71+ Sentimental Advance Happy Birthday Wishes, Early B’day Messages, & Quotes with Images

birthday wishes in advance

Life has become quite intricate. The quest to achieve the very best in life has put us all in a rat race from which it is impossible to get out. We have truly forgotten how to live in the moment, how to celebrate life, and how to create memories with loved ones. Life has become so busy for us that sometimes, we even forget to wish our loved one’s happy birthday. Forgetting to send your loved one’s wishes on their happy birthday is certainly a serious crime. Envision, how would you feel if your best friend forgets to send advance happy birthday wishes to you? One of the best ways to make sure you don’t forget your loved one’s birthdays is by sending them to advance birthday wishes.

Sending advance happy birthday wishes to your special ones not only exemplifies your caring attitude towards them but also make sure you don’t forget wishing them as you would have already sent advance birthday wishes to them. In this comprehensive post, we have jotted down sentimental and heart-melting advance happy birthday wishes, advance happy birthday quotes and advance happy birthday messages with images that can make your loved ones feel super-special way before their birthdays.

Birthday Messages in Advance – Best Advance Happy Birthday Wishes

Though your birthday is after 2 days, but, I will not be here to wish you and render you birthday gifts. Advance birthday wishes to my lovely brother!

Even though your birthday is months away, I have already started feeling vibes of your birthday. Lovely advance happy birthday wishes dear!

It’s so sad that I will miss your 18th birthday but All my love and blessings will be with you till eternity. I know one greeting is not sufficing enough, anyways happy early birthday!

Birthday Messages in Advance

The exuberance of your birthday is quite high. I have already made all the plans the make your this birthday the best of your birthday. Advance birthday wishes to my little brother!

You are such a darling to me that a single day is not sufficing enough to wish you a happy birthday. So, I am sending you advance happy birthday wishes with loads of love and affection!

Hey big brother, I am going to send you advance happy birthday messages every day until your birthday arrives. Happy birthday in advance!

Let’s make up you 18th birthday super-special and magnificent. From today onwards, I will send you advance happy birthday images before anyone else starts wishing you. Lovely advance birthday wishes to you!

I know others will greet you on time but I want to be the one who greets you way before your birthday. Therefore, I am sending you advance happy birthday wishes tons of hugs and kisses.

Advance happy birthday my love! May your birthday be filled with amazing surprise, loving wishes, and hopes for the better future!

Hey brother, I want you to enjoy your teenage birthdays to the fullest because later, your life will be burdened by lots of responsibilities. Advance birthday wishes to you!

I am not feeling joyous to say that I will not be able to grace your birthday celebration. I hope you will forgive me and understand my situation. Happy birthday in advance, my lovely friend!

We have been great friends for so many years that wishing you on your birthday seems lackluster to me. Sending you the sweetest advance birthday wishes wrapped in my love and affection for you. Have a splendid one!

Good friends wish birthday to each other on the exact date. Great friends with a birthday to each other way before the whole world knows your birthday. Advance happy birthday to my dearest person!

Knowing the very fact that I won’t be able to spill my charm and ooze my funny vibes at your birthday party bites me a lot. Anyways, may you have an incredible and astonishing birthday party? Happy birthday in advance to you!

I am surely going to miss the most garish and coveted birthday party of the year but I will make sure my advance birthday wishes along with the gifts stand apart from the pack. Wishing you a happy birthday in advance, my dear friend!

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Best Advance Happy Birthday Wishes

Sometimes, due to the excess workload, or due to the super-tight personal and professional, we all forget key things like the birthday of your near and dear ones. In addition to that, sometimes, work or business-related trips fetter us to celebrate the special day of loved ones with them. We all know a birthday is quite a personal event and missing the birthday of closed ones is truly heartbreaking. However, by sending advance happy birthday wishes to them you can spread your warmth and love in their life. To make your absence noteworthy on your loved one’s birthday, we have compiled advance birthday wishes and advance happy birthday status that you can utilize to greet them and make their special day unforgettable. These advance happy birthday wishes are completely unique and heart-moving!

Advance Happy Birthday Wishes for Lover

Advance happy birthday wishes to the best and most loving girlfriend in the world. Baby, you breathe life in my life. Happy early birthday wishes!

Advance Happy Birthday Wishes for Lover

These advance birthday wishes are just a reminder of how much I love you, sweetheart. May you achieve whatever you want in your life without any hassle.

You have been in my life when no one was there to support me in my down phase. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You deserve my love and my whole attention. Advance birthday wishes to you, sweetie!

As I don’t want to be the second person to wish you, therefore, I am sending happy early birthday wishes to my moon pie and my lifeline. Advance happy birthday boyfriend!

Baby, do you know what is the biggest blessing of my life? It’s you. The day you entered in my life is the day it has turned into a living heaven. Lovely birthday wishes to you!

You ignite a kind of fire in my heart that propels me to do good things in life. You are truly a special person sweetheart. I am sending you advance happy birthday wishes with all my love and wonderful gifts.

Every year, you are growing older, and so is your love for me. You are the best friend and the lover that anyone could ever ask for. Happy birthday in advance baby!

It doesn’t matter whether I will be present on your birthday or not. What matter is my best wishes will always be there with you. Advance happy birthday to the most amazing girlfriend!

I don’t have swanky and precious gifts to give. But what I have is utmost love and respect for you. Happy early birthday sweetheart!

How can I miss the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday before anyone else? You know well what your presence meant to me. HBD in advance boyfriend!

I am not one of those individuals who follow a code of conduct like wishing birthday right on the date. I am the paradigm changer who sends advance birthday wishes whenever he wants. Happy birthday in advance!

Even though I will not be standing by your side to smash your face on the birthday cake, it doesn’t mean I will not find a way to humiliate you on your birthday. Wishing happy birthday in advance to my dearest person!

Hey buddy, I can really have a race against time just to be the first person to send you my heartfelt advance birthday greetings. May you get a lifetime of blessings and good luck. Advance happy birthday to you!

According to me, just a day is not sufficient enough to celebrate your big day. I want your birthday celebration to begin at least a month before the special day. And I would love to be the first person to do that. Happy happening birthday in advance!

So what If I couldn’t be present on your most special day, all my heart and soul will be there to wish you way before the birthday begins. Happy birthday in advance already to my nearest and dearest friend!

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When you are in a relationship, you can dare to avoid everything except the birthday of your lover. Forgetting your lover’s birthday can put you in some serious trouble and may take a toll on your well-settled relationship. However, you can make your girlfriend or boyfriend feel like the top of the world by sending them advance happy birthday wishes for lover. Sending happy early birthday wishes and advance happy birthday gif to your lover a day or two before his/her birthday can help your garner heaps of appreciation.

Advance Happy Birthday Quotes – Happy Birthday in Advance Quotes

One day is not enough to celebrate the birthday of an awesome person like you. So, I will daily send you advance happy birthday wishes till your birthday to celebrate your special day.

Advance Happy Birthday Quotes

I hope this birthday will shower earth-shattering success and joy in your life. I am sending happy earthly birthday wishes with my sincere blessings!

A week before your birthday, I am making a promise that on your birthday I will raise a toast for you no matter where I will be. Happy birthday in advance bestie!

For the first time, I am not going to make it to your birthday and it’s really making me quite sad. Though I can’t do anything about that, I want to be the first person to greet you. HBD in advance!

Early birthday wishes are super special, do you know why? Because the person who sends advance birthday wishes desperately wait for your birthday to arrive, and it represents your importance in their life.

As I won’t be able to make up on your birthday, I want you to make your special day unforgettable and smashing. HBD in advance!

I know quite well you like to receive early birthday wishes. So, millions of advance happy birthday wishes to you, my love. Let’s rock this birthday and make it the best ever.

Who says there is only one day to celebrate a birthday? I can send you advance birthday wishes 365 days of the year. Let’s make your special day the most frigging awesome birthday party of the year.

With the first flight of the morning, my happy early birthday wishes for you are also flying and will land straight to your bedroom. Wishing you all the good luck, joy, and success through advance happy birthday wishes!

As you know I have this bad habit of forgetting every important date, I am sending you early birthday wishes so that I don’t have to face your scolding. Happy birthday in advance sweetheart!

As we are mere mortals and cannot live for as long as we want, I am feeling already thrilled to send you advance birthday greetings for the rest of your birthdays. May you live a life you always dreamed of!

Happy birthday in advance to the person for whom I can climb the stiffest mountains, turn the course of rivers, and walk on fire. You are whole damn life!

A generous and supportive person like you deserves more than you expect in life. Not only I am thrilled to send you advance birthday wishes but also the blessings that you truly deserve!

I am one of the most unfortunate guys in the whole family as I won’t be present at your 21st birthday celebration. I hope you will spare me and happy birthday in advance!

Only a couple of hours are left in the arrival of your birthday but my excitement is touching the sky. Happy birthday in advance to the most happening person!

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Searching for sterling and heart-tugging advance happy birthday quotes to greet your special ones? You search end here right away. In this section, we will provide you enticing happy birthday in advance quotes that are written in a soulful way. These advance happy birthday quotes will show your loved ones that how excited you are for their birthdays, and how much you care for them. Download the best advance happy birthday messages and share them on social media as well!

Advance Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

I wish your this birthday turns out to be the best one of all previous birthdays. Happy birthday in advance to you my friend!

Advance Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

The only constant thing in my ever-changing life is your friendship. So, to pay homage to our friendship, I am sending you sweetest advance birthday wishes!

It doesn’t matter whether I will be present on your birthday or not, What matter is I will be the first one to send you happy early birthday wishes!

Good friends are hard to find but worth cherishing for a lifetime. I am so lucky to have a loyal and trustworthy friend like you. Advance happy birthday wishes buddy!

Happy early birthday wishes to the most sincere and hardworking person, and an amazing friend. Gonna miss you, buddy!

I don’t have lavish gifts to give you, but I have the most heart-tugging advance birthday wishes to make your birthday special. You are unquestionably the best friend ever.

I feel so safe and comfortable whenever you are at my side. Thank you for protecting me all the time. Happy birthday in advance wishes to you, buddy!

Before your birthday, I just want to say that friends like you make life not only worth living but extraordinary. My advance birthday wishes are the best gift for you!

We have our fair share of cheerful and gloomy moments together. But one thing that we celebrate with utmost zing ever year is your birthday. Happy early birthday wishes!

I just want to you know that our friendship is way bigger than any circumstance, any obstacle, and any prejudice. Happy birthday in advance my friend!

I want to leave no stone unturned in making your birthday celebration to the T. Sending you full of affection early birthday wishes is just a first step in that direction!

The only thing I have done dedicated and passionately in my life is wishing a happy birthday to the love of my life way before anyone else. I more than excited to send you advance birthday greetings with my blessings!

If I have to choose between one billion dollars or sending you early birthday wishes, I will choose the later one without a shadow of a doubt. May you have a prosperous and glittering life ahead. Happy birthday in advance!

I don’t care if your birthday is 15 days away or 2 months away, I am always going to be the first individual to send your happy birthday wishes at the earliest. Advance happy birthday to the person who is the entire world for me!

In my opinion, if you care about a person genuinely, it’s better to wish early than on time or late. Happy advance birthday wishes to the sweetest person ever! Forgive me also because I won’t be hopping on your birthday party today.

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Many of your friends happy birthday may be around the corner and to wish them, you must be looking for the perfect advance happy birthday wishes for the best friend to make them feel out of the world before their birthday arrive. Someone said it right, on each birthday you are reborn in a metamorphic way. So, sending your buddies advance birthday wishes for best friend is one of the best ways to remind them that the birthday is just a new beginning to aim and pursue great things. Peek into our utterly extraordinary selection of advance happy birthday wishes for best friend. Here we are wrapping up our blog post. You can download all the above listed advance happy birthday messages with images and share them with your friend whose birthday is coming. Tell us in the comment section what do you think about this post!