60+ Emotional Death Anniversary Messages for Father | Remembrance Message for Late Dad

60+ Emotional Death Anniversary Messages for Father | Remembrance Message for Late Dad

In any family, a father plays the role of a cornerstone. He sacrifices his comforts, pleasures, and dreams to nurture the ambitions of the rest of the family members and rejoice in providing everything to them. The loss of a father could be the biggest loss for anyone in the family. It’s like losing the most efficient part of the big machine. If you have lost your dearest father and if it’s his death anniversary, you can use the below-stated death anniversary messages for father from daughter and son and best remembrance message for late dad and post them on social media to spread the memories you share with your lovely father. Remembering your dad on his death anniversary is one way to keep him alive in your memories.

Death Anniversary Messages for Father from Daughter

Undeniably, you were the finest father a daughter could ever ask for. You have taught me how to live life to the fullest and in a dignified manner. On your death anniversary, I am missing your badly, father.

Who would have thought that you will leave us so early? Life has become so lackluster after your departure. Nothing excites me and nothing makes me smile as you did. On your 5th death anniversary, all I am thinking about is you, daddy!

Death Anniversary Messages for Father from Daughter

It’s because of your innumerable sacrifices, relentless hard work, and astonishing parenting we have turned to be such fine and successful kids. You were the torchbearer for us. Now you have gone, there is no one left in our lived to guide us. I badly miss you, papa. May your soul rest in peace!

There is no denying over the fact that not only you were the greatest father but also the classic mentor for me. You have raised me like a princess but also taught me all the skills of a great fighter. I wish I could do something profound for you. We all are missing you badly on your death anniversary.

On your 10th death anniversary, I wish wherever your soul is residing, it should leave in the utmost peace and tranquility. May I continue to walk on the generous path you showed to me. Rest in peace papa!

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Dead dad, you were the only man who taught me that the girls and the boys are equal. You have nurtured me the way a girl wants to be nurtured and fulfill her dreams. I wish you could be alive to witness your daughter’s success. I miss you daddy and may your soul rest in peace!

Dad, you left us quite early otherwise I would have shown to you how great of a daughter I have become. I am taking excellent care of the whole family and try to fulfill your absence but I cannot. My best prayers are with you!

My late lovely father, your absence bites me a lot and with each passing day, I crave more for your affection and love. Why did you leave me so early? Your little daughter needs you a lot. I love you father and rest in peace!

Hey dad, if you are listening to me, I just want to say that your little princess is not little anymore. Your departure has made me quite mature and empty from the inside. I will make you proud one day but you will not be there to pat my back. I love you daddy and I miss you like hell.

It’s been 3 years since you have gone but I still believe you are here with me and guarding me all the time. Without you, even the happiest moments of my current life seem burdensome. Rest in peace, my awesome father!

The day you left me to till date, I haven’t smiled a bit, I haven’t rejoiced in my achievements, and I haven’t savored a bit of food. You will forever be alive in my thoughts. Rest in peace father!

Not a single day passes when I don’t remember you in my prayers and wishes. You were the cornerstone of this family and the pain I got because of your death will never go away. Your little girl misses you badly daddy.

You were perhaps the only many I knew who understood me to the full context. You sowed the seeds of ambitions in me, you have given wings to my dreams, and liveliness to my dull life. I hope you might be happy wherever you are.

It takes a lot of guts by a man to support a little girl and her ambitions in a male-dominated society and you did it perfectly. Blessed are those girls who have a father like you in their lives. I am badly missing you, daddy. May your soul live in peace!

I didn’t value your support and love earlier and now I am living a reckless and meaningless life because I don’t have a father to guide me. I am sorry daddy for all the misbehaves and unnecessary fights. Please forgive and live in peace in heaven.

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Death Anniversary Messages for Father from Son

Dear late father, without your presence my whole world seems like one big mess and an endless loop of troubles. I wish you could be here to have the back of your big guy. On your death anniversary, I am sobbing hard and missing you terribly!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 years since you have left me but I always feel your mesmerizing presence by my side. Father, I will try my level best to carry forward your legacy and cement your surname in the pages of history. Love you dad and miss you hard!

You were the only one who taught me the value of patience, the art of detachment, and the need for selfless service in today’s world. Maybe you are not with me but your teachings will be forever. Rest in peace, my lovely father!

Death Anniversary Messages for Father from Son

I am extremely sorry father for not taking good care of you when you needed me the most. I am not a worthy son but you were always an awesome father to me. If you are watching me right now, please forgive me. I am missing badly on your death anniversary.

If I had listened to all your advice, I would be going places and making an indelible mark on the world. From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry father for not listening to you and arguing with you all the time. May the lord offers you all the peace and mirth of heaven!

One of the biggest losses in my life is your exit from my life at such a tender age. I could have elicited so much wisdom and knowledge from you but I cannot have that privilege. I am really missing you on your 10th death anniversary!

Your presence and value in my life were indescribable in words. Not only you were my first and the most beloved teacher but also the backbone for me. I will continue loving you till the end. Miss you daddy!

The day of your demise always pinches me but I am managing to live life with all the teachings and values you have instilled into me. I will forever be grateful to you my cool dad. We all missing you real bad on your death anniversary.

I never realized that the absence of the dearest person can make such a dent in someone’s life. Your exit from my life has made a dent that can never be repaired. Rest in peace, my father.

Today is the 2nd death anniversary of my super cool father and all I can do is praying for the peace of your soul to God. May you live in peace in heaven!

Dear god, you have taken my father with you a long time ago. I hope you are taking good care of him like he uses to take care of me quite meticulously. May his soul enjoy all the heavenly pleasure in your divine place. Missing you on your 4th death anniversary.

My lovely father, I hope your soul is resting well in heaven and you must be showering blessings on me in heaps from heaven. Every family member is missing you strongly. I wish you could come back but that’s not possible. Rest in peace, my awesome daddy!

I know it’s the day when we all should mourn over your demise but we will spend the day with friskiness to show the whole world that you taught us to be happy in every situation. Thanks for rendering me the treasure of your wisdom before you left. My best prayers are always with you, father.

Losing you was the most heart-wrenching event of my life. More than a daughter, a son needs the presence of a father in his life to get prepared for life challenges. I wish you would have nurtured me and make me a thorough gentleman. You are well alive in my memories. I miss you, daddy!

Everything was happening in my life as I expected and suddenly your death put a toll on me in every aspect. It’s been 3 years but I still feel unable to get over from the pain of your death. I miss you every single second, father. Rest in peace.

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Remembrance Message for My Late Dad

Why it is always the case that you understand the value of someone when they have gone from this world? I miss you so much, dad. Sometimes it is totally impossible to bear your loss.

Time is passing. And gradually I am recovering dad. I have understood the reality that you are now not near me physically. But you always near my heart, dad. I love you.

I miss you. No one could know how much I miss you dad. Why did you go leaving me so early? You were my strength, dad. I miss you every second.

Remembrance Message for My Late Dad

I thank you very much dad, that I could not do it when you were alive. I thank you for everything that you have taught me and given me before leaving this world. I miss you, dad.

You were my biggest support, dad. I have never thought I would lose you so early. I still could not digest the loss of you. You were everything for me, dad. I wish dad wherever you are, you be happy. I miss you so much.

You always used to tell me; one has to journey alone along one’s path. But it doesn’t mean that you would leave me forever. I miss you very much, dad.

I don’t know how this life is. Whom you love most, they leave in the middle of your journey. Dad, why you left me? You told me you will be with me forever. I miss you immensely, dad.

I have never thought one day I would be doing your death anniversary. While I only wish for celebrating your birthday. I miss you father.

If God asks me somehow what my wish is; then I definitely will say make my father alive again. Today is your fourth anniversary, dad. With all your teachings and blessings I am going forward in my life, dad.

Life is impossible without parents. I am now realizing when my father is not with me anymore. Dad, keep your blessings on me. I miss you with all my heart.

I have never felt sad in my life; whichever comes, I cope somehow. But dad, your sudden demise; even the thought of it kills me. Why you have gone, dad, leaving me all alone in this struggling world.

I miss you dad. I miss the way you used to guide me and talk me about everything. You were only my real friend whom I could talk everything. With every night and day I miss you so much.

remembrance messages death anniversary

It is so much difficult to live without you, dad. But I have all your good memories that I am living this life. Thanks for everything dad. Thanks for giving me this life. I love you and miss you.

My childhood was best. My young age with you, dad, was great. But my this age, when you are not with me, dad, is tough. Why God has taken you away from me, dad? I miss dearly.

I don’t know whether I have been a good son to you or not, dad. But you always have been a good father to me, dad. You were the best father, dad. I love you and miss you.

You had always thought of my benefit. But I argued you and neglected your guidance. Today dad, when you are not here with me, I miss them all what you used to say me. Missing you on your death anniversary!

You fulfilled my all wishes and demands, dad. You had never said to me ‘No’. You loved to cook for me. You loved to play with me. You loved everything of mine, dad. So beautiful was your love, dad. I miss you so dearly on your death anniversary.

The silence between you and me, dad, was not our fight and misunderstanding, but was our love. It is the greatest regret of my life that I could not say you how much I love you. And how much I am missing you. Prayers for you on your death anniversary!

When I was a little girl, you combed my hairs. You were all for me, dad; my mother and everything. I find greatest solace with you. You have gone so early, dad, leaving your daughter all alone in this world. Remembering you, dad, on your death anniversary! I love you and miss you.

You were never satisfied with me. Because you always wanted best in me, that’s why you were never. And this truth I have learned now when you are not with me, dad, anymore. Prayers for you dad on your first death anniversary!

You were my best teacher, and my only teacher who showed me what I am capable of and what I am made for. Thanks dad for making me realize my potential. You are not here but all your teachings are. Remembering on your death anniversary!

Not much dad, but I miss you every millisecond of my life. Remembering my best and generous father on his death anniversary! Love you dad!

remembrance messages death anniversary of dad

Until or unless you yourself become a father, you can’t understand what father is. I have understood dad, what being father is. And I have understood you too. Yes, our thinkings and ways were always different and opposed. But I like you dad and I love you too. You are my guardian and always be. Miss you. Remembering you on your death anniversary!

I miss every day dad our bonfire night where we used to have deep conversation about literature, life and great people. You were my best critic and best man in the whole world. You have gone leaving me all alone. But I know your shadow is always with me protecting. I miss you enormously dad. Remembering you on your death anniversary!

I definitely make you proud dad one day. You would be showering blessings on me. What you have dreamt for your son, I will fulfill it. From heaven, you would be gracing me. Remembering you dad on your death anniversary!

You were always more dad. You were never less. Missing you and love you so much. Remembering you dad on your death anniversary!

You were sweet, compassionate, kind and very successful man in your field. You had never made feel anyone inferior. You were never jealous of anyone. It was your finest quality. Remembering my father on his death anniversary!

When I was a kid, you used to take on your shoulder and make wander here and there. All those moments I enjoyed a lot dad. Today, not your shoulder or not you here anymore. I miss you so gravely dad.

You were genuine, simple and family oriented man, dad. You have never lied in your life, utmost honest and determined always. The courage to fight you have phenomenal, dad. Today, you are not with me but yes all your memories. I love you and miss you.

Come back, dad. If any miracle or power I had, I definitely would be taking you back from God. It is intolerable for me. All the good works you do for society, I will continue it. Missing you dad on your death anniversary!

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