60+ Motivational Failure Quotes About Success, Life, Relationship, Marriage and Failure Messages with Images

60+ Failure Quotes About Success, Life, Relationship and Marriage with Images

To reinstate the fact that failure is one of the best teachers in life and also necessary to understand life, we bring you a thoughtful collection of failure quotes on life, success, relationships, and marriage. Failure – Even a glimpse of this word sends trembles in the mind and body of every individual, let alone the real experience. Like success, happiness, sorrow, grief, anxiousness, failure is also an indispensable part of every individual’s life. If you study nature’s curve, you will find one quintessential and intriguing thing and that is, whatever rises to the top also falls down sooner or later.

The plight situation with human beings is they don’t perceive failures as the way it should be taken. Instead, failure is considered as demonic, vicious, and the most barbaric thing that could happen to an individual. The day we learn that failure is an integral part and parcel of life just like success is the day humanity will rise above an average mindset. Just like death, failures are also inevitable, therefore, we should learn to embrace them. However, not everyone takes failure in the same way. To some people, failure is the cause of the breakdown. For others, failures are the reasons to get back up stronger than ever. Here are some amazing and thoughtful failure quotes with images on love, life, marriage, and relationships that will teach you a lot about life.

Fear of Failure Motivational Quotes | Failure Messages With Images

Failure is nothing but a smooth and long highway to success.

Inspiring Failure Quotes With Images

Failure is nothing but the process to achieve success without any loss of enthusiasm.

You never fail in life. Either you achieve success or you get great experiences in life.

There is no denying that success makes you lousy. Failures are the best teachers in life. Fail faster, success sooner.

The greatest success in life always comes one step after the greatest failure in life.

Without taking risks, you can’t achieve greatness in life. And when you take risks, you either win or fall.

It is the tendency of weak beings to dwindle morale after a puny failure. Strong beings learn a lot from their failures and get back up with double enthusiasm.

If you have never failed in life, you have never tried to do something ingenious.

If you have learned to turn stumbling blogs into stepping stones, you are on the road to greatness.

There is a famous Japanese proverb, “ fall down seven times, stand up eight times.” A person’s greatness lies in getting up after each failure.

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Best Failure Quotes About Life

The one and only failure in life is not taking risks to achieve your goals.

Best Failure Quotes About Life

Life is the sum total of the series of success and failures at every level. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but the most important thing is you should never give up.

What is failure? It only exists in mind. In real life, there is nothing like failure exists. There are only experiences: good and bad ones.

Success has 100 fathers, failures are orphans.

Those who have learned to use failures as the ladders to success can taste the zenith of greatness.

Don’t take your setbacks as failures. Take them as intriguing opportunities to learn new and useful things in life which eventually will lead you to success.

What you do when you start learning to drive a cycle? You fall multiple times, you get hurt, but you don’t stop trying. It is that simple to get over from failures. Keep trying!

There is only one thing that separates winners from looser: Perseverance.

Life will give you rock bottom after rock bottom. You do will fall but you will surely get the recipe for success.

In my opinion, failures are there in life to prepare you for great things and responsibilities.

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Inspirational Failure Quotes About Success

You never fail in life. You just learn different ways that don’t work on the road to success.

Inspirational Failure Messages

Over the years, success has been defined as your ability to get back up every time you fall down.

The more you fail, the more you will get closer to success. A failure is nothing but one more obstacle out of your way to success.

If you don’t have the heart to accept failures, you will never have the magnanimity to celebrate success.

Never be afraid of making mistakes. It’s better to acquire loads of experiences rather than sitting idle.

Most of the people quite when they are on the brink of success.

More than success, try to be the man of character, values, and magnanimous heart.

No failure in life is big enough to shatter your confidence, hard work, and goals. Keep pouring down efforts and success will kiss your feet.

All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to overcome failures and work with the full force.

The two most daunting things to handle in life are success and failures.

Inspirational Failure Quotes About Success

Best Motivational Failure Quotes

The degree of your success is completely defined by how many lives it can transform.

Best Motivational Failure Quotes

If failure can shatter your determination, your determination was not sufficient and strong enough to achieve success.

People laud you for your success. But nobody lauds for the gruesome efforts you put to achieve success. Results are rewarded, efforts aren’t.

Success is only achieved by those who understand that failures too come with it.

Don’t let failures breakdown your spirit. Let the failures be the source of inspiration.

Sometimes, losing a small battle forms the way for you to win a massive war.

Failures don’t born outside, failures are born in mind. Whatever you are today is because of the thoughts you think yesterday.

There is no sure-shot formula to achieve success except continuous smart efforts.

We need to teach our children that it’s okay to fail in life. A successful person fails more than an average person tries.

The only mistake in life is not making any mistake.

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Relationship Failure Quotes | Relationship Difficulty Quotes

Relationship Failure Quotes

The end of one failed relationship doesn’t mean the end of your life. Life is full of endless possibilities and full of potentially beautiful relationships.

The pleasure of the beginning of a new relationship lasts only for some time. However, the pain of the end of an old relationship may last forever.

The irony with the modern-day human beings is, they spend more time fixing the broke relationships than finding the new and successful ones.

The ultimate goal of any relationship is to be the one with the other. But most of the people end up becoming two and a half.

You can find millions of friendships turning into beautiful relationships. However, you will never find relationships turning into friendships again.

The loss of relationship never hurts as much as the loss of love, time, and energy you invested in keeping that relationship alive.

For a relationship to gone past the barriers of possessiveness and jealously, both of the persons should give ample space and time to each other.

All the relationships begin with mutual infatuation, then turn into temporary love, continue with physical satisfaction, then both the parties run of everything. What a terrible way to end a relationship!

If a relationship breaks your heart and self-respect, it’s better to step out of that relationship without holding regrets.

Sometimes, it’s better to break the relationship and stay single than to be in a toxic and failed relationship.

Relationship Difficulty Quotes

Marriage Failure Quotes | Best Broke Marriage Quotes

The moment respect and loyalty are gone from a marriage relationship, the debacle of the marriage begins.

Marriage Failure Quotes

There is nothing more terrible and heartbreaking in this world than a failed marriage.

3 out of 4 millennial marriages tanked down. If you know 3 out of 4 times a parachute doesn’t open, would you still jump out of the plain?

If you want spiciness in your life, get married. If you want loneliness in your life, get a divorce.

The enigmatic secret of a happy married life is still a secret to all the couples.

A failed marriage is the sum total of all the lies, jealousy, possessiveness, cheating, and mistrust you have shown to each other.

It’s not a lack of love and trust, but the lack of friendliness that leads to unhappy marriages.

A failed marriage is more like an amputation; you can survive it but with the less of you.

A failed marriage is not the biggest tragedy. The real tragedy is living and surviving an unhealthy and unhappy marriage for years.

In any old marriage, there is ample room for divorce. The trick to survival is to not find that room.