80 Powerful Good Night Prayer Messages for Family, Friends

60+ Powerful Good Night Prayer Messages for Family, Friends

Good Night Prayer Messages: Prayers are the strong emotions we manifest for the people we love. These manifestations get more powerful if you send these to your loved ones just before their sleep. These prayer messages are the best way to say Goodnight to your loved ones. We have included many such good night prayer messages that you can send to your special ones. That special one can be anyone, your family member, your friend, or the love of your life. We assure you that when they’ll be reading these good night prayer messages and good night prayer quotes they’ll smile with their heart and the bond between you two will only get stronger. These messages will represent your selfless feelings and love towards the person who’ll receive the good night messages and it’ll be enough to make your place in their heart, memorable.

Good Night Prayer Messages

May this sleep take away all your worries, fatigue, and may you wake up refreshed. Have a peaceful night.

May God keeps you safe during the night. May he give you a blissful sleep tonight.

Ask for his forgiveness and then go to bed. May God give you a healthy and regenerative sleep.

Good Night Prayer Messages and wishes

Sending you my prayers as these will help you to face all obstacles and shine again tomorrow. Have a healthy sleep.

My precious one, may God keep you again in his care tonight and every night. May you get a baby-like sleep.

As you laid tonight in your bed. May God take away all your tensions, fears, struggles, and grant you a wonderful sleep.

My beloved, I am sending you my prayers for a restful and relaxing sleep. Good night.

May God keeps you away from all negative thoughts this night and allow you to take a well-needed sleep.

I pray for you that all your anxieties, fears, and insecurities be taken away by God. Have a peaceful sleep.

I pray that God may watch over you as you sleep this night. May you have a restful sleep.

My special one, I always pray that all your worries melt away as you sleep. Have a good sleep.

Sending prayers, so that you can remember all the good things that happen during the day and submit to God’s healing process. May God grant you a blissful sleep.

As you go to your bed tonight, I pray to God that he sends you sweet dreams and gives you the energy needed for the next day.

Before going to sleep, I want to send these prayers so that God can replenish your life force for the upcoming day by granting you a soothing and relaxing sleep.

May god give you the strength you’ll be needing for the next day. He may also allow you to have a relaxing sleep.

As another day came to an end, I want you to remember that you’re God’s special child and he only wants the best for you. Have a wonderful sleep.

May God bless you as you recover from today’s fatigue and stress in tonight’s sleep. Have a great sleep.

I pray that as you sleep tonight, you’ll put aside all your worries at God’s feet and ask for a restful sleep, instead.

May God gives you an undisturbed sleep full of delightful dreams. Have a peaceful sleep.

May you get the love and warmth of God’s love as you slumber tonight in your bed.

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Good Night Prayer for My Love

May God forgive all your wrong deeds to be done today. May you get a healthy sleep tonight, love.

As you sleep tonight, all the disappointments of today will disappear and your tomorrow will be much better. Get a night of good sleep, partner.

Good Night Prayer for My Love

If you had a bad day that doesn’t mean you’ll have a bad day. May you forget all the mishaps of today and get a peaceful sleep.

Dear love, may God keep giving you what lies in the treasure cove of your destiny. Get good sleep, honey, cause that’s what will give you the motivation to face the next day.

God has started the good work in your life and it’ll not stop until it gets complete. May you have a blissful sleep, my love.

I pray that your tonight’s well-deserved sleep doesn’t get disturbed and you may get all the rest you need to get going the next day. Have a great sleep, my loved one.

May angels of God watch over you and protect you during your sleep. May your enemies soon realize their mistake. Good night, my love.

I said a prayer for you, my love. Go get your sleep, nothing can do any harm to you. Good night, love.

As you sleep tonight, may your mind get gifted by divine ideas, and when you wake up, may you be able to achieve them. Good night, sweetheart.

May God showers you with his blessings as you lay asleep tonight. Good night, love, may you get a peaceful sleep.

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Good Night Prayer Message for Friend

May God keep blessing you as always and protect you during your sleep. Sleep well, my friend.

Before you go to sleep, don’t forget to thank God for the beautiful day you had and pray for the same, tomorrow morning. Get good sleep, buddy.

Good Night Prayer Message for Friend

May you have the best sleep of your life tonight. So, you get filled with energy to get through the next day. Good night, friend.

End your day by thanking God for the beautiful life you have. As you go to sleep, I wish you a soothing, relaxing, and restful sleep, friend.

Dear friend, I pray for your well-being and goodness. I pray for your success and glory. As you go to sleep, I pray for your peaceful and good sleep.

Hey buddy, end your day by praying to God that you’ll get all the success you deserve. Have a wonderful sleep, with the sweetest dreams.

May the angels of heaven bring you the sweetest dreams as you sleep tonight. May you have a long and restful sleep, friend.

I pray that God may watch you and protect you while you lay asleep. May you have a peaceful night and restful sleep.

May you get a good sleep because that’s what will help you to achieve what lies in your destiny. Have a blissful sleep, friend.

It’s good to have someone to pray for, before going to bed. It’s even better for me as that someone is my friend. Good night, friend.

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Good Night Prayer Messages for Her

May your night be as beautiful as you are. You’re the reason for my happiness. Have a peaceful sleep, my queen.

May you have a safe night and wake up with the energy needed to get through your next day. Good night love.

Good Night Prayer Messages for Her

I pray to God that you may have the sweetest dreams and when you wake up you may have the strength to achieve them.

I am living for the day till you and I can be one. Have a peaceful night, my love, and a good sleep.

May the angels of heaven protect you during your sleep cause I’ll hold you when you wake up. Have a restful night, my love.

As the stars get awake, may the moon get you through the sweetest dreams. Have a peaceful sleep, sweetheart.

I hope that our life together may be so happening that you’ll not be able to figure out whether you’re sleeping or you’re awake. Good night, love.

Tonight our love will bind you in a shield that’ll protect you from the monsters under your bed. Have a restful sleep, cause you need it, love.

May you sleep with the thoughts of our love floating through your mind like clouds floating through the limitless sky. Good night, my love.

When the moon rises up in the night sky, it looks beautiful. But your smile looks better.

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Good Night Prayer Messages for Him

Dear God, please take care of my love when he sleeps and take the rest needed for the new day. Have a soulful sleep, my love.

May God show you the sweetest of all dreams and then give you the strength to go after them. Good night, darling, sleep tight.

Good Night Prayer Messages for Him

Every night I pray to God that he shall bless the man of my dreams, and the love of my life. May God grant you a restful sleep, my man.

May you get protection from God as you fall asleep, dear. May he always watch your back and bless you. Have a relaxing sleep, my king.

Good night, darling. May God keep you safe in his arms and lend you the support you may need in your tomorrow’s ventures.

I know that you struggle to make the dream life for both of us. May God give you the motivation and strength to make the most out of your day. But, for now, just have a soothing sleep, baby.

May God take away all your worries, problems, and replace them with blessings. While you sleep like a newborn, tonight. Sleep tight, honey.

I pray to God that when my man goes to sleep and hours of darkness begin. God may send his angels to watch over him. Good night, baby.

May the angels from heaven watch over you as you fall asleep. May those angels protect you, your family, and give their blessings for your better tomorrow.

Dear God, as my love of life reads this, bless him with all your love, and grant him a good sleep to replenish his life force for the next day. Good night, love.

Good Night Prayer Quotes

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, watch and guard me through the night, and wake me with the morning light. » Unknown

Father, thank you for holding me together today. I needed you, and you were there for me. Thank you for every bit of love, mercy, and grace that was shown to me though I did not deserve it. Thank you for your faithfulness even in my suffering. To you alone be the glory. Amen. » Topher Haddox

Almighty God, radiant with light, cast your goodness to shine upon me. Most wonderful Lord, creator of all things, hold your truth to shield me. Majestic King who reigns over all, slay with great love all the shadows around me. Prince of Peace, glorious and true, lift your arms of strength to cover me. All this night through. Amen. » Unknown

Lord, I’ve shouldered my cares as if I’m the one in control. Help me become like a child, handing all my stresses, worries and responsibilities to You, my faithful Father. I trust You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. » Amy Carroll

Lord, thank you for your abundant, abounding grace. Thank you that we don’t have to earn a drop of the mighty river of grace that flows freely for us today. Thank you for the unexpected, unmerited favor you’ve showered on my life. Help me put myself in the path of your love and grace. Help me not neglect the disciplines I need to meet with you regularly and to drink from the water of life. Thank you for your rich love. Amen. » David Mathis

For God’s not given me a spirit of fear, But a spirit of love, and of power, and a sound mind, To live each day and glorify his name. » 2 Timothy 1:7

Dear God, as I lay me down to sleep, relax the tension of my body; calm the restlessness of my mind; still the thoughts which worry and perplex me. Help me to rest myself and all my problems in your strong and loving arms. Let your Spirit speak to my mind and heart while I am asleep, so that, when I wake up in the morning, I may find that I have received in the night-time, light for my way; strength for my tasks; peace for my worries; forgiveness for my sins. Grant me sleep tonight, and tomorrow power to live. » Unknown

Dear Jesus, teach me to daily lay my burdens at your feet. Show me I can trust in your loving care. Grant me, your beloved, the nourishing blessing of rest and peaceful sleep. » Rachel Olsen

God, sometimes life gets me down and I find it hard to see things to be thankful for. Open my eyes to see the gifts you’ve given me in my life. I’m going to start by thanking you for loving me enough to come to earth and die so we can live together forever. Amen. » Wendy van Eyck

Dear Lord, thank You for rest. Thank You that I can rest while You continue to hold everything together. Help me rest well and worship You through rest. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. » Rachel Olsen

Holy Spirit, please encircle me, come hold me safe and secure. Wrap my mind up with your truth. Guide my thoughts and calm my fears. Steady my emotions, Lord that you would guide my feelings, may I not be overcome by upset. Sustain my soul, with vision for the future, and hope for tomorrow. I need you. Amen. » Unknown

Dear God, I’m realizing it’s not my curse that I believe I’m not enough; it’s my sin that I keep trying to be. Thank You for the reminder that life with You means I can rest, and I have nothing to prove. Will You continue to show me Your freedom, Your power and my need to stop striving to please You and instead just live life with You? In Jesus’ Name, Amen. » Jennifer Allen

O Lord God Almighty, as You have taught us to call the evening, the morning, and the noonday one day; and have made the sun to know its going down: Dispel the darkness of our hearts, that by Your brightness we may know You to be the true God and eternal light, living and reigning for ever and ever. Amen. » Unknown

Gracious Lord, give us the courage to seek forgiveness. Remind us that confession is never a mistake; it frees us from the chains of the enemy. We know we cannot hide our hearts from you. Help us to let go of our bitterness and fear, and purify us with the knowledge that you have taken away every sin. In your name, Amen. » Unknown

Lord, when my heart is overwhelmed, overwhelm me with Your peace. Lead me to You, my rock. Guide me to Your Word which gives me strength and refuge. Help me not to run to lesser things. Draw me to run to You first. Help me get into the habit of taking my “overwhelmed” and placing it under your will. Thank you, Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen. » Jennifer Rothschild

Lord, thank You for providing a rest for my soul that’s not attached to a person or experience. You created me for this rest, and I accept it now. Help me fully trust You with my heart. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. » Glynnis Whitwer

Bless this house and those within. Bless our giving and receiving. Bless our words and conversation. Bless our hands and recreation. Bless our sowing and our growing. Bless our coming and our going. Bless all who enter and depart. Bless this house, your peace impart. » Unknown

God, teach us what it means to have faith in silence. When we face trials that are beyond our understanding, help us to find peace. Help me be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer. You set all things in accordance to your time. Remind us to wait patiently, and find peace in your plan. » Dick Woodward

The day is done; O God the Son, look down upon thy little one! O Light of Light, keep me this night, and shed round me, thy presence bright. I need not fear if thou art near; thou art my Savior kind and dear. » Unknown

Heavenly Father, up above, please bless this child that I love. Let her sleep all through the night and may her dreams be pure delight. When she wakes, be by her side so she can feel your love inside. As she grows, please don’t let go so she will know you hold her soul. Amen. » Kim Lugo

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