60+ Emotional Retirement Wishes for a Friend

60+ Emotional Retirement Wishes for a Friend

Retirement Messages for Friend: Admit it or not, most people feel uncomfortable when the word ‘Retirement’ pops up because they don’t know what to do with life when they have no real work to do. However, life is not about working laboriously till you die. Work is just a significant part of a fulfilling life. After retirement, you have so many options and passions to pursue because you have all the time of the world. Moreover, you should be proud of yourself when you are retired because you take care of family and loved ones for so many years. If one of your friends is retiring or has retired, the below stated compilation of the emotional retirement wishes for friend will surely titillate your friend’s heart and give him hope as well.

Retirement Wishes for Friend

Dear friend, life after retirement is not at all boring and lackluster if you have a purpose to fulfill and a few good friends to kill time. Brace up yourself to learn new things in life and make the most out of your meantime. Happy retirement, friend!

When I heard about the news of your retirement, I was so worried for you because your work is the only thing you love the most. That too is going away from you. However, the support and love of family and friends will make post-retirement life utterly joyous. Congratulations on your retirement!

Retirement Wishes for Friend 

Hey buddy, I am super jealous of you because you have all the time to travel, Netflix, and chill, and I will be the one stuck in the office doing some mind-boggling work. I hope you get to experience amazing things and make the new phase of life unforgettable. Happy retirement, mate!

Retirement becomes no less than a horrendous experience if your devoid your life of a purpose. It’s good when you are free from all the responsibilities but it’s better when you dedicate all your free time to showering love on dear ones and taking up a new challenge. Enjoy your retirement, friend!

Hey friend, it’s high time for you to digest the fact that you are not employed any more. Make your life more meaningful by traveling a lot, reading spiritual books, and having thought-provoking conversations with sagacious people. May the new phase of life be full of enthralling moments. Happy retirement, friend!

It really feels awesome when you have all the time of the world to live life the way you always wanted to live. Watch awesome movies, drink fine wines, travel to interesting destinations, and care less about money. Happy retirement, buddy! God bless you with amazing experiences.

For a person like you who doesn’t like to relish much, retirement is surely going to be a wild experience or maybe the biggest blessing you have ever experienced. I wish you find something to look after so that you can kill time in a productive way. Happy retirement to my best buddy!

The busiest chapter of your life has closed and the most enjoyable and free chapter of your life has just begun. I am proud of you for working so dedicated all these years and you deserve all the holidays of the world. Congratulations on your retirement, buddy!

If you think retired people are old, you are absolutely wrong. You become old when you are not passionate about life and what It has to offer. After working like a maniac, you surely deserve a garish and colorful vacation. May you have the best retirement party ever!

I know a person like you can make the post-retirement life peppy and swash-buckling because your mind always craves for ingenious ways to kill time. May you be blessed with unimaginable happiness and goosebumps providing adventures. Happy retirement to my best friend!

Good life it is that you have spent as a colleague giving your expertise and time to grow the company. Now it is time for retirement. I wish rest of your life you spend doing things that you always think would do. Congratulations on your retirement my friend!

Even though retirement is work free life but you always wanted to start your business. I wish you start it now after your retirement just to wing your life to a new direction. I wish May this happen. Wishing happiest and cheerful retirement life my friend!

You are always a workaholic person. Work is your life. But now it is your retirement. I wish May no work you do while explore your life through a new dimension rather than work. May you enjoy your life serenely! Congratulations on your retirement my friend!

May you discover your retired life spiritually! May you be fit and healthy! May no disease touch you! Heartfelt wishes on retirement my friend!

Your whole work life you have written for this newspaper and have grown it manifold. Now I wish in your retirement you write what your soul wants. Wishing happy retirement life my friend! All wishes and blessings to you!

There is so much life after retirement and I wish my friend May you enjoy it all. May you discover those places of beauty and calmness that have always fascinated you! Best wishes and congratulation on retirement my friend!

Best wishes and congratulation on retirement my friend

Life, this little word we spend in many phases my friend. Now you are going to spend your retirement phase. I wish this time you do what your heart wants you to do rather worrying about anything. This life is once my friend and it would never come back. Wishing adventurous retirement life my friend!

You know everything and you are best in your field. I am happy you are retiring. Life is beyond work too. May you know and understand all the wonders of this world! May your retired life be prosperous in every way! Congratulation on retirement my friend and sending warm hugs to you!

I wish May you spend your retired life going on honeymoon in all the different places! It is best plan for your retirement my friend that all the time you could not give to your wife during your office time. Congratulation on the retirement!

May you be in peace and on mountains where you always want to go, my friend! All the love to you and you are the best man in my life. Wishing happy retirement life my dearest friend! 

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Retirement Messages to a Friend 

Wishing happy and serene retirement to my best buddy who had a glorious and full of accolades professional life. It’s time for you to pass the baton to the young generation and incline yourself more towards spirituality and personal interests.

Dear friend, retiring from your profession doesn’t mean you are free from all the responsibilities in your life. It simply means you are all set to begin the new chapter of life full of thrilling experiences and adventures. In your meantime, explore life, read more, and savor every moment with your family!

Retirement Messages to a Friend 

Almost half of your life you have spent working tirelessly and away from your loved ones to give them a dreamy and comfortable life. After retirement, you must devote all your time to family members and create beautiful memories, or else you will regret it. Happy retirement, my friend!

I know the office space won’t be space with your presence, however, your home will become more cheerful and full of exciting vibes when you start spending most of your time with near and dear ones. Happy retirement and enjoy your free time doing things you love and always wanted to do.

Mighty congratulations on your retirement and also from getting rid of the fierce corporate competition, office politics, rat race, and monotonous work routine. It’s time for you to explore the different facades of life and savor the remaining of it to the fullest. Happy retirement, friend!

I salute to your leadership, command and determination that you have showed during your work life. And seeing you retiring feels happy and peaceful. I wish may you find something more meaningful after your retirement to which you can dedicate your time completely. Wishing lovely retirement my friend!

It is retirement from work but not from your life. You have all the horizons to discover my friend. Everything is so infinite in this world. May you find and be in love and beauty again! May again the love come in your life! Congratulation on retirement my close friend!

Sending you my warmth of love and wishes on your grand celebration of retirement! Finally you are retiring. May all the wealth you have in your life! May abundance pour, my friend!

You are the best and authentic man I have ever seen in my life. You are the man of determination and sheer inspiration. Wishing happy retirement my friend and May you never lose yourself!

Love you my friend. I am so out of the world feeling joyous that finally you are retiring from your second wife, work. Congratulation on your retirement! May you life rest of your life with your family enjoying every bit of moment!

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Retirement Quotes for Friend 

I know you will be badly missed at your office but life is not about working all the time. Life is about experiencing, exploring, living the different aspects of it, and giving as much as you can to loved ones. Happy retirement and may you have an exhilarating life ahead.

I congratulate you wholeheartedly on your retirement. What a marvelous and inspiring career you had! Finally, you got rid of long and tiring meetings, jet lag because of business travelers, and a ridiculous amount of hard work. Happy retirement and good luck with future endeavors!

Retirement Quotes for Friend 

As one chapter of your life is closing, another one is opening up and I wish it turns out to be the most swash-buckling and thrilling one for you. May you be showered with astounding opportunities that spruce up the quality of your life. Congratulations on your retirement, friend!

Hey buddy, here comes the day you no longer have to work for anyone or for money. Enjoy your pension and live your life the way you always wanted to be. Happy retirement to my best buddy!

The very meaning of the word ‘retirement’ is to relax completely. Hustling and grinding are for young people. Once you are retired, you must start savoring every free second of your life

Retirement is fun but it is empty fun unless you make it filled. Congratulation on retirement friend! 

Wishes and hugs on your retirement. Retirement is about listening all the complains of your wife that she could not say while you were working. Retirement is wife’s time. 

Retirement is mediation my friend. May you know God and understand him! May you know that this world is full of magic! May you know that you are infinite! Congratulation on the retirement!

Retirement is about falling love again with your old self and with another self. Warm wishes on the retirement my friend! Love you always. 

Retirement is revisiting your previous life again that you have spent in young days. Congratulation on your retirement my dearest friend! May you always be well!

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Funny Retirement Wishes for Friend

The way you do everything in a sluggish manner, I am pretty sure you must be the happiest person on your retirement. Nobody knows better than me how much you love to sleep all day long. Happy retirement, friend! Wish you an exciting life ahead!

Mighty congratulations to my best buddy for saying bid adieu to the professional life forever! You are wholeheartedly welcome to the club of non-doers and the laziest individuals in the world. Wish you a cheerful retirement!

Funny Retirement Wishes for Friend

Hey buddy, how does it feel when you say goodbye to the work you hate permanently and savor the life of pension and absolute freedom. Congratulations on your retirement and make the best out of your free time.

I know you are a big-time workaholic and sitting idle after retirement will be a big-time challenge for you but if you join my company, you will have loads of fun and other pleasure-providing things after retirement. Congratulations on your retirement and let the fun begin!

Retirement is not just about living worry-free and doing the things you covet but also it’s about annoying the hell out of your loved ones. Happy retirement to my best buddy. May you rock the post-retirement period like a pro!

All the money that you get on your retirement, just hide it from your wife because she is going to spend it all on shopping and fun. Wife is your retirement spoiler. Always keep money safe from wife. Wishing happiest retirement my friend!

I wish May you never spend your money on restorative surgery of your hairs and getting fit physically! Just don’t waste your money! Wishing happy retirement life my dumb friend! Because in your retired life no girl gonna fall in your love.

When a person retires from work, he gets busy in family and then never retire from it, which is actual retirement he wants in life. May you find a new purpose in your life after the retirement! Just don’t visit your girlfriend. 

Love has no ending. Even some people after their retirement marry their old sweetheart and again get into a jungle life. This is what happens with retired life. Don’t do it my friend. Life freedom and life free! Happy retirement!

You are now a senior citizen. Where you go, you get discount in everything. That is one of the best benefits after the retirement. Congratulation on your retirement without giving you a gift!

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