50+ Religious Condolence Message on Friend Mother Death

50+ Religious Condolence Message on Friend Mother Death

Condolence Message on Friend Mother Death: Life is a perfect combination of frisky and sorrowful moments. The moment you are brimming with uncontrollable happiness and excitement, life throws devastating moments that break you from within. Out of all the losses in life, the loss of a mother is the biggest loss of all. No amount of consolation, comforting words, and condolences can give you peace and sympathy from within. However, the support of friends and family members can help you overcome the grief sooner or later. To help you get over the mightiest loss of your life, we bring you a heartfelt condolence message on friend mother death that will surely dwindle your pain.

Condolence Message on Death of Friend Mother 

I am deeply saddened and devastated from within to know about the sudden demise of your mother. She was also a mother to me who poured love on me more than you. May God give immense strength to you and your family. My deepest condolences are with you!

The moment I heard the news of your mother’s death, I literally felt something inside me breaking down. Why it is that God calls all the people too early? Hey buddy, my support and love are always with you. I am sorry for your loss!

Every spot in the world can be filled but not the spot of a mother. I seriously don’t have words right now to console you because I also lost a mother along with you. My heartfelt condolences are with you and your family. Be courageous and support your family!

Condolence Message on Death of Friend Mother 

May god endows you outrageous courage and strength to bear the loss of your mother. I know losing a mother is the biggest loss in one’s life and no amount of time and sympathies can fulfill it. My sincere condolences are with you always!

The news of your mother’s drastic demise came as a massive shock to me. She was so vibrant, healthy, and jolly that no one on earth can think she could die pretty soon. I am always standing beside you all the time in these tough times.

Only a person who has borne the loss of losing a loved one can understand others’ pain. I know how daunting it is to lose a mother. I so badly want to hug you and tell you that I am always with you like unshakable support. Sending condolences to you and your family!

Hey friend, I have to tell you that your mother was one of the strongest and the loveliest woman I know. Not only she used to treat everyone with utmost affection but also make everyone’s day with a heartwarming smile. Sending my deepest condolences to you and your family on your mother’s demise.

There are only a handful of people on this planet who can live life the way your mother had lived. She was the epitome of strength, love, and liveliness. May her soul rest well in heaven. My prayers and support are always with you.

The stature of a mother is more than God that’s why even God bows down in front of a mother. I know your mother’s sudden demise was a big blow to you and your family. I wish I could do something for you but I cannot because this void cannot be filled. Sending my sincere condolences to you and your family!

You and your family are going through a very rough and tumultuous phase. I just want to tell you that if you need anything, I am always there for all of you. Your mother will surely become the brightest start of the sky. Please accept my heartfelt condolences on your mother’s death.

I was shaken to the core when I came to know about your mother’s sudden demise. Your mother was a role model as well as the champion of human rights. My deepest condolences are with you right now!

I can clearly feel your sorrow and anger because I have been in this state earlier. The entire world goes upside down when a mother leaves his children’s hands and departs from the world. Rest in peace to aunty and I am extremely sorry for your loss.

Not only your mother was a gentle giant but also a woman of integrity and courage. I can feel the void you are experiencing right now. Hey buddy, sorry for the loss of your mother. May god endows peace to her soul.

The branch of a tree emasculates when the root is cut or uprooted. Your family is in quite a dire condition and in outrageous pain. I eagerly wish god heals all your wounds and helps you to get over your mother’s loss. My condolences and full support are with your family!

Your mother has guided me on a timely basis and contributed a lot to making me a successful and well-respected individual. I can never forget her sacrifices and she will live forever in my memories. My heartiest condolences are with you in these gloomy times. 

Hey friend, I know you are quite sturdy from inside but the demise of the dearest member of the family like a mother can shatter anyone from within. May god endows you the ultimate strength to bear the pain and move on in life. Please accept my heartiest condolences on your mother’s death.

Deepest Condolence Messages on the Loss of Friends Mother 

My lovely friend, I know you are super depressed and devastated but this is the time to unite and encourage your family. I know that the deceased one can’t come back but you can promise to do good deeds on their behalf. May God give peace to your mother’s soul in heaven!

For you, this is a time of intense grief and pain. The loss of a mother you have incurred is a dent in your small universe that can never be retracted. She was a marvelous woman and the epitome of sacrifice and love for me. May God give her the greatest pleasures in heaven.

Dear friend, I know you are going through the darkest and most terrible phase of your life. I don’t have the right set of words to console you but you have all my support and love. I will pray for the peace and happiness of your mother’s soul. God bless you, my friend!

The moment I heard about your mom’s sudden demise, the earth beneath my feet shifted to a great extent. Your mother was the only woman I love from my heart and her departure has created a massive hollowness in my life as well. My deepest condolences and support are with you.

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Heartfelt Condolence Messages on the Loss of Friends Mother 

I have truly admired your mother not because she was just your mother while she treated me also like her son. Being an orphan I can understand how much this means to me. I am with you my friend on your mother’s departure from this world. Accept my condolences and try to free yourself from this burden!

A mother is whole universe and everything is in her and everything from her. My friend your mother was of a kind heart and a really soulful woman. She gave me so many blessings whenever I came to meet you. Fate has its game. Accept my true condolences on your mother demise. I have really never expected that.

Heartfelt Condolence Messages on the Loss of Friends Mother 

Those days of childhood when we used to come from school together and your mother used to cook for us tasty savoring dishes. I can never forget her hands’ taste. Your mother was my really aunty like mentor also always guiding me throughout my life. Saddened to hear she has gone. Accept my condolences!

None stay in this world longer than God has decided. We are all mortal and so thus everything is. Your mother my friend was of true determination, a lady never afraid of anything. I always have admired her courage. So much devastated to hear she has left this world leaving you alone. Accept my deepest condolences!

Which turn life takes none knows. Sometimes it gives us happiness unexpectedly and sometimes it takes our loved ones from us. But why your mother I question. Yet what has happened, happened. Take care of yourself and accept my condolences. I am always there for you.

Your mother was so much emotional and this one I can say true from my heart that she always understood people’s pains and always tried to help them. Such selfless people are seldom born on this earth and your mother was one of them. May she rest in peace and her soul find solace! Accept my condolences. 

She was a devoted woman, a devotee of God and devotee to her duties. I have never seen a disciplined woman like her. She was full of qualities and sometimes seeing her I wish some came to me. Shattered to hear she has left this world. I am here for you. Accept my condolence.

It is true one only understands the value of someone when someone is not there. And I can feel that how you are feeling my friend when your mother has departed forever from this world leaving in your own hands. I pray God gives you strength. Accept my condolences.

Your mother was like a living diamond in whose aura everyone wants to be. And that diamond now has faded forever. I too miss her and I can understand how much you too. Even though things cannot be turned in reverse yet I sometimes wish for you. Accept my truest condolences on the demise of your mother!

She has gone forever yet her love is always there for you. She is not present here yet her soul always guiding you. I don’t say she was, I say she is still in our hearts. I am holding your hand my friend in this situation. Accept my condolences on the demise of your mother! So saddened!

Whole world can turn against you but a mother couldn’t for her children. Your mother was of a genuine nature. She was also melodious in her voice. When she spoke it felt everything has become calm. Extremely saddened to hear she has gone leaving us all alone in sobbing eyes. May you have strength my friend! And accept my condolences!

My sympathies are with you on the demise of your mother and I am also there for you for holding you always. It is time my friend. Her time had come. Let her rest now forever and you also have strength and try to move forward. I know it is hard but you have to. Accept my condolences!

I can’t come and I am sorry for this. My support and help is always there for you. With depth of heavy heart accept my condolences on the demise of your mother. I can’t stop my tears. If I could do anything I try to bring her back. 

Your mother was the lady of principals. Wind can turn but she never from her tongue. That’s why everyone respected her and will always when she has gone. In shock to hear aunty has left us forever. Accept my condolences on the departure of your mother. 

She was the lady of achievements. So many medals she achieved in her life. She was a living inspiration from whom people could learn how to live life. My dear friend I am in real pain to hear now she has left us and I miss her too with sobbing eyes. Accept my deepest condolences on her final journey. 

What I say about her. She was of jolliest nature, a woman I see less these days, never worried about anything and always in joyous mood. Whoever came near her became happy with her forgetting their pains. That was her aura. I pray for your strength, and for her soul to find her place. Accept my deepest condolences on your mother’s demise. 

Condolence Messages on the Loss of Friends Mother 

I pray and wish for you that you heal yourself quick. I understand tears from your eyes can’t stop for years to come. But you have to have that strength my friend or else it is difficult. Accept my condolences on your mother’s demise.

The burden you feel I can feel that pain of it and it is too much heavy. I pray for your health and I wish your mother’s soul find her destination in after life. Deeply saddened to hear aunty has left us forever in unbearable pain. Accept my truest condolences. 

I don’t have words to tell you how I am feeling. My heart is weeping and my whole body is shaking on hearing the news your mother is on her final journey. With tears in my eyes accept my condolences on the demise of your mother. 

Sorry to hear my aunt and your mother has left us for heaven. Deeply in shock and still can’t digest this news. She was the lady of high aspirations and wanted to do so many things for society and needy people. Such soul rarely comes on this earth and sometimes earliest they go. Accept my condolences on your mothers’ final journey. I am in deep pain too.

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