60+ Funny Good Night Messages, Wishes, Quotes and Texts

60+ Funny Good Night Messages, Wishes, Quotes and Texts

Funny Good Night Messages : Wishing some good night before you fall on the bed is one fine way to make someone’s last moments of the day enchanting. However, you can make the same last moment of the days a crispy affair by making your good night wishes funny and sending them to your near and dear ones. Here are some of the crankiest and the most funny good night messages and wishes that will tickle the funny bones of your loved ones before they enter into the state of deep sleep.

Funny Good Night Messages

Good night is the time to sleep well and recharge your body not to talk numbly with your sweetie pie the whole night and destroy your eyes. Have a great night!

The more you dream about your fantasies at night, the more your morning feels shitty. So, clear your head before you sleep if you want to wake up without a headache. Good night and sleep well!

 In today’s time, the only sure way to have an undisturbed sleep at night is by switching off your cell phone. Have a wonderful sleep and a happy night!

Some people sleep on the bed in a manner like they are going to have a fierce war in their dreams. Better sleep like a well-mannered person or someone will take your selfie and upload it on the Internet. Good night!

I really want to talk about romantic things with you at night, unfortunately, my phone battery dies whenever I start talking to you. We better sleep and good night to you!

I wish I have a dream in which I am a billionaire and you are working for me, I won’t let you sit for a single moment. What a beautiful dream! Good night buddy!

Why you are the only person with whom I fell asleep immediately while talking? Either you are some kind of jink or your talks are boring. I wish you a calm and happy night!

One of the best things about sleeping early and getting lost in my dreams is I don’t have to read shitty and cheesy good night wishes of my close ones. Anyway, very good night to you!

The way you treat girls, I think you will end up hugging only teddy bears and other soft toys to fulfill your aloneness. You better be a gentleman and accept my awesome good night wish!

I was having a great time in Disneyland, I was eating my favorite Subway burger, I was sipping my favorite Starbucks coffee, then your call broke my sleep. You better go to sleep and let me complete my juicy dream. Good night pal!

You look like a too lightening bulb in nights that contrast my eyes too much! Good night my friend!

When you sleep near, it feels like you are my pillow and I want to sleep my all night having my head on you! You are a very good pillow! Good night dear!

You are too frustrating but every night I say good night dear! That is too frustrating too!

You are my alarm clock. This is a good benefit of you! Good night dear! Wake me up tomorrow.

Sleeping is great comfort but not at nights! Good night! Sleep well and don’t wake me in the middle of the night!

When I sleep with you, it is like dropping an atomic bomb on me! I hope I sleep well and you too! Good night!

You are like a mosquito that is always ringing in my ear! Good night dear! Just don’t ring too much!

When no lights, you look so beautiful! Good night my love!

Why you put lipstick on your lips, I am not going to kiss you tonight! Just good night!

I want to request when you sleep near me, just don’t fart! It makes my night unforgettable! Good night!

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Funny Good Night Wishes and Quotes

The way you avoid morning baths, I don’t think mosquitoes and bugs will let you sleep calmly at night. Before hopping on the bed, better take a shower. Good night my stinky buddy!

I so want to boast about my today’s achievements and super-productive work day but my mind and the body aren’t allowing me to do so. I better go to sleep before I fall on the stairs. Good night and sleep tight!

Funny Good Night Wishes and Quotes

If you think you are a brave soul, just turn off your lights before sleeping and look under the bed. Good night and sleep like a horse!

People are stupid because they wake up early in the morning and go to the gym. I complete all my workouts in the sweet dreams of my night’s sleep. Anyway, good night and sleep well!

It really breaks heart when the person you wish good night an hour ago is still online and liking random stranger’s pictures.

Good night dear! Just sleep tight and blanket yourself and please don’t snort. It comes to my head from wherever you are!

Good night love! just keep your mouth away from me. I smells like an onion and you look like a ginger to me!

You are an awesome girl except that you don’t have attitude! Girls need to have attitude. Good night!

There is not benefit of sleeping alone. It is always together! Sleep well and don’t forget me! Good night!

Love expressed in nights expressed true and bright. Just don’t love yourself only! Good night!

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Funny Good Night Messages For Him

Hey babe, if I find you are dreaming about hot girls at night I swear to enter into your dreams and beat the hell out of you. I recommend you to sleep with a clear and calm mind. Good night, honey!

You are the sole reason I sleep peacefully at night. You are also the only reason my sleep breaks within a moment because of your timid snoring. Stop disturbing my sleep and good night!

I am damn lucky that I have such a dashing and caring boyfriend like you. But what the hell with your insomnia? If you don’t want to sleep, that’s fine. But don’t spoil my dreams by texting like a maniac. Good night freaky boyfriend!

I have wise good night advice for you. It’s better to wish someone on time because late-night wishes are bad mannerisms. Good night my love, sleep tight!

No matter how big your heart is, how affectionate you are, if your alarm clock rings at the wrong time, your inner demons can’t control to come out and destroy everything. Good night sweetheart!

I love you but you don’t shave at night because it is itching to me! Good night! Sleep well my love!

Nights are for love and days are for work! What do you say my love? Good night dear!

I love you darling but you don’t sleep with your wig wearing! Good night my love!

When you love your wife you love you nights! I want you to sleep tight! Good night my lover!

Nights are for wine my love. It is not for drinking water. But you are just water! Good night!

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Funny Good Night Messages For Her

Hey sweetheart, don’t take it personally but I suggest you to sleep on the bed after washing your face. I mean your face makes imprints on the pillow and it scares the hell out of me.

Very warm and comfy good night to the apple pie of my life. May you scream less, shiver lesser, and snore the least. Good night my sweet and a bit scary baby!

If you ever feel like hugging me at night, you better sleep with the pillow because your arms are stronger than a wrestler and they crush my bones. Good night, sleep well baby!

One night, your feet were dangling out of the bed and I decided to tickle them. The moment I touched them, I got a massive kick. I am still in hospital baby! Anyway, good night!

If you feel alone, scared, or dull at night, don’t even bother to disturb me because nothing is more precious for me than my flawless sleep. Good night my love!

When you wear maxy at nights you look max in size! So intolerable! But I have to say I love you darling! Good night!

At nights your grey hairs shine a lot and believe me, it makes me believe you are a broom of white strands! Good night my love!

You are so wonderful that even I am confused how you are wonderful!? Good night dear!

At nights I always think before sleeping what mistake I did that I meet and fell in love! Too much sweetness you are! Good night!

You are too close to me. And I am not able to breathe. I hate that much love. Good night my love!

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Funny Good Night Wishes For Friends

May the lord of darkness punishes you severely for disturbing my sleep on numerous nights. May you develop indelible dark circles under your eyes. Good night buddy!

Yesterday, I had a frightening nightmare! You were kidnapped by strangers. Your kidnapping is not the concerning part. Who will pay my borrowed money when you are kidnapped is the disturbing part. Good night, friend!

Funny Good Night Wishes For Friends

We certainly had a scrumptious and spicy dinner today. But I wish you don’t release the hotness on the bed and make my nighttime unbearable. Good night, my lovely pal!

The best part about sleeping with your friend; you can gossip a lot about crazy things. The worst party about sleeping with your friend; you can’t punch him when he snores or move his hands unconsciously. Good night to my crazy buddy!

Hey buddy, as I have already lost all of my energy because of my energy-sucking work schedule, I beg you to don’t spoil my sweet sleep with your clumsy night jokes. Good night and sleep well!

When you have good friends in your life you don’t sleep at nights! Good night friends!

True friends bring two things in life; first comfort and then more discomfort; that you never get comfortable. Thank you for this my friend being discomfort in my life! Good night!

The main problem with friends is they can knock anytime at your door! Ah that is too much friendship! Just a bit stay away from me! Good night!

They get you beers, they get you sauce, they get you movies and they get you bills also! That is friendship. Good night my friends!

What you are what your friends are. And that is too much stupidity! Good night my dear friend!

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Funny Good Night Messages For Wife

As you lay down on the bed, you will see ghosts guarding and keeping a watch on you. Don’t worry I have asked them to do it throughout the night. Good night.

Don’t sleep, as you always want to keep your dreams awake, good night to you.

Let the most beautiful and charming person come into your dreams, but don’t make it a habit as I am not free every night. Good Night

Good night is not a formality or for using free messages. It is an art of saying that I miss even in the last minute of the day

I am sleeping on my keyboard, if I revert then consider that I am a sleep talker. Good night.

Funny Good Night Wishes For Husband

I can be dumb sometimes but I’ve made the cleverest decision to marry the best husband a woman can have. Did I? Goodnight, lovely husband. 

Swear to god you’re the best thing that happened to me, and I’ll break your nose if you’d dare to do the same for any other woman. Goodnight, hubby.

You are the sole reason that I sleep early every night, cause I am afraid of you snoring. Goodnight Mr. husband.

Still not asleep. Is there a girl on your mind? Tell me I can break her nose as well. Dream carefully, my love.

Get ready to meet me again in dreams. I gotta discuss the girl who stared at you in the club. Sleep tight, hubby.

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