121+ Happy Birthday Status for Whatsapp & Facebook| Best Birthday Status Video Download

Happy Birthday Status for Whatsapp | Best B'day Status Video

To make sure you make your loved ones feel like they are on cloud nine on their birthdays, we have compiled the most titillating selection of happy birthday status for Whatsapp, happy birthday status in Hindi and English, and Happy birthday Status videos download. Wishing someone on their birthday has been quite a prevalent norm for ages. Be it colleagues, family members, friends, spouses, or siblings, people never leave a chance to send sweet and full of blessings birthday wishes and make their day happening. Though a person having birthday gets heaps of fascinating gifts on his birthday, but it’s birthday wishes that he eagerly waits for.

Moreover, nowadays, there is a trend of putting happy birthday status for the person having a birthday on social media platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp. This makes their birthday more special and more visible to everyone. To take you out from the hassle of creating original happy birthday status, we have compiled our own selection of happy birthday status for Whatsapp and Facebook in Hindi and English that are free to download and can be used as per your accordance. Save the best happy birthday status from here and go the extra mile to make your special one’s happy birthday memorable!

New Happy Birthday Status | Happy Birthday Status Download in English

May your birthday be filled with enticing surprises and heaps of wishes. Happy Birthday!

Another birthday, another year of countless blessings and new opportunities. Happy Birthday!

The best gift you can ever receive on the birthday is the blessings of loved ones. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Status Download in English

Cheers to the one more year of getting old, wise, and flippant towards like. Happy birthday dear!

Some people age like a dash of vinegar, but you have aged like a damn fine wine. I wish you a very happy birthday!

This birthday, take a pledge to be the reason for someone’s happiness, not someone’s distress. Happy birthday!

Birthday is God’s way of saying, “ You are coming closer to me son, one birthday at a time.”

May your birthday brings a bundle of gifts, unconditional love, and blessings from your loved ones. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday is all about giving yourself one more chance to start fresh and rejoice life every moment.

May your upcoming life moments be full of unforgettable moments and full of life-changing experiences. Happy birthday!

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New Happy Birthday Status 2020

Are you searching hard for the freshest and the most creative happy birthday status of 2021? If yes, you have landed at the right platform. QWM happily presents you the rarest compilation on the web of happy birthday status that is way too right to wish your loved one’s happy birthday! We not only save you from the pain of jotting down the right words for birthday wishes but also helping you to make someone’s birthday remarkable with the right and original happy birthday status. We hope that you will save as many birthday statuses as you can and also share them in your social circle.

Happy Birthday Status for Whatsapp | Happy Birthday Facebook Status

Hey buddy! Let’s celebrate your birthday as no one has celebrated ever before. My best birthday wishes are with you.

Buck up yourself for a yummilicious cake makeup. Jokes apart, happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Facebook Status

Be thankful to God for giving you one more year to celebrate the birthday with peppiness. Happy birthday!

I wish, you always keep smiling like that and continue to work hard to achieve your dreams. Happy birthday!

Take my happy birthday wishes only on the condition of accepting my 100 birthday bumps.

I will not be there to become part of your birthday celebration, but my best wishes will always be with your buddy. Happy birthday!

Happiest birthday to most crazy yet the most genuine human being I know. May God shower immeasurable wealth on you!

I don’t have lavish gifts to give on your birthday, but I have wonderful memories to remember that we have created together. Happy birthday dear!

On your birthday, let’s count your blessings and thank god and parents for everything you have in life.

May you live for 100 more years and make us proud as you have till yet. Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday Status for Whatsapp

Whatsapp and Facebook are two of the most fantastic social media platforms that allow all of us to share our feelings and thoughts freely with the entire world. No matter what the occasion or event is, people, without any hesitation put their point of view in front of everyone through Fb and Whatsapp. And, happy birthday occasion is no exception. Wishing your near and dear ones on their birthdays by putting Happy birthday status on Whatsapp and Facebook is one of the most convenient ways to win the heart of your loved ones and make a special place in their lives. If you too want to create worth cherishing memories on your loved one’s birthdays, these happy birthday statuses for Whatsapp and Facebook stated below will definitely help you out.

Happy Birthday Status for Brother

Hey little brother! Finally, it’s your birthday and I am about to give 18 hard birthday bumps as gifts. I love you, and many happy returns of the day!

Happiest birthday to the cutest and most adorable big brother in the world.

Happy Birthday Status for Brother

I am so proud to have a responsible and hardworking younger brother like you. Happy birthday little brother!

Thank you, brother, for taking care of our family during a tumultuous time. May every sister get a brother like you. Happy birthday, big bro!

May you shine like a sun and bring uncountable accolades to our family. Happy birthday brother!

You have excel at everything in life and I am very proud of you. Always be like that brother and happy birthday!

May god decorate your life with numerous colors, all kinds of love, and shower opulence. Happy birthday brother!

Thank you being for backbone brother. Thank you for helping me breaking stereotypes in this male-dominated society. Happy brother!

You are no less than father for me brother. You are the one who injected happiness during my rough times. Have a glittering birthday brother!

We share a special and amusing bond. We pull each other legs personally but we lift each other professionally. So proud to have a brother like you. Happy birthday!

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Beautiful Happy Birthday Status for Sister

Your innocence lies in your notoriety. You keep our home very much alive with your happy vibes. Happy birthday little sis!

If I am the brains of the family, you are the good looks of family. My best birthday wishes are with you, my beautiful sister!

Beautiful Happy Birthday Status for Sister

May your birthday brings bundles of opportunities and success for which you have always worked hard and dreamed off. Happy birthday sister!

You already have everything you wanted in life. All I can give you is heart-moving blessings on your birthday. God blesses you with prosperity!

Happiest birthday to the most caring, loving, street-smart, and stunning sister of the world. Have a wonderful day ahead!

I firmly believe, your birthday will bring life-changing opportunities in your life. You will surely make the whole family proud girl. Happy birthday pretty sister!

You are the best thing that ever happened to mine and our whole family life. You are a barbie girl for us. Happy birthday little sister!

Blessed are those brothers who have a sister that make their life wonderful and whimsical. Not only you are my best friend but also a caretaker. Happy birthday sis!

Your sweet angel-like face is sufficient to lighten up our moods. You are the soul of this family. Happy birthday little angel!

Yes, you irritate the hell out of me but only you can bring the smile on my face. Happy birthday to my naughty sister!

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Happy Birthday Status for Friends | Birthday Status for Best Friend

Friendship is a gem that can only be earned by trust and loyalty. Happy birthday my dearest friend! Throw me a great party now.

I can sacrifice all the happiness and luxuries of the world for you. Thank you for being a friend cum family to me. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Status for Friends | Birthday Status for Best Friend

May God shower exceptional health, wealth, and unconditional love in your life. Happy birthday to my best friend!

We have walked on smooth and bump paths together. It’s time to celebrate your birthday together like crazy. Happy birthday friend!

Only you can laugh at my unfunny jokes. Only you can put me in trouble when everything runs smoothly in my life. You are dumb but you are my best friend. Happy birthday!

We both are of the same age but you look oldy and I look young like a teenager. Happy birthday, my oldy friend!

You are no less than a sibling to me. You have taught me the true meaning of friendship. Happy birthday dearest friend!

So happy that you are an integral part of my life. We have a long way to go together. Happiest birthday buddy!

Happiest birthday to the most genuine, straightforward, and the sweetest person I know. God bless you!

I will not keep calm because it’s my best friend’s birthday. It’s time to wine and dine the whole night.

Happy Birthday Status for Love | Birthday Status for Girlfriend & Boyfriend

Everything related to my life begins with you and ends with your love. Happy birthday girlfriend!

In a garden full of ordinary flowers, you have beautifully blossomed red rose darling. Happy birthday to the cutest girlfriend!

Happy Birthday Status for Love | Birthday Status for Girlfriend & Boyfriend

Happy birthday to the man who gives a complete touch to my ordinarily extraordinary life. Happy birthday boyfriend!

Like you make my birthday special, I will make your birthday remarkable for sure. Happy birthday my man!

You have added vibrant colors to my dull and uninteresting life. Let’s celebrate your birthday like there is no tomorrow. Happy birthday love!

Happiest birthday to the sunshine and love of my life. You are my lucky charm and apple of eyes. Happiest birthday love!

Whether it’s your birthday or not, I will make every day of your life startling. Happy birthday girlfriend!

No amount of gifts and wishes can match up the gratitude you have on me. Happy birthday to the girl who is my better half now!

On your birthday, the most precious gift I can give you is accepting your marriage proposal. Happy birthday my cute boyfriend!

Everyone says we both look adorable together. Let’s get engaged on your birthday and make it unforgettable. Happy birthday baby!

You make my sad days cheerful, my mood frolic, and my life so worth living. Happy birthday to the man who taught me how to live a happy life!

Happy Birthday Status to Me | Bday Status for Myself

Happy Birthday Status to Me | Bday Status for Myself

Happiest birthday to the most talented man ever walked on earth. Happiest birthday to me!

I failed, I got up, and I conquered. Happiest birthday to the person who never gives up in life.

Sometimes, one of the best days of life we spend with oneself. Happy birthday to me!

It feels so good to grow old along with garnering experience, love, and wealth. Happy birthday myself!

No matter what the occasion is, always greet yourself first. That’s how you create value for yourself. Happy birthday to me!

Don’t you think I should be given an award for tolerating myself for 25 straight years? Happiest birthday to legendary me!

On this day, the ray of hope of the entire humanity was born. I bless myself a great success. Happy birthday to me!

It feels so enticing to get a year older, wiser, and more wealth. Happy birthday!

Accomplishing so many goals in a year that too without any bits of help have consolidated my personality. I wish myself a remarkable birthday!

The real and everlasting joy of life is to start loving your own company. Happy birthday to me!

Special Happy Birthday Status for Mother

Special Happy Birthday Status for Mother

Happiest birthday to the woman who is responsible for my fine upbringing and achievements. Happy birthday mom!

No birthday wish is sufficient to express my feelings and gratitude I have for you. Happy birthday super mom!

If I could become 10% of what you are, I would consider myself a noteworthy person. Happy birthday mother!

With each passing birthday, you are becoming a more graceful, younger, and beautiful mother. I wish you a happy birthday!

Surely, I am super lucky to have a sweet and selfless mother like you. I wish you never get old. Happy birthday mom!

I never really have to look up to other people for inspiration because the biggest role model is in my home. Many many happy returns of the day mother!

Whatever little or big I have achieved in my life, it’s all because of your sacrifices mother. I owe you a lot. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the best organizer, wonderful cook, inspirational teacher, and a respected woman. Happiest bday mom!

Your birthday is like sweet chocolate. It brings us uncountable sweet memories whenever we celebrate it. Happy birthday mommy!

You didn’t pursue your dreams for our fine upbringing. However, you also make sure that we could pursue our dreams without any impediments. Happiest birthday to the most selfless person ever!

Lovely Happy Birthday Status for Husband

Lovely Happy Birthday Status for Husband

Happy birthday to the man with whom I have taken vows to live together for the next seven lives. Happy birthday husband!

Even millions of birthday wishes from me will not be sufficient to match up the love and respect you have given to me. Happy birthday my hero husband!

Heartiest birthday wishes to the man who is an epitome of integrity, hardwork, and unconditional love. I love you husband!

It is true that my life wouldn’t be so thrilling and intriguing without your presence. You are my lifeline husband. Happy birthday!

I am so lucky and humbled to have a husband like you. You gave me unflinching support during my highs and lows. Happy birthday husband!

More than a husband, you are a great friend and support for me. Happiest birthday to the man who means a world to me!

A great companion, a wonderful mentor, and a loving husband. You are all in one hero. I love you so much! Happy birthday!

You are the type of man that every woman would love to have in her life. You are a charmer and protector at the same time. Happy birthday husband!

Your great sense of humor never ceases to amaze me. Your presence injects vivaciousness in my life. Happy birthday my lovely husband!

Whatever I have asked for, you have never failed to provide me. You are a hardworking man with a great character. Happy birthday husband!

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Romantic Happy Birthday Status for Wife

Romantic Happy Birthday Status for Wife

If God asks me to choose different women to live with for the next lives, I will choose you every single time. Happy birthday to the most beautiful wife!

Everything about you mesmerizes me. Wherever you go, you bring life to surroundings. Happiest birthday to my charming wife!

You are the most sensible, intelligent, and beautiful woman I have ever seen. You are the person who is responsible for holding our family together. Happy birthday wife!

Wishing my darling wife a joyous, exuberant, and unforgettable Happy birthday! May you always keep smiling like this!

Thank you, my love, for always showing faith in me, having my back, and always supporting me emotionally and financially. Without you, life is nothing more than barren land. Happy birthday wife!

You are the person behind bringing perfection to my imperfect world. You are the smile of my dull face. Happy birthday sweetheart!

Happiest birthday to the woman who has turned an irresponsible man to a responsible and hardworking father. You are my universe baby!

Sweetheart, you and I are like bread and butter. Both are of no use and lackluster without each other. Happy birthday, cutie pie wife!

More than my wife, you are my mentor and role model whom I have look upto in every circumstance. Happiest birthday

I will always be grateful to you for taking care of my family like your own. I love living with you and I would love to take my last breath with you. Happy birthday to the loveliest wife of the world!

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Happy Birthday Status for Son | Best B’day Status for Daughter

Happy Birthday Status for Son | Best B'day Status for Daughter

I get very nostalgic when I remember about your childhood lovely memories. Now you are a grown-up and responsible man. Happy birthday son!

Hey son, never ever let this feeling sink in that you are alone. Your mom and dad are always with you. Happy birthday son and I am proud of you!

On your birthday son, I wish you all the success and wealth of the world for you. Your parent’s blessings are always with you!

You have made us proud beyond our expectations. You are the most obedient and hardworking son parents could ask for. Happy birthday son!

No matter how successful you get in life, you will always be our little boy who uses to pick up the nose. Happy birthday our little baby!

My little angel, may this day brings a lot of unexpected surprises, gifts, and immeasurable love in your life. Happy birthday daughter!

Out of all the days, I eagerly wait only for your birthday as I get the opportunity to bring coveted gifts for you. Happy birthday daughter!

You, yourself are a profound blessing for us. Your very presence makes our life super-happening. Happiest birthday to our little doll.

From a notorious high school girl to a dynamic young graduate lady to blossomed mother of two wonderful kids, you have always made us proud. Happy birthday daughter!

We wish an exhilarating birthday to the most beautiful and chirpy daughter of the world!

Happy Birthday Status in Hindi | Happy Birthday Status Texts

Happy Birthday Status in Hindi | Happy Birthday Status Texts

Aapko janamdin ki lakh lakh badhaiyaan. Aapko bhagwaan jeevan main apar safaltaayein de.

Hum ye dua karte hain ki aap safalta ki uchaiyo ko chuye aur har kadam par aapke apne saath ho kaamyabi ka jashn manane ke liye.

Aapke janamdin par bhagwaan aapko buri nazar se bachaye aur aapko shakti de ki aap sab dard ko bhula sakey.

Humari dil se nikli dua hain ki bhagwaan aapko kabhi zindagi main gum na de aur saari khushiyaan aapke kadmoo main rakh de.

Aap jiye hazarro saal aur kamai ho aapki bemissal. Janamdin ki shubhkaamnaye aapko!

Sirf aapka janamdin hi nahi, aapki zindagi ka har par special ho yehi dua karte hai hum. Happy birthday!

Aapke janamdiwas par hum yehi kaamna karte hai ki aapki saari khushiyaan puri ho aur aapka har din jeewan main uphaar lekar aaye!

Aaapke janamdin par yehi dua hain humari ki jitney taarey hain aakash main utni umra hi tumhari. Happy birthday!

Phulo ki tarah mehekta rahey aangan tumhara, khushiyaan aur safalta aapke kadamo main ho yehi dua hain humari.

Happy Birthday Status Videos Download | Happy Birthday Status Songs

Happy birthday of your loved ones is indeed quite a special event. As birthday comes once in a year, we all make sure to celebrate it with utmost love, peppiness, and enthusiasm. One of the most essential parts of someone’s birthday is sending them happy birthday wishes full of compassion, good luck, and blessings.

The more special your birthday wishes are, the more they will touch the person who is celebrating a birthday. If you wish to make your birthday wishes stand apart from the pack, you can put happy birthday status videos on your Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social media accounts. Feel free to check out our towering selection of happy birthday status videos and happy birthday status songs that are free to download directly to your devices and is the best way to wish your loved one’s happy birthday!

Putting plain happy birthday text status is quite mainstream now. Happy birthday status videos and songs convey your wishes in an alluring way and make your birthday wishes unique.