Best Congratulations Messages & Wishes | Hearty Congratulations Quotes with Images

Hearty Congratulations Messages & Wishes, Quotes with Images

To help you praise your loved ones on various occasions and achievements, we bring you an exuberant collection of best congratulations messages, hearty congratulations quotes with images, and lovely congratulations wishes. Receiving congratulations and blessings from your loved ones on the key occasions is indeed one of the most pleasurable things in the world. I mean, who doesn’t wants to receive congratulations messages and wishes when it’s one of the most significant events or achievements in your life? One can send congratulations on various occasions, be it a promotion, pregnancy, a new job, retirement, wedding, engagement, newborn baby, some major achievements, and the list goes on.

Whatever the reason or occasion is, you must not forget to congratulate your closed ones. Your one message can inject heaps of excitement and energy in every fiber of their being. However, how to carve a meaningful hearty congratulations message or congratulations wish? Writing a congratulation note is one heck of a daunting task. But QWM is here to make it simple. To acknowledge your friends and family members’ achievements, we have jotted down some of the most relevant and ingenious congratulations quotes and top congratulations messages that will help you wish your loved ones perfectly, no matter what the occasion or achievement is. Let’s get started.

Best Congratulations Messages | Heart-Touching Congratulations Wishes with Images

Heartiest congratulations on smashing all the goals you wanted to achieve. The new phase of life beings for you.

From the core of my heart, I want to congratulate you on the earth-shattering success you have achieved. A grand celebration is one the way.

Hearty Congratulations Messages

Some succeed because they are destined to, you succeeded because you were determined. Congratulations on acing your childhood goals.

Life is like a maze. You don’t get what you want, you get what you deserve. Congratulations on achieving what you deserve!

Time and time again, you have proved prowess by defying all the odds. I am the happiest one on your success and congratulations!

Always remember; success has many fathers, failures have none. Never let success gone over your head and never let failures demean you. Congratulations on the big achievement!

You have accomplished so many laudable feats at such a small age that it is impossible to believe in them. You always deserve this success. Congratulations!

From the beginning, I was very sure about your determination, goals, and vision. With your relentless hard work, you snatched the success like a maestro. Heartiest congratulations on your grand success!

He who gives a second thought to his decision after beginning the task can never succeed. But your determination and faith were unflinching. No wonder why success hopped on your side. Congratulations on completing one more goal of your life.

Heart-Touching Congratulations Wishes with Images

I am immensely happy to congratulate you on buying the house of your dream. Now I can say that whatever a man desires, he can achieve.

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Don’t you feel like blessing your brother when he tops an examination? Don’t you love to congratulate your sister on her engagement? We all know that the principal occasion deserves proper celebrations and greetings. You just can’t say plain words when one of your closed persons is celebrating one of the key achievements of their life. Be it buying the new home, bagging down the new job, or giving birth of a cute mushy baby, every occasion deserves a toast with a proper hearty congratulation message. Keeping all those occasions in mind, QWM is more than happy to reveal an emotional collection of best congratulations messages that do proper justice to the occasion or the achievement. Download the best congratulations messages with images right away!

Hearty Congratulations Quotes with Images | Top Congratulations Quotes on Success

Your recent success has bolstered the fact that years of hard work never goes in vain. Congratulations on the achievement and thank you for giving a magnificent party!

With new success come new goals and new will power to hustle more. Congratulations on your recent success and start working for the next challenge!

Best Congratulations Quotes with Images

Don’t let the people speak that you go the first success because of a fluke. Work harder than ever to prove them wrong. Congratulations manifold times on your massive success!

The sign of a great leader is, he worries less about results and more about the combined efforts of the team. You have traveled a long way and still way to go. Congratulations!

If you are alive today, congratulations! You have one more day to be awesome, do awesome, and encourage others to pursue dreams.

Success is all about staying a little longer than your rivals on the battlefield. You have stuck well and achieved success. Congratulations on silencing cynics!

Success belongs to those who deserve it. And you deserve every bit of success. Congratulations!

After your recent success, now you must have realized that the fruit of labor is sweeter than anything else. Congratulations on such a massive success!

I still couldn’t believe that you managed to pull off the impossible. I am extremely for you and congratulations for the victory!

Setbacks came but you never lost hope and achieved the desirable. Congratulations on your fantastic victory!

It is the tendency of human beings to celebrate the top-notch life event like birth, promotion, retirement, etc, with the utmost happiness and magnificence. Your kind words of congratulations can bolster the spirit of your loved ones and make a special place in their hearts. Moreover, they also expect from you to shower kind and heart-warming words on their achievement as it gives them immense pleasure and happiness. Best congratulations quotes can be written on greeting cards, or can also be sent via email or a text message. To save your valuable time from jotting down the perfect words for congratulations greetings, here are some of the most sought-after hearty congratulations quotes with images that show how much you care about them.

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Congratulations Messages on Graduation | Best Congratulations Quotes on Graduation

Finally, you have cleared one of the toughest courses in the world. I am so proud and happy for you. Congratulations my intelligent son!

So here is the big day for my brother. You are graduating and my happiness has no measure. You did pursue your academic dreams. It’s time to make big in the corporate world. Congratulations brother!

Best Congratulations Quotes on Graduation

You are the only person I have seen who passed every examination with the minimum efforts. What matters is you did it. Congratulations!

You should be immensely proud and happy with what you have achieved. This is no ordinary feat. You are the only one in our family who did this. Congratulations and happy graduation!

On the most significant of your life, we wish you all the great things in life. Congratulations on graduating from one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Graduation means the end of one phase and the beginning of another. You worked hard and graduated with good grades. Congratulations on that! It’s time to buck for the new challenges.

Hey brother, so you are a graduate man now! There is a whole world out there full of possibilities waiting for you. May all your dreams and ambitions come true asap!

I am sending the best possibles wishes to you on your graduation day. I cannot attend the graduation ceremony but my blessings will be with you. Congratulations!

Back in the days, I used to ponder whether you would be able to crack this tough nut or not? You have proved me all wrong and graduated with flying colors. Congratulations and happy graduation!

Don’t let your achievements be the fuel for your ego. Never ever rest on your laurels. Always keep moving and aim high. Happy graduation and heartiest congratulations!

Graduation is unquestionably one of the biggest events in the life of any individual. It takes a ridiculous amount of hard work, determination, and ethics to graduate from your college with flying colors. All the graduates deserve words of appreciation and motivation to brace them for future endeavors and never rest on their laurels. The biggest question – What to write in a graduation card? As numerous individuals will send congratulations wishes on graduation to a person? It’s cumbersome to make your congratulations wishes on graduation stand apart from the rest. To appreciate the hard work of the person who is just graduated, here are some thoughtful congratulations messages for graduation that can add oodles of courage to the graduate person’s spirit and inspire them to hustle hard for big dreams.

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Lovely Congratulations Messages on Wedding | Sweet Congratulations Wishes on Wedding

Congratulations to the most vibrant couple ever for tying the wedding knot. May you guys live the married life with compassion and gratitude!

Look who is going to get hitched? Are you the same person who was reluctant about marriage once? Anyways, congratulations to both of you!

Lovely Congratulations Messages on Wedding

At last! Your special day is one the verge of arrival and my excitement is rising by leaps and bounds. I wish you guys have a wedding of your life. Heartiest congratulations!

I hope you guys have a long-lasting marriage and stay together till the very last breath. Congratulations on your wedding and blessings for the lifetime of togetherness.

I was jumping like maniacs when I heard the news of your wedding. What’s your plan for a bachelor party man? So happy for you and congratulations!

Your relationship is more like Tom and Jerry. So your married life is going to be one hell of an interesting affair. Let’s celebrate your big day but before that, accept my warm congratulations!

One is flamboyant and the other is nonchalant. What an interesting couple you are! My warm blessings are always with you. Heartiest congratulations on your wedding!

How did you guys find each other? That’s not important. What important is, you guys will annoy each other for the rest of your life? Congratulations and have a happy marriage!

Wishing the loveliest couple of the world a lifetime of happiness, blessings, and magnificent life ahead. Congratulations on a full of grandeur wedding!

Even words will fall short to express our happiness on your decision of getting hitched. Congratulations to the most beautiful couple and have a happy married life!

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Inspirational Congratulations Messages on Promotion | Congratulations Wishes for Promotion

Heartiest congratulations on bagging down the best position in your organization. You deserve every bit of this success!

The ladder to the zenith is only and only hard work and you have proved it well. Congratulations on the promotion and good luck!

Inspirational Congratulations Messages on Promotion

I am extremely happy to see you at the corporate position you coveted for years. You did whatever it takes to achieve success and the hard work paid off. Congratulations on the mighty promotion!

It’s an honor to working you and seeing you climbing the ladder of success, slowly and steadily. Congrats for achieving a nearly impossible feat. Way to go!

The gateway to earth-shattering success has no shortcuts. Heartiest congratulations on achieving the promotion that only you deserve.

Once again, you have got a promotion in the quickest time. How the hell do you manage to get those daunting promotions all the time? Anyways, I am super happy for you. Congratulations on your promotion!

The seed of hard work you planted years ago is now giving you the desired results in the form of a huge promotion. Hard work never goes waste and that I have learned from you. Congratulations for promotion!

Dreams do turn into reality if you have the willingness and courage to pursue them. You are the perfect candidate for the promotion. Congrats man!

With greater position, comes greater responsibilities. I am pretty sure you will take care of everything perfectly. Congrats on the promotion and enjoy the new role!

To be frankly speaking, I am not surprised at all on your promotion. The entire office knew you are the only exemplary candidate for this big role. Throw us a grand party right away. Congrats for bagging down the big role!

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Lovely Congratulations Messages for Baby Boy Birth | Cute Congratulations Wishes for Baby Girl Birth

Lovely Congratulations Messages for Baby Boy Birth

Oh my god! I still can’t believe that you have become a mother of such a cutie pie baby boy. Heartiest congratulations for a newborn baby! I am gonna suggest a good name for him.

It is quite enthralling to have a new mushy and cutie member of the family. Even millions of congratulations messages will lack to express my feelings right now.

Becoming a mother for the very first time is divine and recuperating feelings. I am so happy to see you as a mother now. Congratulations on giving birth to an angel!

The moment I received your husband’s message about you giving birth to a baby girl, I couldn’t control my happiness and hopped on to your place immediately. Congratulations on having a lovely newborn baby!

Hey friend, now you have one more responsibility on your shoulders. Take good care of your life and the new little girl. Heartiest congratulations on becoming the father of a beautiful girl!

Give me the honor to congratulate you on bringing the cutest and the newest member to the family. My best blessings are with you!

I am sending oodles of wishes for giving all of us the new reason to smile and be happy. Heartiest congratulations for giving birth to a baby girl!

On giving birth to a new life, All I want to say is may you give the little baby the best things in life. Congratulations to the couple! Live long and live a healthy life!

A beautiful angel from heaven has fallen in your lap. By far, he is the cutest baby boy I have ever seen. Big congratulations on giving birth to a baby boy!

This newborn girl has given new meaning to your falling apart marriage. I am pretty sure that everything will become normal now. Congratulations on the arrival of the newest member of your little family!

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Funny Congratulations Messages on Engagement | Hilarious Congratulations Wishes on Engagement

Hilarious Congratulations Wishes on Engagement

With this relationship, your years of unofficial relationship has become official now. I hope you won’t meet sneakily anymore. Congratulations for engagement to the charming couple!

I am so pleased to know that you are getting engaged and will annoy only each other for the rest of your lives. Congratulations and good luck for the future endeavors!

Engagement is just a glimpse of a topsy-turvy ride you are going to have for the rest of your life. Congratulations on getting engaged! Or caged?

Congratulations on relinquishing your freedom for a lifetime to the person you love. 

Now, you will know what it feels like to be a married man. Pain and hopelessness are on their way to hug you. Jokes apart, heartiest congratulations on exchanging rings!

There are two ways to destroy your happiness in no time: kill some and go to jail, and get engaged. Heartiest congratulations on choosing the second method.

It’s one more down in our bachelor’s brigade. Congratulations man for getting engaged to the love of your life. Can’t wait to see you changing diapers.

Do you know what is common between getting engaged and handcuffed? Everything. Congratulations on your engagement!

You have officially lost the right of making decisions on your own. Remember, a wife is always right and a husband is always sorry. Congrats for exchanging rings!

I want all my brothers to come together and express our collective grief for the sad demise of fun and happiness in your life. Anyways, you have our blessings and congratulations!

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Motivational Congratulations Messages on New Job

Finally, you have groped the first job of your professional life. How does it feel? Isn’t it great? Congrats brother for the new job!

I am more than happy and excited to hear about your new job in one of the biggest companies in the world. Congrats girl!

To things are quintessential to succeed in the corporate world: uncompromising work ethics and relentless hard work. Congrats on new endeavors!

You have proved everyone wrong by getting your dream job. Congratulations on the new job and good luck for the new journey!

Now you have got a new job, today’s party and drinks are completely on yours. Congrats big man!

Oh hell yeah! Look who is the first one to get the dream job in your group? It’s my best friend. Congrats on the big new job buddy!

I wish you find co-workers as eccentric as you are. Only then you will realize how crazy you are. Congrats on the new job!

With your skills, hard work, and vision, I am pretty sure you will hit big in professional life. Congratulations, and good luck with the new venture!

I am happy that you got the dream job. I am also sad because you have to leave me now. Congratulations on landing your desired job!

With the new job at your disposal, you can buy all the cool stuff you wanted to buy for you and your mom. Congratulations on your new job!

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Best Congratulations Messages on Retirement | Congratulations Wishes on Retirement

Best Congratulations Messages on Retirement

Your dedication is contagious and your hard work for this organization is very much appreciated. Congratulations on your retirement!

How does it feel to take the complete rest after working for 33 long years? We gonna miss you badly. Congrats!

I wish you have a great time with friends and family members in your post-retirement time. Heartiest congratulations on your retirement!

Finding an enthusiastic and caring coworker like you is quite daunting. No one can fill your place. Big congrats on your retirement and good luck with the new phase of your life!

Your mere presence has inspired me to pursue bigger things in Life. You will be missed badly but never be forgotten. Happy retirement!

Just because you are retiring doesn’t mean you won’t hear from us. We all will be in touch with you. Congratulations on your retirement!

100 Cheers to your retirement and the beginning of a work-free life!

Now you have retired, you have all the time to pursue heartfelt hobbies and do whatever you wanted to do in life. Happy retirement!

Retirement is all about giving rest to your body and start nurturing your spiritual soul to achieve the ultimate consciousness. Congratulations on your retirement!

You are one of the best people to work with. You inject a kind of liveliness in the environment that nobody else could. Congratulations and happy retirement!

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Congratulation Messages on Pregnancy

My heart got filled with massive excitement the moment I heard that you are pregnant. After a long wait, finally, you are going to experience true motherhood. Heartiest congratulations on your pregnancy!

I just came to know that there is one more member going to add to this family pretty soon. I wish you have twins. Heart-warming wishes to you on your pregnancy. Enjoy this face to the fullest!

For a woman, there is no news better than the news of getting pregnant. Giving birth to a new life by risking your own is a profound phenomenon. Now say bye to stress and be in a jolly mood all the time. Massive congratulations to you on the pregnancy!

This is the best news I have heard in recent time. I wake up in the morning and my husband dropped a happiness bomb on me in the form of your pregnancy. Finally, my little sister is going to be a lovely mother pretty soon. Heartiest congratulations!

In a few months, you will experience the most enchanting thing in the world – a mother holding the hand of her newborn. Trust me, holding your newborn is the most mesmerizing and moving feeling in the world. Happy pregnancy!

Now, what will you do when your sexy and flat tummy will turn into a giant belly? I know you gonna cry like a baby but this sweeter than sugar pain is worth bearing for you baby. Happy pregnancy to both of you!

OMG! How will you manage to bear the blabber of two babies in the house? One is your husband and another one is going to be here pretty soon. God bless you! Jokes apart, heartiest congratulations on your pregnancy!

You have been a wonderful daughter, a loving wife, a caring daughter-in-law. Now you also have to live up to the tag of the best mother in the world. You have the entire family’s blessings with you. Happy pregnancy and congratulations!

Blessed will be that baby who will have an adorable, caring, and hustling mother like you. Yes, you will experience excruciating pain but it will also bring immense cheerfulness to your life. Mighty congratulations to you on your pregnancy!

Though I don’t know whether a baby girl comes or a baby boy comes, what I know is your home will turn into a precarious battlefield. Be sprepared for a big mess and loads of happiness. Congratulations my lovely friend on the pregnancy!

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Congratulation Messages on Award

It takes a lifetime for many people to achieve the award that you have achieved at such a tender age. You are a bright mind! Many congratulations on your award!

Congratulation Messages on Award

The award always goes in the right hands. You are the most deserving and talented candidate for this prestigious award and you got it. Congratulations on achieving such a colossal award! Way to go.

It is not everyone’s cup of tea to bag down such a respected award in such a short span of time. I bet this award will open many gateways of success for you. Congratulations on winning such a coveted award!

For the fifth time in a row, you have been awarded as the best employee of the year. I mean is this some kind of a joke. How can you be so consistent and good in what you do? Congratulations once again for bagging down the well-deserved award!

The award you have got today is the result of a ridiculous amount of hard work and dedication you have put into achieving the goal. May you continue your efforts to achieve greatness. Congratulations on achieving the most coveted award!

Only I have a clear idea of how much this award means to you. I am so proud of you and your gargantuan achievements. Mightiest congratulations on bagging down the toughest award to achieve in your field.

Not only I am delighted but also bubbling with utter excitement after listening to the news of your award achievement. Now, don’t let success dance on your head. Keep hustling! Congratulations!

You have worked relentlessly for years and never let any obstruction from doing what you wanted to achieve. Today is the day to relax and celebrate your award-winning like a frenzy. Heartiest congratulations on winning the award!

The award you won depicts your hard work, sacrifices, and your days of glory which have begun already. I want you to keep moving on in life while enjoying success with your loved ones. Congratulations on winning the award!

You proved that hard work, focus, and sheer determination can make anything possible in the world. The award you won yesterday is one fine example of that. I wish you have a scintillating and bright future. Congratulations on award-winning!

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Congratulation Messages on Success & Achievement

What you have achieved today is brimming me with utter excitement and outrageous joy. May you shine like the Sun in your life. Congratulations on a well-deserved success and big achievement!

Massive congratulations to you for adding one more achievement or better say trophy in your trophy cabinet. Your talent is exceptional and your creativity unmatched!

Your achievements and success at such a young age are jaw-dropping for all of us. Slowly and steadily, I am getting jealous of your achievements. Anyways, I congratulate you on hitting the ball out of the park.

I am shedding tears because of you. Don’t take it wrong. I am shedding tears because you made me proud immensely. I wish you have a spectacular life packed with achievements. Congratulations on one more achievement!

You have almost every major achievement in your kitty. It’s time to savor recognition and heaps of praises you are getting from everywhere. Well done and big congratulations!

Those who never turn their face from hard work, success, and fame never turn their faces from them. You have set standards high enough for everyone in the family. Heartiest congratulations on a well-deserved success & achievement.

I just came to know that you scored the highest ever marks in the history of university examination. Seems like you are a master of studies. Well done! Your hard work will be rewarded real soon. Congratulations!

To achieve the results of the highest degree, one has to sacrifice his comforts and pleasures to the greatest extent. It’s time to rejoice to the fullest whatever you have sacrificed till yet to achieve the goal. Congratulations on achieving earth-shattering success!

I heard you have got a huge promotion and bonus in the office for your ingenious work and dedication towards organization. I wish you keep doing great work and achieve more accolades in the future. Congratulations on eyeballs grabbing achievement!

Is there anything left for you to achieve? As far as I know, you have almost all the major personal and professional achievements ticked on your wish list. You really are a prodigy and once-in-a-lifetime talent. Congratulations on your latest triumph!

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Congratulation message on New Home

What a scintillating new home you have roped in for the family! I wish your happiness, success, and good luck amplify manifold times. A big congratulations to you on buying a brand new home.

Congratulation message on New Home

If making a new house, a home is an art, you guys are the maestro in it. I can experience good vibes and serenity in your new house because you guys have carved it with utmost love. My good wishes and congratulations are always with you!

Now you have bought the use, the decoration and the creation of the memories are about to begin. Happy new homecoming and big congratulations!

The feeling of finding yourself under a new and your own roof is indescribable in words. May you guys have the best time of your life in this new home. Big congratulations on buying a new home!

New marriage, new car, and now a new house. What a dam fine time you are having! I wish your golden time continues till the end. Massive congratulations on your brand new home!

With the arrival of the new home, may all the good times and good luck also hop on in your life again. All the best for the new beginning of life and for the new home as well!

May every corner of your new home be filled with mesmerizing aroma, happiness, and the sweet blabbers of the kid. You really have roped in a super cool house! Congratulations!

Home is where your heart is. Finally, you have found a home where your heart can reside peacefully. Happy new homecoming and huge congratulations on your new home!

If there is one ingredient needed to turn a house into a sweet home, it is true love. May you guys maintain frisky vibes and vivaciousness in your new home all the time. Happy home sweet home guys!

This house compliments you in every sense. Now you have the keys of the new house, we eagerly wish you find the source of happiness pretty soon. I am dying to the see interior of your new home. Congratulations to both of you on your dream new home!

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Congratulation Messages on Exam Result

I was worried about the examination result but you passed with flying colors and flabbergasted everyone. Big congratulations my little champ for acing the exam result.

From a below-average student to the topper of the class, what a way to turn your life upside down with your sheer hard work and make every proud in the family. My heartiest congratulations and best wishes are always with you.

Many congratulations on cracking the exam with unbelievable numbers. Use your talent and creative mind to uplift the living standard of society.

You are perhaps the only one in our family who has managed to make a dent in one of the toughest examinations in the country. Keep working like this and success will touch your feet all the time. We are super proud of you. Congratulations!

Hey my boy, we are extremely thankful to you for shining the family’s name with your devotion and bone-crunching hard work. Your achievement will be remembered in our family till ages. Congratulations on cracking the examination and good luck!

All the sleepless nights, party missouts, and family gatherings you were not able to attend have finally paid off. Congratulations on passing out the exam and showing how brilliant and talented you are.

When someone is as sincere and diligent as you are, no examination is big enough to crack effortlessly. Heartiest congratulations! Many accolades will come to you in the future!

You have proved that in spite of having mediocre talent, one can easily beat talented individuals by being consistent in their efforts. Congratulations on acing the exam which was not your cup of tea.

Mighty congratulations on getting good grades in your high school examinations. The doors to the top colleges are opened for you. Go and make a name for yourself in the cut-throat competitive world.

By cracking this highly prestigious exam in just one attempt, you have become a source of inspiration for millions of students. It’s time to aim for the higher objectives and set new benchmarks. Congratulations and all the best for the upcoming endeavors.

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