151+ Best Wedding Wishes & Messages | Funny Marriage Quotes to Write in a Wedding Card

Best Wedding Wishes Quotes| Funny Wedding Wishes for Card

To make sure your response to a couple’s wedding invitation is intriguing, we have collated a spicy and exquisite collection of the best wedding wishes, short wedding wishes, wedding messages to cards, and funny wedding wishes. You can travel the length and the breadth of the world and you will find out one flabbergasting thing: people across the world are the same. They give a similar response to different events, be it a wedding ceremony, wedding anniversary, birthday, engagement, and the list go on. Though every event related to a person’ s life is special, still, it is the wedding ceremony that stands apart from the rest.

Wedding Wishes for Card

The key reason why a wedding ceremony is super special is because it is the unification of two souls into one. A wedding ceremony is the only event where two families unite to commemorate the new journey of two individuals who deeply love each other and about to start a new world of their own. As the wedding season arrives, most of us receive wedding invitations from our near and dear ones. In return, we should also send the sentimental and full of love wedding wishes as a nice gesture and to bless them as well. Are you apprehensive about what to write in a wedding card? And how to write wedding wishes in it? Leave this painstaking task on us. In this blog post, we’ve rounded up some of the most enchanting wedding wishes and the tricks to writing a perfect wedding task that will help you to lay the burdensome task of writing a wedding card off your shoulders.

Best Wedding Wishes | Short Wedding Wishes With Images

Heartiest congratulations on tying yourself in the sacred bond. May you have a happy married life!

May this wedding fill your life with immeasurable happiness and opulence. Happy wedding!

Best Wedding Wishes

Today is unquestionably the biggest day of your life. You have officially become the man and the wife. I wish you a happy married life ahead!

My heartiest wishes are always with you. I wish your marriage journey together turns out to be boisterous. Happy wedding life!

Your marriage is the union of two souls who are destined to live together and love each other till eternity. Have a happy married life!

Finally, your most significant day has arrived. Thank you for making us an integral part of life. I wish you a joyous married life!

It’s time for both of us to begin a new journey together and make it an enchanting one. Happy married life!

Congratulations to the most lovely couple for tying the wedding knot. May you have the wedding of a lifetime and live a cheerful life ahead.

I was more than enthralled after hearing your wedding news. My blessings are always with you on your new and exuberant journey together!

Warms congratulations for becoming the official couple. I hope you will add new joy and excitement to our family. Happy married life!

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In our opinion, the shorter and elegant wedding wishes, the more impactful and cherished they are. Conveying your message in a few words is a very intricate art. You have to make sure that readers grasp the key notion of your wedding wishes without wasting much time in reading. Are you looking for short wedding wishes or formal wedding wishes to write in a wedding card? If yes, the below stated compilation of best wedding wishes will not disappoint you a bit. Feel free to use all the wedding wishes as per your preference.

Wedding Wishes for Friends | Wedding Messages for the Best Friend

Hey buddy, finally you are marrying the love of your life. Heartiest welcome to one more member in our friend circle. Congratulations on your wedding!

My man, you have hit the wife jackpot. Thank you for inviting me and letting an integral part of your biggest life event. Congratulations guys!

Wedding Wishes for Friends

I am so thrilled to know that my best friend is finally getting hitched. Let’s celebrate your big day like crazy!

May both of you add immense value to each other lives and set a great example of an exemplary married life!

My best wishes to the loveliest couple of all time. You both are my great friends. May you live a swash-buckling life together.

Hey friend, we have created heaps of wonderful memories together. I want you to make more enchanting memories with your life partner.

Hey best friend, congratulations on your marriage. Take great care of each other and never leave each other hand in a tumultuous time.

I still can’t believe that you are finally getting married and going to start your own family. Congratulations my buddy! May your life be filled with infinite happiness and new adventures.

I just can’t wait to see you tying the wedding knot and being the most important and long-lasting journey of your life. Have each other back all the time and have an enthralling married life!

I am a bit sad that you won’t be that much available to me after your marriage. However, I am happy about the beginning of the new and beautiful phase of your life. Congratulations my friend for the wedding!

There are few moments in life that cannot be missed at any cost. Among all those moments, one is the wedding of your friend. You have to make sure that your friend’s wedding is as memorable as possible. And that you can do by injecting a lot of elements in his/her wedding. However, the biggest and the most integral element is sending wedding wishes to you friend that encompass all your emotions and love. Checkout our heart-touching compilation of wedding wishes for best friends that will induce life to your dull wedding card and shower blessing on your dearest friend!

How does it feel like to say goodbye to your sister who has grown up with you and created heaps of unforgettable memories together? Obviously, saddening. However, at the same time, it makes you feel happy because your sister is beginning the new phase of her life that will be full of unexpected challenges, adventures, and happiness. If you are searching for wedding wishes for sister, you have landed at the right place. This section is all about varied entrancing and fascinating wedding wishes for sister that will help you to give her the best send-off for the commencement for her new life. These wedding messages for sister are full of high hopes and love for your sibling.

Sweet Wedding Wishes for Sister

Millions of congratulations on your wedding sister! Finally, you are turning into a blossomed woman from a girl. Don’t think about troubling my brother-in-law.

To my loveliest and the dearest sister, I bless you with all the wishes of the world to being your new journey. May your new road be filled with life-changing challenges and frolic moments!

Congratulations on your marriage my baby like sister. I can’t believe you are tying the wedding knot earlier than me. Have a blissful married life!

Your wedding is about to happen and I am super happy for you, sister. You are getting married to your dream partner and going to start a new journey pretty soon. Congratulations sister!

Surely, I will miss you after your wedding. But more than that, I will be happy for you to become a beautiful married woman. Congratulations on your wedding sister!

I am so happy that you have chosen the perfect life partner who loves you and respects your freedom. Heartiest congratulations to both of you on your wedding!

I never thought my sister would give me her wedding news out of the blue. Anyways, you both create a wonderful life for yourself. Have an enticing married life!

As you are going to being the new journey of your life, I wish my sister and my brother-in-lawn a remarkable married life ahead. Always be a support system for each other!

To my sassy, classy, and bad assy sister, I pity the man who is marrying you. Jokes apart, best wedding wishes to the best sister in the world.

You are quite sensible and your husband-to-be quite flamboyant. You both complement each other. I wish you a wonderful married life ahead!

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Wedding Wishes for Brother

Yes, brothers annoy the hell out of sisters. But they also can’t live without sisters. Since childhood, a brother takes care of her sister like her father does, and make sure her little sister never get to face setbacks as long as he is with him. Sisters are very particular when it comes to writing the right wedding wishes for brother. It is a sister’s responsibility to make her brother feel loved and blessed by sending wedding wishes to brother on his big day. Feel free to check out our gargantuan and exhilarating selection of wedding wishes for brother that he would love to cherish for a long time. These wedding wishes will surely spice up your brother’s wedding and make him welcome the new member with the utmost ardor.

Wedding Wishes for Brother

Dear brother, I am so happy on your decision of getting hitched. Unquestionably, you have taken the greatest step in your life. Savor your new marriage!

It seems like you have grown up into a responsible man from a little notorious kid in a blink of an eye.

LOL, your days of being a reckless teenager are finally going to end. You better start conducting yourself gently or your wife will make you do so. Happy married life brother!

It gives me immense joy to be the sole organizer. I promise to make your wedding ceremony an unforgettable and exquisite affair. Happy wedding brother!

Only a few lucky ones get to marry the love of their life and you are among them. I am sending you all the wedding wishes of the earth to you. Congratulations my baby brother!

The nicest people deserve the best things in life. You can’t get a better life partner then your chosen one. Congratulations on your wedding brother and enjoy your newly started journey!

The best recipe for a successful and seamless married life is unflinching trust, loyalty, and love for each other. May you have a successful married life brother. Heartiest congratulations!

A happy marriage doesn’t run only on love. It also needs to accept each other flaws and indifference. Congratulations on your grand wedding and happy married life brother!

For a married person, life is full of topsy-turvy events. However, in the end, true love always conquers. Always have an unshakeable faith in your love for a happy married life. Congratulations brother!

May your new life and the new hope be filled best of things, immense love, and luxury. Take good care of your better half. Congrats on your wedding bro!

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Wedding Wishes for Niece | Wedding Quotes for Nephew

You are the apple of my eye niece. Seeing you getting married is filling my heart with outrageous joy. Big congratulations on your wedding niece!

Life becomes too miraculous when two pure souls decide to start a new world. I wish you have a wonderful life ahead. Happy married life niece!

Wedding Wishes for Niece

Falling in love is easy but maintaining that lovely relationship is the most difficult part. I wish both of you a stupendous future ahead. Congratulations on your wedding niece!

Whatever you promise to each other on your big day, both of you should mean each and every word. The foundation of a par excellent married life is trust. Happy married life niece!

I just can’t believe that my sweet little niece has become a beautiful blossomed girl and starting her own family. I am so happy for you my sweetie pie. Congratulations on your wedding!

You are a gem apart of our family my nephew. May your wedding turns out to be the best wedding of all time. Congratulations on your wedding my lovely nephew!

I am so happy to be an indispensable part of the biggest day of your life. I hope your married life turns out to be a seamless and happy affair. Congratulations!

I wish you a happy, adventurous, and grand married life nephew. Make sure some never leaves your mouth in your marriage. Have a great married life!

I remember those days when I used to bring chocolates for you. Now my sweet little nephew is big enough to marry the partner of his choice. Always keep your better half happy and have a remarkable married life!

It takes a lot of patience, sacrifices, and determination to sail the sea of marriage seamlessly. Never stop believing your partner my lovely nephew. Congratulations on your wedding!

Wedding Wishes for Daughter | Wedding Wishes for Son

OMG! My beautiful princess is finally tying the wedding knot with the love of her life. I wish, your married life be filled with heaps of laughter and success. Happy married life daughter!

Congratulations my proud daughter for choosing the best life partner. I will make your wedding ceremony will be remembered till ages. Your parent’s blessings are always with you.

Wedding Wishes for Daughter

May your wedding opens the enthralling dimensions of life to you. May your life partner give you all the love of the world you deserve. Congratulations on your wedding daughter!

My dear daughter, you are going to begin the new phase of your life. May God endow you with conscience and the right resources to make your married life heaven. Heartiest congratulations!

Surely, time and tide wait for none. You have grown up so quickly and also found the special one. Always keep your family happy. Happy married life daughter!

Today embarks the most beautiful journey of your life. Take this journey as a challenge and have fun with your family. Happy married life son!

I was always excited about your wedding and wanted to choose your life partner. But I must say that your choice is better than me. Congratulations on your wedding son!

A wedding is truly a joyous affair son. You will create a lot of unforgettable moments with your partner in your journey and understand life well. Happy married life son. Congratulations!

My blessings are always with you. May you tie the wedding knot with the utmost purity in your heart. Congratulations on making the best choice of your life. Have a happy married life, my obedient son!

Words will fall short to state my current feelings and ecstasy. Finally, you are going to start a family with your lady luck. OMG, I want a grandson real soon. Congratulations son on your wedding!

Wedding Messages for Cousin

Hey cousin! It’s finally your wedding and I get to wear my favorite dress which I saved especially for your wedding. Have a wonderful married life. Congratulations dear cousin!

You didn’t even give us a hint that you are going to be a married man soon. Why everything so secretive? Anyways, happy for you. Sending you heaps of wedding wishes!

Wedding Messages for Cousin

I am literally shedding tears after hearing your wedding news. I so desperately wanted to see you tying the wedding knot with the partner of your choice. Happy married life cousin!

Whenever troubles come in your new phase of life, always remember, you are not alone. Your better half will always have your back. Congratulations on your wedding my dearest cousin!

Living a married life is neither easy nor daunting. If the person is right, you don’t have to put effort. If the person is not compatible, give him/her time to accustomed to your life. Congratulations on your wedding cousin!

Though we live miles apart, I am glad to be the first person to receive your wedding news. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and opulence in your new journey. Congrats cousin!

From a hardcore flirter to a one-woman man, your journey is quite intriguing. You have taken the best decision of your life by tying the wedding knot with the person you love. Congrats on your wedding cousin!

Things always won’t go out your way with the partner. It doesn’t mean marriage is not right. It means you both need to fight circumstances together. Have a remarkable wedding cousin!

Tons of congratulations to my dearest cousin for getting hitched. Mark my words, your married life will be one heck of an enjoyable affair. May you both live in utter peace and love.

I wish you find solace, love, and thrill you are looking for ages with your life partner. May you both work hard to keep the spark of romance alive and inspire others as well. Congrats on your wedding cousin.

Wedding Wishes Quotes | Wedding Wishes Messages

Struggling to find the right set of words to wish your near and dear ones on their wedding? To help you overcome this uphill task, we have created a profound collection of wedding wishes quotes and wedding wishes messages that will help you to uniquely greet the person who is getting hitched and create your special place in their mind and the heart.

Wedding Wishes Quotes

A successful bachelor’s life requires falling in love with your passion. A successful married life requires falling in love with the same person manifold times. Happy wedding!

There is nothing extraordinary about weddings. It is two people who tie the wedding knot making a wedding special with their love and charm. Best wedding wishes to the couple!

Spend less time planning the wedding and spend more time living the wedding with your partner. Best wedding wishes to my lovely couple!

When a man has nothing to do on earth, he decides to get married. Happy wedding!

The responsibility of a wedding is so heavy that it always takes two persons to keep it going. Happy wedding guys!

A wedding shouldn’t have to be a fairytale, grandeur, and breathtaking. It has to be full of your loved ones, soothing vibes, and damn fine food.

A woman never asks for advice from anyone unless she has to buy wedding wears. Happy wedding to my lovely couple!

If it were not for exorbitant wedding gifts, most of the couples would prefer to elope rather than splurging money on wedding preparation. Happy wedding!

All weddings are wonderful except for the one who ends in divorce. Happy wedding fellas!

Don’t make fancy dreams about your wedding and the life partner. Just accept the things as they are and things turn out to be fine. Happy wedding guys!

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Funny Wedding Wishes For Her/Him

A Wedding without endless pinches of humor is absolutely tasteless and lackluster. And what’s better than funny wedding wishes to amp up the wedding celebration? The perfect funny wedding wish is the blend of sarcasm and light humor. Moreover, funny wedding wishes help you get over from the age-old traditional wedding wishes and add the necessary thrill that should be in the perfect wedding wishes. Check out the most snarky collection of funny wedding wishes for your colleagues, co-workers, and acquaintances, who are planning to settle down with their partner. These funny wedding wishes will help them kick start the new phase of life with a good dose of a laugh.

Funny Wedding Wishes

The only profound thing about getting married is you always have one person to blame for your wrong decisions.

Don’t worry, if you don’t get the right partner in the first attempt. You have to take divorce and half of your assets to loose to hop on to the next partner.

Getting married is like reading the great works of Oscar Wilde or Shakespeare. You will have a lot of love, affection, tragedy, and war.

A marriage is more like a give and takes relationship. A husband always gives and a wife always takes.

The greatest bondage and the liberation both are in a marriage. If your life partner is serene, it’s liberation. If your life partner is bossy, it’s bondage.

Once a wise man said, “ Never laugh on your wife’s choices, you are one of them.”

After marriage, partying hard with best buddies becomes a distant dream for most of the married men.

If you are truly happy even after 10 years of marriage, either you are a philosopher or you are having an affair outside of marriage.

What do a married man and a dog have in common? They both are good at following orders. Happy married life to both of you!

Your life is always incomplete without your better half. But with the better half, you are more than finished and there is no chance of reconciliation. Happy wedding!

Religious Wedding Wishes

Religious Wedding Wishes

Humans don’t make scared bonds like a wedding. It’s the god who decides our bond according to our nature and deeds.

May God bless you with all the luxuries and wealth of the world. Have a blissful married life ahead!

May God bless both of you on your novice and full of thrills journey. We are sure that you two bring the best out of each other.

You are beginning the new phase of your lives. Always trust god’s hints more than your decisions. God bless you!

The real wedding is when two souls unify into one. And you need God’s grace for that. Happy married life!

God bless your new marriage with heaps of love and serenity. You guys look fabulous together. Happy married life!

I pray to god to fill your newly started married life with an abundance of love, joy, and wealth. Happy wedding guys!

May you both glitter like a ray of sunshine and remain tranquil like a moonlight. May God never break your bond of marriage!

May both of you keep holding hands and continue the journey of marriage together till the end and seamlessly.

You guys love each other and tied the wedding knot because God loves both of you and wanted to tie your wedding knot. Happy wedding!

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Christian Wedding Wishes | Religious Christian Wedding Messages

Your Christian friends will be more than fascinated after receiving Christian wedding wishes and messages from you. As wedding wishes is of paramount importance for a Christian couple, newlywed couples always seek for loved one’s blessings in the form of wedding wishes and messages. Jotting down biblical wedding wishes in your wedding card will add immense meaning to your greetings. Check out some of the most meaningful Christian wedding wishes that are utterly created for a newlywed Christian couple.

Christian Wedding Wishes Messages

If God’s blessings are always with you, nothing can break the invincible bond of your new marriage. Congratulations on your wedding!

Watching both of you getting married in the presence of Jesus Christ is quite emotional. May almighty keep your wedding bond unshakable and vibrant!

Your wedding is nothing less than an auspicious moment. It becomes more auspicious when you are taking vows in front of almighty. Heartiest congratulations on your wedding!

Nothing matters in a wedding more than trust, loyalty, and love. Make sure you both never hurt each other in any way in your married life. God bless both of you!

May lord increases the love between you manifold times and keeps your bond alive till eternity. My best wedding wishes are with you!

A person who has experienced the true love knows how to forgive. Mistakes will happen from both of you, but always forgive each other and sweetness to your relationship.

As you have tied the wedding knot today, you are now bound to love, care, and respect each other without any hesitation. May Jesus showers love and light in your married life!

Mightiest congratulations on your wedding. May Lord Jesus blesses both of you and your families and consolidates the newly formed relationship!

May Lord always keep both of you together and render you the strength to eliminate indifference if they arise in the future. Happy married life!

You have taken the first step by tying the sacred wedding knot. Now the biggest step is to make this bond stronger and holier with your love, determination, and sacrifices. Congratulations on your wedding guys!

Wedding Wishes Images | Images of Wedding Wishes to Couple

Showering bundles of wishes on a newly married couple is one of the most gracious things you can do at their wedding. After all, a wedding ceremony is the most significant day of a couple’s life. Your kind and full of love words will surely bolster their spirit to begin the new phase of their journey with full ardor and make it extra special. What images can do, words cant’. Sending beautiful, meaningful, and elegant wedding wishes images to couple on their wedding celebration day is one of the best ways to give honor and blessings to the couple at the same time and wish for their new and glittering journey. If you don’t want to take the pain of creating ingenious wedding wishes images for newlywed couples on your own, we’ve rounded up everything for you.

Wedding Wishes Images
Images of Wedding Wishes to Couple
Beautiful Wedding Wishes for her
Beautiful Wedding Wishes for Him
best wedding wishes
wedding wishes for card

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QWM brings you an enchanting and enormous selection of wedding wishes images for couples that you can utilize to wish the couple personally and commemorate the auspicious day in a jovial. These wedding wishes images for couples are free to download and can be shared on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, straight from here. Don’t forget to share these startling wedding wishes images in your social circle as well.

Wedding Wishes to Card – What to Write in A Wedding Card

Writing an impeccable wedding card is an art on which a modicum of individuals hold the mastery. A perfect wedding card message should be packed with elegant words that convey coveted sentiments and make the couple feel super special about their big day.

Moreover, you should also make sure to take care of etiquette while writing wedding card wishes. What are those instructions or etiquette? Below we have jotted down the exemplary structure of wedding card messages that will help you to carve your own succulent wedding card wishes for the couple.

1. Congratulate the Couple- Your wedding card message should start with congratulating the couple. Mention their names while writing the message as it gives a sense of homeliness to the couple and they would care about your wishes even more.

2. Jot Down Personalized Wedding Wishes- In this section, you have to pen down the personalized wedding wishes for the couple. Your wedding wishes should be according to your level of relationship with the couple. If you are too close to them, your wedding card wishes should be more personalized and vice versa.

3. Say Thanks to Couple for Invitation- Express your gratitude to the couple by thanking them for sending the invitation. Tell them, you will mark your gracious presence in their wedding and bless them for sure.

4. Sign off With Warm Words- Before you sign off, leave a heart-touching statement for the couple.

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