91 Loveliest Long Distance Relationship Messages & Quotes For Her/Him

91 Loveliest 2020 Long Distance Relationship Messages & Long Distance Relationship Quotes for Boyfriend and Girlfriend & Husband and Wife

Long Distance Relationship Quotes: I don’t know say love is a beautiful feeling while I say love is immensely beautiful feeling that has so much strength that it can do anything, capable of doing everything. A person in love is both dangerous and pious. The couple in love are rebellious. Love has many forms of its maturity and tests. Today, in this post we are going to cover for you long distance relationship messages and long distance relationship quotes. Every couple in life here and there and somewhere has gone through long distances that really have tested the strength of their love. And long distance here we don’t mean only on spatial level or physically. While remaining at the same place could be long distance due to fights between them. In love, fights between couple are always there. If fights are not, then we think there is no intense love between them. Every form and stage of love should be celebrated in its own way whether at short distance or long. We have covered for you long distance relationship messages.

In love, if you have not gone through pain, then my friends, I want to say you haven’t gone through love. If your love is true and intense, then you must have face intense pain also. Because it is always there. That’s why many are afraid to dive there. In whatever kind of love you are and wherever you are, here are for you most loved long distance relationship messages and quotes that you find down second below section.

Long Distance Relationship Messages

Our love is not defined by how near and close we are towards each other while being how far and farther we can feel each other closely.

When my body become warm towards heart’s side, I can understand you are remembering me. We don’t need words to understand each other.

Long Distance Relationship Messages

In true love you don’t need words to explain and understand each other. They way your eyes see each other is the only language you need. Such love ours is however far we go.

We have telepathy between us. The miles of distances we go farther. We can always feel each other.

All the roses in the garden here remind me of you. As red they are as you are love totally filled with love.

I know you love me and you know too that I love you. We are just afraid of each other’s depth but we are not farther.

I know, while writing I always in your words and in your heart. You always in seconds and minutes remembering me.

However far we go beyond oceans, we know we can’t let each other out from hearts. Because we’re inseparable.

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When you eat, my hunger goes off. Otherwise I always feel hungry.

The love in distances increases pain and pain in love increases love more.

I know you always think about me and I always think about you. In long distance pain is, we can only just think.

So many gifts I have bought for you and they are getting piled up. I don’t know when I would give you.

Putting again and again my photo on whatsapp shows me how much you miss me. In distances love only happens with each other’s photo.

messages for a long distance relationship

When we will meet each other again and hug. I want to feel your love, your smile, your lips.

I miss your eyes. I miss your hairs. I miss your gentle touch. I miss you and I miss you and I miss you.

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What love messages we have carved out for you are some of the best long distance relationship messages that you never would find such best. We can understand how painful it feels when you get away from your lover.

Best Long Distance Relationship Quotes

You see the star and I see the star when we far, if it blinks then think I remembering you.

I miss you terribly whenever I go to eat in any restaurant. The chair beside my always remain empty. I keep it because I want to feel you there.

Long Distance Relationship Quotes

Distances between you and me are some reasons, to see how much we miss each other. The more we miss, the more we going to love.

I am missing the warmth of your lips whenever the cold wind touches mine, and it reminds me of you. I want the warmth of you.

However far we go or destiny does with us. One thing we know for sure that you are going to be mine and I’m always yours.

Every morning I pick a rose for you and put it on my desk. I’m collecting all those. When I meet you I give you all.

These days I am seeing the face of you everywhere wherever I see. My heart is pounding heavy. I so much miss you.

Yeah, we are not talking and we are far too. But every word you utter in silence I can understand what you want to say. I know you miss me.

I want to hold you in my arms tight and want to hug you for hours not leaving for even a second. I can’t everyday hug a pillow.

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My mind and heart is not in work and I every time get into the memories of you. I can’t get you off. I miss you so much. Phone calls are not enough.

When you take breath on phone, I can feel it how much near you want me beside you. I can feel you lips too. And every word you speak is pearl for me.

In reminiscing you I have written a whole book of poetry on you. All filled with yearnings for you.

Seeing the moon as clouds pass by you looking at the gate standing on the balcony, and then no one turning up.

As you spread your hairs, knot it down and sometimes curl it. I miss them deep. Lipstick on your lips. I miss them all my love.

sweet Long Distance Relationship Quotes for her

I just don’t want to get old waiting for you. I want to remain forever young in love of you.

These days, there is a kind of sublime melancholy in wind. You know why? Because it is bearing the ache of mine of missing you.

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Long Distance Relationship Messages for Girlfriend/ Long Distance Relationship Quotes for Her

Whenever near the beach I stand remembering you, the splashes of water energetically come on my face, some bit of it, reminding about you. I miss you my love.

This soft breeze every day flows so deeply going through and touching my ears stroking my hairs. I feel like you are here. When you would come my love?

long distance relationship messages for girlfriend

I miss the warmth of your smile and the way you speak. I miss the deep talks that we do. I just want to hug you every day. Come soon.

In remembrance of you I have written several poems. Most of them about when we would meet again. I’ve become a poet in your love.

Most of the time we have ignored each other because we love each other so much. These days I’m missing you so much that I’m not even able to eat.

You are not here and every day under the blanket, I shed some tears. They automatically come. My eyes and heart missing you so much.

When I go to office, I every day wear the only shirts that you have selected for me. It makes me feel I’m near you.

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You can never ever be of other. You’re only mine and always will be mine whether in this birth or next birth and in all coming births. I miss you so much.

Without you, all seem to me barren. And without you my love is dead. This life is so tragic and unliving without you. Come soon.

One thing I am telling you very seriously that I love you so much. Without you I can’t live not this life but all lives. Please come soon. I want to hug you tight.

Your long dark black hairs seem to me like evening and I just want to immerse in them forgetting everything of this world. Miss you.

Your cheeks I miss them so much. They are so chubby and I’m craving for your smile. Come back. It is impossible for me without you.

Your kindness and truthfulness mean everything to me. I’m lucky that you have come in my life. Missing you dear.

long distance relationship quotes for gf

It seems that whole world is made of you yet you are not near me. I don’t want this whole world. I just want you.

You are my positive force. When you are near me I feel myself calm and serene and totally in paradise.

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Long Distance Relationship Messages for Boyfriend/ Long Distance Relationship Quotes for Him

I miss you so much, I want to go again with you in restaurants to eat with you and enjoy with you. Even thinking about that you’re going it makes me nervous.

I miss your long hairs that used to come on my face when I sit behind you and I like that how they spread on me. I missing you so much. Come back soon.

long distance relationship messages for boyfriend

It is only me can understand how my living without you. I can’t bear the loneness more. Please come soon and embrace me in your arms.

Listening you on phone is not enough. I want to feel your breath mixing in mine. Only then I would feel alive. Come soon my love.

These days in lanes I walk alone only reminiscing you. I imagine that you have hold my hand and I’m on your shoulder. Love you my love.

Though I can feel you from thousands of miles but when you hold my body in yours, I’m missing that.

I just want to hug you and want to tell that how much I love you. There is a volcano of love in me want to come out. I want to pour it on you.

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My heart is not in itself. My mind is not in itself. I’m not in control of myself. Even for a second I’m not able to imagine myself without you. Come soon my love I miss you.

Loving you is my mistake and now I don’t want to undo it. Because I’ve known without you my soul remains always thirsty.

You are my edge. I’m water. And water always needs an edge to rest. I miss you lot. I just want to dissolve into you for never coming back.

I miss when I put my head in your lap and you running in them your fingers. Come soon my love. I miss you so much.

I miss your madness. I miss your craziness. I miss your love. I miss you.

I remember still that how when we first time met you suddenly lifted me in your arms and rather than shouting, I loved it.

long distance relationship quotes for bf

Destiny has made us meet and it also made us away for time. I don’t know what it has in stores but one thing for sure abundance of love.

The gaze, that glance of you on mine, I miss it. It is that thing that I love you for. Just the sight of you reverberate my whole body.

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Long Distance Relationship Messages for Wife

It is hard for me to pass the time without you. It is better to die rather than waiting for you. I can’t do it more. Please come back soon.

long distance relationship messages for wife

As flowers could not be separated from their fragrance. I could not be without you. Love you my love.

You know what is special between you and me? We both understand ourselves intuitively which is about rare connection.

Wherever I go and I see the moon, it walks with me everywhere. I think you are with me. But I can’t do it for whole life.

The birds on trees sing the songs of your lyrics what you are singing for me. They say you miss me.

When no one is near you and you are alone sitting and then out of somewhere you feel that someone has touched your earrings, then think it’s me.

The vermillion that I put in my crown always reminds me of you. I long for you seeing all these stars in night glimmering for you.

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Everyday seeing your photo is not enough. Everyday talking on phone is not enough. I just want you near my side, always beside.

In sari you always look so beautiful and with a bindi on your forehead you are my Goddess. In green earrings you look killing. I miss you.

We are both each other’s destination. We would end into each other and we begin from each other. Then how you could remain far from me?! Come.

The soft music of your bangles when you used to cook for me, I can still feel it in my years. I want to again listen it. Come my love. I miss you.

I just folded my hands around myself tight feeling you are holding. I every day do this in this cold to feel the warmth of your love. Miss you.

Whether I greet, whether I think, whether I see, whether I blink, whether I do anything. You are always in everything. Miss you so much.

long distance relationship quotes for sweetheart

These days whether is so cloudy. Wind is also not blowing. Birds have stopped chirping. Even butterflies don’t come. They miss you so much and me too.

It is said distances increase love. But I want to say I don’t want this distance increased love. What I want is only you.

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Long Distance Relationship Messages for Husband

I am always waiting at the door looking for you that you would come today. But every time I come disappointed. I can’t bear the separation for long time.

long distance relationship messages for husband

Walking on the terrace under stars when I reminisce you, tears fall from my eyes. And I become sad. I don’t want to be said. I want to be in your arms.

The way you speak my name I miss it so much. I just want to hear my name from your lips. The love I want to feel. Please come back soon.

I hate your work that makes you separate from me. I hate everything and everyone that makes you separate from me. Kiss me on my forehead.

I build our own world where only you and me live and no one would be able to separate us. Just love and love would be there and we only be conversing deep.

We both be birds flying always together measuring skies and oceans, never stopping, just flying and flying together. Come soon my love.

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When you go away from me, only then I’ve understood how much I love you. And it is like you’re in my every drop of blood.

I just want to hold your hand and swinging it I want to walk with you in the meadow. I yearn for your love my life. Please come back quick.

I talk every day to trees, flowers, leaves and bees and ask them all when you would come back. They are also asking about you. We miss you so much.

If next time I have to fight God or destiny I would definitely fight to never make you away from me. because it is sin to separate two lovers.

Your hat is still hanging, and it is only hanging there waiting for you as me waiting for you. Missing you.

I miss the way you caress me. I miss the way you comb my hair. I miss the dresses you select for me. I miss the simplicity of you.

How romantic it is of you that how simply you say touching my soul “I love you”. I want to hear it again in my ears, in my eyes. I want to feel it again. Miss you love.

I pray together now. I hire all magicians to create a magic for us that no force could separate us. Come soon my life. I miss you.

long distance relationship quotes for hubby

I don’t want to wait more gazing sun, moon and stars and thinking about your love and you. I just want to be in arms of you and forever be there.

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