100+ Best Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Wife

Best 2020 Birthday Wishes for Wife: Romantic Birthday Status, Funny Quotes & Birthday Messages for Wives

She is the person who loves you most. She is the person who cares for you the most and she is the person who wants that you get everything in your life. Do you know who she is? She is your wife, your partner for life who is every time with you. She is your soul. So when her birthday is coming, you want to keep it ordinary? No real husband wants to. We have covered for you best heart touching happy birthday wishes for wife, funny birthday messages, impressive happy birthday love quotes for sweetheart and birthday images for wife that you can say and send on her birthday. How is your wife? Like what best thing you like about her? If you want to say anything best about her then you can tell us in the comment section below. You don’t need to tell her anything personal. You can just say she is the best or she is so much beautiful. That’s way you can say about her.

heart touching birthday wishes for wife

About my wife, if I want to tell her, she is the best girl I have in my life. She has taken care of my life in every way possible and she is managing it so well, that it seems to me that I can’t imagine my life without her. Her birthday is near, just in a week. To celebrate her birthday, I have booked a restaurant in advanced and going to gift her car on this birthday because on her last I promised her about that, which I am going to give her on this one. It is just a little price I am paying for her. Here for you all husbands, I have covered awesome happy birthday wishes for wife.

Heart Touching Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife

It is in your eyes that I see me whenever I see you. Such deep love you have for me and I have for you. Happy birthday my best wife!

You are the most beautiful lady of my world and I can never lose you. Wishing you a very happy and great birthday this year and every year!

I like you and I know I can never stop loving and liking. You are my wife and my best friend. Happy birthday my lovely wife!

Impressive Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife

Whenever I see in your eyes, I see deep ocean in them filled with love and kindness. I proud of you that you are wife. Wishing you great happy birthday!

I always say thank to my God for sending you in my life. You completely have changed it in a beautiful way. Love you my dear wife!

The days spent with you I will always cherish and pray that in next birth I find you my wife again. So much love and glamorous happy birthday!

Your smile still kills me and I can’t resist myself loving you oh my love. I want to celebrate your birthday every year. Happy birthday my girl my wife!

My whole world is you and without you can’t imagine my life. I only want to love you and you only in my life I want. Wishing you an awesome birthday to you my wife!

No death could separate us and nothing in this world. I love you many fold. You are my divine love. Happy birthday to the love of my life!

Since the day you come in my life, you have made it a rainbow. With so many colors you’ve filled it with. Thanks for it and many-many happy returns of the day happy birthday to my wife.

When I first see you, I get automatically pulled towards you like a magnet. I automatically get connected you and such deep and unlimited love I feel for you. Happy birthday my wife!

I like your hairs, your eyes and lips. Your every hair style I like and you look so subtle beauty in them. Always be like this. Happy birthday my love!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Wife

I like your hairs, your eyes and lips. Your every hair style I like and you look so subtle beauty in them. Always be like this. Happy birthday my love!

Without you, I couldn’t spend a single day. You are my heart. Where I would go without you, the whole world without you is death for me. So love I do to you. Wishing you amazing birthday my sweetheart!

Paradise and heaven I see only in you. I love your voice the way you sing. It is the melody of my life and you are my music of life. Happy birthday my music of life my wife!

You are my precious jewel that I never want to lose. Stay forever in my life my love. Happy birthday my precious jewel!

You are a great treasure for me whose discovery is life changing for me. Happy birthday to my dearest wife!

Losing myself in you and finding in you is the best gift you have given me. So blessed you remain your whole life. Greatest celebration of birthday to you!

You are my sky in which I want to fly. You are my ocean in which I want to swim. You are my bird with whom I want to be together forever. Happy birthday my wife!

In my hardship you were there. In my happiness you were there. In my nothingness you were there. You were there always when I need you. You are my true love and best wife. Happy birthday!

You are my backbone and without you me no more. Happy birthday!

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Happy birthday lovely wife

So how you like all these birthday wishes for wife? Tell us in the comment section below. We want to hear from you husbands. Look life is journey and you need a companion, without her it is a bit difficult to pave the path of life. When she comes in, a man’s journey becomes joyous. Because he has a partner with whom he can share and tell all emotions. If it is going to be your wife’s first birthday and you want to wish, we have best birthday wishes for wife with love above written which are so filled with love and emotions that she can’t ignore. You can write them in a greeting cards, get painted them on a wall or you wish it in your way as you want to. You can choose any one whichever you want and wish you better half.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife

I just want to love you and only want to love you and appreciate your beauty? I would be happy to do this job forever for life for you my wife. Happy dearest birthday my love!

What if we transcend in love and become one and love of our spread in this world! Love you my girl and bestest happy birthday to you!

I like everything about you. When I see you I find myself less before you. You’re more beautiful than moon. I’m proud that you’re my wife. wishing you happy birthday!

When I proposed you and told my heart thing and when you said yes, everything just stopped and I could only see you and nothing. So much romantic that moment was and still is. Happy birthday my love!

Even water you drink it becomes nectar for me. Such never fading beauty you are. Wishing you prosperous birthday! Love you.

You are my rose. I love to die in your fragrance. I wish God give me this bliss. Happy birthday my rose!

You are much pure than any water. You are much gorgeous than any flower. You are much brighter than any sky. I love you with never ending joy. Happy birthday my wife!

I just pray to God everyday don’t give me any single chance to hurt you. Tell me the millions ways to make you happy. Happiest birthday my wife!

May sun not rise. May moon not come. May time stop and we get stuck in each other’s love. Happy birthday my mad girl!

You are cute. You are my chubby love. With your smile my day starts and with your smile my day ends. You are my God. Wishing you starry birthday my goddess!

Whether you are in my destiny or not. I don’t know. But I want only you by my side, only you and no one else. Happy birthday my destiny!

Your love has really made me mad. It has become impossible for me to come out from it. I’m addicted to you. Happy birthday my sweet drug!

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Romantic Happy Birthday Quotes for Wife

You are blessed if you have found the soul mate of your life and these days it is rare. Rare in a sense that not easy to find. One has to go through many phases of it and then at then you find her. Although it depends on your destiny too. John Donne has said real soul mates can feel each other from thousands of miles. So for the real soul mates, we have written for them awesome romantic birthday wishes for wife. From a man to his woman on her birthday. So you men forever love your women, your wives. And celebrate every moment with her. For her birthday, we have carved for you best romantic birthday wishes from husband. These are mesmerized and wholly filled with romance, that when you say her or send her, she would get maddened in your love. Here are all the best heart touching birthday wishes for your wife. Stay tuned!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Wife | Happy Birthday Funny Quotes for Wife

On your every birthday you gradually getting older. But for me you are forever young. As when I saw you first time. Happy birthday my forever young wife!

I don’t know why you are not looking beautiful. Your glow has gone too. You know why? Because you are looking more beautiful and your glow is like angle. Happy birthday my wife!

You are looking nice only because you use so many beauty products. You don’t have natural beauty. Why so? You know why so? Because you don’t need them all. Happy birthday my desirest nymph!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Wife

Your hairs are so fine and glistening like horse’s! Do you color them? Next time you don’t do on your birthday! I love you old, remember this. Happy birthday my old love!

My love is getting less these day for you because you are getting fat these days. But I like chubby you. happy birthday my chubby wife!

In sari you used to look grace. In denim, you used to look kill. In skirts, you used to look cool. And still you are the same my sweetheart. Happy birthday wife!

I am getting married with other woman on your birthday! I don’t love you any more! Because you are devouring me with your beauty and elegance. Without you I die. Happy birthday baby!

The magic that I first saw in your eyes for which I fell is not lessening while increasing day by day more. Happy birthday my magic!

Day by day your beauty is fading. I’m feeling distant from you but coming near to your soul. Its beauty I love much that’s why I married you. Best birthday to my soul!

Sometimes I feel why I married you? Why I wasted and ruined my life? But I came to know without you it was more ruined and with you it is sweet ruined. Love and blessings on your birthday wife!

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When in married life fun is not there, nothing is there. Without fun married life could become dire. Hence you husband and wife should not let it happen and do fun always whenever you get time and chance and sometimes without any reason. In that regard we have written for you best funny birthday wishes for wife. If situation goes like this with you, don’t worry. Just say above written birthday wishes for wife and again she will be happy with you and in your arms loving you. On her birthday try to give her immense love because she deserves everything limitless!

Romantic Happy Birthday Quotes for Wife | Birthday Inspirational Quotes for Wife

Romantic Happy Birthday Quotes for Wife

A real man knows how to treat her wife. He must treat her like a queen. Happy birthday my queen!

A man must have strength in his shoulder to protect his wife anyhow. Those who can’t, they are not worthy of living. Birthday to you with so much love!

Coward are those who plant a seed of love in a woman’s heart but not have courage to love her. I have. Happy birthday!

Between two lovers love never fades. That which fades is not love but only attraction. Sweet birthday my love!

Understanding must be much between a husband and a wife with love in abundance. Forever love and rocking birthday my wife!

Husband must not never lie to his wife but only adore her! Many-many returns of the day great birthday to you!

Wife is not only who committed for husband but one who does hardship with him! Glorious birthday to you wife!

When two souls together, they are forever as husband and wife. As we are. Happy birthday!

With a good wife, a husband’s every journey becomes easy! As mine.

A good wife makes a husband’s world paradise. You have made it wife. Happy birthday!

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For everyone love has a different aspect. When someone loves someone, the definition of it differently varies. This is the one element that could not be put in a box and could not be defined properly. But we have put for you so nicely heart touching birthday quotes for wife that you can say to her on her birthday. The birthday quotes that we are going to write down below for you are awesome and heartfelt, that when you say to her she feels it. In long distance relationship it really matters. But these days’ long distance relationships are not long distant at all because you can see your loved one whenever you want to see. It is that’s easy nowadays.

Lovely Happy Birthday Messages For Wife | Best B’day Msg For Sweetheart

Lovely Happy Birthday Messages For Wife | Best B’day Msg For Sweetheart

While you know all this beautiful shit, we have created for you rather than making it happen, happy birthday messages for wife from husband. So you husband enjoy saying our original written messages.

When rain comes, when this breeze flows, when these birds chirp, when this sun rises and moon comes; every time I love you and remembering you and seeing you.

Every flower in this world saying and chanting your name. Because I’ve said to them. Our love will be forever and everywhere. Happy birthday wife!

When in nights you come to terrace and when so many stars there in the sky when they seeing you, it means I am seeing through their eyes. Loveliest birthday to you wife!

Whenever this wind flows and it whisper something in your ear, it means I have sent her to message my love. Glittery birthday to my wife!

In mornings, in nights, in shadows and in daylights; I will always be there bright for you. Happy birthday wife!

I could die for you. But more than dying, I want to live for you. Wishing you full of life birthday to you!

If once I find God, I say to Him that bless me with you forever. I want my destiny with you. Wishing you destinied birthday to you my love!

Your love is devouring and savoring too. I am not able resist it. Be mine forever this and all time. Wishing you prosperous birthday wife!

Be my bird, I be yours. With together we fly the whole world and visit every romantic place on this earth. Happy birthday my bird!

I want to flow everywhere with you. I want to be written with you everywhere not to depart ever. A forever love birthday to you!

My every dream and reverie I want to live with you not in this birth while in every. Smashingly rocking birthday to you my wife!

We grow together, we die together and this circle of love must go on. I feel blessed with you. Happiest birthday to you wife!

All the beauties of this world are waste and secondary before you. Nothing I find to compare with you. love you limitlessly. Unlimited birthday to my wife!

For just your this smile, I get ruined in it. In your silky hairs, I lose myself every time. Your red lipstick lips are like red cherries. I love you forever my berry! Happy birthday wife!

You are the altar of sheer elegance. The way you dress yourself always makes fascinate with you. Happy birthday my lady of elegance!

In mountains, in rivers, in skies, in winds, in storms, flowers, in birds, in fishes and in everything. I see you only. Dandiest birthday to you girl!

In every drop of my blood and in breath you find your name written. Mesmerizing birthday to you wife!

There is no meaning of love without you. if you were not there, I could not have understood it. Thank for being in my life and zestiest birthday my wife!

The whole world seems barren to me without you. loving you always and sweetest birthday my wife!

Your eyes blue, your hue is forever new as pink as you. Oh my darling I always adore you. Craziest birthday my darling wife!

In simple words you are the rainbow of my life my wife. Colory birthday to you!

I can’t share your love with anyone. It is mine only and always will be. Happy birthday to you!

In just you I want to dissolve. You are my nirvana. May you get peace in life. Happy peaceful birthday to you.

Just open your soul and I promise I would heal every wound of you. Love you my love.

You are the light of my darkness. You are the peace of my anger. You are the breath of my life. Happy birthday my life!

I be slave of you forever till the end of my life my wife. Just treat me as your king. Happy birthday to my queen!

Happy birthday wishes images for wife

Every love story is interesting or perhaps some love stories are interesting or perhaps some we can’t understand. We always talk about understanding but it doesn’t come easily until or unless we really want it. Loving someone is not about just attraction and fascination with her face, while something within the hearts by which you get connected to each other. Some can understand that connection in true sense but not everyone. Those who can they become husband and wife. For her birthday, we have with pure heart written for you heart touching happy birthday messages for wife that you must wish her on the birthday date. These above written poetic heart touching happy birthday messages for wife are directly from heart. And all these messages I have asked my friend who is married happily. I asked her how he feels for his wife and what are his fantasies and dreams that he wants to fulfill with her. He told me all which I have written for you in above written birthday messages.

Happy Birthday Status for Wife

Happy birthday to the most thumping wife and also the mother of my two mushy children. May you relish all the earthly and unearthly pleasures.

Hey wife, you have turned old enough to be called a grandmother but you have yet to become one. Jokes apart, happy birthday to my life partner!

You are in your mid-thirties yet you celebrate your birthday like a ten-year-old. I wish you maintain your chirpy and bubbly attitude till the end. Happy birthday to the craziest wife ever!

Your zestfulness to celebrate every single moment of life makes me fall for you even more. Whatever I do to make your birthday astonishing seems less. Happy birthday, my sweetest wife!

Even the most scrumptious birthday cake is tasteless in comparison to your spell-binding kiss. I wish a frolic birthday to the love of my life!

You are so hot and sultry that even a thermometer will fail to measure your hotness. Happy birthday to my ever sexy wife!

It is certainly right we can’t see love. But I can feel love and drape it around me when I am with you. Thank you wife for making me believe in the power of love. Happy birthday, sweet wife!

I am so glad and lucky to marry a girl whose attributes I have heard only in fairy tales. You are the dream girl that I am so blessed to have in my life. Wishing happy birthday to the most beautiful wife!

You are an inexhaustible source of light in my gloomy life. It’s because of you my life is so seamless, blissful, and in order. Happy birthday to the central force of my life.

After having you and our children in my life, I feel so content, touched, and fulfilled in life. Thank you my love for being the cornerstone of all my success and happiness. Happy birthday to my beautiful wife!

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Wife

No flower can match your heavenly fragrance, no flower can match your timeless, and no flower can blossom as gracefully as you have. Happy birthday to my wife with all the love of the world!

Women get wrinkles when they get older but you are getting voluptuous and sexier with age. Is there any secret of youth you are hiding from me? Happy birthday my love!

I want to make your this birthday as splendid as possible to let you know how gargantuan and deep my love is for you. Wishing happy birthday to my lucky charm!

The most flaunt-worthy thing or a person in my life is you. I feel so proud and enthralled when I call you ‘wife’ in front of everyone. Happy birthday to my pride, my wife!

Yes, you are my life partner! But more than that, you are an astonishing advisor, wild lover, a perfect caretaker, and the list never ends. Happy birthday to the most perfect woman I know.

The way you have carved my life and loved me selflessly is worth celebrating every single moment, not just a single day. I love you and happy birthday!

Husbands do a lot of things on their wife’s birthday. However, I have nothing to give you but to say only one thing — Be mine forever!. Happy birthday to my rocking wife!

There are more than 3 billion women in the world yet my heart beats faster only for you. Your mere presence tantalizes me to the core. Happy birthday to you, my cute wife!

On your birthday, I am taking the pledge to preserve that irresistible smile on your face forever. May lord bestows me strength enough to fulfill all your dreams, wishes, and ambitions. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

I don’t belong to a generation that expresses all its feelings and wishes through social media. On your birthday, I will express my love and affection for you in front of the whole world. May lord hold both of us by the inseparable glue of love. Happy birthday, wife!

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Heart Touching Birthday Quotes for Wife

No matter how old we become, the raunchiness and spice in our lives will never fade away. Happy birthday to the fire and inspiration of my life!

Maybe your husband is not good enough when it comes to expressing feelings but I am certainly the best when it comes to loving you like a maniac. Happy birthday my love, my life!

Your lip kiss is way sweeter than the sweetest chocolate or fruits in existence. You are the epitome of sacrifice, love, beauty, and devotion. I wish a happy birthday to my gorgeous wife!

We have spent numerous years together but our love, respect, and care for each other have never dwindled a bit. May the lord keep our lively bond of marriage alive till eternity. Happy birthday to my stunning wife!

I worship you like a goddess. You have made my life meaningful, enchanting, and classy. You are and you will always be the goddess of beauty and love for me. Wishing happy birthday to my forever young wife!

I like the way you touch and wake me up in the morning. I like the way you flaunt your sexiness and arouse me. Your charm is simply un-ignorable. I love you darling and happy birthday!

I firmly that instead of Gal Gadot you should have been cast in the role of wonder woman as you have the power to accomplish whatever you want. Happy birthday to the wonder woman of my life!

You rule my heart 365 days of a year but today is the day utterly dedicated to you. I will ensure you feel like the empress of the universe today. Happy birthday my cutie wife!

My one and only desire is to wrap you in my arms completely when I am about to say goodbye to this world. You are the life force in my every breath. A very jovial birthday to my cute wife!

Today, I just don’t want to celebrate only your birthday, I want to celebrate womanhood and thank the Lord for making you, my life partner. You deserve heaps of praises for adding stars to my life. Happy birthday to the loveliest wife ever!

May the blazing passion between us never fades away. May the fire of love between us keep getting higher and higher. Happy birthday, wife!

You deserve more than honey-dipped birthday wishes, lavish gifts, exotic gifts. You deserve every bit of attention, every ounce of my energy, and the last drop of my love. You deserve the entire world. I am more than pleases to wish you a happy birthday!

Over the years, you have given me everything I surely don’t deserve. However, today, I will fill your life with the kind of happiness and love you have never imagined and experienced. Let’s gear up for a magnificent day ahead. Happy birthday, wife!

Becoming your life partner was purely a chance but giving my heart to you is a choice that I want to make uncountable times in all my lives. You are beyond special to me. Happy birthday, my life partner!

You are such a selfless soul that even on your birthday, you lay helping hands to the needy ones instead of asking for any gift. I don’t know how to express gratitude towards you and God. I wish you the friskiest birthday my wife!

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You all there must remember there and keep notice of this that QWM is the number one source for original and authentic quotes, wishes and messages that you can find here on this website for almost every occasion. We are gradually covering everything and in future when you search on it, you would find the wish you want, message you want and quote you want. So stay tuned and cheek checking this website always! It is written somewhere and I might have heard from people talking that if you want to keep your love always fresh and rekindling, then you must praise her every time genuinely with true heart. It should not feel like flattery because women are gravely intuitive so they know with what intentions you are saying to her with what purpose. You husband all know better about it. So for you we have happy birthday wishes messages for wife above written. Wish you all a great married life to you all couples out there!