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48 Best Original Happy Women’s Day 2021 Wishes and Messages on International Women’s Day 2021: Be A Strong Woman & Be Powerful

This post is paying homage to all the selfless, hardworking, and beautiful women of the world by stating happy womens day Wishes, International womens day Messages with pics, inspiring women’s day 2021 messages.

A man is incomplete without a woman, and it is a very much fact. Perhaps without women, we couldn’t imagine our life living. It becomes a bit difficult, though people try to live life alone but they only know how they live. There must be a woman friend in everyone’s life. They completely change the perspective and make us see everything in a new direction. When they are so much utter important in life, why don’t we celebrate them?

happy womens day wishes

International women’s day is here coming on 8th March. And you, we and everyone has a chance to say them a genuine heartfelt thank you to them, whether your mother, sister or a good friend in your life, just say them thank you for being in our life and making it wonderful. If more lovingly you want to say, then, we have for you women’s day wishes and happy womens day 2021 messages that you can say them with open heart with a warm embrace. 

And one of the most important things in our life is that we should respect every woman. Give her honor, whether she rejects you, accepts you, love you or not. Just give her respect. 

Best Happy Women’s Day Wishes

It is not just that you say just happy women’s day and it is enough for them. No, you should not do in this way. Because women give their whole life to us and only these little countless words don’t celebrate women. While you must say some beautiful, soulful, sweet women’s day wishes to them that should make their that day really happy and they must feel they are of utmost importance in your life. 

If not the women, how this whole world could be.! The imagination of this entire world and universe is impossible without females. Suppose that if not them in this world, how desert and dire this whole life and world would be, and perhaps there would not be love element could exist without them. Hence to celebrate international women’s day 2021, we have best wishes for women that you can say them in any way you like.

Best Women’s Day Wishes 2021

You live your life as you want to. No force, no compromise you need to do and bear. You may become the queen of your desires. 

You get what you want to and you choose what you want to whether it is your life or your man.

Your every wish gets fulfilled. You be loved by everyone. You don’t need to see any tear in your life and you get all the happiness you want. 

You women achieve all the heights of your life. No pain could come in your life and you always shine like roses. 

As a stream’s water flows flawlessly you flow flawlessly too and reach your destination wherever you want to. 

You get all the love you want and you get all the gifts of life you want. 

As the stars in this sky are shining and glittering, you too. 

Not a drop of tear could fall from your eyes and you become a divine life. 

You are all the imagination of this world and this whole creation of the universe. Happy women’s day to all. 

As flowers spread fragrance, you spread it too. Without you, all flowers would die; without you, whole this world is a lie. 

international womens day wishes - 8 march

All women keep always smiling. God grants this boon to every woman. 

Without you, women, love could not exist. 

The whole creation of this life is because of you. Not a single molecule could survive without you. 

You always remain beautiful and gorgeous. Wherever you go, you only spread love. 

A good, loving, caring woman is a wish for everyone. 

You become a sweet sister to your brother, a good mother to your children and a right wife to your husband.

Wherever you go, you just nurture everything. 

happy womens day 2021 wishes

These are some of the original and best women’s day wishes that you can say to any woman important in your life or just there in your life for some reasons. Even you can say this to those women also that you happen to meet them every day at a bus stand or a railway station. 

These are the women’s day 2021 wishes for colleagues too that you can write for them in a greeting card because they are your family too. Most of the time we spend in our life in an office, eight and nine hours. So the office is a second family to us and women there too whether you treat them as a sister, friend or your lover. Wherever you find women you should always respect them and they must be given. 

So on coming 8th March international women’s day, you express your respect and love to them with our good, sweet and sugary women’s day wishes. Love you all women, those who are in my life, those who are not, and those who are coming. 

Lovely Women’s Day 2021 Wishes to Wife and Girlfriend

A woman in life performs many roles that even a man could not hold up to. She is the source of power. That’s why perhaps God has given so many roles to her to perform because women are powerful. Whether she plays the roles of a mother, a wife, a friend, a girlfriend, or many others. They are simply a caretaker. 

In a man’s life, she plays a crucially important role, and that is of a wife. As we said above, a man is incomplete without a woman, and the bond that binds them together is of marriage. So on this women’s day, you must wish your wife or say some beautiful lines in honor of her that how she has dedicated her life to fully you. And if you don’t know how to wish her and what to say. Don’t worry. We have for you women’s day wishes for wife and girlfriend that you can say to her. 

We think that the best way to do so is to write them in a greeting card provided it remains forever with her. Expressing in greeting cards is a more soulful way rather than saying through any digital medium. So we have for you, new and original Happy women’s day wishes for wife and girlfriend on this international women’s day. 

Lovely Women’s Day 2021 Wishes to Wife

You are the source of my all strength and power and when I see you, everything in me dead becomes living. 

A woman doesn’t need to cry and weep. Because she is the very much core source of this entire universe. If they weep, all weep. 

I love you so much. You make learn how to go ahead and when I was in difficult time, you were only there. 

Without you my wife, I am nothing. I could not see this world without you. Even without seeing you, I don’t want to see anything.

You are everything for me and I am in love with you when I first saw you. And it is a blessing that you are my wife. I don’t want to lose you. 

You never kneel down before anyone or any difficult situation. You have the courage and force to beat everything. Everything in this world and in this entire universe gets power and life force from you. Happy women’s day. 

Meeting of us two is not an accident while it is written in destiny. I love you so much and very much. You are everything for me. 

The whole nature of this earth is because of you living, then how could I not? I bow down to your personality that you can bear everything. 

Your hairs are like beautiful pebbles of a silvery stream. Your face is like ever gleaming moon. Your eyes are like oceans to drown and your lips are like life for me, red roses they are. Happy women’s day to my girlfriend. Always love you. 

You don’t weep, you don’t cry, you don’t fall down, you don’t kneel down, you don’t ever go down; because you are the core strength, you are the strength of mine. You are the diamond whose shine could never go down. Love you my wife.

When we say women, its means fearless. 

I never leave you alone. I am always with you and walk with you through all difficult times. I promise to be always your friend whom you could say everything. And I want to live your life as you want to. Happy women’s day.

A wife is life. It is a gift to a man that he should always value and respect and love. 

Women are only to be loved, not be reigned and ruled. 

Women are beautiful flowers one should not pluck out. While one should wait to naturally fall down in your life. 

Don’t force and compel a woman or a girl to love you forcefully. Because it is not love. If you get the unconditional love, it is only the real love. 

When you find any woman weeping, you should always give your handkerchief for wiping their tears. 

When a woman needs, always help her. Helping a woman is like helping a Goddess. And you are doing a divine work, always remember. 

Always talk to a woman or a girl like you are talking to your mother or girlfriend. Happy international women’s day my wife. 

You wake me up every day in the morning. You cook for me everything. You love me every time. And whenever I call you, you always are there. Thank you my girlfriend for being in my life. 

happy womens day messages 2021

These are all the lovely women’s day wishes to wife and girlfriend that you can tell her on the international women’s day. Never shy to express your feelings and please do it respectfully and lovingly without any hesitation. It is a chance and an occasion too. 

Though we everyone should celebrate every day as women’s day rather than just celebrating on women’s day. There are interesting facts and history behind the international day of women that we spill out later in the section below for you. We provide you all the necessary information. 

You can send these Happy women’s day 2021 wishes to colleagues too and you must do it. Why wander here and there on the internet, when we are providing you original and genuine wishes and quotes. Men! It is your duty to keep your woman always happy. No any kind of sadness should reflect on her face and you should not stop it in every way. 

You don’t know how and when this life would pass. In just a blink of an eye, you don’t how you would be, with whom you would be. Hence you never hurt any woman in your dream too. If she hurts you, try to explain to her that she should not behave in this way. So It is women’s day, celebrate it with glory and abundance of love. 

Great Women’s Day Messages 2021

If you think that women like diamonds, golds, silver, money or any other thing like these then this means that you don’t understand them. These are not the things that they always like. They just want true love and a genuine gesture from you that makes them believe that you love them truly. They only want this. Costly gifts can please her but can’t satisfy her because her overall need is your love and respect and some words of appreciation and warmth. 

We have for you great women’s day messages that you can say to them. If you say them from the bottom of your heart they like it immensely. Just saying some heartfelt happy womens day 2021 messages can make their day. If you love a girl and to express yourself you are giving her gift again and again without telling her what is in your heart, then my friend you are wasting your time. 

Great Messages on Women’s Day 2021

Just say her what you have in your heart, and say it truly and genuinely. Valentine’s week has almost come and women’s day is also coming. 

They sacrifice for us a lot without thinking about themselves. So what goes in if we say some sweet women’s day messages 2021 appreciating their love, dedication, commitment to making our lives better. In every way they do it and we must also. 

You are incomparable beauty. You are the divine life. Without you, I feel dead and I only want to be in you, always and ever. Happy women’s day and love you. 

Women are an epitome of great strength, force, power, and magic. Every woman is a magic. They exist that’s why love exists in this world. 

You don’t misunderstand them. If they are not saying anything. It doesn’t mean they can tolerate your every bullshit. Women have their limit. Respect it. 

A woman is a Goddess in herself because she gives life. The breath that we take it comes from them. Happy International women’s day. 

I am a friend to you. I am love to you. I am a wife to you. I give what you want. But I am not your property. What you give me genuinely, I give you double fold. 

I love you. I just want to simply say. When every time I see you, I love you more, and all time always I want to love you only. You, only you and only you. 

You are fire that can burn everything. You are light that can illuminate everything. You are a mother that feeds everyone. You are whole this universe that everything is in you. Gracious women’s day to you my darling!

 When I see you, it comes from my heart that you are only for me. Even single second I could not imagine without you. I just want to embrace you tightly. Don’t want myself to be separated from you. I just want to be near you only. That much I love you. Happy women’s day 2021.

No one could understand women. They are a complex creature. The more you try to understand them, the more puzzled you become. So it is better to only love them. 

You are a genuine friend to me. When no one was near me. Only you came there to make me laugh and smile. I love you as a gentle and true friend. A great women’s day to you, this time and every time!

You are the life string of my heart. You are the bird of my flight. You are the flame of my fire. You are the edge of my river. When everything is you, from you and of you, then, how could be I complete without you. Whole love to you my life and all pleasures to you. 

You are so soulful like a reverie in which one listens to the music of a sitar’s strings. So joyful that seeing you everything dead comes alive. You relax my mind. You are the woman of my life. Happy women’s day!

When you are angry, you sound like a drum, yet I love you. When you say something subtly, you are a music of Veena and Sitar. Seeing you like this my love more grows. You are the assimilation of all the music in this world. And you are my music too and I love you. 

It is not just in stars that I see you. It is just not in flowers that I see you. It is not just in breeze that I feel you. I feel and see you in everything. That much I love you. Happy women’s day 2021!

One day you become my wife, one day you become my life, one day you will be wholly naturally mine. One day you understand my true love. One day you come to love me. One day you just want to embrace me. I am wishing you your best women’s day. You always be happy, joyful and always smiling. I love you truly.

happy womens day messages

You can send the above written says as women’s day messages to colleagues or to whomever you want to send and say. On the coming 8th March, it is going to be international women’s day 2021 that we are going to celebrate. To celebrate it more profoundly, you can take our originally written quotes and wishes for women.

We also have for you women’s day wishes images that you can post on your social media channel to honor and respect them. As we have said above- Never disrespect any woman, not even in your dream. Although sometimes it happens that you don’t want to disrespect any woman but they understand it otherwise. 

So if something like this has happened with you, just try to talk and handle the matter. Believe us, it will go well. We have for you all the best women’s day messages and happy womens day 2021 wishes that you can pick any and send it to your loved ones. Life is short, so don’t just waste it and find a woman for your life and give her all the happiness she wants. 

Powerful Womens Day 2021 Messages from Powerful Women of the World

In every century there were and are powerful women that have been inspiring generations to come with their attitude, the way they live their life and their approach towards life, that they beat every struggle and hardship that come to their life to beat them while they rise and uplifted other also. Hence on this International women’s day 2021, we have for you powerful messages and quotes from powerful women of this world. 

And we guarantee that you love these all women’s day messages 2021 and adopt in your life too. Don’t compromise in your life at any rate killing yourself. You don’t need to ruin yourselves to become like ashes while you have to always rise and rise and rise to the zenith where you want to. 

womens day wishes 2021

Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness. – Oprah

Be a first-rate version of yourself, not a second-rate version of someone else. – Judy Garland

Doubt is a killer. You just have to know who you are and what you stand for. – Jennifer Lopez  

Once you figure out what respect tastes like, it tastes better than attention. – Pink

Some women choose to follow men, and some choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore. – Lady Gaga

I am a woman with thoughts and questions and shit to say. I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong. You will not determine my story – I will. – Amy Schumer

She was a wild one; always stomping on eggshells that everyone else tip-toed on.” – Kaitlin Foster

Strong women don’t play the victim. Don’t make themselves look pitiful and don’t point fingers. They stand and they deal. – Mandy Hale

You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.” – Rosalynn Carter

Take criticism seriously, but not personally. If there is truth or merit in the criticism, try to learn from it. Otherwise, let it roll right off you.” – Hillary Clinton

international womens day messages with images

These are all the powerful Women’s day messages from powerful women and I think you can understand what power and attitude all the lines emit. Every word speaks of confidence and unshattering strength that is hard to find in every woman.

Those women who understand themselves weak, they should live to these quotes to make their life wonderful and as they want to. It is just in your hand that you can make your life as you want to rather than depending on others. Be independent and be a force to be reckoned with and become a beacon of hope, strength, and power that the world could recognize you. 

And from our side, we have for you best women’s day wishes and messages that you can send to your lovely woman whether it is your mother, sister, friend, girlfriend, or a woman who you meet every day when you travel in a bus or a train. Respect them all, honor them all and love them all whether they reject you and accept you. A woman is a powerful force. Don’t taunt, play and abuse her otherwise your life would be in hell. 

Happy international women’s day to all women around the world, and every kind of quote and wish you can find on our website original written and pen down for you. Love you all and be happy!

The Significance of Women’s Day and Why we celebrate it?

International women’s day, as we all know, is a global day. It is the day for celebrating gender parity including the cultural, political and economic achievements of women. It is on the 8th of March that it is celebrated and a very crucial day for women’s rights.

A lady, German revolutionary Clara Zetkin proposed 8th March to be celebrated as women’s day. She did it in the international socialist women’s conference in 1910. Behind every good thing or celebration, there is always a revolution and sacrifice that some courageous men and women do. 

How to Celebrate International Women’s Day with Your Wife and Girlfriend

The foremost thing you can do is to express your feelings towards them with our beautiful originally written 2021 women’s day wishes and messages. And you want to celebrate it with your wife and girlfriend, that is a good thing, and we are going to tell you how you can do it in case you are not getting any idea or if you want to more enhance your pre-prepared plan. Some best women’s day celebration ideas for you. Besides all this, we also have women’s day Messages with images too that you can send and download. 

Take her to dinner: perhaps it could be that it has been since a long time that you haven’t dined together. So take her to a beautiful, calm and serene restaurant. Eat with her and talk and laugh. A woman of your love just needs your time for to be with her and nothing else she needs. 

A nice stroll alone you both together: go for a nice stroll together whether in a garden full of flowers. It should be such a place where you and she should be only. You talk of your old days and love days. 

Cook for her: if you haven’t cooked for your wife or girlfriend, then, you haven’t done anything in your life. So cook for her from your heart. We guarantee you she would like the dish. 

Say her I love you: some couples are very shy. Though they love each other but perhaps never have said each other I love you. Say I love you to your wife or girlfriend on this 2021 women’s day and say her how much important she is in your life.

Take her to a musical concert: take her to a concert depending on the music she likes. I would love to take mine to Anoushka Shankar’s concert. I love her and the music she plays. 

Express your feelings in a greeting card: it is a niche thing but a good that they always like. Tell your feelings in a nice or your hand-made greeting card. Write for her that how much you love her, and yeah never forget to write our women’s day wishes for her. 

These are some of the best and soulful ideas for women’s day celebration that you can do for your wife or girlfriend. And you must celebrate this day with her only however busy you are. Take free time on the women’s day and on this day do whatever says to you, whatever she commands to you. Just obey her, not only on this while on every day and whole life. 

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