulative. Once you fall off from eyes, you could never rise.

Women just want to know everything about you. Keep their curiosity alive. Because love is a beautiful game.

Seducing someone in love is natural. And you love to give a little pain in it by not giving attention to them.

Women never want to fall in love again and again. While men look for always new adventure.

Girls always want to know how much you love them. So they always ask. Never let them relax about it. Once they know, they relax you.

You both know that you love each other but pretend you don’t. It is the best way to love.

If you have true love for her, you don’t care how much time she betrays you. You just wait for that big betrayal where you could leave her finally. It is often the story of one sided love.

There are no steps and guide how to love. It happens as it wants to happen. And it leaves also as it wants to leave.

Sometimes you just don’t want to get into love. You just want to get out from it. And that is the best dose of life.

Just calm your stormy mind and be at peace with yourself. Then your true love follows you.

In love you always meet perfect people at imperfect time.

Sometimes she doesn’t understand him and sometimes he doesn’t understand her. It is often in love that you don’t understand each other.

You almost try to take care of each other more that it becomes a kind of sticky. But you love it.

First time when you kiss someone in love, it feels like in whole universe only you are and everything is circling around you.

There is an end comes when you stop convincing her of your love. When you stop all the way, then it happens.

Loyalty and fidelity are everything in love.

deep heart touching love messages

Who doesn’t want to love? Everyone wants to. The problem is, no one wants to stay in it.

Imperfect love you always seek. Perfect you don’t.

You are always a fool in love.

Falling in someone’s love is easy but not coming out from it.

Heart Touching Love Messages for Girlfriend

I still hold you in my heart and forever hold you because it is only made for you my love.

Your hairs, your lips and your eyes are greatest possessions. I am so much possessive about you that I can’t remain detached from you for a little long time.

Heart Touching Love Messages for Girlfriend

Love blossoms in your eyes, end on your lips and I find my transcendence when I kiss on your forehead my love.

You for me are everything. Since I first saw you I fell in love with you not to be ever woken up again. I think I would dissolve into you my love.

The happiness is you darling. My every emotion emotes through you and ends in you. You are my ending and starting both.

What I write for you? Even the words are less. I think I have to invent another language to describe your beauty. You are so much beautiful my love.

Your smile is my all the treasure I want, and to win it back I can fight thousands battles for it. That much love I do to you.

You can’t understand my love. Its depth is bigger than the seven oceans. You are my everything darling. I love you.

You are in my constant thought or what I say in every thought. I can’t escape from you even I want to try. That is how I attached to you.

There is no definition of soul mate. Your heart just knows it. It becomes warm and rosy when soul mate is near. You are my soul mate and companion.

You are not just my girlfriend. You are my wife. I marry you and vow to spend my whole life with you only. Me transcends through you.

I don’t know destiny or some other esoteric planning. My heart beats for you only. It just takes your name, only your name. Its breath you are.

I love you and no one could love much than me in this entire universe, which is all the illusion but my love is not.

Your every hair style I like. You look beautiful in all the attire. You are that rare beauty who is original my love.

I admire you. I adore you. I write day and night poetry for you. I just want to be with you. I promise no force could detach me from you.

Your love has encouraged me and given me power. I can do anything for you. Not even a single day goes when I don’t see your photo.

All the arts are below before you. You are the prime most for me. I love you my dear rosy love.

The only infection of your love is that I know it would never get off. An imprint on me forever it will be and I am happy with it.

We can never live without each other whatever if may happen. This life sucks without you. My love you are beautiful.

High in the Snow Mountains I make a home for you where we both live happily ever after. I try to give you all my love.

Never do the crime of forgetting me. Even the thinking of it by you could kill me. I love you my sunshine.

How this is our love which is like ebb and flow of tide. In my heart you are forever even after my death my love.

When I see you I feel myself complete. I feel nothing I need in this life when you are with me. You fulfill my life my love.

This is not the temporary relationship I have with you. No, when I hold your hand, I will hold it for forever.

My love for you is honest, brave and determined. I am committed to you as you to me my beauty.

People search for universe out there in the sky. Here I have my universe within you always giving me glimpses of infinity.

I don’t want to spend life with you. I want to spend moments with you; moments of truth and eternity my purest love.

No water and food I need. Only your love is enough for me. I love you.

What death and birth is; when I feel eternity with you my love.

I just want to say to God to give me thousand births that I can live with my love thousand times. One life with her is not enough for me.

Most Touching Romantic Love Messages

I do much to you, you do much to me. The romance of ours brunch to us but munch and much to me.

In a green color sari and having a bindi on your forehead you look dazzling diva nonetheless. I love you my star.

Most Touching Romantic Love Messages

It is nothing you lack and me lack. If we lose each other, we lack each other. I love you my love.

The innocence you have and as you laugh is so romantic to me. When you laugh I lose into you.

What could be more romantic than our being together! The love oozes through us for never wanting to be settled down.

What I say of this life! I have ruined it for you. And no regret I felt because it is worth ruining.

We are not easy. Our love is not easy. We are magnetic. This is how we are.

When I come near to your hairs I feel a kind of relaxing fragrance and I sleep into it unconscious my love. Such magic you are.

In your lap I want to sleep when you stroke my hairs and through my ears you cross your fingers reminding me you are there. You are my all my love.

The way you breathe I want to breathe with you. You are my part and particle of which I made of you.

You can’t ignore me. The more you ignore me, the more pain you feel. But that sweet pain is even so romantic my cutest love.

Sometimes not being in love with you is also being love with you. That is how I being with you my sweetest love.

How our love is; that we are at distance yet we feeling nearest close to each other. I can feel what you are thinking. It is in only true love that happens.

This life is one dear and in this one life I only want to love you. And our love only that prevails.

The best love is not perfect as ours. It is always imperfect as we are. In imperfection our love exists and lives.

I try to figure out how I am woven to you and then I come to know that I am webbed to you that can never be solved my dear love.

Through our silence we say and understand everything. More than talks, it is deep and a feeling that you always near me.

May our love never become such that we feel it less intensely. May the fire between us never get off oh my love!

The age is not the matter my love between you and me. It must be the love that only matters to you. Love happens without age and it is the grace.

I involve not my minute or second while every moment with you. We are connected through an invisible thread that is crystal like and for eternity.

Sweetest Love Messages

What could be so sweet than your love message that I receive in the morning! This makes my whole day sweet.

Only the feelings we have understood between each other but could not express them through words. Yet it is the sweet part of us.

Sweetest Love Messages

When you kiss on my forehead; that is the sweetest thing you do for me my love.

What this life is! Living with your love, wandering your favorite places and eating your favorite food, and making memories that are sweet.

Two water drops on your cheek that have fallen through my wet hairs feel like crystal on you, and those ones seem like pearls on you making your much beautiful.

Infinite you are my love. There is no end of your love. When I think it is ending, it starts again with uncontrollable zeal.

I don’t feel the need of drinking because I am already drunk in your love and I think that would be for whole life.

What between you and me is all natural. Nothing is fake in it, and that is the sweetest part of our life.

The truth between you and me is the sweet, and that matters for whole life for both of us dear.

May I never wake up from the dream of you that is constantly pulling me into your love in which I love to drown forever!

It can never erase between you and me but it could be blurred and dull sometimes. But our love would never erase.

In your open hairs you look attractively beautiful like a lady embellished with roses.

The sweetest thing in the world is that we both have each other. What we need more?

True love never vanishes. It could become distant for sometimes. But it returns for never leaving you. Our love is true love dear and it is the best and sweetest.

The world, universe and time might forget you but I never will forget you my dearest love. You are inscribed on every particle of my body.

Sad Love Messagesto Make him/her Cry

You and me haven not spoken in years yet we understand each other. It is both painful and loving.

Even thinking about losing you wreck havoc on me.

Sad Love Messages to Make him/her Cry

I can’t see you with other guy talking and walking with them. You don’t know how much it pains me.

We both have wounds that we both have given to each other. And this is only our loving memory.

We got to know each other for a little time and it becomes for whole time not further than that.

I don’t know what is written in our destiny and future. But I don’t want to worry about future while want to live with you all our present time.

I want to be with you real but now for us it is only to be in thoughts.

Those days of our laughter and talking I still remember and cherish them my dear love.

One day perhaps we would be of each other. If not in this birth then I pray to be in another birth I want to be of you only and you mine forever.

We forever are for each other in hearts if in this birth God has other plans for us my love.

Emotional Love Messages for Him

In simple words my dear husband you are my life and what I can say more when I have summed up everything.

Being with you dear husband this journey which is called life has become a romantic affair to carry on forever.

Since the moments I meet you I am happy with. You have given me all the happiness beyond my imagination dear husband. I really love you.

Being my husband you assure me you always be my side in all the circumstances and you have fulfilled you this promise and with it all.

You are my protector and my partner for whom I pray I forever want to live my life with you dear husband.

Nothing matters more than your health and well being. Because if you are right and well then I can function properly. I love you my dear husband.

I know in marriage troubles come. But not for a single time you didn’t try to understand me while you did with your utmost sincerity, and thank you for that my dear husband.

You have fulfilled every single vow of marriage that you have promised on the time of our marriage. I am thankful to God that I have found an honest, determined and believable husband.

Only one thing I don’t like in you and it is your anger. Yet fully from the bottom of my heart I love you maddeningly my dear husband.

Whatever you have said to me, you have always spoken truth. I admire your that character quality for I have fallen for you.

What I say about you! You have given me all, a life wishful and with all the dreams accomplished. Sometimes I sit and think what I can more demand of you my dear husband.

You are my love. The love that I have always cherished and proud of. The love that I want and pray for eternity May fall again in my life in next birth my lovely husband.

Your courage and will to fight impossible have always inspired me towards you. You are my ideal and love for which I can abandon any and everything. I love you my dearest husband.

You have never yelled at me. Although many fights we have gone through. You always have remained calm and serene and always have respected me. I love for that and you too mostly.

I know you will never break my trust and for that reason I have married you. You are a kind and compassionate being my dear husband.

We are both for each other soul walkers. Thank you for being that. It is our love that before I speak anything you understand everything my loveliest husband.

The charisma and machismo you have is remarkable my dearest husband. You can just wade through everything and this is your power.

You are a kind of fly guy who have never opposed anything and every time have supported me. You are a beautiful man my sweetest husband.

How I describe your inner beauty and equality which is rarely I see in other men. No man is compared to you and I am lucky I have found you my bossy husband.

You for a single time have never tried to force me your ideas. You have always said to me to flow with yours, and your one sentence has taken me beyond and given me immense power- that you are with me.

The gratitude you have always shown towards me is so humble and caring. You are charming my husband.

You have been from the starting dedicated and committing towards me. It is nice of you my dear husband. You are my faithful love.

Thank for tolerating my every tantrum for so long time. You are my best friend, my critic and my only advisor whom I trust blindly. Love you my dear husband.

You have given all to me my loveliest husband. This life with you is a blessing that I always want to have.

You are serious, brave and courageous man. You have stood up for me always. You are my real hero my lovable husband.

You are uniquely different in all the aspects. That quality I like in you and admire. I am forever for you. You are handsome man with virtues my absolute husband.

You have all the finest qualities a husband could have. I love you and respect you.

Long drives and deep conversation are my unforgettable memories with you. You are soft and at the same time tough. Thank for being in my life forever my always supporting husband.

You accept me as I am with my all imperfections while you are an ideal of perfections. My love I adore you and forever in envy of you.

I appreciate you the way you are. And as you are I like you my humble husband.

You are wonderful. Even a wonderment yourself you are my awesome husband.

When you dress yourself in a suit and boot you look amazing my charming husband.

Your smile is so beautiful and sublime that every time you smile it leaves unforgettable impression on me.

When you kiss on my forehead; that is the relax for me and I forget my all worries. I love you my prince charming.

You are my soul and in you I see and feel everything. You are my world and universe my love.

You have the rare quality of being challenged. If you don’t find it you go ruckus. You are remarkable my awesome husband.

Although you are intellectually and literaturally fine man. But your dancing and singing are unforgivable. Yet I love you with all my heart my cutest darling husband.

I chose you as my husband because I knew you would never bore me. And till now you haven’t my humblest husband.

I every day pray that God protect you because my life is in you. Love you my love.

You are firm, believer, and a dreamer who love to go beyond the clouds. I love you darling. You are amazing.

Love Messages for Her From The Heart | Deep Love Messages for Wife Far Away

Our true love has developed an admirable camaraderie between that us that is both admirable and unwavering. Only you can fit in my life perfectly. I love you, my sweetest wife!

We are so outrageously in love with each other death trembles when it thinks about drifting us apart. Together, we are the mightiest love force in the world. Love you forever!

The more I fall in love with you, the more it becomes difficult for me to express my feelings in mere words. But I promise, my feelings will never ever die for you. I love you, my beautiful wife!

The impact your love has on my life is gargantuan and quite magnificent. I am a totally different person now whose goal is to love you like a queen till the end. I love you!

I love you not because you are my life partner but your love has lightened up my consciousness and the spirit to stand for the truth. You are a true lover in every sense. I love you forever my lovely wife!

Whenever I look into your eyes, I can clearly see the ocean of love with huge tidal waves of affection waiting for me to marinate completely. Thanks for loving me unconditionally and immensely!

I feel the most blessed on the planet when I receive your love in heaps. Your love has turned me into a better, accountable, and compassionate man. I will love you till my last breath!

I no longer have to look for different ways to make myself happy and fascinated because your love does that job for me. I am intrigued by your timeless beauty and elegance. I love you, wife!

Slowly and steadily, you became an integral part of my life and also a person I can’t live without for a woman. I am a proud husband of a super adorable wife. I love you till the end!

I don’t let a few words limit my unconditional love and respect for you. Just hold my hands, look into my eyes, and you will be able to experience the true extent of my love. You are the woman of my dreams and I love you like a maniac!

From the day we met the first time to till date, not a single day has passed when I don’t look you in awe. You have become my wife but I still treat you as much crush. You are the illuminating source of my life. I love you!

As long as there is a single drop of blood in my body, I will keep loving, caring, and protecting you. No matter how terrible the circumstances are. I love you, my pretty wife!

When you are in my arms, I lose the sense of time and other things. I still wonder how I managed to land up with such a sexy, beautiful, and sensible wife? I love you and I can die for you!

The more years are passing, the more I am falling in love with you. Your love still seems like a novice and exhilarating phenomenon to me. I love you infinity!

Your love is the fuel I need to keep myself going in this terrible world. Without you as my partner, my existence is futile and I don’t intend to live in this world either. I love you, wife!

Whenever I feel down and look for a rock-steady source of inspiration, you were always there to hold my hands and ooze with heaps of inspiration. I am the luckiest one to have a wife like you. I love you, sweetheart!

Who cares about things or life getting tougher when I have a sturdy and loving partner like you to face the most critical situations? As long as you are with me, I have nothing to worry about in life. I love you, my super supportive and chirpy wife!

The more we love each other, the more we want to get lost in each other. The love between us is so enigmatic and entrancing that I remember nothing except you and your love. I will love you forever, sweetheart!

You are probably the only woman in my life who has motivated me to run after my dreams instead of burdening myself with all the responsibilities of the world. I don’t know how to say thank you for your valuable support and love.

You are the daughter-in-law of my parents, an amazing mother of my children, and a wonderful life partner of mine. You flabbergast me with your ability to play so many roles with such perfection! Your love and presence giving strength to my soul and meaning to my life. I love you, my beautiful wife!

Heart Touching love messages for boyfriend | Deep Love Messages for Him From the Heart

If I had to describe my love for you in one word, I would describe it as ‘transcendental’. Your love sends amazing and savoring feelings in my whole body. I love you, my sexy boyfriend.

Your one killer look is sufficient enough to make me go head over heels for you. Not only you are a man with sizzling hot looks but also a gentleman with a golden heart. I love you, sweetheart boyfriend!

There is nothing significant and noteworthy in this world that can be compared to the power of true love of yours. If I find 10 reasons to hate you, 100 reasons to love you automatically pops up in my friend. I love you, boyfriend

The best thing about being in love with you is that I don’t have to prove all the time that I love you so much. We both see in each other eyes and experience it in its truest form. Thanks for being such a caring and understanding partner. I love you!

Our love is more like a chocolate pie. The more we eat it, the more we want to eat it. Thanks a lot for being my chocolate pie. I love you!

Falling in love with you was an instant thing. However, nurturing that love is my decision and it is the best damn decision I have ever taken in my life. My life is solely dedicated to you. Love you, moon pie!

If you ever feel doubtful about my love, come close to me and listen to my heartbeat. Every heartbeat will shout only your name. Yes, that much I love you, my cute boyfriend!

Before I met you, I used to think that a person like me doesn’t actually need love to live life happily. You came and you proved me wrong. Thanks boyfriend for teaching me the value of true love. I love you, baby!

The world can vanish, the Sun can stop shining, the moon can leave its course, but my love for you will keep growing by leaps and bounds till the end. I love you, the king of my heart!

‘ I Love You’ these three words are quite small but they have the power to become your entire existence. I never ever underestimate the power of true love. I love you. XOXO!

True love doesn’t need big words to enter into the being of others. Only silence and true feelings are sufficient enough to marinate someone in your unconditional love. I love you, boyfriend!

If loving me is a task, you have surpassed all my expectations and passed with flying colors in the task. You are the best and the loveliest boyfriend I could ever ask for. I love you, hotshot!

I have absolutely no idea how I have fallen in love with you but I also don’t want to get out of the magic of your love. Promise me, you will always be with me. I love you, my lifeline!

Loving you is like an absolute necessity for me. If I don’t do it, I feel choked and lifeless. I love you, boyfriend!

The rate of my heartbeats entirely depends upon your closeness with me. The closer you are, the faster they beat and get out of control. I think only about you all the time. I love you!

I can’t promise to love you till eternity. But I can promise to shower every drop of my love on you as long as I am breathing. Excepting loving you, I don’t know anything else in life.

Hey baby, do you remember the first time we met and fought terribly? Who would have thought that two individuals with poles apart personalities will fall madly in love with each other? You are the loveliest accident of my life. I love you!

Forget about spending an hour, spending a moment away from you petrify me to death. I love you sweetheart, and I want to dissolve in you completely!

Landing up with a meeky boyfriend like you was the most astonishing event of life. Nothing better can and will happen to me after that because my life is already complete. I love you, baby!

Your charm and thorough gentleness make me go weak and knees for you. In the time of dating apps, having an old school lover boyfriend is a jackpot which I can proudly boast about. I love you, honey!

It wouldn’t be fair anymore to call you only my boyfriend. You are my protector, my heart, my soul, and the better half of my life. I feel likes my love for you is a millennium old. Only you deserve all my love, sweetie!

Every moment I spend with you elevate me to the next dimension. Loving you is like finding my own true self. In our relationship, the best is yet to hit. I love you, boyfriend!

The way you love me evokes a myriad of inexplicable yet sweet feeling inside me. When it comes to making and expressing love, you are truly a maestro. I love you, boyfriend!

We both are like any other ordinary couple. What sets us stand apart from the others is our boundless love and respect for each other. May Lord keep our love intact and pure till the end. I love you to the moon and back!

My love for you is like a jug with an unfathomable base, the more you give it to me, the more I can have it. Thanks for loving me outrageously. I love you!

Your love is so formidable that it makes me do things that I can’t think about doing even in my dreams. Thank you boyfriend for making me believe in the power of true love.

Doing ordinary things become super special when you are with me to support and encourage. I just feel myself and completely free in your presence. All praises to your unconditional love and support. I love you, baby!

You are not just a prominent part of my life, you are my whole life that I want to live, savor, and experience to the fullest. Being in love with you is the best damn feeling in the world. I love you!

There is no point in living a life where not a single sigh of love exists. I consider myself the most blessed soul as I have a boyfriend like you who keeps giving me love in surplus. I love you, sweetheart!

Sweet love texts messages for Him & Her

One intriguing thing about love is that no matter how much I give it to you, it keeps increasing and showering on you. May I keep falling in love with you again and again? I love you, my stunning girlfriend.

I thank the Lord every single moment for making you as my life partner. The way you have supported and loved me without expecting anything in return, no one can do it for me. Be with me forever and I love you!

I can easily bear all the pain and struggles of my life if your support and love are always there for me. Just don’t leave my hands and I will conquer the world for you. I love you, my forever life partner!

If I have to choose between you and my dreams, I would definitely choose you over my dreams every single time. For me, love is more significant than dreams and aspirations!

Perhaps the sweetest thing about being in love with you is that I don’t feel the fear of missing out anymore. I have started to enjoy every moment of my life with you. May our love keeps amplifying by leaps and bounds.

Forget about a day, I can’t imagine spending a single moment without you. I have become so accustomed to be with you all the time that the very thought of being away from you timid me to the core. I love you now and forever!

You soothe me like the first sun rays of the morning blossoms the entire existence. You are the very first thought of mine in the morning and unquestionably the last one in the night. I love you the way you are and I don’t want to change you a bit.

You are perhaps the only person in my knowledge who has accepted me with all my flaws and bullshit ideas and that’s what love is all about. Accepting a person as he/she is. Thanks a lot love for helping me in finding myself. I love you like a maniac!

My love for you flows in all my thoughts, runs in my blood veins, and shines like nothing else in my heart. I promise I will meet you pretty soon. I love you so much, sweetie pie!

Every day of my life, I want to wake up seeing your entrancing face, smelling your spellbinding aroma, and blowing a kiss on your forehead. You are the love that prevails in my breath. I love you and I wish happiness, success, and joy for you.

You are the Spring in seasons, a rose in flowers, an apple in fruits, and the heart in my body. My life beings with you and will end surely for you. Let’s commence a lovely family together!

My love for you is like a lamp with inexhaustible flame. It can never vanish and never ends. My love for you is infinite and timeless!

Even the calmest night seems restless when I don’t hear your lovely voice before sleeping. May lord fill all the colors of love in our lives. I love you, my baby doll.

The difference between love with passion and love with compassion is that the former one diminishes with the dwindling of passion but the later one never diminishes. I love you and I live you in every moment!

Love is the most exhilarating phenomenon in the world because it makes you lost the sense of time and trivial insecurities. Your love has done the same to me. Love you, my apple pie!

I am no superman. I cannot move the mountains for you. I can’t put all the luxuries of the world in your feet. However, I can prove myself to be the greatest lover in the world. I love you!

I still love you with the same compassion and intensity I used to love you when you didn’t notice me at all. My love is free from all the shackles and never wavers for you. Your love has imbibed forever in my heart!

Even the most intense glitter of the Sun falls lackluster in front of your beautiful and heart-soothing face. You are a timeless beauty. Above that, you are a person with a big heart. I love you, baby!

Yes, I don’t have lavish mansions and the most exorbitant cars but I have a heart with limitless love for you. Thanks a lot sweetheart for acknowledging my true love. Also, thanks a lot for all the sweet memories!

Love is not supposed to be understood like it is some complex mathematical equations. Love is a simple and transparent phenomenon that should be felt and experienced all by heart. My love for you is pure, true, and eternal!

Deep love messages for Her Long Distance – Touching Love messages for Him From Heart

Like the depth of an ocean cannot be fathomed, the extent of my deep love for you cannot be seen by anyone except you. It’s because of you, I am smiling, laughing, and signing in life. I love you, darling!

It’s absolutely futile for me to look anywhere because I see only your beautiful place wherever I look. That’s why I keep my eyes close until you come to give me a visit. I love you till the end.

My love for you is like an age-old tree. Its roots are so deep and strong that nothing can shake it. I promise I will forever be with you and love you unconditionally.

When I am with you, the way I feel I haven’t felt with someone else. The feeling is so special and enchanting that it cannot be described in mere words. With the power of your love, I can touch the sky!

Like a seed cannot become a full-fledged tree without the supply of water and sunlight, I cannot become a complete human without your pure love. My whole world lies in you. Love you!

No one can separate us because the power of love that binds us is godly and unwavering. May God keep me with you till my last breath. I love you, my life!

I don’t have to prove my love to you to everyone because those who have tasted love for at least can see it in my eyes for you. Every fiber of my body loves you madly.

If you ever have doubt about my love, take your hand put it on my chest. My uncontrolled heartbeats will give you the answer. I can’t imagine living without you. May you keep marinated me in your love.

If the theory of having Multi-verses is true, I would love to be your life partner in all of them. My love for you is no less than an elixir, unconditional, and everlasting.

If I have the power to change anything, I will change the whole world according to you because my world is your love. Thanks a lot baby for loving me so genuinely.

It is your love and care that pulled me out of the whirlwind of sorrow and hopelessness. Your true love has transformed my life for the good. I love you!

The moment I got you, all my wishes and wants disappeared into nowhere. Your love gives me a sense of completion and satisfaction. Your love is so amazing and intriguing!

If life throws a million reasons to cry, your love and affection give me a gazillion reasons to smile and keep moving forward in spite of trial and tribulations. I love you, my amazing partner!

Though I am not a writer in any way, your true love inspires me to heart touching love poems and sing melodious love songs only for you. I wish you continue to make my life better like this. I love you!

Love can never be wrong. A person could be wrong but love is intact and another form of God. That’s why love cannot be wrong. I love you very much, sweetheart!

Cute Short Love Messages for Him & Her

You are like a far away star that landed straight in my heart. I love you to the moon and back!

Where there is no sign of you, there is no life for me. You are like oxygen to me. I can’t live if I don’t breathe your love for a single second. Love you my baby doll!

People search for happiness here and there. My happiness is always with me. It’s you, my sweetheart. I love you infinity.

You came into my life like a sweet and gentle breeze and changed it in an instant. I couldn’t picture my life without your mesmerizing presence in it. I love you!

Whenever you look at me sneakily, it sends an exciting sensation in my whole body. I am blessed to have such a beautiful and raunchy partner in my life. Love you so much!

You becoming my life partner and falling in love with me is a magnificent stroke of luck. Otherwise, I could never land up with a girl like you. I love you today and forever!

All the nefarious vibes around me fly away whenever you come around me. Your one romantic gaze is sufficient enough to fill my being with immense love. I love you, sweetheart!

I could even fight with God to bring back all the happiness of the world for you. My prince deserves everything best in life, including my unconditional love.

The very fact that you will be by my side till the end gives me hope and strength to deal with the diabolical world. Your love is all I crave for!

I can do anything within and beyond my limits to fill your life with uncountable blessings and your heart with unfathomable happiness. I will love you like no one else did!

These are all the beautiful heart touching love messages that you would love to put on your social media status to show how you are feeling. Though no one wants to tell how someone is feeling in love because all hide their feelings. You must never hide it and say it after your all analysis whatever you want to do whether that particular girl is in love with you are or not.

It is most of the time in love that we become serious analysts to calculate her every move and what she says. It is in this period that our all senses are at high level active and even we could sense from thousands of miles what she saying about you. And it is in love that we mostly waste our time that is worth having memory for life time. The above written heart touching love messages are really heart touching, and when you read them closely you would find it that they relate to you and your life story that you often want to ponder on them.