Emotional Engagement Wishes & Messages For Couple | Enticing Engagement Quotes

101+ Emotional Engagement Wishes & Messages For Couple | Enticing Engagement Quotes

To save you from the painstaking task of jotting down the right sets of words to wish your near and dear one’s happy engagement, we bring you an emotional and heart-wrenching collection of happy engagement quotes, engagement wishes, engagement messages, and best engagement captions.

For any couple-to-be, an engagement ceremony is the first ladder towards unifying themselves in the sacred bond of the wedding. In an engagement ceremony, both the bride-to-be and groom-to-be exchange rings with each other and announce their relationship officially in front of the whole world. Being the closed ones to the man and the wife-to-be, it is essential for you to bless them with the help of sending beautiful engagement wishes. 

Writing sentimental, frisky, and full of blessings engagement wishes and engagement messages could be a challenging task. You have to make sure that your wishes and messages don’t render the different meanings and don’t offend the couple in any way. Stress not, QWM has got you covered. Check out the most pristine and heart-touching collection of happy engagement quotes and best engagement wishes on the web that is way too exemplary to wish a couple happy engagement.

Lovely Engagement Wishes | Best Engagement Greetings for Couple

Before the wedding, engagement is the most special moment or better say event for a couple-to-be. It is the event where both boy and a girl meet officially for the first time, exchange the wedding rings, and take vows to tie the holy wedding knot. Whether you are attending the engagement ceremony as a closed one of the couple or as a far way guest, you have a duty to fulfill and i.e blessing them with beautiful engagement wishes and greetings.

Lovely Engagement Wishes

Make the engagement ceremony a blissful and enchanting affair for a couple with QWM rare and resplendent collection of engagement wishes and heartfelt engagement greetings that are a perfect amalgamation of emotions, meaningful words, and blessings. 

Heartiest congratulations to the most adorable couple in the world on their engagement. May your wedding tuns to be as grand and magnificent as your engagement ceremony.

I am feeling more than happy to bless both of you on your engagement. You too look so beautiful and surreal together. Happy engagement!

Wishing you a lifetime and heaps of happiness, opulence, great sex, and a plethora of kids on your engagement. Happy engagement to the loveliest couple ever!

I am so frisky that you have finally decided to exchange the engagement rings and begin a fascinating phase of your new life. Happy engagement!

Firstly, I thought you guys are just dating for fun and not serious about your future together. However, your engagement swayed away all my doubts. Happy engagement and have an astonishing life ahead.

At last! I am at your engagement ceremony and can’t contain my wave of happiness for seeing both of you together. You guys are the pieces of my heart. Happy engagement!

May the Lord himself comes down to earth and bless the most pious and adorable couple on this planet. Congratulations on your engagement!

I can’t wait to see your breathtaking pictures on Instagram and Facebook! Happy engagement to my lovely couple and sorry for being present in your engagement ceremony.

Congratulations to the lovely couple of whom engagement I was waiting desperately. Have a thrilling engagement!

On your engagement ceremony, I bless both of you and wish you remain madly, deeply, and totally in love with each other. Happy engagement fellas!

Best Engagement Greetings for Couple

Most Beautiful Engagement Messages For Couple

Sending full of blessings and heart-tugging engagement messages to the new couple is a quintessential and untold ritual of any engagement event. However, the kind of engagement messages you send entirely depends on you. They could be classic, orthodox, contemporary, hilarious, or dead serious. 

Most Beautiful Engagement Messages

On the prime event, you may fall in confusion regarding what type of engagement messages to send to the lovely couple. Don’t stress, we’ve rounded up everything for you. A classic and contemporary collection of lovely engagement messages is awaiting you below.

May you add immense happiness, bliss, and glory to each other life. Congratulations to both of you on your engagement.

My best wishes are and will always be with you. Let’s celebrate the new chapter of your life with the utmost happiness. Happy engagement!

I am damn sure that your wedding will be as memorable as your engagement is. Both of you are special as a couple. Happy engagement guys!

Before being a couple, you guys are my good friends. On your garish engagement ceremony, all I can give you is a lifetime of blessings. May you guys have each other back all the time. Happy engagement!

I cannot express in words how excited I am on your engagement. I badly wanted you guys to be together. Congratulations on your engagement fellas!

It gives me immense pleasure to see you guys exchanging the engagement rings. Happy engagement to the most splendid couple ever!

Congratulations on choosing each other to annoy for the rest of life. May you guys make the new phase of your life a spectacular one. Happy engagement!

Thank you for inviting me to become part of one of the most significant days of your life. Happy engagement!

Sincere and heartiest congratulations to the most charming couple on their engagement.

You guys look so perfect and scintillating together that I have started envying you. Jokes apart, happy engagement guys!

Beautiful Engagement Wishes for couple

Happy Engagement Quotes With Images

Like a wedding, giving birth to a child, engagement is also one of the most pivotal events of an individual’s life. A lot has been said about wedding ceremonies. But there are only a handful of individuals who have uttered good words about engagement. It is quite easier to carve wedding quotes but there are not many engagement quotes prevailing on the Internet.

In this section, we bring you an intellectual collection of happy engagement quotes that we have created with the utmost zest to give you a great insight into engagement ceremonies. Feel free to download these happy engagement quotes with images and send them to your loved ones on their engagement ceremony.

More than love, if you have respect for each other in the relationship. You can survive the wedding easily. Happy engagement.

Enticing Engagement Quotes

If you ever get to hear the words good marriage, it is because the bond of friendship exists between husband and wife. 

Happy Engagement Quotes With Images

Emotions are responsible for people falling in love, not the gravitational force. Happy engagement!

Happy Engagement Wishes With Images

A true couple after the engagement rises in love. The time to fall in love is before the engagement.

engagement quotes for friend

The true success of a couple is not in loving but having unflinching faith in each other.

engagement wishes congratulations

An engagement ceremony is the embarkment of an eternal love story and the end of an exuberant romance.

congratulation wording for engagement

In the equation of love, one plus one is always one never two. Because two souls unify in true love.

engagement wishes for husband

If I have understood the true meaning of love, it’s after having engagement with you. Happy engagement!

engagement quotes for husband

A boy is half-finished and a real man is half born after the engagement. 

congratulation for engagement wishes

For people who have never tasted the nectar of love, to them, love at first sight seems frivolous. Happy engagement!

engagement wishes with images

Happy Engagement Wishes for Friends | Engagement Messages for Best Friend

How It is possible that on your friend’s engagement you don’t send him or her engagement wishes for friends along with heaps of gifts? Admit it or not, your friend who is going to get engaged will be eagerly waiting for your engagement messages more than anything else. So, if you don’t want to disappoint your best friend on his/her engagement, save the best engagement wishes for friends and lovely engagement messages for friends from QWM original collection.

Happy Engagement Wishes for Friends

Congratulations bestie on your engagement. I know you two love each other madly and going to become a wonderful couple.

Heartiest congratulations to my dearest and childhood. I must say your choice for the life partner is enticing. Happy engagement my friend!

So, finally you have decided to settle down after long years of argument. But I am glad you are exchanging the rings with the partner of your choice.

The news of your engagement really filled by heart with utmost happiness and exuberance. Congratulations to both of you on your engagement!

You and your partner will make an exemplary couple and set the benchmark for others. May you make the best out of your relationship. Happy engagement!

I have heard a piece of bloody good news after a long time and that too of my friend’s engagement. Lots of love to you my buddy and congratulations!

I don’t know what God has planned for your life. But considering your life partner choice to get engaged, he must have planned something wonderful for both of you. Happy engagement friend!

Even the glitter of stars will seems lackluster in front of a couple like you. My best engagement wishes are with you, best friend!

What exhilarating news you have given to me! You are having a destination engagement ceremony at your beloved place. Congratulations on your engagement my friend.

Engagement bells are soothing but now I want to hear the wedding bells asap. May you guys achieve a lifetime of happiness and success together!

Engagement Messages for Best Friend

Engagement Wishes for Sister | Sweet Engagement Messages for Sister

Engagement Wishes for Sister

My feminist sister is actually exchanging the engagement ring? I can’t believe it but I am super happy for you my sweetie pie. Happy engagement sister!

You stood firm for your love and the result is you are tying the wedding knot with the love of your life. I am proud of you sister. Happy engagement!

This engagement ceremony is the beginning of the new chapter of your life. Do make it a golden and unforgettable beginning.

The sisterly love you gave to me is unearthly and miraculous. Now it’s time to spread your love in your husband-to-be life and make his life heavenly. Happy engagement sister!

My dear sister, gazillions of congratulations for taking the best decision of your life. Now your responsibilities will increase by leaps and bounds. May lord fulfill all your wishes. Happy engagement!

Your engagement day is the official beginning of your dicothomic life. You have to take care of your new family as much as you have taken care of us. Happy engagement sister!

Hey sister, now you are officially engaged, I want to give you genuine advice. Never ever break the trust and loyalty of your partner. Congratulations on your engagement sister and god bless you!

No one is happier than me on your engagement. I will make sure your wedding will be remembered till ages. Congratulations my lovely sister!

No matter how many difficulties you face in life, you guys never leave each other hands and stand firm despite of all odds. May both of you have a glittering future ahead!

On your engagement day sister, I want to give free but valuable advice. There will come a period when you will find everything meaningless. Don’t worry, your partner will be there to hold your hands. Happy engagement!

 Sweet Engagement Messages for Sister

Engagement Wishes for Brother | Heart-Touching Engagement Messages for Brother

Hey cutie pie brother! Your engagement ceremony is the new beginning of your life and the arise of your lady luck. Be a responsible man now. Happy engagement brother!

I am glad about your decision brother. Every loathed their choices on you. However, you decided to hold the hands of your childhood love. This is so heart-touching. Congratulations on your engagement brother!

Hey, my dapper brother! Your out of the blue decision of getting engaged is indeed a giant step. You better buck up and start thinking about your future now. Best wishes for your engagement!

The person who once hated marriage so much is getting engaged now! Our mom will freak out for sure. Can’t wait to see you tying the wedding knot with the love of your life. Happy engagement!

I am still in shock that how some girl said yes to be your wife? Jokes apart, I am eagerly waiting to pop up champagne at your wedding.

Heart-Touching Engagement Messages for Brother

I hope the love between you and your woman will continue to grow with each passing day. Happy for you brother!

You proposed a girl on your knees! Why the hell I wasn’t there? Anyways, I am damn excited to meet my sister-in-law. So much to prepare gosh! Happy engagement brother!

What a stunning engagement ceremony brother! You should thank me for the flawless preparation. By the way, if you need any help, you can always count me in. Congratulations on your wedding!

So, my baby boy has finally grown up. He has taken the nice decision of settling down. I love your choice. Congratulations!

The entire family is lauding your decision to get engaged with such a beautiful and intelligent girl. Finally, I will have a sister-in-law to do girly talks. Happy engagement!

Lovely Engagement Wishes for Wife | Romantic Engagement Quotes for Husband

On your engagement ceremony, I promise to give you a lifetime of happiness and lavishness honey. Happy engagement wife-to-be.

Wishing you an absolutely enticing and happy engagement with my husband. Let’s take a promise together to make our life magnificent and inspirational. Happy engagement!

Your presence has brought meaning and new energy to my life. I am more than happy to exchange engagement rings with you. Happy engagement my wife-to-be.

Thank you so much for choosing me as your life partner. I will make sure you don’t face any trouble because of me, and your family is now my responsibility. Happy engagement ceremony!

I am sending all the love, blessings, and gratitude to my new life partner. Congratulations sweetheart on our engagement.

Romantic Engagement Quotes for Husband & Wife

May we both always stay deeply in love with each other. We are more than lucky to find each other. Happy engagement!

Don’t you think darling we look super cute together? Like us, our babies will be photogenic. Happy engagement my wife!

It’s so happy to see us together after such a turbulent time. We will never ever leave each other side. Happy engagement!

We have a lot of memories to cherish of our unmarried life. Now It’s time to create oodles of lovely memories of our upcoming married life. Happy engagement husband!

This day is super special for both of us. Though it is arranged marriage, we have already got the feeling of age-old lovers. Happy engagement with both of us!

Funny Engagement Wishes | Funny Engagement Sayings

Congratulations on your scintillating and exquisite engagement. May you guys annoy the hell out of each other for the rest of your life!

If marriages are created in heaven, then I think God keeps his eyes close while creating them. Are you two are fit to be engaged?

Who cares about your engagement, all I care about is damn fine wine and flavorsome food items prevailing in the buffet section. Anyways, happy engagement!

I am so happy to see your diamond engagement ring. It’s pretty expensive. Your husband-to-be is not bad either.

You guys look like a match made in hell. I mean how the hell two poles apart personalities are together? Anyways, happy engagement guys!

Love is fine but your engagement is utterly preposterous. Happy engagement!

Funny Engagement Sayings

Enjoy your time period from engagement to the day before the wedding. After the wedding, your happiness will depend on the lord. Happy engagement guys!

Women marry me in the hope of changing their lives. Men marry women only for more sex.

After watching your engagement ceremony, all I can say is don’t do it at all. It’s a huge trap. Happy engagement!

Big congratulations on your engagement. Consider your marriage successful only when you can comfortably fart in front of each other. 

Best Engagement Captions for Instagram

As soon as the couple-to-be hear the engagement date, their exuberance increases by leaps and bounds. Nowadays, there is a vehement trend of flaunting engagement and wedding pictures on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. However, what’s the point of flaunting pictures without perfect engagement captions?

QWM brings you a sassy and witty collection of best engagement captions for Instagram that will rib-tickle your Instagram audience and capture their attention for sure.

For a girl, an engagement is a journey from being Miss to Mrs. 

A marriage is a terrible way to change your surname.

Engagement might be temporary but the diamond you get with the ring is forever.

Love begins on the day before engagement and mostly ends on the day after the wedding.

Happiness is flaunting cute pictures of your engagement with fiance on Instagram.

Marriage is the unification of two individuals in which one person is always right and the other is the husband.

Thick and thin, good or bad, I will always be having your back.

From this point onwards, you will always have me to walk beside.

Thank you so much sweetheart for sticking with me forever!

You are all that I ever wanted and asked in prayer to God!

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