50+ Sincere Sorry Messages for Wife | Romantic Apology Quotes

50+ Sincere Sorry Messages for Wife | Romantic Apology Quotes

Sorry Messages for Wife: Anger, jealously, miscommunications, and cheating can destroy the beautiful relationship on this planet instantly. When you start giving importance to yourself over your relationship and the life partner, the sweet bond of husband-wife begins to tumble and the distance continues to increase between them. However, there is only one subtle way to save a failing relationship and that is apologizing to your wife as quickly as possible. Sending a heartfelt apology message to your wife won’t make you a small person. Instead, you tell her that you are ashamed of all the horrendous acts you had committed and the rudeness you displayed. Below is the compilation of utterly romantic sorry messages for wife that will make your wife forgive you and save your relationship from drowning.

Sorry Messages for Wife

Hey wife, I cannot imagine hurting you in any way, not even in my wildest dreams. But then the things got messed up so badly that I shattered your self-respect and disrespected your love. I am extremely sorry for everything terrible I did. I hope you accept my sincere apologies.

My little heart is still repenting every moment for what I did to you. When I said those heart-breaking words, I was not the person I used to be. That was something else inside me throwing those vicious words. I am seeking forgiveness and I know you will lend me the apology I need.

Sorry Messages for Wife

Yesterday, I made the biggest and the non-forgivable mistake of my life. I broke my loveliest wife’s heart into a million pieces. I am extremely sorry for letting my anger control my mind. You are my whole universe and I will do whatever it takes to make you smile again. I am so sorry, wife!

The heart-warming smile, once you used to have on your face, is gone completely because of my stupidity, anger, and ego. I promise to you sweetheart I will prove my love, loyalty, and affection for you once again. There will be no place for ego, lies, and hate in our relationship. I am sorry for everything!

I apologize from the core of my heart for saying the meanest things that no husband should ever say to his wife. I am dying from guilt within. I am extremely sorry for giving you excruciating pain and tumbling your self-respect. Can you forgive me one last time?

I admit to my misunderstandings and I perceived you wrong while you weren’t. Sorry my dearest wife. I know I am still there in your heart however much you try to ignore it. Forgive me.

For the way I had been with you first time when I met you. I didn’t approach it right but I didn’t intend to be wrong. Things have happened and I am sorry for all that. Forgive me my love my wife.

It is so unfortunate that distances have come in our life yet having so intense love for with each other. It is better to resolve rather than holding it for long. I start saying sorry for my entire dearest wife. Forgive me.

Where there is love, there is ego. But holding our ego we knowingly ruin our relationship and I don’t want it with you. Let’s be again together. I want to be again with you. Sorry.

I miss you and I love you. What has gone, has gone. Forget everything and start new. I apologize for what I did. I am sorry my love. It won’t happen again. Please say some words of love too. 

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Sorry Quotes for Wife

I always knew what I was saying is absolute filth, baseless, and totally wrong. Despite that, I made you cry hard, I made you question your purity, I made you distrust our holy love. I don’t know what I was thinking at that time while doing terrible things. Please forgive me and get back to normal life.

Every fiber of my body is asking forgiveness to you for saying the harshest and the most poisonous words to the sweetest human being. May you accept my heartfelt apology and give me one more chance to become your beloved husband once again. I am extremely sorry for hurting you!

Sorry Quotes for Wife

I am utterly sorry my awesome wife for being so mean and rude to you. How can someone think about hurting a generous and lovely soul like you? By hurting you, I have committed the biggest sin of my life. Please forgive me sweetheart and let’s start freshly.

My heart is crying day in and day out after realizing that it hurt the person whom it loves and cares about the most. I haven’t experienced a single moment of bliss and solace after making you cry. I am extremely sorry for my rudeness and terrible behavior. Please forgive me, wife!

Hey sweetheart, what I said to you in the heat of the moment was not my real personality. It was the years of built-up anger and frustration that I showered on you accidentally. I hope you will understand me and forgive my unforgivable acts. I am so sorry for my sweet wife!

Relationship is a long journey and to make it strong one has to always adjust. I am sorry my love that I didn’t understand you the way I must. I was so busy in my work that couldn’t find time to be with you and with all that distances came between us. But now it won’t. I am always there for you. Forgive me this time.

Admitting mistakes can make great changes in both husband and wife’s life. My dearest wife, all these years I didn’t pay attention to you and even not listened you. I am sorry for ignoring you. Forgive me. But all these years I wanted be with you but I took you for granted.

Conversation is the key to healthy relationship. It must be from both the sides. I must understand you the wife you are rather than forcing you according to my way. I am extremely sorry for forcing myself on you. It won’t ever happen again. Love you darling.

I know in the starting I hadn’t been so good but it doesn’t mean I wanted to hurt you. But unknowingly I have hurt you and I am sorry for this. I am also going through that pain for not seeing you over the years and talking to you. I miss you my love. Forgive me my dearest wife.

It is not always one has to feel while one also has to express one’s feelings by saying it. If you say you validate it for the other person. Sorry my dearest wife. I don’t know how I have hurt you while I don’t want to. We can be together again if we both try. Again sorry for everything. 

Romantic Sorry Messages for Wife

When it comes to apologizing, I am the most sluggish person. I knew very well that I broke your heart with the most diabolical words but I didn’t apologize immediately. I am not even eligible for asking apologies but please forgive me because you are a kind soul, my beautiful wife!

My sweetheart wife, our married life was seamless and mesmerizing because of you. However, I spoilt everything by fuming anger, stirring poison of harsh words, and putting my ego in front of everything. I am asking for sincere apologies. I hope you will forget my horrendous acts.

Romantic Sorry Messages for Wife

Dear wife, you are the real beauty, success, opulence, and solace of my life. I ruined the most beautiful things in my life by crushing your soul and breaking your heart. My life is nothing more than a rotten tomato with you. I hope you will forgive me and fix everything!

Hey wife, I am extremely sorry for collapsing your dreams and our entire marriage. I wasn’t fair with you at any aspect of life but you loved and supported me without any conditions. I swear to god I’ll never hurt and lie to you again. Please forgive me, wife!

Dear wife, can you give me just one more chance to fix up all the mess I created? I sucked away the sweet smile on your face and the joy of your life. However, mistakes do happen and everyone deserves one more chance to kick start life on a fresh note. I am so sorry wife!

Romance has gone from our life perhaps not to return again. But we have to make it return and for this I first say sorry for everything I have been with you. Let’s make spring come again in our life. Let’s we blossom again and wander again being maddened in love.

Forgive me my love. For all those years I have been committed to you. For my one mistake, don’t give me such big punishment. I apologize for my part. And truly I love you. I don’t know how to express but I love you. 

Again feel that deep love we used to have when we know miraculously what one has in heart for the other. I want to feel that love again and that deep intensity. Sorry for being what I shouldn’t be. I am always there for you my love.

I never leave you and you know that. Once I am there for you I am always there for you. This time is my last time and I request from you a second chance. Let’s rekindle the fire of romance again. Be in my arms.

Without romance what this life is! Without you I don’t want to live. Forgive me and be my sweetest wife again. I am waiting for your phone call when you read my this apology message. Now we united never break apart. Sorry. 

Long Apology Messages for Wife After Fight 

There was a time when I used to be the first thought in the morning in your mind. You used to wake up by seeing my smile. But I destroyed the whole relationship by cheating on you just to satisfy my physical lust. Please accept my sincere apology and forgive me for all the terrible mistakes.

My beautiful wife, I swear to god if you give me one last chance to become a better person, I won’t disappoint you a bit. I know I cannot get a better life partner than you but you can have everything you want in life. I am totally and genuinely sorry for all the mistakes I have committed. Please forgive me and accept my apologies.

Long Apology Messages for Wife After Fight 

The kind of mistakes I have committed and the way I have destroyed your self-respect, no girl with a bit of self-respect would forgive her life partner. I have used the word SORRY umpteen times but just listen to it one last time from my mouth. I promise I will keep my anger and jealously in check. I am sorry and I love you a lot.

I am utterly and extremely sorry sweetheart for controlling your life like a dictator. I forgot that you are my life partner who is as free as I am to take decisions and do what she wants, not my property. I promise to you I will become the same person for whom you used to go head over heels. Please forgive me one last time.

My forever love! I am no less than a devil for making you cry so hard. How can I make an angel cry and repent on her choices so hard? I promise to you I will be the sweetheart of your heart once again. I will make you feel like the princess of the world once again. I am sorry for everything! Let’s make a fairy tale ending of our relationship.

I am in headache my love when I come from office and you that time instantly talk to me then it makes it more worse. And it angers me and I get angry on you. I am sorry. It never be again and I try to calm myself. Apology my sweetest wife.

You don’t know how much hurt I am feeling inside for not being with you. I am constantly thinking about you and I don’t know how to soothe everything between us that has happened wrong. I am sorry my love. It mistakenly happened and I didn’t mean it all. Forgive me.

Love is not straight if it is straight it is not love. It goes through various phases. I am sorry my love for knowingly ignoring you. I just couldn’t express myself properly. I hope you can understand. Accept my apology for everything my love.

Without you I just stare at stars but they all don’t seem shine without you. Our relationship has been turbulent and we have been through many ups and downs. Life it is and as it is. Sorry my love for being rigid with you and not talking to you enough. Forgive me. 

Our love is like noodles. So much twisted and curly it is but love is always there because it doesn’t slip from our heart and I know it hasn’t from yours. I am sorry for being stubborn husband. I try to be kind and will never be harsh towards you. Sorry my love.

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