Funny Good Morning Messages, Wishes, & Quotes

100+ Funny Good Morning Messages, Wishes, & Quotes

Funny Good Morning Wishes: The plain old ‘Good Morning’ – so uplifting yet so soothing. We send good morning messages filled with fondness to our loved ones. But haven’t you felt that sometimes, the meaning gets lost and all the news does is deliver a “Good Morning.” Yes, that effect is due to a lack of socialization; we cannot send a message that accounts for our expressions and voice. If you’re getting bored of sending simple wishes, why not try funny messages? They are full of expression and will make the reader smile in bed. You’ll get to start someone’s day with a smile!

Start a joyful day and make one for your friends and family. Send your favorite funny good morning messages from the loved ones listed below.

Funny Good Morning Wishes

Hey! A reminder that today is not Sunday in any of the worlds. Want to enjoy the weekend? Get up, down that coffee, and get going. But have a bright yet busy morning!

Good Morning! Don’t spend the new morning energy sulking over past issues and maybe your mistakes. Do you know what you could do to avoid that uncontrollable anxiety? Take it as a joke, at least for today. 

Hello, this is the morning blues on this end. Kindly whizz through your Morning like a pro, or I’ll make your day hell. Have a quick and joyous day!

Funny Good Morning Wishes

Good Morning! I wish no dog bites you today! It’s a pretty common occurrence, and I cannot muster up an appropriate morning wish. I still want you to have a stress-free day, though.

We cannot talk anymore. You have work, you say. I hope at least your mornings are free. Let’s keep our bonds intact through these messages. Have a good morning, and I hope you get free time soon!

I’m only going to wish you good morning if you don’t wake up grumpy today. I wish you a great day only if you smile in bed!

Good Morning, night owl! I wish your day to go by as if it was night, and I hope you get to chug down coffee the same way you do in the dark.

Hey, Count Dracula called; he said he wanted his style back. Stop being a bat and get out from your bed. Have a morning, at least!

I wish for your chats to get spammed with morning messages. I hope the tea slaps you until you are fully awake. No one’s going to wish you this, so count yourself lucky. Have a fun morning!

Consider this Morning’s possibilities – the sun directly shines on your bed, the babblers irritate you to no end, your neighbor decides to fix his car. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? Then, kindly get up before you easily let them destroy your day.

Good Morning! May your dog lick your face until you drop from your bed, sleepyhead. Get up and take your pup for a walk now. You need it more than him.

Is this Morning? I see what daylight feels like now. Congratulate me for rising from my bed today, early bird! Thanks for making me try it, but I’ll go back to sleep now; an achievement is good enough for me. Have a very good day, and I wish you to meet more similar birds.

Wake up! Only the night suits us, and our minds enhance in the moonlight. I am unlucky to wake up early today, so I want you to suffer equally. Good Morning and I wish you to be productive today – during the day.

Good Morning! I do not know how your day will be and don’t want to get your hopes up. But I wish for your biscuit to not drop into your tea, your pancakes to not go cold and soggy, and for you to have enough time to take an hour-long bath.

I wish for you to get up on time today. However, do know I will call you if you do not wish me back within an hour. Cheers to your late-night schedule! Have a sleepy day if you wish.

If you do not wake up in the next two hours, I pray for mosquitoes to bite your toes, your ceiling fan to shut off, and for your coffee to disappear. Now please get up and have a curse-free morning!

Good Morning! I wish for you to wake up today and discover the door to Narnia. I pray for you to get up in the name of Narnia. If not, I do not know what’ll happen to you. But I pray for you not to have a groggy morning if you wake up late.

Have you got problems in life utterly unrelated to your sleep schedule? Don’t worry; our parents have passed down a natural solution – Just wake up early! I hope you do so, have a calm day.

Are you a mosquito? Because every time I wake up early, it’s always because you are buzzing around me chirpily. Good Morning and I hope my day goes as well as yours!

Hi, can you wake up, please? I miss your breakfast. Okay, honestly, I am hungry and cannot cook. Have a lovely morning, and make me some waffles!

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Funny Good Morning Messages

It is said that phones stop working for early risers who wake up at a ridiculous hour of 4. It is also said that phones get lost for night owls who wake up at a staggering hour of 12. Whichever you are, be proud you woke up and have a joyous morning.

Do you have any opinion about this new trend war between early risers and night owls? If you want to find out, you can check out your locality’s parks at 7 am. Have a cheery morning!

Have an enthusiastic morning! Otherwise, you’ll miss the school assembly and will have to receive punishment. Just kidding; however, don’t do the same with your work. Have a joyous day.

Funny Good Morning Messages

If you have pets, feed them and smother them with kisses. If you have plants, get up and water them. If nothing else, just wake up and binge-watch some Looney Toons. Have a serene and fun morning!

Good Morning! Let me tell you the perks of waking up early – maybe you’ll see your fish talking, perhaps you’ll see your toys playing amongst themselves, and maybe, just maybe, your morning energy will give you a ridiculous yet creative idea.

Hello and Good Morning. I hope you have a stress-free day. I don’t have anything interesting to mention, so maybe just get up and watch cartoons? We can discuss later whether the Road Runner was brilliant or just fast enough to evade traps.

Have a good morning! Before you reach work, don’t forget to cross the lake with a thousand crocodiles. Shouldn’t we at least aspire to be more like our parents?

Do you know who complains about it being too sunny and getting a tan? People who wake up late. This is why, like successful business persons, we shall get up at 3 am and go to work at 6 am. Get up whenever you want; I only wish for you to have a heavenly morning!

Hi! Good Morning! I want to wish you vibrant energy, but I cannot vibe with that at all. Be a sloth today. Get out of bed lazily and sip coffee for hours. I wish for you to have a warm and soft day, as sweet as cakes.

I pray your feet do not step in the mud today. I wish for you to have a good hair day. I pray that the work you do gets automatically saved because apparently, you manage to delete it all the time. Good Morning and have a pleasant day!

Good Morning! Stop wandering around the house lost and in a trance. Make yourself a cup of coffee and then consciously daydream.

Of all the things school has taught me, I know one thing for sure. Not wishing someone good morning is a crime. So, hey, good morning, and have a blessed day!

Good Morning! I wish your work to be canceled today, for your homework to be postponed, and so much more. Yet, alas! It won’t happen, and you’ll be grumpy either way. Don’t forget to convert it into an enthusiasm that Friday isn’t far away.

Seven eight nine for a reason, and it is because late risers keep postponing their sleep by minutes and end up sleeping for hours. This is a reminder that you either get up at seven or 10; there’s no in-between. Have a morning full of PJs!

Do you know why I send you funny good morning texts instead of humble ones? It’s because a joke is fitting for a joke only. I’ll be expecting a comeback, have a jolly morning!

What do you think came first? Was it the chick or the egg? This is a conspiracy theory, and the only people who know the answer are early risers. Good Morning!

This is the day you solve all of your life’s problems. As our wise parents have said, everything is resolved if only we wake up on time – apparently a lack of sleep too. I wish you had a great night’s sleep and even if you didn’t, have a good morning!

I want to start an alarming argument with you now. Is coffee better or tea? Good Morning! Let’s liven our Morning by bantering about caffeine.

Good Morning! May the sun not suck out your energy but not be dull enough to sadden you. May it just give you a good tan.

Do you know why mosquitoes bite only in the Morning when you have that deep soulful sleep? I don’t know too. But I do know you need to wake up to avoid that. Good Morning and have a bite-free day!

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Funny Good Morning Messages for Him

Are you a salad? Because you know how to keep me healthy and safe, protecting me from all the oily pessimism. Thanks and Good Morning, my love!

Are you a bread? Because oh goodness! You take such a long time to rise. However, you are just as sweet, fresh, and bubbly. Have a toasty morning, love!

Funny Good Morning Messages for Him

Are you my boyfriend or my coffee? Because, darling, without you, nothing makes sense to me! Good Morning and could you be dear and bring me some caffeine!

Good Morning! A reminder that you should be grateful I don’t break your phone that keeps ringing from the first bird’s chirp till the sun is at noon.

How deeply you sleep that you don’t even realize I’ve poured water on you. Darling, I hope you got your beauty sleep, now get up and share a good morning with me!

Good morning Cheesecake! May your tea be as sweet as a cheesecake, may your day go by as smoothly, and may your day be similarly soulful.

My dear and beloved, thank you for not being a rock in my life. You are, in fact, a stone – a gemstone. Have a shiny morning!

Good Morning handsome! I wish your eggs to crack open on the first try, and I wish they come out without eggshells. Have a sunny-side-up day.

Good Morning, my king, ruler of the bedroom, master of sleeping, and scholar in justifying owl behavior. Lest we forget, you are also a hoarder of blankets. Have a magical day.

Have a great morning, and may your day be serene. A kind reminder that today might be an auspicious day to have your long-pending bath.

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Funny Good Morning Messages for Her

You give me warmth. You make me shine amongst everyone. You can also dull me a little but keep making me energetic. You are my Sun. Good Morning!

When I kiss you, you taste sweet and fruity. You are my love, and I could have you all the time. Good Morning, my cherry!

During my morning walk today, and I saw a plant sleeping too long; its leaves curled even though the sun had risen. My love, you are that plant’s soul twin. Wake up and have a coffee-laden morning!

Maybe next Halloween, I’ll be Prince Charming and you Sleeping Beauty. All you would have to do is sleep on roses. And I’ll get to wake you up with a sweet kiss. Good Morning!

What shall I gift you? I keep thinking, and only alarm clocks come into my mind. But baby, a thousand alarm clocks won’t be able to wake you up. I wish for you to have finished your dreams; good Morning!

Have a delightful morning, my lady. May the sun make you warm like a cookie. May you get to see flowers as colorful as your lips, and may this day jingle just like your jewelry.

I wish your day to go as crazily and vividly as that rocking alarm of yours. I also wish your neighbors to be spared from the awful morning alarms. Have a festive morning!

My one and only, I wish for you to have a refreshing morning. Instead of just drinking water, don’t forget to make a new and weird concoction for good health.

My love, I wish for your day to not be as prickly as Cinderella’s slippers and not as dramatic as any princess’s life. You are a princess but a calm and smart one at that. Good Morning!

You are so calm and soft. You stand brightly in the sun and shine brighter than the sun. Thank you for being in my life, my lovely grass!

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Funny Good Morning Messages for Friends

Maybe this time we go bird-watching, the owls will realize who you are and adopt you as their own. I want your company so have a good morning, please!

I want to have a truce. Let us end this war between night owls and early risers. All you have to do is start waking up early, and I’ll do my part of wishing you a good morning!

Funny Good Morning Messages for Friends

When you are done fighting crime, can we please meet up? Maybe you could wake up early one day and see that it is normal. Wake up early and have a good morning, Batman!

You wake up so early even the birds outside gossip about you. You wake up so early even your coffee maker snickers at you. Woke up on time today, so sending you a lovely morning wish.

Hey Early Bird! Good Morning. The wee hours of the Morning still seem dull. As a night owl, I offer you to join the dark side. Anyways, have a starry day!

Good Morning, a fellow member of the bat family! I know the day is lethargic for you, but I pray for you to cruise through the day with the same stamina you magically have at night.

Hey, do you know your closet, the one that squeaks? It might have a ghost in there. Now that I have your attention do get up, assure your mind, and have a good morning! 

Did you know if you don’t water your plants, they die? Now, do you remember that you have plants? I hope you do, and I pray for you to water them today. A leafy morning to you and your plant children!

Good morning texts are only joyous if you’ve had your tea already, or maybe 3 cups of it—a reminder to start your day with a warm cup of tea and only then indulge in wishes. But I’ll wish you a cheerful morning anyway!

Hey bestie, good Morning! Don’t forget to plug in your mobile phone for charging and also don’t forget to, actually, turn the switch up.

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Funny Good Morning Quotes

The owls and bats protect the late risers, and the chirpy birds protect the early risers. Stop arguing about what time is better, have a good morning, and get to work.

In this battle between night owls and early risers, let’s not forget the real victims – people who sleep at both times, people who sleep at work, and people who dream of sleep when fully awake.

Funny Good Morning Quotes

Don’t forget to give your house a shock by waking up on time. Your pet will get confused about the existence of time, and your plants will go into shock. But don’t forget to have a good morning!

Dreams often describe personalities. I suppose then early risers do not dream at all. Have an early morning – to all the people who like to wake up when even birds sleep.

Waking up before sunrise is not pleasant. What is it that early risers feel? Hunger? Don’t forget to eat breakfast and have an awesome day!

It is normal and even therapeutic to take 30 minutes to brush your teeth, spend an hour in the bathroom dozing off, and show up at work when it is lunch. Wake up and have a quick morning!

Early risers say they behave according to nature’s clock. Then how come they need the same amounts of caffeine as night owls do. Though I will admit, both are just caffeine addicts. Have a caffeine-free morning for once today!

All we do every day is postpone pending work, and then it piles up. We are left to complete it before the weekend, and our Friday night is ruined. A cycle begins anew. Good Morning and don’t forget to smash the toxic cycle!

What do night owls do at night? Witchcraft? Do they go get to talk to animals somehow? Maybe it is not a coincidence that they are called owls. Now that I’ve piqued your interest get out from your bed and have a morning full of conspiracy questions.

Good Morning! May your day be filled with books that aren’t dusty, may your bookmarks not fall off, and may you get to finish that book you’ve only read a chapter of.

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Funny Morning Greetings

Good Morning, early risers! I wish for you to give the closet ghosts a scare. Waking up at four can make your neighbors think you are a ghost. Have fun scaring people early in the morning.

Good day to you! Don’t forget to carry an umbrella and apply sunscreen. After all, vampires burn in daylight. I hope you wake up on time and good Morning.

Funny Morning Greetings

Good Morning! May your day be as minty fresh as toothpaste, as quick as the taxi that whizzed through you, and as satisfying as your first meal of the day.

Good Morning and I hope you have a sunny day! I hope you downed two jugs of coffee, or else I’ll have to warn everyone to hide.

Good Morning! I hope the neighbor’s dog wasn’t loud enough last night. I also hope your neighbor’s dog did not wake you up today.

Hi, did you have breakfast today? Was it greasy or healthy? If it was greasy, I’d treat you to a good cup of tea, and if it was healthy, I do not believe you. Have a wholehearted morning!

Have a cheerful day! I wish you to shop at a grocery store safely today, walk in parks, and ride a bus. I know you’ve missed them.

Good Morning! I wish your day to have more gossip than the babblers do, more energetic than the lapwing who sung all night, and greener and joyful than the bee-eaters.

Have an enthusiastic morning! I pray your day goes by so merrily that you do not need a second cup of coffee. I wish your day to be as joyful as you are.

Good Morning! Don’t forget to have a cup of tea, or maybe 3 cups of tea. If not, you’ll be talking to people in Groot all day, which probably describes your mornings best.

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